13 July 2009

Mailbox Monday

This meme originated @ Marcie from ~The Printed Page~

My Mailbox Monday is going to be a short one. I never have an even flow of books coming my way, at times it is over indulgence of 6-8 books a week or like now just 2 books and my RT magazine. I love receiving my RT magazine and this month it had an interview with Karen Moning and she is an uber-mistress of secrecy. Wow that woman can keep her lips sealed shut when it comes to her Fever series. Did you know that the Fever series lays the foundation for two additional connected series and that Karen Moning will continue to write in the first person urban fantasy? I don’t think it is possible but can we lure her with chocolate to the dark side and make her spill a bit??

While flipping through my RT I disocvered something new: has anyone heard of Robyn DeHart with Seduce Me:

The Legend Hunters

There is a gentleman's club near St. James St., a luxurious one with all the accoutrements one would expect from such a fine establishment; fine liquors,
exotic cigars, gaming and a comfortable chair in which to read the daily papers. Solomon's is by invitation only and those invitations are not extended without exceedingly careful consideration.

Because in this club is a secret room where secret meetings occur. And in these secret meetings some of London's finest gentlemen gather to discuss their passions; their obsessions. Some are scholars, some collectors, some treasure-hunters, but each of them are after the find of the century.

Meet the Legend Hunters...

Owh men, this is so going to arrive in my mailbox…I swear, just not today!

And while reading my RT I found out Susan Carroll has released her concluding story to her Cheney of Faire Isle series titled: Twilight Of A Queen, another one that will end up in my mailbox…just not today *oops*

For my birthday I have Joey W Hill on my list with her Mermaid series but I also noticed she has an Erotic Vampire series, is it a chronicle regarding the same couple? Has anyone read it? Share the love...or hate if you want to ;D

Okay, this is what I have to show for my Mailbox Monday and I can only say they were two highly anticipated books to arrive in my MB:

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  1. Those Legend Hunters sound great, thanks for sharing! Maybe after vacation I will you join you and all the other bloggers in the mailbox monday posts. The Anne Rice is interesting, I loved her vampire series.

  2. Hey Leontine!

    Mailbox Mondays are fun! I haven't heard of that Robyn DeHart series but I have met her. I have one of her books but haven't read it.

    I love Susan Carroll's Bride Finder trilogy. The Bride Finder is one of my favorite historicals.

  3. I need to check out the RT Magazine. I'm guessing it is something you subscribe to? I haven't ever seen it at the book stores or any other store. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ooooh..the RT Mag!! I wonder why they didn't use an updated pic of KMM..she is all short and blonde now:)

    Is it Aug 18th yet? :)

  5. Uhm, come again Mandi 0-0 has Karen Moning gone all all short and blond now!!! Is there a new pic of her available, me wants a look. I am so used to seeing her all long curls and redish hair that short and blond is quite a contrast.

  6. See if this link works


  7. OMG...she gone all bobline, and a bit older too. I first saw a picture of her like this:


    and then I got her presented like this:


    The change is a good one but a shock nonetheless :D

  8. Welcome to Mailbox Monday. Be warned: your tbr list will become endless when you see all the great books you'll want to read.
    Have a great week and happy reading. My MM is here

  9. I have One Reckless Summer on my Kindle. Hoping to read it before summer is over : ) Enjoy your books!

  10. I am hoping to get to One reckless Summer soon..

    Good subscription with the RT magazine....

  11. Hi Kaye ad Mary - welcome to my place and hope you come back from time to time! I'm still a dead tree kinda girl but I have heard so much of One Reckless Summer and as I loved another novel of Toni Blake I had to order this one too.

    Hi E.H. - How are you hun (((hugs))) I became a RT subscriber last year and though the reviews are short I do like those short impressions. But I love the bookinfo and such even more, the interviews, the series spreadsheet etc. One day I hope to attend the RT convention too...

  12. I like your mailbox picture. I only copy-pasted my mailbox picture from the host site. =/

    I haven't heard of Robyn DeHart, but the book sounds interesting. Kinda yummy.

    Concerning the flow of books, it's the same with me; one week, I pout because I receive little to none, and then another week, I get more than what I need to satisfy my book/reading fix. =P


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