01 July 2009

Monthly Overview @ Leontine's Book Realm

Somehow it feels like I had a busy month but come up blank as to tell you with what so I’ll do what I do best, start at one point and ramble on about everything that pops up in my mind. First of all I participated in the guest blog feature over at Erotic Horizon. You might think now: “No really? I haven’t noticed? You kept it such a secret for us all!” This is me having a bit of sarcastic self reflection here…I think I gave a shout out three times before the blog post went up which screams; “Excited much?” Yes I was. Oh, oh, this is me having an inner dialogue with me-myself and I *gg* Before they take over:

I want to thank E.H. for having me over and thank each and all who participated in my first time guest blog moment. I enjoyed talking to you all!

Of course the news that shocked the world was the death of Michael Jackson and BAD was the album for me that introduced his music to my pre-adolescent life. I still remember the movie Moonwalker and how I was mesmerized by it:Released in 1988, Moonwalker is a magical, musical journey into the world of Michael Jackson. Directed by Jerry Kramer and Colin Chilvers, starring Joe Pesci as Mr Big and Sean Lennon, Kellie Parker and Brandon Adams. Moonwalker is a story of good over evil, mixed in with fantastic song and dance numbers, animation and the latest special effects of the time.

Though the last decade or so of his life has been ruled by scandals he was truly an innovator of music and dance which will make my heart beat faster every time upon hearing it. May he R.I.P

Now my mother celebrated her *peep* birthday and took us out to dinner to celebrate. It suddenly presented my with the fact my own birthday isn’t all that far away and I posted a help request to all who visit my blog. I always use my birthday to discover new authors. Not like I don’t buy new authors if I feel like it but much is out there that has my blood/lust stirring but then I think:” Be sensible, first releases you need to keep up with like auto-buy authors and series etcetera etc.” Then I can click on buttons of books who come recommended and blogosphere, with all its decadent peeps reviewing books, spiraled this list in to new heights. I mean, I’m crying my eye balls out because VampFanGirl has a review posted of Toni Blake and apparently the book was nearly an OOP - thank the lords that be I found one last copy on amazon.de. Anyway, many recommended great books and my birthday list will be published next week or so, I still need to make a final one and send it to my sister Ashleagh *eek*

With all the plotting and planning I have been doing the last weeks did I actually read? Yes, that is something I did too. I have been going to bed with Maya Banks and Sweet Persuasion…very hawt, I can tell you that and I think next week I will finish the book. I am going to bed and knock out ten minutes later, so I am slowly savoring this novel. This is my list of what I have read this month and I seriously need inside information how you gals can come to a number of like 15 books a month…what do you do? Speed read? Am I such a turtle speed reader? Fess up and give me the goods sisterhood of the avid readers.

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In a spontaneous post I introduced Tristan, Friday is the day you hear more about what is up with him…me…and the plans in progress, so be sure to tune in then.

Beefcake Preview Club proudly presents: TRISTAN

As to a confession on my part, I have been a bad girl. A very, very bad girl! The thing was, me and Pearl had a date and I needed to take a bus, a train and tram to get to her. So I did what I always did, check out the schedule, promised Pearl I would take my cell phone with me – and before you ask, no I do not carry a cell wherever I go – and on the day I walked to the bus. The bus was a few minutes late, everybody had to stop like freakin everywhere the damn bus could stop, which meant my 9 minute window to purchase train ticket and step on train just became a 5 minute window. Can you already feel where I am going with this? So I was standing in front of ticket box, clicked on all the buttons and inserted my debit card - entered my pin code and….got the message: invalid card. Now this happened before and just means the magnetic strip is dirty, so I swiped it off and clicked on all the buttons – inserted my debit card – entered pin code and got the F#cking message: invalid card. So pissed now I took out my card, swiped it off, clicked on buttons, inserted my debit card – entered pin code and got the message again. I was close to foaming at the mouth I tell ya! But then it happened, in the distant the board light of train started to light up which means train is in station and this meant I had to make a decision. I went for it, I couldn’t wait for another hour and the next train to go to Rotterdam, so I barely made it to the train and I did so without a valid ticket. I took my seat with a neon flash sign above me that said: Sinner sitting over here! Breaking the law, bad girl in need of punishment! And then have three Americans sitting next to me talking about million dollar deals with comment of how lovely the cows and mills looked and I thought: Guys our cows do not look any different from you cows…don’t ya see I’m breaking the law here over four measly euro’s! Because that was how much the ticket costs and the fine something along the line of 75 euro’s 0-0 Usually I read in the train, relax, have a sandwich of some sort but now my heart rate was riding at 200, flushed cheeks and I tried to make myself as small as possible. But, I didn’t get caught…thank the lord, and arrived at Pearl for a few hours of girl talk.

Last weekend I went to see the movie Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. For me and my brother it is sentimental and hubby went along because he loves going to the movies. While the story itself was just okay the mind blowing action took me from the first minute. The battles between Decepticons and Autobots were mind riveting and I munched on some popcorn while my eyes were fused to the screen. Shia LaBeouf is not only humorous but gave a great performance and what’s up with Megan Fox’ her lips…did they actually gain in weight? I’m shocked! I thought they didn’t to that in Hollywood… gain weight I mean ;D

Before we went to the movies we had a family meeting at my father’s place and there we got some “spending money” from our grandmother. In these tight times we are being sensible with it but took a little bit to spoil ourselves a bit. Hubby with dvd’s and I bought the Sleeping Beauty trilogy of A. N. Roquelaure aka Anne Rice…yes I called to my darlings, come to mama, I’m in need of some off the charts erotica! I didn’t acquire many books after an over indulgent May but this is the damage with various packages still on its way to me:

Sarah Parr – RENEGADE


Jennifer Haymore – A HINT OF WICKED


Erin McCarthy – FLAT-OUT SEXY

Livia Dare – IN THE FLESH

But, with a TRP of 300 these kind of months are actually a blessing, and I almost forgot, I won a book at Dottie’s place: Diana Rubino – Traveling Light *doing a happy dance*

On a final note before I wrap up this monthly overview, I can’t wait to see Ice Age 3. I loved the first two and laughed so hard at times my belly ached. It has a premiere date in July over here so I think this will become a vacation date for hubby and me.

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  1. I try not to be a speed reader, but I guess because I've read for so long it kind of just happens. I'll sit down and be finished with a 300 page novel in five to six hours. Sigh...What can I say? I NEED to know what happens, lol!!

    I really want to watch Ice Age with my kids and my hubby is dying to see Transformers!!

  2. Hey Leontine!

    I'm definitely anxious to read what you think of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy and I'm so relieved that you were able to find a copy of 'Tempt Me Tonight' b/c it's a book that shouldn't be missed.

    I'm a huge fan of the Ice Age movies but it's doubtful that I'll see it in theaters. I shudder at the cost of movie tixs these days and I've yet to see a new release in ages that would be worth the money. It'll be out on DVD in no time.

    ;) VFG

  3. Hey Leontine!
    I try not to speed read as well... but like Barbara, I have to know what happens next. I promise myself one more chapter... one turns into 4 more late, then I am done the book before you know it!! I really do try to savor the book like a fine wine, but if the books is smokin fire hot... then I just simply devoure it like chocolate!!!

    I cannot wait for ICE AGE to come out!!! We are planning to go watch it, if the time and date is right. Hubby, daughter and I love those shows. I agree with you, they make me laugh so hard... my cheeks hurt!

    I hope you have a wonderful day, and I will be back to check on Tristan!!!

  4. You naughty girl...LOL..are you sure your cows looks the same??

    I have Renegade ordered as well:)

  5. Hi guys,
    I can read a book in 5-6 hours if I want to but a few things sometimes sidetrack me:
    Forum boards

    If I have trouble with internet connection or a fall out or I'm sick you should see me...a book a day easy yet I never manage 15 a month. 10 if I try real hard but mostly it is 8 and then most of you have kids or work. I sit at home, taking care of doggies and house but that's it...spoiled wench that I am.

    Barbara -> I know the drive only I sometimes miss the focus...as soon as my e-mail speaks the - Darth Vadar...Yes Master...Rise - I have to check out who reached out to me. Book is placed on couch, I sit in front of pc, open e-mail, reply, check twitter, reply, see a nice cover, start checking it out, get my drift ;-)before I know it I have spent an half hour on pc.

    VFG -> As soon as they arrive I will read one soon, as well as a Toni Blake novel. I only have one ARC to read so most of my reading time is for my own books. Okay, I'm lying...I have two ARC's in the whole month of July to read but that doable ;D

    Cecile -> have you fallen in lust with Tristan? You wicked gal ;D

    Mandi -> Just for you a scenic picture of Dutch cows.

  6. Hi Leontine!

    Did you get your book from Diana yet? I can't wait to see if you like it. I haven't read her book, but she contacted me and asked to do a giveaway. What could I say but yes, who doesn't want to giveaway a free book?

    Tristan is yumstatic! Too hot to handle, I might have to borrow him for my blog.

    I missed your contest! My stupid computer is down and I have to borrow one to get on the internet, so I have a few minutes today online without interruption and I'm trying to visit all the blogs I've missed this week.

    You crack me up with the Americans talking about how great the Dutch cows are, that would be just like an American, go international, and look at cows! LOL! Sure glad you didn't get busted for the 4 euro ticket! I would've done the same thing, fortunately our little rural town doesn't have public transportation of any kind, but I could drive an hour to hop on a train to go somewhere. Sadly, also nowhere to go, most of Illinois outside of Chicago and a few other cities is rural! I see lots of cows everyday,.

    I want to Transformers and Ice Age too. Both look great. Happy Birthday to MOM, and to you as well in case I miss it later!

    Dottie :)

  7. Hi Dottie,
    Tristan say's he is more than happy to stop by at your blog anytime you want him over! And I'm holding two more contests in August, one at the beginning of the month and one in my Moning week so keep an eye out. As for the book, I'm eyeing my mailbox like a hawk but international post can be tricky at times. Sometimes it is as fast as 4 days and at other times it takes as long as 2-3weeks 0-0 but I'm kinda hoping this will not be the case.

    Transformers is truly action packed but Ice Age, I hope the have such fabulous humor as in the previous movies. I love to laugh and Ice Age always delivers :D

  8. Thanks for your wonderful post! I needed it, sitting here with a nasty cold and +30C outdoors, not funny!

    I admit I'm a speed reader, have been reading for far too long... Easily 20 books a month...

    I love the Ice Age too, but I'll wait for the DVD... It's better to save the ticket money for some great books!


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