06 July 2009

Review: S.J. Day - Eve Of Chaos

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Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Tor Books; 1 edition (June 30, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0765360438
ISBN-13: 978-0765360434


How do you tell Satan that you ran over his hellhound? Evangeline Hollis has no idea and she doesn't want to find out. Living with the Mark of Cain -- and the two sexy brothers who come with it -- is trouble enough. She doesn't need to borrow more. Too bad Satan is too pissed to oblige her. Incensed at the loss of his pet, Satan has put a bounty on Eve's head, and Hell's denizens are converging en masse. The proliferation of Infernals is complicating Eve's hunts and creating chaos in her once orderly life. They've also brought her to the attention of an overzealous reverend who is certain she's Jezebel reincarnate.

How can a Mark drafted by God strike a bargain with the Devil? Eve's about to find out...

Eve, Cain and Abel further entangle themselves in their love triangle as from different sides the scheming is increased a notch. Infernal’s and demons target Eve with a renewed passion as word gets out there’s a bounty on her head. Still, the master of evil, the teacher in plotting, the true lord of darkness draws his own plan and ups the stakes dramatically for each and all involved.

With Eve Of Destruction S.J. Day plunged me head on in mind blowing action and I devoured it in hours, absorbing the plot, world and character building. I knew upon finishing it that Eve Of Chaos instantly became one of my most anticipated July 2009 releases within the Urban-Fantasy genre. The moment it arrived in my mailbox I settled down and opened the book at the very first chapter. I expected to be swept up in the action again but S.J. Day held a surprise for me, and a good one at that. She did give me action but I would characterize Eve Of Chaos more as a character and plot driven story. The action I was expecting took place in the fast paced dialogues, the excellent multilevel scheming between characters and the rich erotically charged chemistry between Eve Hollis, Reed Abel and Alex Cain.

Sometimes an author who has already been multi published suddenly captures you with a new series and you think: “Why wasn’t this author on my auto-buy list before?” This is very much the case with me and the Marked series. I knew of S.J. Day as her alter ego Sylvia Day but it is with this series that she captured my unwavering attention. Much can be contributed to Eve, Cain and Abel. Eve is not only strong enough to cope with all the changes as a Marked one, she also has her own way to look at things that contains a hint of acerbic humor, grounded intellect and a flexible mind. She is brutally honest and stuck in a situation that raises questions of the heart. It is an all around tough situation but she deals with it in a way that exposes her flaws, but most of all her strengths. In this she becomes recognizable for me, she wants home, hearth, job, husband and kids but life throws her all the curveballs she can muster and she deals with it. Eve takes the good and the bad in stride and becomes a heroine I can root for any day of the week.

Now Cain and Abel, I will never think of them as Reed and Alex. For me they remain Cain and Abel and they are complex on so many levels that my hands itch each time to unravel a bit of their enigmatic personalities. Abel’s exterior exudes sophistication and he fills a three piece suit like no other man. I already got a taste of his inner caveman in Eve Of Darkness and Eve Of Destruction but he builds upon those rare moment and made me doubt his motives a time or two. They aren’t the oldest case of sibling rivalry for nothing and they both desire Eve. Abel has the opportunity to get closer to Eve in heart and body, and he is every bit of a predator as his brother. He has become the sophisticated caveman and what woman doesn’t want to sink her teeth in such a man? Just like Eve I feel torn between two very appealing, tortured and vigorous men but Cain just has that bit of extra for me, the x-factor. In this novel he gives off the tormented vibe like there’s no tomorrow. Something is pulling Cain’s strings and it isn’t a good thing. There’s something off with him and while he has his moments when he’s a 100% Cain, wicked, sensuous, the warrior. There is also a change going on that makes him aware of something else, something up to no good and tastes evil. The portrayal of the two sides in Cain was not only gripping it gave him so much more depth. Then again, all the characters in this Marked series come alive on paper via the vibrant writing style of S.J. Day. Diego and Sidney, body guards of Eve, Hank the go-to guy for mysterious lab work, Sarakiel a female Archangel, Father Riesgo, they all play formidable roles in the larger scheme of things. Sabreal the Seraphim and Sammael aka Satan bring plot wise a wealth of possibilities that kept the suspense nail biting good.

Two other things are very noticeable in this novel. One is the world building, I mean, I’m meeting Adam and Eve, as in the biblical characters, and it took me a moment to get used to the fact that biblical Eve uses words like ‘shit’. The celestial element is adequately intertwined within the story and S.J. Day makes it her very own via her world building which brings a unique vibe to her novels. Second, the plot kept me on edge what would happen and over the three books the author gives Eve Of Chaos a conclusion that screams for continuation. Some things are answered but the overall story is a long cry from told and I can only hope that Day will quickly return to this extraordinary series!

Everything around Eve, Cain and Abel rapidly changes and they themselves also have issues that demand attention. There are secrets to solve, Eve who meets Adam and Eve and things escalade between Abel and Cain. Their romance is subjective to change, their decisions affect the balance within their triangle and it seems hopeless at times. Hearts are torn between what it feels, what it needs and what it desires. It is delivered with a sensuousness that borders on sizzling hot and a range of feelings is displayed that goes from loving one another, to hate, revenge, trust and lust. They are spared nothing and they want to aim for it all, ambitions mixed with the single desire they share, love. Only how will this work with all that is going on with them personally and how they stand in this world? That is the main enthralling question that held me spellbound and I shared every up and down as their emotions reverberated with me. I am completely smitten with this threesome and with each book I read they became dearer to me. All I wonder now is; when will book # 4 be released because I need to return and find out more of what is going on in the world of the Marked, Archangels and a relationship that hooked me from their first encounter.

Eve, Cain and Abel…are you adventurous enough to step in their world? I had a blast and the UF genre attained another spectacular series.

Quote Montevista to Eve, a vagrant is screaming hell and damnation in front of Eve’s building:
“He thinks you’re a call girl.”
“What the hell.”
“Because of the number of men you have visiting.”
“Maybe I’m holding Bible study. Did he ever think of that?”
Montevista’s eyes twinkled behind his dark shades. “He says you have a body build for sin.”

Quote Eve’s take on the Bible:
“What I get out of the Bible is a God so high on himself that he has minions running the show while he lounges around listening to cherubs sing his praises endlessly.”

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  1. Great review!! I just finished num 2, eve of destruction and loved it. Funny how I am now falling in llove with Reed. Can't wait to start Chaos!!

  2. Great Review Leontine!!! I know VFG is in LOVE with series!!

  3. Great review! Love this series, love it, love it, love it!!

  4. Ack! Stunning, STUNNING review Leontine!

    Damnit! I wish I had more hours in the day. Or that I could read at warp speed...

    I will be diving into this series very very soon.

    ;) VFG

  5. Leontine,

    I've read the first book and have the second on the 'tbr' shelf. :)

    Great review.


  6. Hi Guys,
    If you like/love/enjoy a good Urban Fantasy book then the Marked series are great reads! I can't wait to hear you all after you've read them, if you are going to read them of course.

  7. Love the review Leontine... I am trying to make my way through them..

    Can I say - I seriously hate the covers on all of them... the books are just some kinda perfect though.


  8. Holy Cracker Jacks! I love your blog! It's so pretty...so is your other one too.

    I need to try this book. Been hearing so many cool things about it.

  9. Hi J.Kaye
    I've been afk, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and yes, if you enjoy UF than this series is the way to go.

    And E.H. - Yeah I hear you on the covers, though the woman has interesting features it is the way she's dressed that's way off for me. Besides...I would've luuuurved me some Cain And Abel on the cover, no face, lots of ripped abs and so on *grin*

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