14 July 2009

Wow, hot damn cover

Firefighters of Station Five, #3 Signet Eclipse, December 1ST, 2009

Hot damn girls. Is this baby already out there in blogosphere? I will be shocked to find out he hasn't already found a home in a blogpost or two! The main characters in this story are: Julian Savage and Grace McKenna.

I know many have already met the firefighter of Jo Davis and I was charmed by book one Trial By Fire. Of course I still have to read # 2; Hidden Fire but I loved the vibe of the firefighters and Zack Knight & Tommy Skyler are my two favorites.

Meet them all ~HERE~

Did you already sample this series? And if so who is your favorite of the bunch?

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  1. Thanks for the tip Leontine :)
    I sure didn't know that amazon.de has free shipping, that is even better than the Swedish site I usually order from.
    but for now I am getting books on my lovely giftcard, lol
    I went crazy an hour I got it

  2. YOWZAA!! Hot cover indeed!!

    You know, I've been scoping out this series for a while. I think it's time to spend some money.

    ;) VFG

  3. LOLOL! That really is a "hot damn cover."

  4. My angelic side it telling all book lovers out there that I do not judge a book on its cover, that it is the content I am after. And I do mean that *very sincere face now*

    But my devilish side laughs and says: But don't ya just luuurve a gorgeous hunk on the cover that makes you go all tingly inside? It is my creative and flamboyant nature that just loves a good cover, especially one's like Hidden Fire, so in sync with the rest of the covers. *sigh's contently*

  5. I love this series... I have the first one and second one and have to read them. I was going to pick them up... but Addicted by Charlotte Featherstone jumped in front and demanded my attention!
    But oh man, loving the cover!!!! Ms. Jo's covers are smokin hawt **every pun inteneded**

    And, Lenotine... I am not sure how I missed your introduction to Aidan but man oh man... Girl...
    He is definitely a bad ass!!

    Addressed to Aidan:
    Yes, you need to introduce yourself to us... We feed your tip jar and we also feed your ego when we talk about hot you are... So introductions are nice. You are a smart ass and bad ass ~ which some of us really like. We come to Lenotine's place because she is generous with her Bar-tenders! But I admire that you are trying to play the tough guy... makes the man all the more desirable and yummy... I hope you don't complain this much when we have our way with you... **wickly evil grin crosses cecile's face**
    It was nice to meet you Aidan... Hope to appease to your desires... and hopefully brighten your mood ~ We aim to please... =)

    Girl, you got your hands full with this one!!! And now you have our hands full as well!!!

  6. I have enjoyed this series! This one is definitely on the list to buy when it comes out.

  7. Jo Davis does get the yummy covers. I liked the first book very much, and so far, Howard is still my favorite.

  8. I've got Under Fire on its way to me and look forward in catching up with this team of firefighters. And Cecile, yes I've got my hands full with Aidan but he is also intriguing and one puzzle to piece together ;D

  9. Very yummy cover! I haven't read any of the books in this series yet, but looks like I have a couple of books to add to my TBB list now.

  10. Oh, my! Great cover! I haven't read anything by Jo Davis. I like the idea of sexy firefighters, though!

  11. Hi Liza - welcome here. I know the feeling, sometimes I just bloghop and get away with another few books to add to my list.

    Hi SarahT And E.H. - The cover is nice indeed and I love the body, defined but not bulky or anything.


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