13 August 2009

Beefcake Preview Club introduction; Sam

After meeting up with Aidan, Tristan and Leontine I’m supposed to give a hi and here I am. Is this some kind of weird contact info you ladies want or something cause, I can do that.

Samuel Jesse Howard
Single, male
26 years old, DOB 11-11-1982
6 ft 2 inches tall
170 pounds
Muscular, if I say so myself *wink*
Blond hair, a woman once called it dark gold.
Brown eyes

Talents: If I’ve got any talents then it is working and creating with my hands, yeah, I am good with my hands.

Future dreams: tour through Europe and Asia and get my degree in architecture.

After high school I started to travel the highway with a buddy of mine. We supported ourselves as construction workers, a bit of bar tending and working in garages and saw a lot of the US this way. When we hit a small town in Oklahoma I bought this banged up MG roadster 1600 from 1962 and restored her to the glorious car she is now.

I tend to read too, amidst all the working, bar hopping, enjoying the women I just also want some r and r at times and I get it by jumping in my car, head off to the unknown and find a sweet and quiet spot. Of course you all want to know what I tend to read; Michael Connolly, Steve Berry, some of Dean Koontz, I like Dan Brown with Deception Point and Digital Fortress.

My newest purchase is Graig Hickman with The Insiders, seems like a good thriller.

If y’all want to know more about me I say shoot! I’m off learning me some new cocktails. Later ladies.

Okay, so Elain8 asked what I had in mind for the next Beefcake Preview Club night. Both the dance and the drink is on my menu for you all.

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  1. *whistles* Woot! Sam. Nice car. Mmmmm wanna take me for a ride?

    ;) VFG

  2. Well hello Sam!!!! **fans self**
    26 and muscular, my kind of guy. I like 'em young ;)
    Can't wait to see what your serving ;) at the next Beefcake Club party..

  3. Hello Sam!!
    I am sure you have heard that we place very nice here at Leontine's place!!! ***evil grin***
    elaing8 likes to dance on table tops... and if persuaded... I join her...
    Wow... 26 and good with your hands... I see a massage coming on!!! Just to see how good you are with your hands, that is!!! ***really evil wicked grin***

    Hey Tristan... Can we start the day early with whatever you feel like fixing!!! Miss you, sweet thing!!!

    Leontine.. Girl, you have my husssy mode in full swing now!!!

  4. Hi Sam!

    A man who reads!!! *Be still my beating heart*
    Now if only you just weren't blond or so young LOL

    No kidding, welcome to the Club, I have a feeling you'll fit in just fine.

  5. Hey VFG you promise to be a good girl? Read me scenes from your favorite book? Leontine's said I need to broaden my horizon, I'm game to try something new. I am always game to try something new and will try two or three authors from her shelves.

    Elain8 you already have quite a reputation with Tristan and Aidan, something about dirty dancing hmmmm You want to know what I am serving up at Next Beefcake night I am going to ask all the ladies to dance the mojito dance with me. And when we get tired I'll serve you the cocktail!

    Cecile, you tell it just like it is don't ya! Did you know that the hands contained hundreds of nerve endings and are very sensitive. I'll give you a hand massage and teach you where certain nerve endings corrospond with.

    Hey Pearl, Just wait and I'll get older *wink* I have certain books standard in my bags, they go with me where ever I am. Thanks for the welcome.

  6. Very NICE! What woman wouldn't love a guy who's good with his hands *waggles brows*

  7. Well hello there Sam...you have good tastes in cars;)

  8. I think blog monster ate my post... I will wait to see if it there tomorrow when I walk up... if not I will kick blog in the n*ts!! This is so not fair!!!

    Oh, damn... I am just going to do it over!!

    Hey Sam... Yes, I call them like I see them... Kinda like in baseball.. strike your out... homerun... and who knows where you can go!!!
    A mojito man!! Any day any time, you want to do the mojito, you just let me know!! And a man who loves to read, dance and is sweet on the ***body*** is a dream come true!!! What a sweet find!!
    And a man who loves cars... which by the way, yours ~ she is a real beauty!! Love how you took care to restore her. My first car was a 1971 Malibu Chevy ~ Fire Engine Red. With no air conditioning... black interior!!! It was really hot that summer! =)

    Oh... a history lesson on the body, my favorite subject... Especially if is your hands on my body ****oh, did i say that outloud, turning a little red****
    Well, as long as it is considered teaching right!!!

    Leontine, you know how to bring out the true hussy in me!!! Oh man... sitting on a block of ice!!
    I hope you all have a great tomorrow morning and wonderful day!!!

  9. If I could put my two fingers in my mouth and do that loud piercing whistle I would, since I can't *exaggerated wink* soooooo glad I stopped by.


  10. Oh, oh, I'm an author! Would you try me, Sam! :)

    Holy hell, my screen is smoking. Sam's hot. Good with his hands....I'm swooning here!

  11. uh oh- A reputation already,after only one club party.I guess I should behave myself ;) yeah right who am I kidding ;)

    The mojito dance, I'm in.But Tristan is my #1 dance partner :)

    Hopefully we can convince Sam and Aidan to join Tristan to put on a show for us**coughs**striptease**coughs**

    Sam, I don't think Cecile had a hand massage in mind ;) but if you're giving massages out,where does the line start....**looks around**oh right,behind Cecile,lucky girl gets first dibs:)

    The fellas better look out for Cecile and I.

  12. Charlotte, I wonder if I'm brave enough to wander in that mind of yours *wink* But I wouldn't mind a one on one with you!!

    Elain8, Let me teach you girls something. Certain nerve endings correspond with particular erogenous zones, get my drift *grin* And a hard working woman like Cecile needs to be relaxed, her energy replenished before we can go all out!

  13. Sam you up for some pool or hanging out here with the ladies some more? Aidan wants to whoop your ass, he enjoyed last time, says he got himself some nice boots from the pool spoils ROFL

  14. elaing8 ~ Hey honey!! I am glad that you made it. I was starting to worry about my table buddy!!!Girl, I saw that opportunity to get a massage and I ran (not took) with it!!!
    Sam have a very nice.... everything =) It will be a pleasure getting to know him... but Tristan comes frist...
    Hey Tristan if Sam is up for pool... count me in!!! Eight ball or nine?? I am up for some high stakes betting... Clothes pieces, perhaps!!!
    Yes, Sam, I work toooo much!! So, this is just what I need after a day or hell, even during the day ~ to relive some stress!
    You boys are very good at getting a girl to smile... and a whole lot more!!!!

  15. OMG... Elaing8... Girl, did you see us in that video!!!! We were dancing together!!! We looked really hot!!! And we looked really good to say that we have been drinking!!
    That was so us honey!!! =)

  16. Balls...did someone see balls..I mean say :)
    OH you meant pool balls ***blushes**
    I think I need a drink now

    LOL...yep saw the video..glad to see all my clothing was still on :)

  17. You girls are soooo wicked. Love it LOL

  18. Hi Sam! Nice to see you and I do mean very nice! :) LOVE IT Leontine! LOL

  19. Heellloo Sam! Now, why do I feel like a cradle robber? LOL!

  20. Hey Sam,

    You finally arrived! You know I'm not a girl who would drink but if you whip me up a mojito I'll drink it as served *wicked grin*.

    Oh and Dan Brown... a legend! Did you read the other books too??? If not take me to your quiet spot and I'll read it to you - all innocent intent ofcourse *wicked look in eyes*

    Natascha / Ashleagh


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