03 August 2009

Beefcake Preview Opening Night: Sabin

Gena, can you give us an anecdote regarding Sabin while writing up history?

He is a stubborn, stubborn man who has always placed victory against his enemies above falling in love -- until Gwendolyn the Timid kicks him in the balls dazzles him.

We are happy to welcome Sabin, keeper of the demon of Doubt in the Grand Opening of the Preview Club.I'm sitting down with Sabin in the red velvet gazebo of the Club, "welcome to the Club and thank you for participating in this endeavor! Can I get you anything from the bar?"

"Ice. In a bag."

It is really hard for me not to stare at him, gorgeous and with an edge of"other" he just makes my throat go dry. I try to act as though I have done this a hundred times before and somehow it feels like I'm failing miserably. So I go ahead and ask him some questions.


Sabin, can you give us some details regarding yourself and your story.

The Darkest Whisper
Lords of the Underworld series - Book #4
HQN - September 2009

ISBN-13: 9780373773923
ISBN-10: 0373773927
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Date: August 2009
Page Count: 416

Here's what the publisher has to say: New York Times bestselling sensation Gena Showalter returns with her long-awaited next installment of the Lords of the Underworld series. He is the keeper of Doubt and his entire world is about to be rocked.

Bound by the demon of doubt, Sabin unintentionally destroys even the most confident of lovers. So the immortal warrior spends his time on thebattlefield instead of the bedroom, victory his only concern.until he meets Gwendolyn the Timid. One taste of the beautiful redhead, and he cravesmore.

Gwen, an immortal herself, always thought she'd fall for a kind human whowouldn't rouse her darker side. But when Sabin frees her from prison,battling their enemies for claim to Pandora's box turns out to be nothing compared to thebattle Sabin and Gwen will wage against love.

Here's what I have to say: New York Times bestselling sensation Gena Showalter enjoyed torturing me. But Gwen is hot and rocks my world, so I guess I forgive her

· Profile: Like a singles ad? Hell, why not? Single Bad Ass looking to kill Bad Guys. Love Interests need not apply. Too busy saving underworld.

· Name: Sabin, leader of the Lords of the Underworld. Well, half of them, anyway (and yeah, that's said in a grumble)

· Age: Old (But damn if I don't look a day over 30)

· Length: Long and hard (It's not bragging if it's true)

· Body build: Big.

· Hair: Dark.

· Eyes: Dark and sexy (See note about not bragging)

· Personality: Perfect (Again, not bragging)

· Favorite weapon? If it kills, I like it.

· Favorite outfit? On woman? I like 'em naked but armed.

· Turn on? Winning a battle.

· Favorite drink? Corona.

Sabin 101:

· Sabin, to prepare us for the big day of your story can you give a few quotes that speak of your "typical" behavior/humor/ attitude of yours?

"Kill them." As said to my men regarding our enemy."Like I said, you can shut the hell up, you dirty piece of shit. I've had all of you I can take." As said to my demon, oh, about a thousand times a day. "I want her." As I said to anyone who will listen after I first meet Gwen.

· Sabin, do you have a one-liner for the ladies?

Nah. I leave that for Paris. And Strider. Morons!

· If you have one, what is your favorite romantic setting?

Sorry, girls,but I'm not really a romantic kind of guy. No, seriously. I'm a fighter not a lover. I mean it. Really. Me cave-man, you she-woman.

· What do you consider your personal pros and cons?

Pros: I'm strong and courageous. I love to fight, love to win, usually win, plan ahead, am ferocious, did I mention I'm strong? Cons? Can't think of any. I'm pretty damn amazing. Well, okay, fine. Maybe there's one small thing. My demon, Doubt, has crushed the self-esteem of several past girlfriends and caused them to kill themselves. We're working on it, though.

· What car do you drive?
A stolen Escalade

· Last movie you watched?
Paris made me watch Shakespeare in Love. That dude did not look anything like Will.

· Where did you sleep last night?
In a tent. In the desert. I'm still spitting sand.

· What music do you listen to?
The faster the beat, the more I like the song.

· What type of girl do you usually fall for?
Someone strong. Really strong. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Otherwise, my demon will do that pesky crushing thing.

· Do you have any talents?
Not just yes, but hell yes. I'm pretty talented with a blade. And a gun. Gods, you should see me with a bow and arrow. I haven't rocked that shit in a while, but damn, I'm good.

· Friends can't live with them, can't live without them, what's your take on it?
Can't live without them. That's why I'm willing to die for mine.

· What are your plans for tomorrow?
Kill someone. But then, that's pretty much always on the menu.

· Who can wake you up in the middle of the night for?
As I no longer do sleepovers, I can't say sex. Though I would. Wake up for it, I mean. But otherwise, I will wake up at any time for cheese tots. That stuff melts in your mouth, man.

Wooing the ladies with an excerpt:
"What can I do to help you, Gwen?" There was a shuffle of footsteps as Sabin closed the rest of the distance between them. His heat seeped into her."Air," she was finally able to force past the knot in her throat. Sabin's hands settled atop her shoulders, gently pushing. Her legs were too weak to offer any type of resistance, so she tumbled down-straight into one of those chairs. "I need air."With no hesitation, Sabin dropped to his knees. He inserted his big body between her legs and cupped her face, forcing her to focus on him. Intense brown eyes became the new center of her world, an anchor in a turbulent storm. "Take mine." His callused thumb caressed her cheek, abrading lightly. "Yes?"Take his.what? she wondered, and then she didn't care. Her chest! Constricting, pinching bone and muscle together. A sharp pain tore throughher ribs and slammed into her heart, causing the organ to skitter to amomentary halt. Gwen jerked. "You're turning blue, darling. I'm going to place my mouth over yours, give you my breath. All right? "What if this is a trick? What if-Shut up! Even in her frail haze, she knew the eerie, ghostly whisper was not her own. Thankfully, it heeded her command and quieted. Now, if only her lungs would open up. "I-I-"Need me. Let me do this." If he feared her response, he gave no indication. One of his hands trailed to the base of her neck and drew herforward, even as he leaned into her. Their lips pressed together, a heated tangle. His hot tongue pried her teeth apart, and then warm, minty air was sliding down her throat, soothing. Her arms wound around him of their own accord, holding him captive, meshing them together chest to chest, hardness to softness. His necklace was cold,even through her shirt, and pressed into her, making her gasp. She greedily took his breath. "More."

Side note from Sabin: Fine. Maybe I am a little romantic. But whatever.

I hope you enjoyed your time here at the Club Sabin, the ladies appreciateit more than I can express!

Sabin: I'm not leaving until you answer a question for me. Anyone have any cheese tots?

Another excerpt of Sabin's story; click ~here~

LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD website; click ~here~

And now for the giveaway. Because this is my, ok Tristan, our Grand Opening of this preview night there are two giveaways: #1 is SABIN'S STORY; THE DARKEST WHISPER and #2 is THE DARKEST NIGHT - THE DARKEST KISS - THE DARKEST PLEASURE. I will send you these books via The Book Depository.co.uk. All you have to do is dip in to the conversation, enjoy yourself, leave a comment, add your e-mail addy and follow my blog via google connect in my sidebar. This contest will be open from August 3rd to August 7th and I will anounce winner on August 10th.

"Okay ladies, welcome to this preview night. I am Tristan to those who have not met me, I shake, I stirr, I whip up cocktails like no other and yes Amy *wink*, I have soda, fruit juice and water for those who do not want or like cocktails." Tristan walks behind the bar and grabs a glass, "Cecile, babe, come on up to the bar so I can make you that promised cocktail and we can have that talk."

"Jeez, man, slick, very slick of yourself. Well ladies, since Leontine ordered me to play nice I would say come on up and let me know what poison graces your taste buds!" Leontine waves a few signs at Aidan. Aidan look back at her with a droll face. "Right, fuck, yes, I forgot. Two messages, one; Sam couldn't make it. He's stuck with car trouble somewhere and that is the reason why I don't ride a classic car. He will be here for the September night though. Message number two; These are our two cocktail special's of the evening, guess what I came up with!"

2 oz 1800 Silver Tequila
2 oz passion fruit juice
1 oz agave juice
raspberry liquer
5 limes

And for the true adventures out there we have DEMON FROM HELL COCKTAIL:
1 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
1 oz Captain Morgan Silver spiced rim
1 oz Jim Beam bourbon whiskey
1 oz Bacardi gold rum
2 oz tomato juice
2 oz Worchcestershire sauce
1 oz hot pepper sauce

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  1. I haven't read this series yet.from that excerpt and interview, I think I'm missing out.

    I'm gonna have to go check out the site to get a list of the books.

    Pass me the Demon From Hell Cocktail it seems interesting.I'll try anything ;)
    Is it a little early to start drinking,oh well,its 5 o'clock somewhere.Cheers!!


    i follow your blog-google connect
    Thanks for the chance to win these books.

  2. I'm drinking alone..wait here comes Tristan..with my second drink..maybe he'll join me ;)

  3. Hi Leontine!!

    I've not read this series either but the covers.......wow oh wow! They are absolutely on my TBB list!!

    Awesome post! I am a follower too! :)

  4. Hi Leontine,
    Fun, fun :D
    Yup I did get my first ever Showalter book last week, and I have been drooling a bit over it.

    The guys looks hot, and I sure wanna mingle some with them. But I will stay away from Lucien since I know he is all Cecile's ;)

  5. Hey beautiful, nobody drinks alone in my bar! Here's your cocktail Elaine and I'm keeping you company for a moment until it gets busier *wink*

  6. Hey girls, I am not up to speed on this series but luuuurve the humor in the LOTU series as well as the hawt romance

    Now that I got to meet and interview Sabin I am all hubba hubba, if he is any indication for the rest of the Lotu Lords *be still my heart*

  7. Thanks..bottoms up!!
    And you can keep me company anytime;)

    Next round!

    Hello ladies,am I drinking alone? lol

  8. Hell no, your not drinking alone. just had Aidan whip me up the passion cocktail and I'm coming over to sit in your booth.

  9. Good,I hate to drink alone.And those Demon from Hell cocktails pack quite a (virtual) punch.

    Before you know it I'll be dancing on the tables ;)

    Next round!!
    Which lucky fella is gonna serve me a drink.

    I wonder if they'll let me do a shot off their chest.**shakes head**really they pack quite a punch! :)

  10. Hi Leontine!

    Wow the guys are hot and I've only managed to read one book of this series "The Darkest Kiss" (the only one I found at my library) and I really want to read the rest.

    Yummy drinks I will have to try them out!

    I hope everyone's having fun and hi!

  11. Hey Ladies,
    Hey boys*special wink*,
    Sabin's story sounds really interesting. Wondered the whole series how everything will work out for him. I'm a tiny bit curious here.

    Now I would love a cocktail! Just one, need to learn afterwards. But I need a little recreation now. So let the party begin!
    *throwing confetti*

  12. Hi Razlover, come join us in our booth, I'll have Aidan stirr you a cocktail or poor you a jiuce or soda if you want. Just give a shout want you want!

    Yeah those guys Of LOTU are hawt which makes me wonder which LOTU's happily ever after you want to be? I really fel for Sabin....hard *winked grin*

  13. Hey ladies, talk...what do you want gracing your tongues?

  14. YAY!!The girls are arriving.

    try the demon from Hell cocktail,you won't be disappointed**hiccup**sorry

    *shouts*Tristan another round for the ladies!!**hiccup**Or is that Aiden?

    I'm gonna pay for this in the morning.At least today is a holiday :)

  15. Elaine, you're feeling the kick of the Demon From Hell Cocktail, let me get some food to absorb some of that alcohol. Hi ladies, good to see you all here. I'll go help Aidan out *grin*

  16. Perhaps I'll whip up some cheese tots? Anyone up for those?

  17. @Aiden-what do I want gracing my tongue? Yours..**blushes**did I just say that.

    maybe some food is a good idea Tristan,how about some finger food ;)

  18. cheese tots? do they go with liquor? And will you feed them to me? ;)

  19. Aidan - one Demon from Hell for me..oh, and a drink. Whip me up something nice and spicy.

  20. OMG! Sabin! What a hot immortal warrior! *fanning self* Gotts to get my hands on his book! *panting*

    Tristan! Oh, Tristan! Darling, do a lady a favor and fix her up something ice cold with a kick. Muah!

    Leontine! Girl! You rock! Loved the interview. Feel free to invite Sabin back any time. That warrior is smokin'! Does Tristan have some paper towels? I need to wipe of the drool and fog that's all over my computer monitor and keyboard. Thanks!

    Oh, btw, no need to enter me for the contest. I've already devoured LOTU books 1-3 and Sabin's is already on pre-order.


  21. I want strawberries but I''m to lazy to put them in my mouth, anyone here to help me?
    Okay perhaps one drink was to much...

  22. Elain, you're wicked woman *wink* but I'll feed you. Need to take care of you ladies!

    VFG, hi there! Glad you could join us, I've heard much about you from Leontine. Something about a Joe and how good he is and then she starts to get all dreamy eyes...go figure. I'll make you something good.

  23. Ones never too much..look at me I've had**counting fingers**5**hiccup** and I'm fine**stumbles nearly knocking over my drink** :)

    I think I need you to feed me that food now tristan ;)

    what exactly is a cure for a virtual hangover?

  24. Pass me a Demon From Hell, please. Looks like some new books just got added to my TBB lst. That man is too sexy for words.

  25. Mandi babe, I'll give you something nice and spicy.

  26. forgot my email

    bbricke AT yahoo DOT com

  27. I'm sooo glad this book is over 400 pages long...that means more Sabin to enjoy! *drools & quickly wipes chin*

    Hi Tristan! I'll take a Demon From Hell Cocktail, shaken-ed not stirred and could you add a dash Sabin while your at it. Pretty Please!!

  28. Hi everybody *waves and hugs each*

    Elain, a cure for a virtual hangover, sipping my passion, hhhmmm don't know actually LOL Will have to figure that one out :D

    Hi VFG, yeah Sabin had my drooling too. I'll let Tristan give us a box of tissues for in the booths.

    Hi Breia, Welcome here and great to meet you. Sit down and talk, have you ever read something of Gena Showalter or would the LOTU men be your first. It wouldn't be bad to get introduced to gena's work this way, not bad at all *grin*

    Susi, hey neighbour, good to see you here and strawberries, now Sam would've loved to feed you strawberries. I'll give him a heads up so he can feed you next time *wink*

  29. YAY!!more party goers..pull up a chair.
    Leontine throws a great party...

    a round of drinks for the newbies..maybe I should switch and try the passion cocktail
    Ohhhhh Tristan :D

  30. I am on pins and needles waiting for this book! Is it september yet?

  31. Can we get some music? What does everyone like? I'm ok with anything as long as Aiden and Tristan agree to do a dance for us ;)

    I need a drink..Singapore Sling boys!! :)

  32. I have read her YA novel, Intertwined and a couple of her Atlantis novels, Mysteria & Mysteria Lane, but not this series.

  33. I LOVE these books, I love the Lords and im excited about Sabins story

  34. OMG, please enter me! I love this series. dasuzuki at yahoo dot com I am also a follower.

  35. *cranking up the jukebox Lady Gage with Pokerface starts to play*

    Music on request ladies...and Elaine I promise when Sam makes the crew complete we will do a dance for you all.

  36. Hey loud mouth, talk for yourself will ya!! Just because you once lost a bet and had to strip that doesn't mean we all want that experience.

  37. Oh, Tristan...can I have a drink? Anything is fine as long as I can drink it while sitting in your lap!

    Great post Leontine!

    pspinney AT cox DOT net

  38. BreiaB - I have read *digging my memory here* The Nymph King but other then that it is just the Lords for me. I heard much about her YA novels too.

    Hi Vampiregurl, welcome here and glad you're dipping in to the conversation! Yes Sabin sound soooo good this book can hardly go wrong LOL

    Hi Debbie, Glad to see you come by and the Lords are defintely receiving a lot of love *grin*

  39. Aiden don't be a party pooper!!

    how long will Sam be?
    The ladies want a show ;)

    And where are those cheese tots?

  40. I've only read the first book in the series so far but am looking forward to reading the rest.

    great post. Hey where do I get a drink.


  41. Had to make them Elaine, *passes baskets of cheese tots around the booths* Sam called in earlier today to say it will take him another week. The parts for his classic don't come easy. I'll prmoise you a dance later tonight, will that be ok *smile*

    Hey Patti, I'll make you a passion and you know I always like to talk to you. How was your day, anything good happened? Let me get you that cocktail and I'll sit with you for a moment!

  42. Aidan, get that chip of your shoulder and you might like it. We'll come up with something good *grin*

  43. Hi delitealex, You can order your drinks with me. So talk to me; what's your poison?

  44. Hi Delitealex, good to see you here. I have read the first one too and have the rest of them eagerly awaiting my attention. Sabin definitely got me in the mood LOL

  45. OMg I cant wait to read Sabin's Book I have read the other 3 in this series and I loved every word of the books. I have been not so patiently waiting for this one and the rest. The LOTU Seriously Rock. Thank you for the chance to win this book.

    I am now following your blog.

  46. That will be perfect Tristan.I'm looking forward to it.
    Now I have to convince Aiden to do a dance ;) Leontine might be able to convince him.

    delitealex try the Demon from Hell cocktail.its great.

    Now i need another drink..
    I'd like another Demon from Hell

  47. I can't wait to read the book. I enjoyed reading the Q&A. Gives us a chance to know the character a little bit. Thanks for the fun.


  48. Oh Leontine & Delitealex, you're both in for a treat!

    Can we change the music? Something a little slower? Like the Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire". ;)

  49. Are you taking music requests?
    I want S.E.X and Something in Your Mouth by Nickelback

    and a shot of tequila

  50. Hi Everyone!

    Stopping by the party!

    I'm kind of a tea toter so I'll have a virgin Collins.

    But as for my guys, I'll have a big heaping plate of dark and sexy, and this sounds just like what you've got going on over here.

    Dottie :)

  51. A demon from hell cocktail sounds great I think I'll have one of those Aidan.

  52. Tristan sounds amazing, so watch yourself Elaine.

    And don't know about you guys, but every party needs snacks or Tristan trying care of that? *wink*

    As for music, I like to request an oldie, Let's Put the X in Sex please!

    Dottie :)


  53. Thank you Tristan for the yummy deliciousness that is my cocktail. Sigh...my heart palpitations over Sabin are finally slowing down. Whew!

    Ooo yes, thank you for tissues as well.

  54. Oh, okay, this was definitely a way to brighten up my Monday afternoon! ;)

    Tristan does sound amazing, but Sabine's got my full attention right now... I love Showalter's books, I've read all of them and I'm anxious awaiting the next ones. :D

    Now, don't get too wild ladies! Remember, it's only Monday, and many of you probably have work tomorrow! :)

    Oh, and Dottie, you mentioned something about a 'big heaping plate of dark and sexy" guys? Are you going to share girl, or just keep them over in your corner? LOL.

    I'm not much of a drinker... It's been advised by my friends years ago that I not touch alcohol at a party, so... I guess I'll just have a nice cold soda or something. Unless Tristan has some really good Virgin drinks back there... *wink*


    Oh, and I am a follower.

  55. Donna - I feel like I've just had an apetizer with The Darkest Nights and have much to look forward to :D

    Hey Dottie - Dark and sexy yes that's most definitely going on here. Come sit in a booth! Have you read any LOTU books yet?

    The jukebox is all yours Dottie and Tristan and Aidan can make the snacks you want. They just kinda stuck with cheese tots cause Sabin enjoys them so and in honor of him in the spotlight made them.

  56. Dottie I'm too busy watching him,maybe you should warn him ;)

    Anybody else want to see Aiden do a dance too?
    What can we do to convince you Aiden?

    Another **hiccup** drink my way Aiden.

    its only 5:30pm and I'm already virtually sh*tfaced......

  57. I haven't read this series yet, but have The Darkest Night in my To Be Read stack. After reading this, I think I need to move it up in line so I can get started on these sooner rather than later!


  58. Hi TBQ!! Good seeing you here and glad that Sabin brightened up your day! I'm sipping my second Passion, it's really good *grin*

  59. Congrats on having Sabin over - he sounds like fun...

    Don't enter me please....

    Loving the shorts that he's giving us...


  60. I'd love to see Aidan do a dance. Wow this drink is tasty I think I'll have another.

  61. Wow! What a great party! Is there any wine? White is my fav! Not feeling daring enough to try something new, sorry... I loved the insights into Sabin from the interview! I am sooooo exited about The Darkest Whisper! Smiles!!!


  62. serious questions here

    I see on the site there is an ebooks for LOTU..do you need to read them to follow the story?
    And I thought I read somewhere there is a new ebook that just came out, do we have to read that one too to not be lost in the storyline.

    **Tips glass over**
    **Shouts**Tristan, another Demon from Hell please ;)

  63. Book_Queen, I can do virgin. Virgin Hot Sex or Passionate Virgin or Virgin Flamingo cocktail. When you make up your mind I'll take Elain to the dancefloor. Come on Elaine, hit your favorite tune on the jukebox and come swing your hips!

  64. WOO-HOO
    here I come good looking

  65. April, babe, I've got a white wine coming up for you!

    Ladies I'm doing my moves when i'm doing my moves, not a moment sooner *devious smile*

  66. Hi EH, Glad to see you hon! The short answers feel very Sabin, very straight forward and tot he point LOL

  67. Aidan I think I'll try a Passion cocktail next. I think I'll have cheese fries as a snack anyone want to share.

  68. I love this series! I'm so excited about the new book!

    jkpulley1 (at)aol (dot) com


  69. I NEEDZ THIS BOOKAH! LOLZ! Gwen sounds pretty hot.

  70. Phew..Tristan has some moves.

    **Pssst ladies,he's also very handsy** **blushes** I need some water and a fan!

  71. Hi Lafront_Lurver - Yes the small excerpt got me all hot and bothered as well, makes me real eager to read their story.

    Hi Jenn - You think we're lighting up blogosphere with all the love for the LOTU series because I think another galaxy might notice the lights LOL

  72. Deletealex, I don't mind some food. Just finsihed my second Passion and I'm getting hungry :D

  73. Ahh, if only I could partake of the passion cocktail for real. *sighs*

    I have The Darkest Night in my TBR pile that I'm steadfastly working through to get to. I'm looking forward to reading it. It looks absolutely yummy! :D


  74. I'll be Sabine's she woman ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! Can't wait for this book & thanks for the cocktails doesn't get any better than that :)

    Please count me in, I am a happy follower. Thanks!


  75. well, i've gotten all the other books so far and i'm fidgeting in my seat for this one too! it took me a while to warm up to sabin, but i think i'll like him just fine now! this is my favorite book series ever :) hot immotral men, wonderful mythology.. i'm ALL IN. :)

  76. I'm virtually sobering up :)

    Aidan please poor me another drink

    Tristan get your butt back out on the dance floor

  77. Hi Leontine -- what a launch! It is definitely cocktail hour here in the states now, and Sabin's cover is the hottest yet in this awesome, steamy series! Your upcoming lineup looks scrumptious, too! Keep the beefcake coming!


  78. What a man....i would definetly have a few drinks with him.

  79. Definately count me in! How exciting...love love love!


  80. Hi Leontine and Gena and Sabin! What a great preview I'm definitely adding this series to my to buy list it sounds amazing!
    I'm a sucker for a vampire and Sabin is a hottie for sure! ;)

    And please do count me in!
    my email is jennj28(AT)yahoo(dot)com

    Also how do I get in on being a member of the Beefcake preview club I LOVE I and would love to have it on my lil blog. :)

  81. Great launch... didn't one of the guys mention them stripping.. hummmm I think we need to see that.

    Love the Lords.. can't wait for this one..
    I'm following & would love to win Sabin.. no doubt about it.. lol
    medicalmisfits at gmail dot com

  82. I love, love, love the Lords of the Underworld! Sabin sounds more and more sexy every day. He's just full of snark, you know? And he's a bit self-deprecating regarding the demon - but only in that sense, which is hilarious.

    Feel free to pick me as the winner. I don't mind. ;) I'm following you on google friend connect now.

    what_ever_for at cox dot net

  83. Oh, and Sabin: I'm sure we can get some fresh cheese tots for you right out of the oven for you. But you have to stay here looking yummy for a while. Oh! And drink with us!

  84. This preview finally convinced me.
    As soon as I can. I'm starting this series I love what I've read so far and can't wait to start the series.Please count me in. Would
    love to win Sabin or one of the other Lords of the Underworld.

    Thank you,
    Brenda C.
    my e-mail: angelfairy2@gmail.com

  85. Hey Leontine

    Make room in the booth and TBQ, I'll happily share, there appears to be plenty of dark and sexy here.

    I'll have a Virgin anything, I love sweet though, although with my dark and sexy.

    Dottie :)

  86. I love the Lords of the Underworld series and I seriously can't wait for Sabin's book. My favorite so far was the Darkest Pleasure, Reyes is so hot. I want them all to find their soul mates though.

  87. I'm pouting because September is so far away. By far the best interview for LOTU beef cake.


  88. I have read the first 3 books of this series, and now am even MORE impatient for Sabin's story!!! ARGH!
    But thank you so much for this little teaser...just might get me through until August 25th! LOL! It's so very far away! :'(

    Amy S.

  89. I finally get here!!! I had the roughest day possible, but it is okay.. I am here now... And girl, your party is rocking!!!! I am sorry I am late!!!

    Oh Tristan... Oh my dear gorgeous Tristan!! It looks like I am the only lady here at this time, I promise to tip big and I know the service is the best around!!!! ***very evil wicked smile going on right now cuz I have all of him to myself ~insert evil laughter~***

    I will have some of whatever you are in.. I mean making!!! It is late and I can stay here alll night long!!!

    Aidan... I agree with Tristan, take the chip off your shoulder... you might actually have fun!! LOL!!! Or better yet... well, I better not say that!!! I might help if you play nice sometimes, we might play nice back!!!!
    **I know Tristan, I am just saying... I am not leaving you Tristan**cecile going back to Tristan... I was only trying to play nice with Aidan, wicked smile**

    Blodeuedd, you are a smart girl...lol!!! Lucien... damn that man is hot as hell!!! LMAO!!!

    Leontine, I will partake in giveaway #1, because I have all of giveaway #2. If I can do that, if not, don't worry!!

  90. Oh, it seems I fell asleep in the corner over here after my drink. But now I am up again, and ready for something good.

    *goes off to mingle with the guys*
    Since they all seems to be mine for the moment

  91. Holy Crap! I missed the opening of the Beefcake Preview Club!

    Damn, damn, damn this flu!
    Made me miss out on Opening Night and more importantly Sabin!!
    When I'm on my feet again I'll read the entire post...

    So sorry I missed it! I'm anxiously waiting for the next LOTU book since I devoured the first 3! They are great but hey anything coming from Gena is great so enough said there!

    Leontine! Thanks for hosting this great event!

    No drinks for me unfortunately since I'm on meds...but that doesn't lessen the fun LOL


  92. Good morning everyone, I'm a bit wrung out after yesterday evening and I see many more joint the party.

    Hi JennJ - Glad to see you here and send you an e-mail with details!

    Hi Jo Ann - great to meet you and what a woman wouldn't do with Sabin *grin*

    Hi Audrey A - Welcome here. My mind is a bit clouded (Passion # 1 went well, #2 was going easy #3 did me in) Reyes, traveling to LOTU site...aaahhhh yes, Reyes, now that I see his cover. I remember him LOL

    Hi whateverfor - If luck is on your side I am sure you'll win :D And I'll back cheese tots all day if Sabin will keep me company too!

    Hi Smokinhotbooks, great to see you and I even heard some online sites have release dates as early and I believe 25thof August! Perhaps you'll have another Lora Leigh episode at what was it; Barnes and Noble, that would be nice :D

    Hi Amy - When I read it all back my heart skipped a beat, LOTU needs some prime time from me.

    Cecile!!! Hey girl, I missed you but I'm so glad you got to drop by (((hugs)))Of course you can speak your preference for what giveaway you like to be entered in, totally forgot to mention that!!

    Pearl, Hi girl, so glad you got to swing by (((hugs))) Your love for Gena's novels has infected me as well but then again, you have that effect on my once or twice before *wink* I can still remember those ARC's coming in for the LOTU series LOL Pearl, I'll call later this week to see how you are doing!

    Hi Blodeuedd - Good morning and lets have breakfast, how about some croissants and juice? Pearl, sip on the juice, fluids and vitamins is important now.

  93. Cecile, babe, I know you have to work hard but I missed you last night. You come by on any day of the week and I'll make you a special cocktail and we'll do some talking then *wink* Right now it is making breakfast for some ladies still dropping by so they have a good start of the day.

    Pearl, let me take care of your vitamin shot and make you a freshly squeezed fruit juice cocktail.

    Blodeuedd, what stirrs you this early in the morning and what can I get you. Fruit juice, tea,chocolate milk? Just give me a shout and I'll get it.

  94. *grumbling* Fuck it is early in the morning.

    Hey Cecile, I don't think I do nice very well but I'll think on the dancing part. Tristan had the balls to throw a dare in my face can you believe the bastard!? So now what: A Full Monty - You can leave your hat on scene...like that is going to happen. Nah, no full monty but I'll think on the dancing ala Coyote Ugly thing on the bar.

    Blodeuedd, woman, you know how to give a wake up call. Lets go do breakfast, Trustan is already whisteling in the kitchen for crying out loud!

  95. So far I have only read one book from the series and it was amazing. I couldnt put the book down! I cant wait to read all the others
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  96. OI just read Sabin's intro and knowing this Lord from the previous books it only added spice to read his novel.

    While walking into the club I give Tristan a wicked wink, sit down at booth and snap my figners as a sign for Aidan to come to me so I can order my fave cocktail, it's alcohol-free but dayum trust me Tristan knows his way around to bring me something rather tasty.

  97. ***opens eyes,sits up on booth bench,scratches head-pulls cheese tots from hair...looks around,see Tristan grinning at me from bar**

    Good morning everyone,gees Leontine,what happened last night?
    You left me lying there all night ;)

    **gets up,walks over to bar,adjusting top and skirt,smooths hair,sits on bar stool***

    Tristan, I'll have a Mimosas.
    What's the saying.."you have to have a bit of the hair of the dog that bit you" or something like that..hey I'm virtually hungover,give a girl a break ;)all I know is it means more drinking..lol.

    Aidan,where'd you go? I think I scared him off..lol

  98. Elaing8 lmfao - I wondered what happened, I walked in and seemed like all h*** broke lose last night and I wasn't even here to bring forth some of it!

  99. Ashleagh, If I could remember I'd tell you ;)

    Someone please tell me I stayed off the tables.I tend to get carried away**blushes**

  100. I still can't find Aidan.Maybe we wore him out..lol

  101. Holy Hell!!! I'm SUCH a Lord's fangirl! Reyes??? Hello???? :)

    Anyway, thanks for this! I'm so anxious to get this installment!

  102. elaing8

    I did find some remarkable marks of high heals on mine... I think an investigation might be needed to so if it was you...

    Gonna needs me a drink *gazing in glass seeing bottom* Tristan shake your booty and head over here for some fine "quality" time...

    Elaing8 would be a nice idea to invite the LOTU over for some *ahem* chatting.... Gonna hope for Galen ;-)

  103. Hey there's a twinname on this board woohoo!!! *waves enthusiastically*

  104. Ladies, you still here!? I just had to do some inventory, so I was in the basement. Hop on some barstools and I'll make you ladies some drinks.

    And Elaine, Aidan is on his way to Sam at the moment with my car to help him out. I swear to you ladies, Sam is trouble with a capital T.

  105. Sabin - thanks for stopping by Cheese Tots well I have a freezer full of them.

    Tristan - you can mix me a drink anytime.

  106. Elaine, you still here, girl you must've had a blast LOL

    Hi Aidan, make me a tropical drink will ya, I need to cool it, it is freakin hot outside!

    ASH!!!! Girl, so glad you could drop by. Yeah those LOTU guys can work their magic on a girl can they *wink*

    Hi Charlotte,
    Thanks for stopping by *hugs* Reyes has been named quite a few times, but he is all yours now *smiles*

  107. **hangs head in shame**
    It wouldn't surprise me if I was dancing on the table tops :0

    I have to drown my shame,

    Hey Tristan,my dancing partner,make me a Demon from Hell please.

    I haven't read this series. Someone please tell me the names of the LOTU.If they ever show up I need names

    Don't worry Tristan,you're still my #1 **air kiss**

  108. I've read all of books in LOTU and each have been amazing. I'm excited about Sabin's story. I can't wait for the surprises Gena put in the book.


  109. Shout out to Gena and the Lords!

    I've been reading this series almost from the beginning and love those boys so much! Seems it's been an eternity since the last release and am SO looking forward to Sabin's story!


    (don't have to enter me for the second contest- already have them- just gimme Sabin! :P)

  110. Looks like another winner with Sabin, Gena! I can't wait to read the whole story. Looking forward to the other upcoming books too.


  111. Hi everyone,
    What a love for the LOTU series and Sabin 0-0 wow!! I just wanted to post a reminder about the contest: Leave a comment showing the love for Sabin - leave your e-mail addy and follow me via google connect in the sidebar of my blog. That will open the door to the goods every time you enter a Beefcake contest on my blog.

    ~hugs, Leontine~

  112. I love this contest,I'm having so much fun,being laid up in bed with this summer flu,this party helps.
    If I don't win I'm definatly going out and buying this series and move them to the top of the TBR list.

    Now where are the fellas?

    I left and made myself presentably again :)
    I need a drink**Knocks on bar**
    where are Tristan and Aidan?
    A Demon from Hell boys!!! :)

  113. Hi Sabin,

    My question is, how is it like to room with the other guys in the house? Has it changed now that are are 3 other women here?

    Please count me in.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  114. Hey Leontine!! I am sneaking in here from work!!! I think I figured a way around the slow computer... I just can't go to my place!!! But I can (at least I am crossing my fingers that this is not just a glich) visit everyone else!!! I think!!!

    Anyway... when I posted my last comment it was close or a little past midnight my time... And I forgot to tell you that I am follower of your's and my email addy is alliwantandmorebooks(at)gmail(dot)com.
    And I forgot to talk about the Lords!!! OMG... okay, if anyone has missed the boat of reading these books, you simply must!!! They are all very yum-me men!!!! Maddox, Lucien (mine), Reyes (Charlotte's), Paris (I'll claim that big flirt), Aeron, Sabin, Gideon and the list goes on... are allll sooo very yum-me-for-my-.... =)

    elaing8, Girl you had me cracking up last night despite the fact that my eye lids were closing on me while reading!!! I think I did see you dance on the tables last night, but don't worry, you had company... me apparently your were a little too drunk and I was tried and drunk and you are very convincing!!!!
    Tristan told me that we did very good... he racked in some tips from us, lol!!!

    **Tristan!!! I am at work, but make me whatever you wish, as long as I can drink it from your body!!!** Oh, did I say that outloud.
    Oh and Tristan, I will take care of Sam when he gets here... I know how much hot water (we'll be in) he will be in!!! You can join us in the hot water if you would like!!!The more the merrier!!!
    I need to start early to make up for missing yesterday!!!!
    See.... what you do to me!!
    That man and a drink - can make me do anything! Sneaking from work to see him!!! OH but he is sooo worth it!!!

    Love you Leontine!!! I hope you had a great day!

  115. Cecile, Glad I could make you laugh.Those drinks are powerful.
    Things are slowly coming back to me.I knew I'd end up dancing on the table.But I'm glad I wasn't alone.
    Take Tristan for a whirl on the dance floor, he's a good dancer ;)

    Now we just need to convince Aidan to some dancing on the table tops

    Aidan what will it take?**bats eyelashes,slurps the last of my drink**

    Another round Tristan....

  116. Well, I am definitely a newbie, and am just sitting here with a fabulous cocktail and reading all about Gena's men. I can't believe I haven't started this series yet, and you totally have me hooked.

    am also a follower

  117. I absolutely love the Lords of the Underworld series. I've read every one so far. But the thing is I never really knew Sabin...well until now;D Thanks for making this blog about him, it's really great.

    I'm also a follower

  118. Give me a green apple martini and some hot man to watch and I am a happy woman :D

    Lord of the Underworld books are very dark, sexy and so very enjoyable to read. I am anxiously waiting for Paris's story to come out.

  119. My time... 10:19 pm Tuesday night...
    ***I have been sitting in the corner booth watching everyone... sipping (okay chugging) my drink... told you I have to make up for not being here yesterday***

    elaing8 ~ honey, no matter how tired I was last night... You were not having dancing on the table tops by yourself... and I am a very accomodating person!!! And a very bit tipsy!!! We had a blast... Oh.. and how is your vitrual hangover?? I was concerned about you!!

    Not sure what we have to offer to Aidan to get him to loosen up... I kinda had one kink out of his system earlier....
    Aidan... you can dance Coyote Ugly style, honey as long as you smile... *sip sip** you can do whatever you please!
    And I am sure I could get you to place very nicely ***very evil wicked smile***
    Thanks for allowing us play time Leontine!!! I think everyone **including me when I can get here** is having a blast!!!

  120. Too bad I'm preggos and I don't drink anyway. Everyone looks like they are having fun. :P

    I'm just dropping in to say that I can't wait for Sabin's tale to be released! Been waiting for another installment for the Lords of the Underworld for a while, and can't wait to get my greedy hands on it :D

    Here's my e-mail: tiffanykremer@hotmail.com

  121. I had a question, but with all my shenanigans the other day :) I think it was missed
    so if you don't mind I'm asking it again

    The Prequel e-book novella-The Darkest Fire,does that need to be read first or can i just start with book 1?


  122. -elaing8
    You can start the Darkest Fire at anytime. It's just a short story that goes more in depth about what happened before the Lords became Lords. It goes the same for for the Darkest Prison. Hope that helps.

  123. I can't wait for Sabin's story! Thanks for having him over.

    The Demon from Hell cocktail sounds delicious.


  124. Thanks Emma.
    I'm looking forward to reading this series now.Everyone drools over the men in the books.And those covers are yummy!!

  125. This is an amazing series! I can't wait for Sabin's story--Why is Aug 25th so far away!!! T_T

    Congrats on the grand opening :) and thanks so much for the contest!


  126. Love all of the Lords and have been waiting (a bit impatiently) for the next one!!! Definitely cannot wait!

  127. Sabin I'm naked, armed & holding a Corona (LOL)
    Tristan I'll have a Bailey's on the Rocks & follow it up with a Demon from Hell baby:)
    Gena love all your books:I'm thinking about bronzing "Playing with Fire" & "The Darkest Kiss" love Lucien's eyes!!


  128. I'm probably too late for Sabin's book giveaway, but if not, please put my name in the hat too. I'd just like to say hello. I'm new to your bodacious blog. What fun.


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