24 August 2009

Birthday loot and winner Karen Moning contest

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On August 23rd, thirty-three years ago the world as they knew it altered forever because I, Leontine, saw the light, took my first breath and graced the world with my presence. Okay, let’s fast forward to...June 2009, that is when my sister asked for my birthday wish list and I had no clue what to ask. So I did me a blog post asking for book tips and I got me very good ones. Now our family always has one person collecting all the birthday money and wish list of birthday gal or boy to acquire the presents. Nobody in the family knows and understands my addiction as well Natascha/Ashleagh and she was my to-go to person. I often use my birthday to ask for authors and books I have yet to try and the list was extensive.

So Natascha kept her mouth shut on what she got for me, I tell ya, that woman knows how to keep a secret…damnit! So 10 days ago hubby says: “I have a surprise on Saturday for your birthday.” And I really tried to make him talk and all I got out of him is; “It has nothing to do with books.” So as the days went by I really got curious and finally the day arrived. Though it was a day early I always try to keep in mind that parents have to come from a long way and like to be back on Sunday before six so they can have dinner and watch sports in the evening at home. So Saturday it was and as family one by one dropped by it was a blur of coffee and cake. After an hour or so my mother put a shopping bag full of pressies in front of my nose.

My eyes started to glitter at it all, neat rectangular pressies and they were all for me *sigh* So I started to unpack and while my family was acting like my family and joked about my reactions I was ecstatic about what I unwrapped:

· Alix Rickloff: DANGEROUS AS SIN
· Delilah Marvelle: LORD OF PLEASURE
· Lili Feisty: BOUND TO PLEASE
· Judi Fennell: IN OVER HER HEAD

· Amanda McIntyre: TORTURED

· Nora Roberts: BLACK HILLS

Of course I also received birthday mail. I won a contest over at Cecile from All I Want And More and the loot was a copy of Joey W Hill – A Mermaid’s Kiss. Since she knew it was my birthday she added a lovely birthday card to it and so I consider it among my birthday loot *grin* Thank you again Cecile! Then I opened my next card and it was almost too hot to handle, I tell ya. Pearl from Pearl’s World Of Books knows what I want and what I want to do to it. Let me translate the Dutch text for you all since I love to share!

Birthday girl, I know exactly what kind of treat you want on your birthday…And inside birthday card it said: by the way, not only on your birthday!
Happy birthday!

The last birthday card was from my sister Natascha, she know exactly what to say to make me feel good about getting a year older *smiles*

So when everyone started to go home I was preparing myself for date with hubby and he took me to the restaurant where we had our first date to have a dinner that was fabulous. Just him and me time, we talked, we laughed, we kissed and ended up on the bench underneath a weeping willow. The same bench and place where we took our wedding pictures and there he said many things, among it was a poem that was recited before our wedding vows. He made me remember all the reasons I married him in the first place *dreamy grin*

I had the best of birthdays with romance and romance. Romance in real life and romance in stories! I can truly say that my thirty-third year started real good!

Of course last week I had my "Ode to Karen Moning week" and I want to thank you all for dropping by, joining me in the love for the Highlander series and giving me early birthday wishes. As promised I do not only want to be at the receiving end of wonderful presents, I also want to share and give away. So I entered all who left a reply at one of the Karen Moning post. Number one from the randomizer list will receive a copy of Karen Moning - DREAMFEVER and the runner up of the list will have a surprise present. I will ask her to pick a number between 1 and 11, I will add Karen Moning's backlist to the randomizer and this way the surprise present will be selected.

List Randomizer

There were 50 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. Lily
2. elaing8
3. SusiSunshine
4. Michelle G
5. Natascha / Ashleagh
6. Book Junkie
7. Blodeuedd
8. Linda Ellen
9. JennJ
10. Cheryl McInnis
11. VampFanGirl
12. Pearl
13. Julie at Outlandish Dreaming
14. Smokinhotbooks
15. Donna (Fantasy Dreamer)
16. Cherry
17. booklover1335
18. malleycc
19. Dawn Halliday
20. Eva S
21. Cathy M
22. I Heart Book Gossip
23. Marissa
24. Maija P
25. Amy C
26. FictionGroupie
27. Cecile
28. Blanche
29. Razlover's Book Blog
30. donnas
31. ObsidianMorte
32. joder
33. My Blog 2.0 (Dottie)
34. chichaihana
35. Mandi
36. Aymless
37. Patti
38. Tynga
39. Anna
40. Zeek
41. chey
42. Barbara
43. Lynette
44. Sweet Vernal Zephyr
45. buddyt
46. Kate
47. Amy M
48. Brenda
59. Book Chick City
50. Erotic Horizon

Timestamp: 2009-08-24 08:47:11 UTC

Lily, congratulations! You are the winner of a copy of DREAMFEVER, please contact me with your addy!

Runner up is Elaing8, congratulations! Pick a number between 1 and 11, leave it in a comment to this post so the randomizer can select your surprise present of a full length novel from Karen Moning!

My next "Ode to..." week will be a tribute to the Fantasy genre.

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  1. Awesome collection of books!!! You are going to have so much fun reading!! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday:)

    Congrats to Lily and Elaing8!!!

  2. Great birthday celebration!! Your going to be busy for while. Love the b-day card, your sister has good taste. Oh, BTW, 33 is very far from old, your still a spring chick. :)

    Congratulations lucky winners!

    Everyone happy reading!

  3. What a wonderful birthday book bonanza!!! LOL Happy Reading.

    Congrats and Happy Reading winners. :)


  4. Happy Birthday, Leontine! I hope you have a fantastic day. Enjoy the books!

  5. WOW that's some haul..Glad to hear you had a fantastic birthday.

    ok # picking time..what will it be....8 of coarse..lol

    Thanks Leontine..and congrats to Lily.


  6. List Randomizer
    There were 11 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

    3.The highlander's touch
    4.to tame a highlander warrior
    6.beyond The Highland Mist
    8.kiss of the highlander
    9.the dark highlander

    10.spell of the highlander
    11.the immortal highlander
    Timestamp: 2009-08-24 12:57:15 UTC

    Elaing8 you really have selected a lucky number because how can I give you Drustan without Dageus! You will receive both paperback Kiss Of The Highlander & The Dark Highlander via The Book Depository store :)

    Send my your addy and I get them shipped to you this week!

  7. It looks like you had & great birthday & got enough books to keep you busy for a few weeks ;)

    Happy Reading

  8. That sounds like a really great birthday. So romantic!!!
    And I think I have to invent something like this for my family too.

  9. And I completely forgot to tell...

    Elizabeth Amber signed a Lyon coverflat for my grandmother and I gave this to her on my birthday. Grandma said: "I will not put him up in my bedroom, I will never fall asleep! Oh no, Lyon will remain in my livingroom."

    She is going to show him off to her two female caretakers and anyone who will come by LOL

  10. OMG, Your birthday was fantastic!!! Especially the hubby part!! Tell him, HE ROCKS!!!! That was awesome of him. And of your whole family!! And thank you for including me in your birthday stash! *getting teary eyed* I am so glad that you enjoyed yourself!
    I might have to show my hubby your post... and let him read what your hubby did for your birthda... Mine is not to far away. Might have to give him some ideas. =)
    Leontine, I am so happy for you my dear friend!
    Happy reading!

  11. What a wonderful birthday! And a great haul of books!

  12. Thank you so much for 2 books Leontine.8 is my lucky number**little happy dance**.I'm so looking forward to reading this series.
    I've sent you an email.

  13. two "Happy"s for you:

    Happy Birthday
    Happy Reading!

  14. Cool, I understand everything except lekker on that card :)

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Congrats to the winners.

    Leontine, enjoy your books. That is one good birthday you had there

  15. Happy Belated Birthday!

    It sounds like your family knows you well, even though they don't "get it" like we do. :)

    Your hubby is a keeper, that's for sure!

  16. Happy Birthday! You're overseas and waiting for Dreamfever too hey? My copy finally arrived. I hope your does too!

  17. Hi Leontine! OH hon it sounds like you had an awesome birthday and I'm so glad! BIG Happy Birthday to you again hon and many many more!!!!!

    BIG HUGS!!!

  18. Thanks for joining me in the celebrations :)

    Hi Annie, welcome here and yes, I am still waiting for a copy of Dreamfever *sigh* My patience is tested once more.

    Hi Judi, I'll be back to you once I have read In Over Her Head. I already lurked at the first few pages and wanted more :)

    Girls, I can tell ya that my addiction is going rampant right now, I already had much on the shelves that was screaming at me and now another pile of delicious reads adds to it. And my book shelves are so in my face, whenever I sit in front of pc or walk in to my living room I see them sitting there, against the wall, waiting.

    One day at a time, right? One book at a time, okay, breath in, breath out LOL

    Hugs to all who popped in yesterday, e-mailed me and wished me a happy birthday!!

  19. Happy Birthday Leontine!!!

    Dayum! That's some major book haul you got there, girl. Happy Reading!!

    Congrats to the winners!!

    (((hugs))) VFG

  20. Hey Leontine

    Thanks so very much. I'm so excited to have won. Congrats to my fellow winner. I loved both of the Highlander books she'll be receiving.
    I can't wait to read DreamFever.

    Sounds like you had a great Bday. Enjoy your new books.

    Thanks again and Happy Reading,

    Lily :)


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