03 August 2009

Mailbox Monday

Marcia from The Printed Page is hosting this meme.

Last week I was away to my parents castle and when I came back I had a few packages in the mail with utter delicious stories for me to dive in to!

I have already read The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty and the review will appear this week on my blog. I was surprised and a bit shocked that I was still able to be shocked!

Stolen Heat was on my pre-order list the minute I was able to pre-order, I loved Stolen Fury and the ending with Peter Kauffman made me sit up and immediately searched for information when that guy would have his story. I was so glad to find out he would be next! Now to find time and read it :D

I was one fo those lucky ladies who won a copy of Knight Of Desire on Twitter @ForverRomance and it arrived last week *YAY* Don't you just love the cover and the second cover of the second book is even more hubba hubba! I am looking forward to having my first encounter with Margoret Mallory's writing and characters ;-)

While book one Trail By Fire was a very entertaining read it were other guys in the firefighter station that captivated my attention, Zack Knight is one of them. Under Fire is high on my TRP.

Again on Twitter I found out I was friends with the author Geoffrey Knight, when he tweeted about the second book in his series; The Fanthom's Five my heart did a thump thump and I was quickly in search mode for more information. The Cross Of Sins is the first book in this series and I hope it will turn out to be a series I can fulfill my need for adventuruous M/M erotica with.

Now I wil close this Mailbox Monday with Shannon McKenna's arrival of Tasting Fear. I am actually reading this book right now and I can't say I feel the love at this point...more to come in my review of course.

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  1. Looking forward to your Anne Rice review!!

  2. I have read about the Rice books, and I am sure I would be shocked without words...not really ready for those yet.

    Ahh Knight of Desire looks like a good one.

    Great mailbox

  3. Hi Mandi,
    I feel like my reviews are piling up. I am missing my office program very much right now and will be glad when brother has it up and running again for me on the pc. Anne Rice was unusual and different to say the least!

  4. Oh some good ones. I enjoyed Jo's book - love that cover! - but it's not quite as good as Trial By Fire. Not many can compare to Howard ;)

  5. Nice list! I just love book packages. Although I receive them frequently, I still get excited when one show up in the mail.

  6. Oh yes, you got some good ones! I liked Zach :).

    I'm curious to read your thoughts on the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Maybe it'll cause me to try that one again. It's been oh, about 5 years since I tried it the first time :). At the time I was beyond shocked!! :P I never finished it but I also never got rid of it either!

  7. Hi Stacy - Yes well, Howard didn't push my personal buttons all that much. I know he has been getting a lot of love but I was more distacted by other firefighters LOL

    Hi Sarah - I receive packages too but this is liek santa's bag full of pressies. It has hardback BCE editions, paperbacks and TPB from Sandi at Hard To Find Books. The first time such an MBag arrived I was beyond myself and hubby looked at me as though i was an alien. The second time an Mbag arrived hubby came up with it, through the door, I saw the white bag and went berserk. Again, I could tell he was a bit shocked, it was in my early days as a true book-a-holic. Now hubby is very much experienced in all my behaviors LOL

    Hi Amy - Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, the book ended on a note that made me say I will continue but Anne Rice has written an erotica trilogy that stands seperate from my other erotica/romantica novels.

  8. Hi Leontine!!!

    Great books!!! I'm anxious to hear what you think of Tasting Fear, I'm a huge Shannon McKenna fan and so far the reviews have been so so on this newest book! I've not started it yet!!

  9. Hi Blanche, I haven't read any reviews on Tasting Fear yet but I am not overly enthusiastic at this moment, I am mid second story, which is nice.

  10. Awesome selection of books Leontine!!

    I've got a couple of those on my list to order today. :)

    I'm not going to tell you how long ago I read A. N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice's) "Sleeping Beauty" trilogy..

    It is quite a twist on the fairytale. lol

    You enjoy all your reads.


  11. That's quite a teetering tower o'books! Happy reading!!

    Mine is here.

  12. Hi Lea - I was dumbfound when I saw the first publication date, 1983 and the reprints are off the charts...lemmy check. 've got the 20th re-print issue of the trilogy 0-0 Must be in demand LOL Appearantly it stands the test of time.

    Hi Kelly - I think I will enjoy the lot, will come by in a jiffy to take a sneak peek at your book swag ;D

  13. Leontine

    Very nice selection of books. That Anne Rice book - wasn't it issued under another name when it first came out? I thought she wrote 3 or so books of erotica under A. N something or the other. LOL I'm looking forward to your review.


  14. Hi Michelle,
    I can't remember that name nor spell it, oh wait, of course it is printed on the cover *headdesk* Big letters say Anne Rice small letters say: A.N. Roquelaure and the three erotica novel are consistent with the Sleeping Beauty trilogy; The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty - Beauty's Punishment and Beauty's release.

    I have two more to read ;-)


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