07 August 2009

Shaymless' Book Club, wanna join?

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Through my blog hopping I stopped by at Shaymless and as I am enjoying her place I noticed her new book club.

Quoted from Shaymless blog:

The particulars:
- One book per month. Must be a romance! ^_^
- A member
of the club will choose the book for the month (order of choosing will be in the
order of membership).
- Person choosing the book will host the discussion at
the end of the month on their blog or this blog.
- Open to anyone who wants
to join in for the fun and love of romance novels.
- Can do month to month
membership (up to you whether or not you want to read the book. You can choose
to skip the book of the month if its one that does not interested you.).

It is such a different way for me to discuss a book. A group reading the same book all at the same time to discuss it afterwords. The concept is not entirely unfamiliar for me yet I never have been a member of a book club. *frowns eyebrows* I don't even know if we have romance book clubs here in the Netherlands, I sure as hell haven't heard of them in my area. The concept of Shaymless book club is that each member gets to pick a book when it is their turn and I'm kind of hoping I will read out of my genre so I will discover new-to-me authors. I might not always have time but I'm going for it *smiles* August is a busy month for me but I'm looking forward to what Kati from Katidom is picking for September's selection. This month it is Shaymless turn with:

This book club is pro romance, pro sex, pro happily ever afters. What's not to like and I hope many more will join Shaymless' book club!

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  1. Thanks!

    The whole reason I started this was so I could talk about the books I was reading with others (and hopefully read something outside the usual authors or make me read something off the TBR which is just too large).

    Please feel free to drop by our discussion(s) but be warned spoilers are probably inevitable.

  2. This is a very great idea. I think I will take a peek now.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Great idea and concept but I don't think it's for me at this point in time!

    Although the freedom to decide if you participate in a certain month or not is great I don't think I can handle any more deadlines or obligatory reads at the moment.
    Furthermore, I think my reading quirks will get in the way of participating. This months choice for example is the second book by Julie James but I have to read first book first (I know I am weird that way).
    Another thing is what if books are chosen that you do not have? You'll have to purchase it, borrow it?
    With my gigantic pile of unread books this is not something that I want to stimulate for myself.

    Again, great concept but not for me. Nonetheless I will take a peek at the discussion(s) as I am always curious to know what other people think of the books they read!

    Hugs and nice weekend to all,

  4. Thank Leontine.

    I love a structure to my reading - so am loving this and there looks to be some flexibility...

    Have signed up..


  5. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely check it out.

  6. I am already signed up... but damnittohell... I did not know this was part of a series... it is number two... damnit... i will have to read one before i read two!!! LOL!!!
    I hope you have a great weekend my friend!


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