06 August 2009

TV Thursday: Spartacus; Blood & Sand

We are weeks away from fall tv season to burst from our tv screens. Many series continue in their drama, passion, sex, scheming, humor and suspense. In the spring of this year I caught up with the buzz surrounding THE TUDORS which I still have to watch *hangs head in shame* I was warned by good friend Marissa that I have to read Rona Sharon's Royal Blood before watching this series as multiple real life historical figures are in both mediums. So time got away with me and fall tv season is knocking on my doors with new seasons of Desperate Houswives, Grey's Anatomy etc.

Though my viewing habits are random I do have a weekspot for epic constume drama series, does anyone remember ROME a few years back, WOW, that really knocked the ball out of the park for me. THE TUDORS is on my list and yes, I am finally getting to the point of this post, I found me a new series to look forward to *YAY* It is violant, bloody, erotic and drama all in one. They describe it as a 300 inspired tv series and I luuuurved the movie 300. I have watched the trailer, wnet to the website and just had to give my shout out to all of you. Let me give you:


Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Betrayed by his country. Beaten into slavery. Reborn as a warrior. "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" is a graphic and visceral account of Rome’s most famous gladiator. When he’s separated from the love of his life, Spartacus is forced into the gruesome and bloodthirsty arena, where a grisly death is primetime entertainment. Spartacus must fight for survival, befriend his enemies and play politics in this new world of corruption, violence, sex and fame. He’ll be seduced by power and tormented by vengeance. But his passion will give him the strength to prevail over every obstacle, in this modern and uninhibited tale of death, honor and endurance.

Starring Australian actor, Andy Whitfield (McLeod's Daughters) as Spartacus, Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) as Lucretia, John Hannah (The Mummy, Four Weddings and A Funeral) as Batiatus and Peter Mensah (300, The Incredible Hulk) as Doctore, this unique mix of live action, graphic novel effects and brutal battle sequences is set to make "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" an epic television event.

A Thracian Soldier in the Roman Auxiliary who was taken prisoner. As punishment for defying Legate Claudius Glaber he was sentenced to die in the gladiator arena. Against all odds, he survived killing four gladiators. His sentence was communted to slavery and he was bought by Batiatus to be trained as a gladiator in the Ludus. His rebellious tendencies are tamed by the promise of one day be reunited with his wife Sura.

Spartacus’ wife and a Thracian priestess who foretells his life will bring great and unfortunate things. She is captured at the same time as Spartacus, but while he goes to Capua, she is raped by soldiers and sold into slavery with a Syrian.

Batiatus’ equal in every way, she sees every angle and manages situations with a steel grip inside a kid glove. Sexually passionate and longing for a child, she takes Crixus for her lover. She sees Spartacus as a wild animal who cost too much and will bring misfortune upon the Ludus.

Crixus is the top gladiator at Batiatus’ Ludus. He has a deep-seated dislike of Spartacus. Because of his status, he receives certain perks within the ludus including spending money and his own cell. He is also sleeping with Lucretia, his mistress. During the walks to and from her bedroom, Crixus enjoys stolen moments with Naevia, the slave girl with whom he shares a forbidden love.

Click ~HERE~ to go to the Spartacus, Blood & Sand website to check out all the good stuff!

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  1. Oh I got goosebumps :D
    And a 300 feeling, cinematic wise.
    Dunno about the orgies though, they can take away from the story

  2. Wow, this does look really interesting........lots of blood though....even though that is the point! LOL

  3. Me and blood, not a good combo. Unless it's in CSI (yes I am strange and my hubby says so too LOL). Still this has piked my curiosity, especially since I LOVED the tv series ROME!! Am still pissed that they stopped making that series!

  4. Leontine,

    I absolutely LOVED Rome!! :) I have not heard a thing about this series Spartacus, Blood & Sand. I am going to the website as soon as I finish this comment. Thanks for the heads up!


  5. Me again. :) I just watched the trailer in the screening room. Woo-hoo!! We've got hot, half nekkid men with swords!! Sounds like a party to me. :) I can't wait for January.


  6. There is a whole lot of blood but were talking about spartans here of course. I don't know if this will also air in January 2010 in the netherlands, most likely not but I'll keep a very close eye on when it will become available cause I wants a taste. And I'm also bummed there is no more ROME...it is like a book series which gets cancelled by the publisher. It can seriously put me in a mood.

  7. Damn! This is SO up my alley! I hope we'll be able to see it in Canada. Might have to buy the whole season!!!!

    Thanks for this. Something to definitely look forward to this winter!

  8. Holy crap! My body is covered in goosebumps!!

    This definitely has a '300' vibe and I'm also seeing a lot of similiarity to 'The Gladiator' with Russel Crowe. It's almost like they blended the two together. I'm lovin' the erotic scenes too.

    Hmmmm... now I need to plead with the hubby to get Starz.

    Thanks for the heads up on this Leontine!!

    ;) VFG

  9. I am not that much into tv, so we don't have the expanded package. But I did love 300 and omg...loved Gladiator with Russel Crow!!!!
    I hope all of you enjoy it for the rest of us!!!!
    Hot guys... blood.. come'on, you can't be a vampire fan and not like blood!! LOL!!!
    I hope you have a great day tomorrow!

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kind of historical series I really want to see this! I hadn't heard about it thanks so much for posting this cause I definitely want to check this out! I'm a history nut anyway but I loved Rome and the first two seasons of the Tudors were good too. Don't know about this third season I haven't liked it as well yet.

  11. Oh yummy Spartans. That alone is a reason to watch it. But I think I will have to wait forever to this cuz the translation always takes so long. Sometimes I think they just translate one sentence per day.


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