29 August 2009

What's Your Reading Personality?

When I did my blog rounds this morning I stopped by Book Chick City and found the most fun quiz ever. What is your reading personality quiz? Answer 10 questions and you’ll be surprised *cough cough* what might roll out as the answer. This is what the quiz classified me as:

Your Reading Personality: Eclectic Reader!

You read for entertainment but also to expand your mind. You're open to new ideas and new writers, and are not wedded to a particular genre or limited range of authors.

Take the QUIZ at BookBrowse.

When I look at my bookshelves I guess that sums it up about right. Within the overall romance genre I have numerous sub-genres along with Urban-Fantasy /Fantasy and a small selection thrillers. Yet I want to know more and did some book soul searching and came up with various questions…and answers :)

· What hour of the day do you like to read the most?
I think my most productive reading hours are early in the morning. Hubby tends to leave me wide awake at like 6 AM in the morning and my body wakes up o so slowly. This is when I tend to read until 8-ish. Also the late afternoon, from 3-5 PM can be solid reading hours and a Sunday afternoon is also reserved for some reading hours. (If I don’t have other obligations of course)

· Which authors are your comfort reads?
C.L. Wilson – Tairen Soul books / JR Ward’s first three BDB novels / Sherrilyn Kenyon’s first seven Dark-Hunter novels / Karen Moning’s Highlander series. I keep coming back to these novels, though my comfort reads are mostly read when I am sick. What surprises me is that over the last year no new authors have made the cut as a comfort read.

· How do you treat your books while reading? Are you a spine-cracker or one who treats her books gently?
I am so anal, really anal about spine creases. As a teen and tween it did not matter, I cracked the spine but now I always look ahead and think about the fact I want to re-read them someday and don’t want to have the cracks/glue in the spine letting go of the pages. Then again, who am I fooling? With all the books I still have to read there is hardly time for something like re-reading :)

· Do you keep your books, re-sell them or lend them to friends?
I almost keep every book I buy, I hardly sell them and lend them only to peeps I trust. Though my shelf space is driving me towards letting go of the books I know will not be re-read again, they are still sitting on my shelf in the hall. They have been sitting there for like 2-3-4 months now and I think I will do a few giveaways in the future with them. Make someone else happy.

· Are you a glommer of an author?
I used to glom after I read one book of an author but with so much I want to read and a budget to watch I tend to be careful. If I have a new author discovery I try to remain with the first title in a series or trilogy or just a single title that speaks to me.

· Are you anal about reading a series in order, whether chronically or publish-date wise?
I prefer reading in chronicle order of series/trilogy but I have been known to just jump in and later find out; Oh, this is the third, fourth or whatever novel in a series.

· What is the strangest place you ever read a book?
It may not be the strangest place but for me it is the latest discovery. I heard Pearl talk about reading in the car and never thought of those hour long trips to my parents to read. I have done so the last few times and it makes the trips go by much faster. Also, when in a traffic jam you get the weirdest faces when other drivers get a glimpse of the book covers LOL The naked chest always does the trick!

· Do you donkey-ear your pages or use a bookmark?
Once again, in teens and tweens I donkey-eared away but now, with an ocean of promo bookmarks, I use them.

· How would you describe your TRP? Small (10-75), medium(76-150), large(151-250), extra-large (251-400), an entity of its own in my house (401 and above)
Ah, the much debated TRP. Yes I have one and it is in the extra-large category but slowly creeping up on last category and transforming into an entity.

· What is your pet-peeve when reading a book?
This may sound a bit, well, a bit bitchy, but when I am completely succumbed in my book and hubby starts talking to me about random stuff *horror*. I can’t stand that, when I read I don’t hear, I am in the motion of the book , the world and its characters (if the author does it right of course :D) and then hubby starts tapping shoulder…girls, there are just moments I have a do-not-disturb-me look and hubby is getting it big time.

I hope you all take the quiz and talk about your reading personality, I feel like such a schizo right now, like your reading personality is a whole other character ;)

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to drop in and say thanks for following my new blog. I'm still learning so I'm sure it won't be fabulous yet but I'm hoping it will be.

    I'm off to spend the next hour or so lost in your archives.

    Thanks again

  2. OH - I also wanted to add that I'm also incredibly anal about my books. I can't stand broken spines or dog eared pages :)

  3. Hi Novelnelle,
    Welcome to my place and we all have been there...believe me! They say it takes about a year to get a handle on your blog and blogging. I am fast approaching my first year and I find it true. To get to know various awesome blog peeps, to make a blog your very own place, it takes time. While I was so busy with my blog I had fun with many other bloggers and their posts, so drop by anytime to talk or of you have questions! I sure will drop by your blog and see what you're up to *wink*

  4. Great little quiz. I ended up with eclectic reader as well. :)

    And, like you, I'm very picky about treating my books with care. And I have a hard time getting rid of any I like.

  5. Fun quiz! I am going to do this later and let you know the results!

  6. I got the same :)
    And that is so true, I do love all sorts of genres and books

  7. Serial reader here! Thanks so much for sharing - that was fun!

  8. You and me both Steph, I'm a serial reader too. And I must say that's a pretty accurate description of me.

  9. We're two peas in a pod! I had the same results as you. Love quizzes like that. :)

  10. I came out as an all round reader - I think I like that *g*
    In answer to your questions:
    1) The best time these days seems to be at lunch. Must add more time!

    2) JD Robb - oddly enough. She's my go-to girl when I'm in a slump

    3) Very, very carefully!! I have books that are 10 years old that I've read over and over and they still look almost new *g*

    4) I keep just about every one. I do lend them out though.

    5) I'm a big time glommer. I will glom author books without having read a single book! *cough Kresley Cole cough*

    6) Not anal at all. Unless they are totally connected and you have to read them in order to make any sense, I'll read all over in a series

    7) In a traffic jam for me too.

    8) Oh most definitely a book mark

    9) Terrifying in it's size!!!

    10) Reading a book in the morning, looking up and discovering I'm going to be late for work.

  11. Oh, this is fun! I'm going to have to think about my answers and get back to you. Great idea!

  12. I just took the test and I am an allrounder:

    Your responses showed you fitting equally into all four reading personalities:

    Involved Reader
    Exacting Reader
    Serial Reader
    Eclectic Reader


  13. I don't even come near her bookshelves, giving me the hairy eye the moment I even glance at it.

  14. Tristan my man, don't even attempt to understand a book addict, I think it will fry your brain. A woman and her addiction, no sane man comes between that! Books, shoes, chocolate, or have you ever been with a woman to the city with sales season going on. I did it once with my sister and I had nightmares for weeks to come my man.


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