15 September 2009

BBAW Blogger Interview: Li from Me & My Books

When I saw the BBAW interview swap notification I just had to sign up. My curious nature loves to do interviews and when I received an e-mail from

interview partner Li I immediately had to check out her blog. I instantly took to her "voice" and frequent her blog weekly. We whipped up a few questions together and hope you have a blast with her interview, I know I had. You can visit her at her place; Me And My Books

1) Why did you start your blog?

Well, boredom if I’m totally honest :-)

I was a long-time lurker (and very occasional commentator) at various message boards, before discovering the world of blogs. I was bored one afternoon and decided to have a go at this blogging thing, and I’m still here almost three years later - it’s amazingly addictive.

2) What do you focus on?

“What I like to read” would be the short, but not very useful answer. I enjoy fantasy, mystery, romance, SF - not necessarily in that order - and so my blog focuses on those genres, though not exclusively.

My blog’s very much geared towards my personal tastes - I post about upcoming releases I can’t wait to read, books I’ve just bought, general book-related thoughts, links of interest, and the occasional review.

3) What do you enjoy most... and least about blogging?

What I enjoy most? Interacting with like-minded people. Comments :-) Discovering new books. Oh, and it is incredibly satisfying when someone reads a book you’ve recommended and they love it!

Least? I used to beat myself up when I fell into blogging slumps (or missed challenges). Now... I still feel vaguely guilty if I don’t post once a fortnight or so, but I’m trying to be less apologetic about it. It’s meant to be fun after all!

4) Do you have any features on your blog?

Erm. The only one I do with anything approaching regularity is my monthly releases post, when I blog about the books I’m looking forward to each month. Apart from being able to squee gleefully about new releases, it’s a handy reference for me when I buy books!

I also do “Around the Web” posts where I link to items that interest me, as and when I stumble across them - probably less frequently these days though.

5) Who was your first commenter?

Excellent question - I believe it was Rosario @ Rosario’s Reading Journal. *checks* Yep, here’s the post.

6) What is your favorite blogpost?

Oh, difficult one because my memory’s like a sieve. I like the one I did recently on Georgette Heyer’s “Cotillion” (historical romance), but that’s because I love “Cotillion”. And while re-reading it, I managed to figure out a connection to Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series (SF, and a must-read), which pleased me for some reason!


1) What do you usually read?

Favourite authors/genre etcGenre-wise, well, it's probably easiest to say that you probably won't find me hanging out in the General Fiction section of a bookstore. Anywhere else is fair game. I tend to enjoy books that aren't straight romance, but have a strong romantic element - it's probably a hangover from when I used to glom historical romance.

2) Have your reading / buying habits changed since you've started blogging?

Oh yes. I just blogged on becoming a pickier reader funnily enough. I also find myself buying on impulse a lot less frequently - I'm always armed with online recs whenever I step into a bookstore!

And oh, the TBR pile - I remember the good old days when I only had a couple of books in my TBR pile. I don't dare count them now!

3) Who provides you with good recommendations?

I swear Renee @ Renee's Book Addiction is my reading twin, we have very similar tastes in books so if she loves a book, there's a very good chance I'll love it too. Angie @ Angieville has a trick for highlighting books I would never have picked up otherwise. And Ana and Thea's reviews @ The Book Smugglers are brilliant because they give you a proper feel for the book, without ever giving away too much!

4) Which authors are on your keeper shelf?

Authors that I adore and will recommend to anyone: Lois McMaster Bujold, Patricia Briggs, Elizabeth Peters, Sharon Shinn, Eva Ibbotson

5) Do you have a latest discovery you talk about at any given moment?

LOL. I would say Megan Whalen Turner's "Thief" books that appear to be making the rounds - but that's because they're totally worth it ;-)

6) What is your favorite moment to read?

Mmmm... when I know I'll be undisturbed. Probably at night.


1. What was the highlight of your week?

Err reaching 5pm on Friday afternoon? It's been a long week.

2. Last movie you watched?

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

3. Your dream date would be…?

Arrghhh tough decision... okay, I've just read (and loved) Lisa Kleypas's "Blue-Eyed Devil" and I wouldn't say no to Jack Travis (and yes, I've just bought "Smooth-Talking Stranger").

4. What is your favorite season?

Spring - especially when the days get longer and you just know that long summer days are on the horizon.

5. Your favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere hot and sunny. I'm not fussy :-)

6. Boxers or briefs with your hottie next door?


7. Bad boy or knight in shining armor?

Ack - I think I would go for knight in shining armor. I mean, I prefer Morelli to Ranger (Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books) and am totally on Team Mychael (Lisa Shearin's Raine Benares books).

8. What's your favorite food?

Chocolate. With coffee.

9. Current favorite TV series?

Ummm it's not on yet - one more week! - but I am so excited about "Strictly Come Dancing". I know, I know, guilty pleasure.

10. What’s on your nightstand?

What SarahT @ Monkey Bear Reviews very cleverly termed the TBF pile the other day - the books that I haven't quite finished for some reason or other.

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  1. Great interview! I would like to think I go for knight in shining armor but I think I'd go for bad boy (don't tell the hubby!!

  2. @Book Chick City - I know what you mean, I love the bad boy, really would go for him but when I look at hubby I think I married me the knight in shinning armor LOL

    @SarahT - Glad you enjoyed yourself Sarah :)

  3. Hi, fun interview! Saw you at bookchick's and thought I'd pop in!

  4. Oh, thanks for this great interview you two. Li is one of my favorite bloggers. I always get excited when I see she has a new post up.

    Even if she is Team Mychael...;)

  5. Great interview..off to check out Li's blog!!

  6. Fantastic form!
    Loved the style.
    Three years for a blog seems long.. wonderful stamina!

  7. your first commenter is so exciting. they're the person that finally makes you realize, yes! they're actually people reading what i have to write. :)

  8. Great interview. Now I have to take a look at Li's blog.

  9. Great interview. I loved that she used fortnight in a sentence. I've always wanted to do taht.

  10. Great interview, Leontine!! I loved reading your answers. You know, I have yet to read a Georgette Heyer book! I know, shame on me.

  11. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for stopping by and showing Li some love :) and Barbara, I still have to pick up a Georgette Heyer book, but also a Jane Austen. I know, shame on me *sigh*

  12. Thanks all for your comments - this was fun!

    Leontine - Thanks again for doing the interview. And awww at the hubby & knight in shining armour comment!

    Angie - Right back at you, I love your blog posts too! And oh-so-definitely Team Mychael.

    Marie - Not quite sure about stamina, I think blogging becomes almost a habit.

    Love Stories - Totally agree on the first comment thing.

    A Buckeye Girl Reads - LOL. I had to re-read the interview to figure out where I used fortnight.

    And Barbara & Leontine, on Georgette Heyer, once I picked up my first Heyer, I swear I glommed her backlist in about two months.


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