07 September 2009

Beefcake Preview Club Night: Jafar

Anne, with The Hunt what kind of world are we – the reader – stepping in to and who do we get to meet?

A fantasy world with Egyptian overtones.

I am so excited to welcome Guardian Jafar to the Preview Club. I sit across him in one of our booths and the first question I have to ask before I lose my nerve is; “Jafar, is it at all possible for me to see you in your Cat form?”

Jafar: Of course. Are you volunteering to run in our Hunt?

Leontine: In my mind my angelic side goes; Oh gawd, what did I get myself in to *blush* I just had to shoot my mouth of didn’t I. On the other hand, my devilish side is whispering in my ear; Will I ever get such an adventure?! My mouth says: At the end of the night I’ll give you my answer to that question *wink*

After getting comfortable in the booth I ask him what he drinks and we get the questionnaire going.

Jafar, can you give us some details regarding yourself and your story?
Cover of The Hunt & book details The Hunt

Anne Marsh - THE HUNT
ISBN 978-0-505-52824-7
Dorchester LOVE SPELL
October 2009
USA $6.99


No matter how they try to flee, the virgins who enter the twisting tunnels of the Guardians are destined to be caught. Actually, most don’t try too hard. The stories of warriors who can take on Cat form, of lovers who can make a woman scream with pleasure, are just too enticing. But Miu is no virgin, and she’s joined the Hunt with her own agenda. After she steals the moonstone necklace she’s been sent for, she has no intention of becoming some Cat’s tasty morsel. Too late she discovers these kitties have some deliciously kinky habits, and the dark hunter on her trail isn’t about to let impudent thievery go without punishment of the most exquisite kind.

~Profile Jafar~:

Just Jafar. We don’t need long names in the temple. We know who we belong to. Who our pack is.

I’ve lived among humans for centuries. Before that, I was in the vortex.

Body build
Large. Hard. I’m a male who can fill a tunnel and then some. Which is good. Life isn’t easy, even though it’s satisfying.

Dark hair woven into hundreds of braids that are fastened with small topazes.


Most humans see just the stone-faced Guardian laying down the law. I’m an alpha and there’s no getting around that. When I really, really want something—someone—I act on my desire. Sexual tension is great; once I want you, I’m getting you into my arms. But it’s more than hot sex—and I promise you, the sex is really hot—I want you. All of you. Mind, body and soul. Yeah, I’m alpha and I can’t be anything other than what I am, but there’s a male behind the alpha mask and, if you can coax him out, I just might be putty in your hands. I’ve got a dark sense of humor and a chivalric streak a mile wide that’s got me into trouble before. And once I figure out what you need, I’ll give it to you. No matter what.

Favorite weapon?
Shortknife. Or my hands. I want my opponent close.

Turn on?
Running. A sexy, confident, curious woman who’s not afraid to ask for what she wants—or to take it. A woman who will let me explore her fantasies with her.

Favorite drink?
I don’t drink. My job is to defend and I won’t allow anything to stand in the way of my ability to perform that job. If I did, however, I’d be having a Charbay whiskey. A blunt, no-holds-barred, visceral punch of a drink. Straight. None of these blended, deceptively sweet drinks where you’re never sure what you’re getting. Or drinking.
Jafar 101:

Jafar, to prepare us for the big day of your story can you give a few quotes that speak of your “typical” behavior/humor/ attitude of yours?

I’m a man of few words. Words get in the way of action.

Anne Marsh secretly tells us: Jafar is a big ole growly alpha, who doesn’t waste time on talk when he can be acting. He can be a bit barky with the orders, even though he’s issuing them for all the right reasons. A few quotes:

“Look before you leap, femi.”
“Don’t challenge me now, femi.”

“Oh, I’d be worried,” he said in that slow, honey-smooth drawl. “Did you take a long look at the male out there? Ever imagined a lover who could shift on you, so you don’t know if the beast pinning you to the wall is man or Cat?”

“I’d say it’s a matter of proof, love. Do you have anything stolen on you?”

“That’s what I do, femi. Day in. Day out. I come up here to report on one of the latest Doorways to open between our world and theirs. Amun Ra wants to known when that happens, so he can dispatch more of us if necessary. See, the temple is more than just a place for sticking dead people and those shiny trinkets to which you’re so partial. It’s a battleground, love, and we’re fighting a war here.”

“You can ask me to take you. And I will give you pleasure. You are my chosen mate. It is my duty. My pleasure.”

Jafar, it says that you are a Guardian but, a Guardian to what and how did you become one?
We guard the temple of Amun Ra, from both human and otherworldly threats. We spend our lives patrolling the catacombs beneath temple, protecting—and pursuing intruders. We have two forms: our human form and our Cat form, and we shift freely between the two, using whichever gives us the edge in a fight. Don’t steal from us—and don’t go where you are not invited, unless you want to become the prey to our predator.

Amun Ra, our alpha, pulled our spirits from the vortex and placed us in these bodies. The vortex is a river of souls, a place where you retain consciousness but no body. That endless, swirling, empty space pulls your essence in so many directions that you’re literally shredded. Amun Ra might be able to knit those shreds into a new Guardian, but the original Guardian was gone. You don’t forget the agonizing pain of stretching and pulling, either, and none of us would trade being Amun Ra’s invincible, otherworldly guards for a return to the vortex. He needs our help and we’re more than happy to give it and our loyalty in exchange for these bodies.

Are you a fighter or a lover?
I’m a Guardian. A warrior. Feral. Primal. Those words describe me well. Defending and protecting comes first—and that includes making sure that nothing and no one gets to my femi, my mate. We’re fighting to defend this world against the Ifrit. The Ifrit can be difficult to stop— they’re ferocious fighters who send raiding parties through the Doorways that open between this world and theirs. My brothers and I stand guard, but when an Ifrit finds an unguarded Doorway to slip through things get brutal, fast.

If you have one, what is your favorite romantic setting?
I found an underground chamber once, deep inside the temple. A bit of the roof fell in with time, letting just enough outside light inside see in the darkness. Even with your human eyes. It’s a kind of cenote, a naturally occurring hollow where water collects. Cool. Deep. A luscious indulgence when the summer heat bakes down on us. A perfect place for lovers to be alone and to explore each other.

What do you consider your personal pros and cons?
I’ll push you sexually. As Guardian, my werebeast and I need to dominate. Need to know that our mate trusts us to meet her sexual needs. Plus, it’s the one area I know I can keep her safe in. Where I can meet all your needs. Where you won’t be disappointed. And because maybe, if you trust me in our bedroom, you’ll trust me outside the bedroom as well. A male can always hope. And it will always be your choice—just choose. And run.

What piece of jewelry would you give your lady-love?
Bells. The rules of our Hunt are simple. Any female we find running in our temple during the weeklong hunt is fair game. Any one of us can place his bells on her. Mate her. Take her fast and hard or slow and sweet. And she can’t do a damn thing to stop us. If she comes here, to the temple, during the Hunt, she’s given her permission—whether she realizes it or not

Last movie you watched or book you’ve read?
I prefer natural history, science. I like facts. Give me David Attenborough, Richard Fortey, Diane Ackerman. But if there’s something my female’s read, I’d love for her to share it with me. Show me the hot, sexy bits that make you fantasize and I’ll give you those fantasies.

Where did you sleep last night?
Beside my mate. Where I belong.

What type of girl do you usually fall for?
I don’t. I was badly burned by a female I trusted; she turned out to be the enemy and killed my brother’s mate. Lesson learned. The Guardians are rewarded for their services with the annual Hunt. The humans we protect send us their virgins to choose from and these females run through the temple. If I catch her, she’s mine. Most of the females who come here for the Hunt don’t try too hard to escape—my brothers and I are sensual creatures. We love erotic games, but our goal is pleasure. For ourselves and the females we catch and mate. Miu intrigued me from the get-go because she ran harder, faster. I thrive on challenge and she wouldn’t admit that attraction blazed between us from the get-go. Plus, she’s got spirit, a feisty independence and a curiosity worthy of a Cat. I figured I could answer all her questions—about myself, about the Guardians, about herself. I wanted to show her a sensual side of herself that she didn’t know existed. Besides, she was going to get herself killed running around the damn temple. I wasn’t letting that happen on my watch.

Do you have any talents?
I’m a mean hand with a knife and an outstanding tracker. I know how to protect what’s mine.

Who are the people you would have at your back in hard times?
My pack. My alpha, Amun Ra. And, of course, my mate, Miu.

What are your plans for tomorrow?
If we won the war against the Ifrits today, tomorrow I’d still be defending the temple. I swore a vow to Amun Ra and I keep my word. Always. If I had the chance, though, I’d explore Egip, my home world, some more. Seek out the hidden corners. When I chased Miu halfway across our world, I realized that there’s a whole other world aboveground. I’d like to se more in the company of the right woman.

Wooing the ladies with an excerpt:

“Open up,” he demanded, inhaling her scent, drawing
her taste deep inside him as she gasped in reaction. Her
lips parted, let him invade her hot sweetness and he was
lost, his Cat purring with a sensual recognition he’d never
found before. His femi wanted him, even if she wouldn’t
admit it.
He could live with that.
For now.
Later, later he could teach her to revel in his dominance.
Hear the whispered pleas she’d give him for her own sensual
satisfaction. In time, she’d give him that. Right now, he
wanted just one word.
“Give me your name.”

If you want a more intimate acquaintance with Jafar and Miu, scroll down to the second post for a hawt encounter. *fanning self*

I hope you enjoyed your time here at the Club Jafar, the ladies appreciate this very much!

The Hunt Giveaway:


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2: leave a way for me to contact you!

3: My copy of book will be send to you via The Book Depository Store. Dorchester Publishing has graciously offered a copy to which they will send to the winner. And Anne Marsh has also offered a copy which she will send to the winner the moment she has her author copies received!
Winners will be announced on Friday September 11th!

Ladies, let’s have fun! :)

Your Beefcake Preview Club crew are:


The cocktail tonight is the Mojito and yes, the men are up for dancing the Mojito, even Aidan, he lost a bet *grin*

The Mojito has risen in the ranks to become of the most popular cocktails. It originated in Cuba, was second to the Daiguiri on Ernest Hemmingway's list of favorite cocktails and, since the 1980's, has become one of the more fashionable tropical cocktails. It's very simple, using mint and lime to accent the rum. Choose a premium rum like Bacardi for a spectacular Mojito.

· 2 tsp sugar
· 6-8 mint leaves
· club soda
· 1 lime, halved
· 2 oz light rum (we will use Bacardi)
· mint sprig for garnish

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  1. *yay* I can throw in my two cents before my other obligations tonight!

    Oh Leontine, the temptation, the temptation. Just now when I have decided to focus on my fav genres, (and unfortunately paranormal is not one of them) you give us this. I am utterly intrigued...but Ms Discipline is about to kick my ass if I give into the temptation so I must behave...

    Jafar sounds so...*sigh*

    And then to tempt me some more you throw in the mojito! I am not one for cocktails but mojitos...I'll be needing a few to help me drown the stress of the past months. So Aidan, Sam, Tristan, whoever...I want a mojito, STAT!

  2. Hey babe, I just walked in and your are the first. Park yourself at the bar so I can set up everything. Relax and I'll give you a mojito.

  3. Aidan, you're a life saver! I only have time for a quickie mojito and then I must leave unfortunately but I'm sure there'll be plenty of ladies to keep you company tonight!

  4. Hey Aidan, you've captured an early bird. Hey there, I am Sam. heard much from Leontine about you 8wink*

  5. I am here, no fear Aidan ;)
    No drinks for me, I'll take milk. I need a clear head right now

  6. First Aidan a mojito please...it's a holiday today,I can start drinking early..don't judge**wink**

    **still fanning self**this sounds like a great book.I love paranormal books.

    now for the business..I am a loyal follower.please enter my name for the giveaway,I'd love to read this book.
    Is this part of a series?


    back to party
    Thanks for the drink Aidan**looks around while sipping drink,catch Tristan's eye**
    Tristan,my dance partner..start the music up..we ladies need to feel the beat!!

    Where's Sam..is he already hiding?

    Aidan I can't wait to dance with you.you did lose the bet after all, we need to see you shake your moneymaker!!!
    **grins,takes last sip of drink,looks in bottom of glass**
    That went fast,
    "Aidan another drink please"

    I'm gonna be virtually plastered before all the girls arrive..that's ok, I don't having the boys all to myself**blushes**

    ***sits at table,shake for sturdiness**
    Yep this will do for later on.. ;)

  7. @Blodeuedd, I think Aidan can pour you some milk for your inner kitten *wink*

    @Elain, girl, you almost made me spray my cola against the pc screen with:
    Quote Elaing*: ***sits at table,shake for sturdiness**
    Yep this will do for later on.. ;)

    Glad to have you here with us on Labor day and to answer your question, this is the debut book of Anne Marsh. If it is a series it is the first one. I'll have to ask that, perhaps she'll pop in later tonight :)

  8. Elain, girlfriend, take it slow with the mojito's. Aidan hasn't got his moves al together yet, you need to teach him to dance the mojito!

  9. Leontine-Glad I could make you laugh..I'll be here all night ;)

    **Aidan passes me drink #3**I didn't even have to ask this time :)

  10. Sam, you've got a big mouth for such a greenhorn! Okay, so Elain up on the dancefloor, shit, I am really gonna do this...*glares at Sam & Tristan* wipe those smug grins of your faces!

  11. LMFAO, this is too good to pass up, Blodeuedd, here's your milk *wink* let's enjoy the floor show!

    I offered Jafar milk too but he only gave me a look that made me walk back without losing eye contact. One serious dangerous dude!

  12. Come on Aidan..Might as well bite the bullet..or anything you want..**did I just say that out loud**liquid courage I guess **blushes**

  13. Aww thank you Tristan for the milk. It sure makes my inner kitten purr

  14. OMG what a book, gonna need a moment to cool down again is the airco on in here?

    Sits down in corner being the wallflower I am, trying not to grab too much of attention, just enjoying the energy in here.

  15. Ashleagh, you weren't born to be a wallflower! Come sit with me at the bar. Yeah, that Jafar character really knows how to steam up the place, Leontine was practically going up in flames this morning.

  16. Natascha/Ashleagh attention caught..
    **grabs hand and takes to dance floor**
    hands you off to Tristan to dance with.

    **walks up to bar,leans in to Leontine and whispers** "do you think if I asked Jafar to dance he would?

    Aidan hands me another drink..**winks,thanks love**

  17. Cools off after nice dance with Tristan - boy that man has moves *waves fan at face* but Sam the gentleman he is invited me over to the bar so going over to have him cheer me up!

  18. Have you girls scrolled down a bit to the second Beefcake post. There you get to see Jafar in full "Guardian mode" I so needed a fan and ice chips when reading that excerpt LOL

  19. I have been awaiting this book Like forever...

    Drop my name in the hat.... I can't wait to meet Jafar..

    You know how to get to me...


  20. Puts hand up as well for being dropped in the hat *oeps-does that mean I'm in for a second drink now ;-)*

  21. Hi, dropping in! Sorry missed the last night, was on holiday without Internet. OK I am sold, definitely will try this world out. So what does a girl have to do to get a cocktail around here?

  22. Book sounds interesting enough, I LOVE paranormal books. Please add me to the giveaway, I'm a follower(as GenaShowalterFan)


  23. Marissa, babe, Elaing8 has tought me some moves *eyes gleaming darkly* Let's go to the dancefloor you and I, then I'll get you a cocktail...

  24. @Marissa, Yeah I am very intrigued to read The Hunt too. Enjoy Jafar, have you scrolled down too and read the excerpt *wicked grin*

    @EH, Hi hon, I just noticed this book and author like a month ago or so. And while investigating her I discovered you had another blog. What a surprise :D

    @Emma F, Hey girl, so glad to see you again! PNR is one of my favorite genres to read, will dropp your name in the hat too :)

  25. I'm finally here. Aiden, I totally need a Mojito, pretty please. *wink*
    Need vacation from first day after vacation. LOL
    How are you guys today? Anyone available for a little dance? Drank to much coffee and have a little energy to burn....

    This book sounds really good. I'm a real sucker for Egypt.Count me in!

  26. Really Aidan???? I thought by now you already knew all the moves... besides not interested in moves others taught you, I think you do just fine with your own ones... but ehhhhh I prefer my cocktail before the dancing, you see then I am much more flexible...

    BTW Leontine you know I am a loyal follower of your blog, forgot to mention that!

  27. after reading that excerpt,I need another drink...lots of ice please...
    **still fanning myself**

    Sam, your turn on the dance floor :)

  28. Oh but Marissa, you should try the moves, they are sizzling... Mojitooo here were come....

    I think my mojito is getting to me!

  29. Really Natascha, well you're my friend I trust you, as long as they do not look like the Macarena! Now where is my drink, I think I am going to need it for courage!

  30. @Sarah, I'll have Tristan whip up your mojito :D

    @Marissa, you should've looked at Aidan and his new dancing moves, what a hoot. I am sure other "moves" he found out and honed all on his two-some or three-some *giggle* Oh gawd, one mojito and I am getting giggly...ppfff I so don't hold my liquor.

    @Susi_Sunshine, Hey girl! Come sit by me while Aidan will stir us something up and tell me all about your day. How was it after two weeks of freedom?

    Oh, and before I forget, read the excerpt for those who haven't read it. If I still smoked I would've lit me a cigarette afterwards.

  31. Hi Leontine, sorry I'm late! This book sounds hot - I'm definitely going to need a mojito, and to sit near the a/c while I write my name down to throw into your contest hat!

    (I'm a follower!)

  32. Sam, Aidan, let's get our butts behind the bar and make a round of mojito's for the ladies before mingling around again!

    You think Jafar will show us that underground chamber?

  33. Oh no you can trust me, Tristan took me for a spin earlier on and dazzled me with his moves, though Sam *oogling eyes* I love sitting at the bar and chatting away...

  34. Okay, Natash I am new here, couldn't make it last time so and you know I think highly of your opinion! Just ehhhh don't drown in those oogling eyes... I need more Mojito, many many more.... So Aidan where is my dance, according to the ladies here you need to practise LOL...

  35. **stares at the 3 men mixing drinks**
    Boy they look yummy!!!

    Since they're behind the bar,maybe we could get them on the bar and do some body shots (again liquid courage) I think that might be a dare;)

    Pass my drink Tristan...then its the dance floor for us.

  36. Back from cigarette break after reading the excerpt.

    @Leontine First day back wasn't that bad.Only three hours so no big deal. But this IE& was a real nuisance. Nothing happening @work and no way to read the tweets is really annoying.

    But enough of that. I want to see the boys on the dance floor. But please no Macarena...

  37. I'm totally for the body shots. *volunteering here*

  38. Oh this sounds really good!!! :)

  39. Where are the cheese tots?

    Aidan/Sam/Tristan??whoever.**hiccup**Another drink please**grins**

  40. I take a cheese tot too and a new Mojito pleeeaaassee! ;-)

  41. @SusiSunshine, bodyshots is new here. That sounds, like ehm nice!

    @Blanche, Isn't it great to meet Jafar. I really enjoyed to talk to him and do the interview :)

    @Natascha, Yeah I oggled them every chance I got :)

    @Marissa, shake your bumbum...shake your bumbum LOL

  42. and maybe uhm ... some nuts would be nice...

    Come on lads do us a coyote handsome... those poles aren't there for no reason...!

  43. *takes Marissa's hand and spins her around* Come babe, let's do this!

  44. @Leontine I heard Sam had to extinguish a fire this morning what were you up to girl?

  45. SusiSunshine lets do some dancing on the tabletops..Don't worry I checked them out earlier,we're all good...

    Let's grab another drink first,Leontine come join us...
    I've got to keep an eye out for Cecile,she's missing quite an awesome party!!

  46. Elain, your cheesetots are in the making and Susi, here you go, another mojito. Ladies, you know how to start a party. You think Jafar is working it up with Miu in some dark corner. I sure would like to know his backstory! Maybe I will come by when one of you ladies do a review or something.

  47. @Natascha, Yes he did! I was in my monday morning mood. So that means I am as slow as a turtle climbing mount everest. I made my tea and cracker and pushed the on button for pc. Then I gathered all the word. document where I saved all the info on for this interview post.

    So Anne Marsh is the Bard of Jafar's tale and she hooked me up with this excerpt. A small on, which you have in the interview and a longer one. She gave me carte blanche to use them *YAY* So I am sitting there, with my eyes still in slumber mode, heck my whole body was in slumber mode. Sipping tea and eating my cracker I opened the doc with excerpt and started to read. Well, let me tell ya that my tea turned cold but I was ablaze...wow, did Jafar rock in the tunnel :) My cheeks flushed *this is where Sam walked in* then my body heat surely got up and then I was giving of heat like there was no tomorrow. Sam brought me ice chips to cool me down.

    Yeah you can say Anne and Jafar had me hook, line and sinker with that excerpt LOL

  48. Spins around the dancefloor, yells at Natascha, leave that bar and grab a pole! Keep those mojitos coming!!

  49. @Leontine That Sam knows his timing eyh, gotta love him for it - if ya know what I mean *flirting eyebrows*?
    That excerpt sure knows how to push a girls buttons alright!

  50. Thanks Sam you're a real sweetheart. Come Join us on the tables. Elain and I will show you what we've got...
    I probably shouldn't drink so many Mojitos *hick* but one more would be OK. *grins*

  51. @Marissa I would love to but I'm not sure the pole will hold -mwoahahahaha -

  52. Ooooo Leontine! Thanks for bringing this book to my attention!! It looks awesome!

    I'm lovin' your preview club, girl. Woot!

    (((hugs))) VFG

  53. This book looks positively yummy! Thanks for previewing it for us. Would love to have a chance to win it.

    I am also a happy follower of your blog. Loved the KMM week btw!

  54. cheese tots in one hand,drink in the other**swaying to the music**Tristan by my side on the dance floor...my kind of party!! :)

  55. Holly crap batman... this is one freaking hot party!!! My time is 8:52pm and I am just sitting down. Elaing... you are such a sweet friend to keep your eyes open for me!!!
    Me and daughter spent the day at an Urgent Care place.... She has the flu!!!!!!!!! So, I am finally getting to my computer... Being off today was nice, but we spent it in the doctor's office and then waiting for prescriptions... then grocery shopping...

    ***Tristan, sweetheart, honey, love... I neeeeedddd a drink!!!!*** What you would love to serve me... Looking around to see where everyone is... Oh, I see Elaing got the men to dance with her... Come' on Tristan... **takes his hand from behind the bar** I need a dancing partner... Hey Elaing... I am coming honey!!!! **Tristan fixed me an extra drink... so I have two in my hands, that is my man!!!!***

  56. Elaing honey... I know you are still here!!!

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  58. Jafar sounds super duper hot, but I ain't messin with him... I don't need Mui coming kick my a$$. No sir... But I will tell you, that interview was almost as good as sex... damn that man is hot!!! Leontine... you sure do know how to make a night end on a happy note!!!!

    **Tristan, another drink... I really don't care if I have work tomorrow... it has been a long day...** Feeling tipsy already... Liquor encourages everything... =)

  59. Hey everybody,

    Finally managed to join the PARTY!!! I see everyone has been having fun!

    I could go for a Mojito and keep them coming!

    Oh "The Hunt" sounds like a hot and sexy read!

  60. **jumping up and down,looking over the crowd**
    **yelling and waving at Cecile**
    Crap I spilled my drink...
    Cecile you finally made it,you've missed some fun but I see you're catching up on the drinks
    ***Takes last sip of drink,shrugs**Another one down.
    Go grab Aidan,we've been showing him some dance moves,he's getting really good.
    Tables are sturdy Susi and I have tested them quite a few times :)

    Tristan another drink please...**takes drink from Tristan and grab his hand**let's go show Aidan and Cecile how to dance the mojito....***slurps last of drink**damn those are good :)

    Cecile I hope your daughter feels better.

  61. Well, hello handsome!!! Please count me in! Love your Beefcake Contest!!!Yummy. I am a follower!


  62. ***Waving excitly to Elaing**** Girl, I am finally here... you know we could keep this party going all week long!!

    Thank you for the thoughts regarding daughter. Hubby was sick last week... and now her. While we were at the doctor's office, I had them give me the flu shot too!

    **bring on the Mojito's!!! and let's party!!! Grabs Tristan and Aidan's hand, heading to the dance floor!**

  63. I just became a follower via Google Friend Connect. I would love be entered in your draw. Thanks.

  64. Please do not enter me in the giveaway...I just wanted to let you know that there is an award waiting for you at my blog! :)


  65. @Wanda, Hi there, welcome here and I'm dropping your name in the hat ;)

    @Bookjunkie, It's so good to see you again and glad you're enjoying yourself *grin*

    @Elain & Cecile, you make me smile when I am so horridly cranky! I think I need me some Jafar, so I'll re-read the excerpt and then drink my misery away with a mojito. yesterday a big package with like 12 books came for me but had to pay taxes in cash (customs got a hold of my package *angry eyes*) Since I did not have 20 euros in cash I told the mailman so and I told him I would see him tomorrow, completely thinking he would understand I needed to get the money. But as it turns out he took is as a rejection of the package aaaahhhhhhhhh. So now I am sulking and banging head against wall *sigh*

    Hope I can get hold of post office tomorrow and sort it out before package goes back to sender aka my bookseller in the US :S

    Sorry to be a party pooper Jafar!!!! Will take my mojito now and off to read excerpt again!

  66. pouring my heart and soul here to you all rings the doorbell......Mailman with package YAY YAY Me so very happy again. Let's party....Aidan come let's dance you and I!!!

  67. YAY..Leontine got her books..Mix me another drink Sam!
    (any excuse for a drink;))

    Aidan here(check,dancing with Leontine)
    Sam here(check,mixing my drink)
    Tristan here(looks around,don't see him) uh-oh where's Cecile? LOL.

  68. he-he ^^^^^that was post 69..(get mind out of the gutter Elaine..lol)

    Sam makes a strong drink!!

  69. Ohhh that sounds Steamy good!
    Count me in for the contest(I'm a follower) =)

    And I think i could enjoy a Mojito (or six) here, it's been a tough week (yeah it's only Tuesday ughh) lol never tried body shots though ;)


  70. Oooh, I'm totally lovin' Jafar!! Plus, Egyptian overtones??? So my type of read!!

    Count me in!!!!!

  71. Im a follower. Count me in please!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  72. Wooohooo this books sounds hot and so is Jafar MEOW ah er sorry couldn't help myself! Lovely cover too I love cougars! I'm so going to have to get my hands on this one!

    Waves hello to Leontine and the other guys! Hellooooooo you gorgeous things you! ;)

  73. Hi Jenn *waves back* glad you could make it :) Yeah, that Jafar is one awesome hero and I have put your name in the hat!

  74. Elaing.... we were hiding.... **evil little shitass grin on my face** Let's just say that he made me feel so much better!!!
    Awesome party as always Leontine!!!
    Sorry about being MIA for awhile!!
    I hope you and hubby are well!
    Have a great day tomorrow!

  75. I had to take the thursday off so I could regain a bit of sleep and catch up on some reading cause this was an awesome Beefcake night, thank you guys :::smooches:::


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