03 September 2009

Cover Discovery: Jean Johnson - Shifting Plains

Yesterday I had to look me up some info and ended up on Amazon.com where I had an encounter with the cover of Shifting Plains. Now via Marissa from Marissa's Book Lair and Pearl from Pearl's World Of Books I already hear much about her Sons Of Destiny series:

1. The Sword (2007)
2. The Wolf (2007)
3. The Master (2007)
4. The Song (2008)
5. The Cat (2008)
6. The Storm (2008)
7. The Flame (2008)
8. The Mage (2009)

They have some awesome covers like the one from The Cat or The Storm which pleased my inner cover addict for all things concerning abs and pecs and tanned skin. The news of a new series dawning from Jean Johnsons's pen came to me a while ago and my interest was once again piqued. Never in a million years did I expect this kind of cover. At one hand I love it, the composure, the natural look of the female with a feral tiger in the background. The color scheme is pleasing to the eyes and all in all I say; Way to go! But...the first thing that popped in to my mind and out of the cover was the: Oh-My-Gawd-Tuck-That-Shirt-A-Little-More-Sideways-And-You-Can-Poke-My-Eyes-Out!

I am certainly not a prude when it comes to covers, of course I lurve me some abs and pecs over females but the premise of this series seems very female driven. So I get that the cover needs to reflect that but jeez, they are really...out there, sort of.

Okay, now that I have got that out of me system let me give you the synopsis:

Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Berkley Trade (November 3, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0425230864
ISBN-13: 978-0425230862

Website Jean Johnson; ~click here~

The spellbinding prequel to the national bestselling Sons of Destiny series.

Decades before the shattering of the empire of Aiar and hundreds of years before the time of the Sons of Destiny, Tava Ell Var, a female shapeshifter, became the leader of the people of the Shifting Plains.

An enigmatic figure, Tava never knew her mother - apart from the brutal story of her life as documented by her father. Her family history served as a warning about danger on the Shifting Plains, the land Tava now leads. When her father is murdered, she encounters Kodan, a warrior who recognizes the power that emboldens the strange, beautiful, and resilient Tava.

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  1. HI! I loved Jean Johnson's Sons of Destiny series except for part 7, the Shifting Plains is introduced in part 5 when we meet Aurora and Amara who come from the Shifting Plains, basically women rule there so the cover is not so suprising, except that I somehow can't get warm feelings for the Shifting Plains, I did not like it in the SOD so I don't know if I am picking this one up.

  2. All I have to say to that cover is: After all the bare male chests for us women, finally something for that rare male romance reader to gawk at. LOL

    About the book, I read the synopsis and guess what....nothing! No urge to read this or want this. None whatsoever. And I must say I do like the SOD series. Haven't read last two parts yet but the first 6 were very enjoyable. However the Shifting Planes are not tickling my fancy.

  3. Hi :)
    The cover is definitely smoldering.
    I hadn't heard of this series before.
    I hope you read & recommend yay or nay.
    All the best,

  4. Oooo this cover is beautiful. I haven't read anything by Jean Johnson but I can definitely say that I love her covers.

    LOL! She is a hair's breath from giving everyone a peep show though. ;)

    (((hugs))) VFG

  5. Oh look, they used my picture on the cover.

  6. Mandi, you made me spill my drink over my keyboard with that comment, LOL!

  7. Now we know what Mandi does so she can afford her books :D

  8. Mandi - I am jealous!

    I think the cover is very pretty but I would be embarassed to be seen reading it at the Dr.'s office - that is why ebooks are nice!

  9. Well I guess if they can do it to the men they can do it to the women as well. :) Not my favorite but not horrid either. I couldn't force myself to read the SoD books after book 5 so I think I'll pass on a prequel. :)

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog today! It is always fun to meet new people and discover new blogs! Especially bookish blogs! :)

  11. Oh My Gosh Mandi!! Now, I know what you do for a living!! Gorgeous!!
    I know I would be called a cover hussy, but I would not pick up this book unless one of you guys absolutely loved it and recommended it.
    I have not read anything by this author or series.
    Thanks for the giggles ladies!
    I hope you all have a great night and a wonderful tomorrow!

  12. I agree with Pearl, if we can have our hay day with the male cover models - why not? The cover doesn't bother me and it wouldn't bother me to read in the open either. Kinda fun knowing others will be sneaking glances at it while I'm reading. *evil grin*

    Oh Mandi! Can I have your autograph!!

  13. I'm not quite sure what went behind the thinking on a book cover with a woman with perfectly symetrical, probably not altogether real taa taa's. Not for a romance read mostly by women anyway.
    I really enjoyed the first few books of this series - but then as more and more people started showing up, I didn't find them quite as fascinating. And I was quite disappointed in The Storm. I thought that one would be the best of them - what with the build-up to Rydan's story, but it was a let down for me I'm afraid.

  14. Nope big boobs that are falling out are not appealing to me, I could understand if it was more aimed to both sexes, but ..no

    Gave you an award over at my blog

  15. Those boobs are what I call weapons of mass destruction.... Despite the fact I am a heterosexual female, my eyes zoom right in on the boobs...

    It is, disturbing... lol

    Thanks for sharing Leontine and nice find!!


  16. LOL, oh Lea, you nailed my reaction :D I really like the cover but my eyes were immediately drawn to cleavage of the woman *rolls eyes at self*

  17. Leontine,

    You and Lea make me laugh!

    I don't think it matters if we're heterosexual or not...looking at those don't have anything to do with sex...it has to do with beauty...it's like looking at Michelangelo's Pieta or Venus or a baby just born...it's BEAUTY.

    I wish I had ones like hers as well as that peachy skin! I can tell you that.

    The girl is beautiful, but before I was a writer I was an artisit, so...that's how I see it, through the eyes of an artist.


  18. Hawk, can I borrow your eyes for a minute, it sounds you've got an interesting view there :)


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