12 September 2009

Winners; Anne Marsh - The Hunt

There were 19 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. EmmaF
2. Erotic Horizon
3. SarahT
4. Trouthehaze
5. Pattepoilue
6. Wanda
7. Elaing8
8. Natascha
9. Cecile
10. Barbara
11. Pearl
12. Blodeuedd
13. VampFanGirl
14. Razlover's Book Blog
15. JennJ
16. Book Junkie
17. Patti
18. Booklover1335
19. Susi_Sunshine

Timestamp: 2009-09-12 05:54:45 UTC

Comgratulations to EmmaF, Erotic Horizon and SarahT for winning a copy of Anne Marsh's The Hunt. Enjoy them and I'll be in touch this weekend for addy's or if you read this first, you can send my your addy via the contact button :)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to celebrate another Beefcake night, I had a fun time.

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  1. Congratulations to the winners and instead of my usual happy reading I say: hot reading :))

  2. Hey Girl...

    You have made my weekend - you know how much I have been Looking forward to this book...

    Thank you.. and Jafar is coming home to mama...rubbing my hand in glee (YEAH)

  3. @Pearl - hey girlfriend, yeah it is some hawt hawt HAWT reading :) I certainly needed an ice cube or two *wink*

    @Erotic Horizon - Hi Hon, the randomizer was in your stars today :D Enjoy him and I'll be looking forward to that review *grin*

  4. Congratulations winners - hope you've got some ice cubes and a fan handy!

  5. Congrats to EmmaF, Erotic Horizon and SarahT.Enjoy the book.

    Another great Beefcake night.I had fun.Until next time Tristan,Aidan and Sam ;)

  6. Congrats ladies... Happy, hot, steamy and sexy reading to you all!!! Jafar... be careful with them!!!
    Hope you all have a great weekend!


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