05 October 2009

Beefcake Preview Club Night: Gideon

“Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away when men were still men, women were still virgins and sex was still sexy”… uhm, yeah well, this is how Westlife’s Bop Bop Baby song starts but whether Sir Gideon Trevithick feels the same is something I now have the opportunity to ask.

He is late so I’m sipping on a margarita, looking at the crew who are busy preparing the Club for tonight’s Beefcake Preview night. I hear laughter in the hallway, wicked laughter, and then the doors open and I see Gideon strolling in accompanied by a vivacious woman. Apparently he brought himself a date, *drat*, and there I thought I would have him all to myself for a moment before the doors would open for everyone *grin*

I walk up to Gideon and smile. I introduce myself to him and ask who he has brought along for this evening as his date. It is none other than Anna Campbell, a woman who is the poster chick for a lady on a ladies night only and I welcome them both. We walk up to a wooden carved booth and sit down. Tristan walks up to our booth, his attention zooms in on Anna and his smile just went from wicked to devious. He leans to the wooden pillar and looks at Anna, “I’m Tristan, the bar-tender around here on these nights. He winks, “you seem like an adventurous woman when it comes to cocktails, what can I make for you and your…?”

Anna: Toy boy? Tristan, I have a feeling Gideon might be abandoning me for that wicked strumpet Charis Weston (actually, she’s not a WS, I just feel jealous because he’s SOOOOO in lurve with her!) so maybe you might want to take over his role? In the meantime, I’ll have a classic margarita. It’s what all grumpy writers drink when their heroes decide that the heroine is more interesting than the person who transcribes their journey!

I look at Gideon, “let’s get started shall we, everyone is anxious to get to know you!”

~ Avon Books ~

~website Anna Campbell~

November 2009 (North America) / January 2010 (Australia & New Zealand)

Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages

Publisher: Avon (October 27, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0061684287
ISBN-13: 978-0061684289

Buy a copy here

He pledged his honor to keep her safe...

Returning home to Cornwall after unspeakable tragedy, Sir Gideon Trevithick comes upon a defiant beauty in danger, and vows to protect her whatever the cost. He's dismayed to discover that she's none other than Lady Charis Weston, England's wealthiest heiress-and that the only way to save her from the violent stepbrothers determined to steal her fortune is to wed her himself! Now Gideon must hide the dark secrets of his life from the bride he desires more with every heartbeat.

She promised to show him how to love - and desire - again...

Charis has heard all about Gideon, the dangerously handsome hero with the mysterious past. She's grateful for his help, but utterly unwilling to endure a marriage of convenience-especially to a man whose touch leaves her breathless. Desperate to drive him mad with passion, she would do anything to make Gideon lose control-and fall captive to irresistible, undeniable sin.


• Name: Sir Gideon Trevithick, Baronet and Knight of the Garter.

• Age: 25

• Length: I’m six feet two and all in proportion.

• Body build: Tall, lean and powerful.

• Hair: Black.

• Eyes: Black.

• Personality: Passionate, intense, honorable, tortured, intelligent, intellectually curious, brave.

• Favorite weapon? Actually I seem to pull out my… (wait for it) ..pistol quite a bit in this book. But when one is dealing with devilish fiends like my darling Charis’s avaricious and ruthless stepbrothers, a gun comes in very handy.

• Favorite outfit? Breeches, boots, loose white shirt, and swirling long black coat. (Anna: yum!) (Leontine seconds that!!)

• Turn on? My darling Charis, of course!

• Favorite drink? A fine claret.

Gideon 101:

• Gideon, to prepare us for the big day of your story can you give a few quotes that speak of your “typical” behavior/humor/ attitude of yours?

When I first saw Charis, I remember this moment:

Again, her pride touched something deep within him. Something pure and fresh like a tender green shoot after the first snows melted. He was astounded any untainted feeling could survive what he’d endured.

I remember pledging myself to her cause:

“I abhor injustice. I abhor bullies. Everything in me resists allowing men who treat a woman as you’ve been treated to profit from their evil.” His voice roughened with emotion. “While there is breath in my body, Miss Watson, I’ll do my utmost to ensure your freedom and security.”

• Gideon, do you have a one-liner for the ladies?

I’m not really a one-liner kind of guy. I’m more a long-haul kind of hero!

• If you have one, what is your favorite romantic setting?

The Cornish cliffs near my manor house, Penrhyn, in Cornwall just on sunset.

• What do you consider your personal pros and cons?

I’m a man of my word and I’ll go to any lengths to help people I love or to whom I owe a debt of honor. Hmm, cons, I think you’d have to ask Charis.

• What car do you drive?

What’s a car? (Leontine: uuuhhhhh, yes, of course you have no clue what a car is...*looks if Sam is around*)

• Last book you’ve read?

Sanskrit for Dummies. (Leontine: Must have that one too if I ever feel the need to learn Sanskrit *wink*)

• Where did you sleep last night?

Now that Charis is my wife and we’ve defeated her enemies, I slept in her arms in the master bedroom at Penrhyn, with the windows open so we could hear the sea rolling in.

• What music do you listen to?

The sea rolling into the cove at Penrhyn, the soft voice of my beloved, Indian sitar music.

• What type of girl do you usually fall for?

Until I met Charis, I fell for beautiful Indian dancing girls who introduced me to a whole new world of sensuality and pleasure.

• Do you have any talents?

I have an uncanny knack for picking up languages. Little did I know my talents would lead me into such danger and drama once I joined the East India Company and traveled to the Subcontinent. (Charis interrupts: That’s not the ONLY talent you have, my love!).

• Friends can’t live with them, can’t live without them, what’s your take on it?

My friends have saved my life repeatedly and I wouldn’t be here without them. My two most loyal companions are Akash and Tulliver who have stood by me and who both played a major role in seeing Charis safe.

• What are your plans for tomorrow?

Charis and I are busy rebuilding the fortunes of my estate in Cornwall which my father’s mismanagement drove to ruin.

• Who can wake you up in the middle of the night for…?

Naturally, my Charis can wake me up whenever she likes. But I’ll always help my friends and now I’m responsible for the people who live on my estate in Cornwall.

Wooing the ladies with an excerpt:

Gideon stared at the half-unconscious girl Akash clutched to him. She was a tumble of slender arms and legs and frothy blue skirts. Her bright bronze hair trailed across Akash’s black sleeve like a flag. Her hem was torn and wet and her pale blue halfboots were caked in mud.

His hands fisted at his sides and anger cannoned through him. Who the devil had abused her? Even before this last year, he’d abhorred cruelty. And some bastard had beaten this girl to within an inch of her life.

Gideon was too familiar with violence to misjudge how badly she was hurt. Damn it, he wanted a doctor to look at her.

But the chit was so frightened. Gideon knew too what desperate fear looked like and he couldn’t mistake it in the girl’s wide hazel eyes, lovely even in her ruined face. If he pushed her too far, she’d scarper and meet God knew what dangers.

What in Hades had happened to her? He’d immediately recognized her pathetic lies. He’d lay money no footpads had attacked her but, hell, someone had.

Futile rage, sickeningly familiar, flooded his mouth with a vile rusty taste. He stepped back and breathed hard through his nose as he fought for composure. He needed to stay calm or he’d frighten her.

The girl stirred in Akash’s grip and her pale hand clenched in his coat. Gideon’s attention caught on an expensive, if old-fashioned pearl ring on one slender finger. Nor had he missed the pretty gold locket revealed under her tattered bodice. Whoever she was and whatever her current straitened circumstances, she came from money.

Her voice was thick with distress. “Please…please put me down. I can walk. Really.”

Gideon’s rage faded, replaced by piercing compassion. His anger couldn’t help her. She was small, defenseless, heartbreakingly brave. And young. Impossible to tell exactly how old she was under the patchwork of bruising but he’d guess not much more than her early twenties.

Add to her courage a pride that cut Gideon to the heart. Oh, he understood how she felt, all right. He guessed pride was all she had left.

Pride and two strangers who would see her safe, whether she trusted them or not.

He couldn’t abandon her to her fate. He was too bitterly aware what it was like to stand against powerful foes with no hope of prevailing.

Nothing of this excerpt may be duplicated without the written permission of Anna Campbell.

I hope you enjoyed your time here at the Club Gideon, the ladies appreciate it more than I can express!

Gideon: Thank you for inviting me, dear Leontine! I hope you will call on Penrhyn one day and we can continue our discussions walking on the beach below the cliffs. (Leontine: races to bedroom to pack a bag....)

Of course I had to ask Gideon’s date Anna; “Can you give us an anecdote regarding Gideon while writing up his story?”

Gideon gave me real problems as I wrote him, Leontine. I don’t want to betray too many of his confidences but he wasn’t quite himself when he got back from India and he had to conquer a lot of inner demons to achieve his happiness. I was so happy when through courage and steadfastness and self-sacrifice, he finally reached his happy ending!

Anna, I absolutely enjoyed having you and Gideon over and wish you a easy trip back home.

Thanks, Leontine! He’s a gorgeous boy, I have to say! That Charis is a lucky girl!

Now for the cherry on the beefcake night...the giveaway. I have one copy of CAPTIVE OF SIN up for grabs. As many of you might already know, here are the rules to refresh memories:

* You have to be a follower in my sidebar's Google Connect; "Book Realm Friends."
* Leave a way for me to contact you, either in comment or in blog profile.

But most of all, let's have fun and hope you enjoy your introduction to Gideon, I know I had a blast and I have a few more question burning on my lips which Anna might ask him for us *grin*

Now for Sam, Aidan and Tristan to let themselves heard again in what kind of cocktail takes the spotlight tonight I have something to announce. Behind my back they have been smooching with Elaing8 as they wanted a hip, cool, utterly fabulous looking badge that said; hot bartenders coming through and looking forward to shake, stirr, mix and blend to make the best cocktails (and other drinks of course) to caress the tongue's of all the ladies present at the beefcake nights.

So when I opened my e-mail this week I received the following badge which Elaing8 has created for those three hunk-a-liscious bar tenders. My tongue was kind of like...yeah ungraciously lolling out of my mouth and was squealing with utter joy. Elaing8, thank you so much for creating this utter cool badge, the guys are psyched about it :)

Tristan; Hello ladies, Elaine knows us like no other and has stated a warning *wink* We don't know if it will do any good here but this is what it says: Cocktails causes outbursts of flirty behavior and sometimes unecessary nakedness.

So when Leontine was all starry-eyes looking and talking at this Gideon character I had the most pleasant incounter with Anna. So in honor of her it is margarita that rule the bar tonight.

The original margarita:
1 1/2 oz 1800 Tequila

1/2 oz premium triple sec (preferably Cointreau) 1 oz lime juice

And we have the Passion Margarita:

3/4 oz Alize Gold Passion liqueur

3/4 oz 1800 Tequila
1 oz Cointreau orange liqueur
3/4 oz fresh lime juice
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  1. first again..lol..

    smooching with the fellas was fun**blushes** I'm glad you liked it Leontine..the boys only misbehaved once or twice :)

    Hello Gideon and Anna
    Great interview and excerpt.This sounds like a must read.

    Two parties today..We're gonna have our hands full..and butts shaking on the dance floor.
    Sorry boys but you're gonna have to share with Caleb :)

    With all this drinking today we're gonna be virtually plastered by lunch..oh wait it already is lunch here..Caleb has been filling me up with cocktails and cake:)

    Tristan I'm all warmed up and ready to dance..you owe me for missing the last party(but Sam did a great job on his own;)).Put those cheesetots in the oven and get your butt over here
    **swaying to the music,Aidan hands me a margarita**
    thanks darlin'

  2. First, Leontine!! Awesome button... which you know I was the first to steal and put up at my place!!! Second, great interview with Ms. Ann & Gideon!!!
    Jealous of Charis.... He is such a man! Whew!!! Not trying to steal that one away!!!

    Now... On to the party...
    Hey.... **Pouting** I thought I was first!!! Damnit!!! LMAO!!!
    Hey Elaing!!!! ***Waves frantically!!*** Wow, you are right... two parties!! I think I am slightly tippys from my party! It's eleven here... Caleb knows how to make a drink... damn!!!
    ***hearing the music stir within my blood... and my body starts to shake side to side...***
    Oh, boys!!! Agreeing with Elaing, you all have a lot to make up for missing the last one... But we did have Sam ALLLL to ourselves **evil wink**
    Oh, cheesetots are cooking, good cuz I am hungry... And feeling mighty good!!!
    Tristan honey, I have missed you so much!! And Aidan... you have to work double time to make up for missing the party last time!
    **watching Tristan fix me a double of something... Making up for my time darlin**
    Elaing, are you ready for the table tops... because I think we are going to be dancing up there earlier than we thought!!! Especially if we are both drinking at both parties!!!! LOL!!
    Leontine get your buns in here honey!

  3. Gideon, we don't want to make you feel left out... but I am not flirting with a married man!!!

    **Tristan fixes me another drink... I need to slow down a bit... whew.. they are going down really smooth, just like these men...***

  4. **waves at Cecile**
    Those boys sure do have to make it up to us for missing the last party.

    I'm so tipsy I don't mind grabbing Gideon to hit the dance floor...but can he move?
    Tristan may have to give him a lesson.

    **Aidan passes me another martini**these are so good.Clearing my head cold up for me..lol.

    Leontine assures me the tables are secure.She makes sure to reinforce them before we show up :)

    **Grabs Gideon's hand,lead him to the dance floor** Don't look so scared,I'll take care of you **wink**

  5. This is my first time here and it's awesome. Nice Drink recipes,can't ever have to many. :)
    Anna and Gideon, what's to say except a big sigh....Can't wait for the release of Captive of Sin. What a man.Thanks Anna and Leontine. I am a follower.
    Carol L.

  6. Hi :D
    I made, I hope Elaine and Cecile hasn't stolen all the men lol.

    Some water for me, I am so thirsty, and rather tired too. I will just nap here on the sofa a while

  7. Carol L, welcome to the party!!

    Hey Elaing, I bet Leontine does secure those tables... when we are gone, no telling what that woman does, lmao!!!
    Girl, you better watch yourself with Gideon.. Charis' might come chasing you... I will stick to Tristan Aidan and Sam... Speaking of the devils... **Tristan is pouring those cosmos pretty damn smooth. Oh hell... I am feeling really good... **grabs Tristan's hand and heads to the dance floor... we have a lot of making up to do wink wink***!!!!

    Bloeduedd!! Hey girl, we haven't taken all the men... LOL! But if you want a nap... I will occupy them till you feel ready to party with us!

  8. @Cecile @Elaing8 - Girls...you're here :) I knew you would get this party starting!! I am off taking a shower first before I join you all in the fun...I feel slightly under the weather here but Gideon...I know the man is taken but I really enjoyed myself as the interview progressed *grin*

    Turning head towards the door...ah, here the guys are LOL

    @Carol - Welcome here, I'm so glad you could join in the fun and yes I can't wait to get my hands on Captive Of Sin either. Gideon and Charis story promises to be a very good one ;D

    @Blodeuedd - Hey girl, so glad you could drop by...I think Tristan can hook you up with some fresh mineral water from the Alps or something. He and I had a very strange conversation about milk the other day. So okay, the Netherlands is known for its cows, milk, cheese and stuff but you can't just walk up to a cow, milk it and drink it! Tristan wanted me to give it a go, fresh unpasteurized milk iieeuuwwwww. I told him we had a saying that is loosely translated: what the dutch farmer doesn't know, he doesn't eat...or drink in this matter. Nooooo, I'll get my milk from the supermarket...pasteurized and all LOL

  9. Hey girls *boots up the jukebox* Lady Gaga - Pokerface starts to fill the club. Let me provide the margarita's to all and a fresh glass of water for Blodeuedd before any of us start to swing with the hips *wink*

    It is good to see you Cecile, Elaing8 *wink* Blodeuedd, how was your monday! And oh, hey there...a newbie. Hello Carol, come sit at the bar and tell me a bit about yourself...what music do you dig to swing on?

  10. boots squish on the wooden floor...

    The door opens...

    Stormy eyes look around...

    This freaking fall weather makes me want to go to Brazil and seek the sun. Crap look at me, completely soaked by a thunderstorm. Let me change first before I take your place behind the bar Tristan!

    Elaing8, Cecile, Blodeued, hey there...first shower, then a beer and then I feel human enough to be social. See you ladies in a few...

    walks through door...a few seconds later comes back through; Hey Carol, I'm Aidan, one of the bar tenders here. Good to see you here.

  11. Ever since Sabin walked in this club I have been baking cheesetots rofl. Babes, the first batch is up anytime know *wink* And don't worry, Aidan will be his charming self once he is warm again...he just doesn't appreciate the cold like I do. Makes it all the better to snuggle up with someone at night to keep warm *grin*

    And Tristan - give Lady Gaga the booty and play some Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, wil ya. Let's all clear throats and have a sing-a-long.

  12. Hey Leontine! Of course me and Elaing are going to get this party started for you!! You know that! Wouldn't miss it for the world honey!

    **Batting eyelashes at Tristan!** Hey honey... I love Pokerface by Lady Gaga. It gets my hips shaking in the right direction!
    Oh, Margaritas... Tristan, anything you pour on me **cough, oops, I mean you pour me**, I will drink! And it is always a pleasure to see you!

    Oh... Aidan... Honey... I'll help you in the shower.. **did i just say that out loud, must be all this drinking today** Seriously, I'll help... =)
    And I will also help you fall in love with this fall weather. You know what rainy days are good for huh... **evil wink**

    Hey Sammy baby! Cheesetots are coming!! YAYAY!! Need some food... I have been drinking all day long! Whew... ** you go good with cheesetots** Oh My, the effects of alcohol on my language.. *blushes*
    See, Sam knows what cold weather is good for... snuggle huh Sam **wink wink**
    Oh... sing=a-long!
    Where did Elaing go... she is not feeling up to par today! Where are you!!

  13. Oh noes!! Elaing8 not feeling well...I can relate. I don't know if it is my migraine (which I popped a pill for today) or a bug that has invades me but I have a bit of the shivers tonight...am sleepy and have the snivels. Hhmmm you think I can transform Aidan in to a male nurse?? You know, like, head massages, vitamin shots and so on. Hhmmm *eyes gleam with intent* I wonder.....

  14. PS: These are the nights I could hunker down in bed with Captive Of Sin to read...22 days and counting.

  15. A lot of people are not feeling well today.. Elaing, Lea... and now you!! I will have to make some super duper magical chicken noddle soup... but a migraine.... I will have to concoct a good aspirin! Hope you are feeling better my friend... Don't worry, I will take care of the men while you are gone... **Evil wink and wicked grin**

    Oh another countdown!!! I love countdowns!!

  16. **opens eyes**Darn I feel asleep(or passed out)...Who propped me up in the corner? lol

    I can't believe I missed Aidan in the shower,I would have washed your back and gotten you warm in no time flat :-)

    **walks to bar,adjusting dress**winks at Sam** I need a stiff drink, to kill this bug..tequila shots will do darlin'
    **Sam lines them up**1,2,3** That hit the spot..
    **looks around,Charis giving me a dirty look** "What,it was just one dance, I behaved."

    Tristan come rescue me,its time to dance.**Grab his hand and drag him toward the dance floor**.I found us a new song.
    hey Aidan since you're by the jukebox flirting with Cecile and Leontine can you punch in Evacuate the Dance Floor by Cascada..Ladies come on..this song with even get Aidan moving..Sam get your cute ass over here!!!

    Spot Gideon and Charis dancing :-)

  17. Elaing... I put up in the corner. I knew when you woke up you would want to pick up where you left off at... So I laid you down. But honey, I told you to watch yourself with Gideon... Charis is one "watchful" woman!! LOL!!!
    I was not even taking chances with that one!!!

    And don't worry... I help Aidan in the shower! ;)

    Now... I am glad that you are back, I will missing my party buddy!! It was not hard managing three of them at the same time... *damn that alcohol!*

    OH... I love that song ***grabs Aidan & Sam's hand heads to the dance floor*** I am coming Elaing!!!
    Elaing... stop winking at Gideon... Charis is going to come kick your butt... lol!!!

  18. Babes, who needs a work out on beefcake monday's when we have you all at the dance floor!

  19. Aidan, Sam you take the girls for a dance...I need a drink, my throat is like the sahara. Leontine has concked out everybody...the night has claimed her but she'll be back asap in the morning!

  20. Cecile, Elaine...shake your bum bum. Woohoo, let's go ladies...we'll show these old timers how it is done...*looks carefully over shoulder if Gideon didn;t here that*

  21. Hey girlfriends...I so want to stay but the meds are wearing off and I haz to lay my head to rest...I'll be back tomorrow bright and early for a breakfast meeting and perhaps can talk all things hawt and Gideon *wink*

    Nite nite everyone!

  22. This back and forth is killing me..I swear to god I pulled something again*smirk*

    Sam I need some help working it out;)

    Charis can be wicked,that stare is deadly,but I think I can take her;)

    Aidan please be a doll and fi....**hands me a drink with a wink** He knows me so well***blushes***

    Sam has the magic touch**sipping my drink**watching him massage my .....ahhhh!!!

  23. sweet dreams Leontine..we'll keep a watchful eye on the place and the boys :)

    **eyes table**ok its tabletop time**climbs up,drink in hand**

    Tristan pick a song and get over here.
    **dancing to the music**

    Charis**wide eyed,wondering what we're doing**
    Come on up Charis,try it out..Gideon might like it ;)

  24. Hey Aidan, we'll give you a workout... don't worry about that **evil grin**~!
    Tristan, Oh the guys will be more than happy to take us to the dance floor... we will wear them out though!!
    Woohoo Sam... let's go! You don't have to tell me twice!
    Leontine, honey... go to bed and we will have breakfast waiting for you in the morning! We'll discuss all this hottness in the morning! =) Sweet dreams honey!

    Elaing.... Whew... I am telling you... this back and forth... I am waiting for the jet lag to catch up with me!!! Whew...

    I think you can take Charis too.. but you better be careful, she has one hellva a mean stare going on!!!

    **Tristan hands me my drink... he does know us well, huh Elaing!!**

    **watching Elaing climb on the table top... I'M COMING!!! Grabs Tristan's hand and runs to the tables!!! Tristan, I need a helping hand to get up... Oh...**

    Yea, Charis... we will teach you some moves for your man, get up here!!

    **ready to party Elaing!!!**
    It is nice to play with all the boys today!! evil wicked grin!~

  25. Hi Leontine, Anna and Gideon!

    I won't stay long because I'm not feeling too well and I think I'm contagous(sp?). I did want to say that I loved the interview and Gideon, I'm so looking forward to your story. You sound like a noble hero who is more than deserving of Charis's love.

    Alright, back to bed for me.

    Much love!
    :) VFG

  26. Oh my! Gideon sounds like he really is a must read...

  27. What am I doing wrong? Whenever I stop by you always have hawt guys over at your place + margaritas. My kind of par-tay!

  28. Better late then never! I hope I can get a drink cuz the day is sooooo long! *wink* Tristan what do you think?

    Gideon seems to be really yummy.

    So boys what do you think about dancing a bit? Have to wake up my tired muscles.

  29. I am even more late than you are Susi, so just here to say hi and have my cocktail, I never start the day with coffee anyway LOL...

    Gideon sounds indeed yummy, so his story will be on my wishlist!

    I am going to join susi in some morning excercise on the dancefloor now!

  30. No Drinks for me... so the barman can rest up after all these hussy have been at him..

    Love the interview and don't know when I would read this but I adding it to my list..


  31. **ohh,my head**
    did someone say breakfast? No greasy food**hand over mouth,gurgle in the stomach**No bacon and eggs...

    Good morning Tristan,Sam,Aidan?**wink**

    Tristan can you get me a muffin and coffee.....uhmm,make that an Irish coffee ;)

    **looks around**wow Gideon and Charis look as rough as I do..lol.

    Ladies,how is everyone feeling today? Leontine can really throw a party.

    Cecile..where'd she go...**thinking** with Caleb?

  32. Hey Leontine!! Count me in. Gideon sounds like my kind of hero ;)

  33. Good Morning to all!! **bright eye and ready to go**
    Oh Elaing, you do not look to good... You better eat some toast hon! OTC meds and alcohol do not mix to well hon. But you sure enjoyed yourself last night!
    Coffee and muffins this morning! I hope everyone is feeling better this morning.

    Caleb... yea, we had a review to put up this morning... So we were working late last night... even after the party here and at my place with Dottie!

    Leontine, honey, I hope you are feeling better this morning!

  34. Sam I could have used you today
    **Sam raises brow**
    no not that way**blushes**Car trouble.

    anymore cheesetots? Aidan top up my drink please.

    **swaying to the music**I feel much better.

    Leontine I hope you're feeling better. Alot of people have been under the weather lately.

    Want Tristan to come over and make you feel better :) Maybe cCecile will send over Caleb too. 2 is always better than 1 ;)

  35. Even though Gideon is taken, I can still stare but will need to wipe the keyboard off ever so often. Oh, just pass me a drink Tristan! Purty Please! ;)

  36. Hey everybody, glad you are all enjoying Gideon ;) I am very sick at the moment with a feverish chill, nausea and headache so The guys have been so sweet in providing me with cold wet cloths for over my eyes and fresh fruit cocktails to ease my stomach. I hope I will be among the living soon again and doing my blog hopping!

  37. Oh, no, I hate seeing that your sick. :( I hope you have a fast recovery, take care of yourself. Looks like your good hands though. :D

  38. I absolutely can't wait to read this one! Gideon sounds absolutely luscious and looks that way too LOVE that cover! Anna is an amazing writer so I know this one is gonna be a great read! Please count me in! :)

    BIG HUGS to Leontine and a big wave to the guys! ;)

  39. Ack! I can't believe I missed Gideon's party! I was kidnapped by aliens and they've been probing my brain to find out the best blog sites ever since. Naturally, Leontine's featured! But I managed to escape!

    Seriously, huge apologies! I hope you had a good time with my gorgeous boy anyway!

  40. We had a blast with Gideon, thanks for sending him over Anna :D Do we need to send agent Mulder your way? Hhhmmmm and thanks for the heads up Anna, now I have to alien proof my blog LOL

  41. Actually, Leontine, some of those aliens were kinda cute in a greenish gray way. Maybe you should just let them invade!


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