01 October 2009

COVET giveaway & Two rocking parties!

This week at twitter I noticed the tweet of @BookReadersTime (Ivy) that she wanted to hold a COVET Contest at a few blogs so hey, I raised my hand and opened my doors to Leontine’s Book Realm. You can find her at her message-boards of Book Readers Time to talk the book talk. Now there are no rules other than that the contest is open to EVERYONE and Ivy will send you the book via The Book Dep. Store upon receiving your addy from me. So leave your contact info in the comment for me to get in touch with you, still, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t want to ask something fun but not mandatory!! ;) If you already read the book than give us a good quote that made you hawt, laugh-out-loud, cry whatever…I will add the quotes in this blogpost as they come in and perhaps this way others who haven’t read the book yet might get a good appetizer out of it.

I found me a quote right there in the synopsis (the book is still hovering over the UK pond coming to my house)

Quote found by Leontine: Redemption isn’t a word Jim Heron knows much about—his specialty, both personally and professionally, is revenge, and to him, sin is all relative.

Now I want to shine the spotlight on to two blog friends who have an awesome thing going on. First of all Cecile’s birthday is up in October and she will celebrate it all month with various guest posts, giveaways, she has a hawt, hunky bartender named Caleb and basically there are no rules other then we get to PAR-TAY!!! Go mingle with her other blog friends at her revamped place!

Second, VampFanGirl has this exhilarating Guardian Extravaganza going on at her blog. Meljean Brooke’s series is in the spotlight and you get it all at VFG’s place. There are reviews, series information, Meljean answers questions and to juice things even more up there are some awesome giveaways :) So go over to her place and talk all things romance, angels, demons and more.

Before I forget...the COVET contest will end on tuesday October 6th and winner will be announced the next day, October 7th. You want to buzz about the contest, I'd say go ahead, the more the merrier :D There is a new Angel in town girls and I look forward to meeting him :)

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  1. I haven't read Covet yet so I don't have any good quotes to include - but I really like hte sound of that hero from the quote you provided!

  2. Sounds like a good read. Count me in. *GRINS*

  3. I haven't read Covet yet but oooh, so looking forward to doing that! :)

  4. By the way, the word verification was seriously icky: astomy. A stomy?? Ewwwww.

  5. Thanks for the awesome pimpage Leontine! I'm already getting dozens of hits from Twitter. You rock!!

    I'm so dying for you to read the Guardians. Say it'll be soon. I need someone to talk Guardian with. *wink*

    Oh, no need to enter me in the COVET contest. I already have the softcover and hardcover on their way. Yeah I know, I'm obessessed.

    (((GIANT HUGS))) VFG

    P.S. Just another shout out to Cecile: YOUR NEW PLACE IS SMOKIN'!!

  6. Still in love with that cover... even if his face is cut off... I can use my imagination!!! **evil grin**

    Awww, you are soo sweet at pimping me out honey!!!
    And I will fit that announcement in my post sooner or later!! You deserve the flattery!!! Love you for it!!!!

    My place is only smoking hot because this woman here did it for me... Yes, our very own Leontine did my place for me!!!! Love ya honey!

  7. I haven't read Covet yet but looks good! Count me in!
    dcf_beth at verizon dot net

  8. Loving those two blogs alot, fun places to visit anytime of the day or night...

    Great contest..


  9. I haven't read "Covet" either so please enter me too, thanks!

    I love the cover especially his motorcycle, LOL!

    Now to add some more contest pimpage on my blog!

  10. I'd like to be included! tWarner419@aol.com

  11. This looks so good!

    jkpulley1 at aol dot com

  12. @Wendy - The word you sometimes get...I had demon once or perky, got me that one too :) A stomy...blech

    @VFG - You will see me reading the first Guardian Book this month VFG! I promise :D

    @Cecile - Yeah the cover is exuding the bad-boy vibe, love me harley's :D Loved revamping your place girl, your avatar was my inspiration at all times *grin*

    @EH - Thanks for stopping by! :))

    @Razlover - The Harley (or in my mind it is a Harley LOL) is the cherry for me. Love the male but with the bike YUMMY

  13. I'm a huge fan of the JR Ward but I'm indecisive about starting this series (who can hold out dying for the next morsel?!) Leontine, I think you should take the decision out of my hands and put Covet in them instead :)

    LOL, as you can tell, I haven't read it yet so no quote darn it.


  14. Love J.R. Ward but I haven't had a chance to read this one yet. I have to say the cover is pretty hot!!!

  15. OMG! I am so in love with the cover of Covet. Please count me in. I still haven't recovered from my textbook spending.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  16. I love this cover. Can't wait to read it!

  17. I would love to read this! count me in please
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  18. I haven't read it yet (shame on me - it's not on my wishlist yet either) but I am raising my hand to be entered ;-) I heard some good things and some bad things about it but want to make up my own mind about it sooner or later!

  19. I haven't read it yet, but have heard good things so I can't wait to get my hands on it!

  20. I haven't read it yet, but I like the cover!

  21. Havent read Covet as yet but my gosh your own comments are tantalising!



  22. Love JR Ward. I would love to read this book. Count me in.


  23. I love JR Ward and would love to get a copy of Covet

    RoxanneRhoads @ aol dot com

  24. Just looking at the cover has me excited, yummy! I'm looking forward to picking up Covet, but winning it would be even better.

  25. *wiping sweat from brow* I just finished reading Covet! Of course I had to stay up past my bedtime to read it, only Ward can make me loose sleep! There is a n excerpt for Lover Mine, which of course turns on my obsessive behavior to want to read it even more! I can't wait to read your review on this one.

  26. Good luck to everyone in the contest-I just won a beefcake contest, so count me out. (Also I have to catch up on her other books. All these reviews have made me curious about JR Ward.)

  27. Would love to enter. I've picked this up and put it down several times at Borders. dasuzuki at yahoo dot com

  28. I haven't read Covet yet; please count me in. Thanks!

  29. I so desperately want this in my hands. I'll be sure to give you an awesome quote from it when I read it =)

    Thanks so much for the contest and the party announcements!

    mishtakes AT gmail DOT com


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