21 October 2009

Guestblogging @ Cecile's place today. Topic: Man-Sandwich

I am guest blogging over at Cecile's today. I'm talking about Dean and Sam Winchester and how do you take your man-sandwich? Well erm...something like this I:

Check out the rest at Cecile's place with cake, cocktails and lots and lots of hussytalk!! Of course when going to a par-tay you bring a pressie...Cecile will be surprised at home with Jack Cole and I am not making her any wiser. I want her to experience this man first hand :)

But for the rest I have another surprise in store...who wouldn't want to watch Dean and Sam Winchester over and over and over again in SUPERNATURAL?? I would, that is why my pressie/giveaway will be:

So join me in some fine man-sandwich and SUPERNATURAL talk! The doors to the All I Want And More Lounge is as of now...open.

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  1. Hi :)
    Thank you for the update post & pictures.
    All the best,

  2. OH yayayay... we are going to have so much fun!!!!! Thank you honey!!! For what... EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you have fun at my place! Love ya honey!

  3. I'm heading over to Cecile's place now ;-) And yeah yeah I KNOW I should watch Supernatural *sigh* Ahhh Jared Padalecki - I know him from way back when - He had written Alpha Male potential all over him...

  4. Heading over there to say hi! *wipes drool off face from the Sam & Dean pics*

  5. Good golly miss molly. I love those pictures :)

  6. Love the chocolate lickin' good pic! Yum!

    You always find the hottest pictures around. Your so wonderful for sharing them with us. :)

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