09 October 2009

Review: Anne Bishop - Daughter Of Blood

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Paperback: 384 pages

Publisher: Roc Trade (June 5, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0451461487
ISBN-13: 978-0451461483


Seven hundred years ago, a Black Widow witch saw an ancient prophecy come to life in her web of dreams and visions. Now the Dark Kingdom readies itself for the arrival of its Queen, a Witch who will wield more power than even the High Lord of Hell himself. But she is still young, still open to influence-and corruption.

Whoever controls the Queen controls the darkness. Three men-sworn enemies-know this. And they know the power that hides behind the blue eyes of an innocent young girl. And so begins a ruthless game of politics and intrigue, magic and betrayal, where the weapons are hate and love-and the prize could be terrible beyond imagining...

How can I start writing when I still feel so consumed by Daughter Of Blood? I thought that if I gave it a nights rest I could relay my thoughts regarding Daughter of Blood better but now I’m wondering if I ever can. The Fantasy reader in me thrived as I was consumed by the pages. The world is reversed, the men serve the Witches but this doesn’t mean that the men are weak. Oh no, a far cry from it as I met Saetan, the High Lord of Hell, Lucivar Yaslana, a Warlord Prince and Daemon, The Sadist and also a Warlord Prince. The many strange names, realms and species demand your attention. Suffice to say it is a complex world building with a plethora of characters whom introduce themselves in this first entry of the Black Jewels trilogy.

They say power corrupts and this is also the case among the leading women in the Realms of Bishop’s creation. They want more devotion, more power, they want the ultimate and this is when a prophecy kicks in…a natural born Black Jewel Queen will come and lead the Realms back to how it's supposed to be. When Queens were righteous, thinking of others and using magic for something more than serving themselves. When a child, Jeanelle, appears to Lucivar he instantly knows the prophecy has come to be but she vanishes behind a shroud of mist only to appear years later to Saetan and he promises her to teach her the Craft.

I got to meet a lot of characters but it spirals around Saetan, as the newly appointed guardian to teach Jaenelle the Craft. Lucivar, the warrior and Daemon, The Sadist working as a pleasure slave in multiple courts. They each bring their own history for me to unravel as they all bear a connection to Jaenelle. My appreciation for these three men is above and beyond. They add a flavor that is potent with male vigor. They definitely have a darker side and they submit in a way that leaves you on edge, never knowing when a moment of cruelty or power lets you know just who and what they are.

Saetan is very much in the picture because he is the self appointed guardian/mentor of Jaenelle and teaching her the Craft. Lucivar has a secondary role in this novel but when he does appear he demanded all of my attention! Nevertheless, it is Daemon who nurtured all I want in a male character and though this is personal I feel that every reader of Daughter Of Blood can’t go around him. He walks in a room and instantly everyone is aware of his presence, his birthright denied he wears the Ring of Obedience around his privates. This device gives the women total control in the bedroom department…or anywhere else for that matter, demanding all the pleasure he can give them. The erotic tendrils that are cast from his very body leap from the pages and even seduced my senses. What may look like just another man turns out to be an enigma of a character and I loved to unravel him, only if it was just a bit.

Three men hold your attention but it is Jaenelle that holds the foundation of this story and triggers the need to do some extensive exploring in the Realm of Hell/ Terreille and Kaeleer. Jaenelle has a nature that is both ancient and wise as it is innocent and young. Combine it with a power that makes even the strongest Witch weep with envy and it made me like her at once. I joined Jaenelle in every endeavor and emotional event which connected me to her in many ways. Jaenelle remains somewhat cloaked in mystery but I’m not worried for this is the first story and the end reveals more than enough for me to immediately long for part two: Heir To The Shadows.

The characterization is fresh and cut from excellent cloth as they inhabit a highly imaginative world that encompasses a tale that once I started was unable to put down and every minute that I could I spend reading it. If there is one more thing that I need to say is that Anne Bishop poured a dose of violent darkness and a smoldering ray of emotions in her world and characters. It is not a fun filled bright place to be and speaks of a sarcastic, wry humor and self reflection along with soulless actions that gave a punch to the gut as I read it. It gives way to let the resilience shine in all its strength and beauty with each character and makes you root for them each step of the way. And though some things may lead to the boundaries of your comfort zone it personally kept me enthralled, making Daughter Of Blood one helluva page-turner!

I’ve been enthusiastic about many novels but it has been a while since I’ve stumbled on such a spectacular read in the “classic” Fantasy genre that instantaneously became a treasured read.


Jaenelle was the Black. But with her, the Black was not only dark, savage power, it was laughter and mischief and compassion and healing…and snowballs.


If Lucivar was a summer afternoon, Daemon was winter’s coldest night.

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  1. What a great review! I absolutely loved Daughter of Blood. I've only read the trilogy (In one big omnibus), i know Anne Bishop wrote prequels and sequels to this story but i don't know if i want to read them, this trilogy starting with Daughter of Blood, got some kind of ending at the end of the 3rd book and it is perfect as it is. I'm not sure if i make any sense here. I might change my mind about that later and read them anyway though lol
    Anyway, i bought this book not really knowing what i was signing up for and it blew me away. I remember reading the 3 books in 2 days i couldn't stop.
    Love me some Daemon or Lucivar *sigh*

  2. Fantastic review! - I also read the original trilogy in one huge omnibus :D
    But I am enjoying the sequels which is semi focused on other characters. I also love the anthology - Dreams Made Flesh, Lucivar's story especially.

  3. @pattepoilue - I bought the seperate TPB latest edition of the novels and I actually took a breather between the novels. In the following days I have 3 more reviews from The Black jewel series. I hadn't posted them on my blog yet. I have read them in about a year time and The Invisible Ring is up next and realy need to make some time :) I do not expect to be nocked of my feet like the first four book - I consider Dreams Made Flesh a fabulous epilogue to the trilogy. And yes, Daemon and Lucivar are just about the best characters out there for me!

    @Has - yes, Lucivar's story in Dreams Made Flesh was one that was a cherry on the cake. The pre and sequels i still have to read and look forward to them :)

  4. @Leontine I didn't know if Dream Made flesh would be an epilogue or onother sequel opening up to new books. I could use an epilogue though.
    I just looked at the synopsis for Dream Made Flesh and realized it's several stories, including Lucivar's!!!! yay. I'm gonna ponder on that (damn i'm too easily convinced lol)

  5. Oh Leontine, you have no idea how happy I was to read your review. And man, it was an amazing review. I loved reading every single word! But I love reading every single word of the Black Jewels trilogy.

    You picked two very compelling quotes.

    I'm just always beyond happy whenever I read a review that reflects my own feelings about this book and the two that follow. It is and will always be my most favorite and treasured books.

  6. Great review Leontine! I read the trilogy early last year after Nalini Singh pimped it on her blog. I LOVED IT!! From start to finish, the trilogy stole my heart. So happy to see that the same thing happened to you. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    ((HUGS)) VFG

    P.S. I see you got your third sidebar up and rockin'. Wahoo!! Lookin' good, girl!

  7. Great review - I read Daughter of the Blood before I started blogging, but I would be intimidated to try to convey my thoughts - you did an excellent job!!!

    This book brought out so many emotions in me. The first 100 pages I didn't even like it, and then it turned into this story that I became entirely immersed in and it is one I will never forget.

    You are right, while Daemon is this amazing character - so complex, Jaenelle really steals the show.

    When I finished this book I was so drained!

  8. Are Anne Bishop's bks more Fantasy --> see how lazy I am, I don't even look it up myself I rely on you :)

    Awesome review love your Beefcake widegt!

  9. Great review! I'm with Mandi, I don't know if I could even put into words adequately how I felt about any of the Black Jewels Trilogy books. I just remember after reading the omnibus, I had a hard time getting into any books for awhile because they all seemed pale in comparison to the Black Jewels Trilogy.

  10. @Pattepoilue - Dreams Made Flesh gave me that overall sense of HAE for Lucivar, Daemon and Jaenelle. Also there is a referal to a certain event in Saetan's life in QotD which is also told in DMF.

    @Amy - Anne Bishop is one of my most treasured authors and wanted to share my love with you all!

    @VFG - I am so happy with my third column YAY and I actually had Bishop on the shelves for like six months before I started to read DoB. Sometimes treasures sit so gracefully on your shelves waiting to be picked up LOL

    @Mandi - After DoB I just sat there, a bit stunned and knowing no book could compete with it. I knew it would be hard to write an in-depth review of it so I satisfied myself with just conveying my initial thoughts and feelings. After DoB I had to re-read two books before i settles down a bit :)

    @smokinhotbooks - You can consider Anne Bishop straight up fantasy :) Ad my Beefcake widget was made by Elaing8...or at least the image is and I love it!

    @Donna - The books made such an impact on me as a reader that after 2 months (when I picked up Heir To The Shadow) I still knew all that had transpired in DoB. This does not happen all that often, that after 2,5 months a book still is so very clear to me.

  11. Yup - I am convinced, this series needs to move to the top of my list...

    I am just finishing up Howell's Orc's Trilogy...

    I so will make time and find a weekend and read these books...

    Wonderful review Leontine - you blew me away...


  12. I'm afraid to say but never heard of this books before. After this wonderful review I totally have to get them. Sounds really intriguing.

  13. @Erotic Horizon - I really hope you find the time soon to start reading this trilogy EH, I will be looking forward to hearing about your expereince with it :)

    @Suzi - *shock* * Gasp* Never heard of Anne Bishop??!! Once upon a time, like 2 years ago, I had the same reaction. I never heard of this author either but she is mentioned in one breath with so many fabulous authors from readers that I had to buy her trilogy. If you enjoy Fantasy I say Anne Bishop is a must have!

  14. Great review Leontine :D
    I have been sitting on thsi book for 2 months now, and I am afraid that it for some reason will disappoint so I am too afraid to start it. I am sure you know how it can be

  15. Great review! I love these books :D. Actually I enjoy everything she has written *grin*


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