19 October 2009

What ever happened to...

Cael? Sometimes the oddest question pop up in my mind at the oddest times. Yesterday (10/18/09) I was flipping through some folders when I stumbled upon my very first image folder. It is a chaotic mess in there but I also rediscovered above picture, which still makes me drool a little, and it is a profile pic of Dark-Hunter Cael at Kenyon's website. That got me thinking about him again. When I finished DARK SIDE OF THE MOON I craved the next in line for release to find out how Cael was doing. Oh man, the ending of DSOTM had such a huge cliff hanger concerning his character but Kenyon gave us nada, nothing, zilch with DEVIL MAY CRY. I can still pull my hairs out thinking about it.

Do you all still remember the scene where Ravyn knocked on Cael's door when he was going all at it with his wife...and who she was. A very hot moment with testosterone induced lash-out's going back and forth between Ravyn and Cael. All I can think of right now is if he will ever have a story of his own now that the Dark-Hunter world and storyline has progressed so much. I know Kenyon has a time and place for everything but it seems like she has forgotten about Cael. After DSOTM there is no mention of him, no mention of the repercussions of what he did, or how he fared after that.

I really hate it that I am able to forget about characters like Cael after a while. I have re-read a few Dark-Hunter novels but I always grab the ones up to Unleash The Night...for some reason I don't grab the novels after that. So it isn't like I am reminded of him during a re-read. Now, with seeing such great, hubba hubba, get-over-here, profile pictures I feel the love burning again for Cael and I want to know what will happen to him. With the Dark-Hunter world that has grown explosively the last 2 years many secondary characters have been brought to the stage...very enticing ones like; Jared, Jaden, the Dogs of War or what about the Dream-Hunter M'Adoc, he really interests me too. But what about the ones who were already on that stage?

With a world that seems populated by dozens of characters it is easy to forget those who are not mentioned again...until I stumble on such pictures again, wonder about the character it represented and feel a twinge of sadness that perhaps the fabulous build up of a storyline may never come to be explored. Here are a few juicy details to enjoy about Cael and make you remember:

Real Name Cael

Pronunciation Kale

Designation Dark-Hunter Daimon

Date of Birth 9/2/879

Height 6' 6"

Hair Color Black

Motto Fool me once... die with a vengeance.

Best Friend Amaranda

First Appearance #9 Dark Side of the Moon (Ravyn & Susan)

About Cael:
Born bastard to a village wash-woman and a local nobleman, Cael grew up relatively happily and found love early in his life. At least until his father decided to save himself by selling Cael, his wife, and Cael's mother's family to the Vikings as slaves. Only the Vikings didn't want slaves-- they wanted people to practice their fighting skills on. He was forced to watch as his entire family and his beloved wife were killed before his eyes.

Since that day, he's walked the earth bitter and alone. As ruthless as he is fierce, he's taken pride in exterminating any Daimon he can find. His only friend through the centuries has been Ravyn. At least until he found the one person who finally gave him a reason to live. The only problem is, she is the one person he can never have and they both know it. Being star-crossed has never been more tragic.

It has been ages since I visited Sherrilyn kenyon's forum boards so I have got no clue if additional info about Cael is out there, if you do know, hook me up with any and all links to the info!

If you want to read more about the characters, go to sherrilyn kenyon's new revamped website

PS: Sherrilyn Kenyon has told me via Twitter Cael is not forgotten! On the contrary, that certain events had to take place regarding Stryker so Cael has a shot to tell his own story. *woohooo*

Do you have a secondary character whose story you pine for but has not been written (yet)?

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  1. I don't remember him!! I'm going to have to pull out Ravyn's book and look him up. It has been awhile since I read that series - although I didn't quite connect with Ravyn and Susan as I did with the others.

    Hmm..thinking about secondary characters I love...I like Bel and Galen in CL Wilson's Tairen Soul series and I hear she will eventually write their stories...yay! I can't think if anymore at the moment but I know there has to be some. Secondary characters are some of my favorites. I'll be back....

  2. @Mandi - I enjoyed Ravyn and Susan's interaction very much, only the book had a very different vibe than the ones in New Orleans.

    And Bel and Gaelen...I never remember is it Gaelen or Galen?? When Cheryl came back with the news she will at least do their stories I hollered a hard woohoo. If there are two characters who add such flavor to the Tairen world than it is these two. Love them both!!

  3. Yes!! What happened with Cael?? I so want to know, I thought it was a major cliffhanger at the end of the story! So far I have been very lucky with the secondary characters I am pining for ... they all got/get their own book. I mean I liked Alexandra Benedict's Hawkins brothers, now they have their own series, I liked Phinn of Meredith Duran, his story has been written, Luke from Shayla Black is a long wait but next year his story will finally be released and Cam from Lisa Kleypas, still have to read his story but it is out there! So right now I can't think of any!

  4. Unfortunately--don't strangle me--I haven't read many of Kenyon's books, so I don't know who he is. However, I'm totally diggin' the pics :D

  5. I am hiding out with Barbara then... Because I have never read this series either. But I do know what you mean about secondary characters not getting their own story. So far, I am happy to say that the stories I have read, the people that I wanted to see get a story has gotten one. So, I have not been left hanging... so far!
    I hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying your Monday evening!

  6. I had totally forgotten about him until you brought it up, and yes I remember thinking how much I wanted his story...I don't think he's ever had his own story, unless it was in a short story and I missed it.

  7. I don't remember him. BUT, I don't remember Ravyn and Susan either. I don't think I skipped any of her books, maybe I did miss one. OMG that picture is making my monitor smoke - hot, hot, hot!

  8. I'm with Barbara and Cecile. I haven't read this series. There are so many books in the series. But I did enjoy the pictures**wipes drool off keyboard**I think he missed a loop or 2 on his belt..I can help him with that..lol.

  9. @Marissa - You lucky gal LOL Yeah it's the best when lots of personal favorite side characters already have their own stories :)

    @Barbara - enjoy the pics then...hhmmm wondering if I can convert you *wink*

    @Cecile - OMG...you've not read ANY Dark-Hunters. You're missing out on some hawt vamps and some wicked good humor!! Hhhmmm I think I know a way to remedie this *grin*

    @Buckeye Girl - Cael doesn't do a novella...nope, not going to happen!! *send prayer to story gods above*

    @Patti - Skipped DSOTM!! That's a no go girl...will give you a quote or two tonight as extra in post that will be an incentive for you to read it *grin*

    @Elaine - Hon...*hands a tissue* I knew you would enjoy him...I love the tat personally too *shivers of delight*

  10. Oh geez, I don't remember him. :( Every time I visit SK's site I end up seeing a character that I can't remember. I lived in the world of Dark Hunters for so long, how can I forget them? I suck. LOL I'm going to have to go back and do some reviewing.

  11. Yes, it's Gaelen! oops:)

    I thought of one! I told you I would be back. Bran! I want Bran (P.Briggs) to have his very own book (or series!!). I would do anything to read it.

  12. The leg tattoo *whimper* so sexy. This is driving me crazy why can't I remember him! I'll have to re-read Rav's story to appease my curiosity and my OCD.

  13. @Fiction Vixen - You don't remember Cael?! *gasp* Not even when Ravyn goes up to a certain club, goes in, get to a door...walks in and then meets Cael. That scene is so crystal clear...hhmmm I am searching for a few good quotes so perhaps I can dig up page number of that scene1

    @Mandi - You got me there, I haven't red anything from Briggs hand...yet ;)

    @Smokinhotbooks - Girl my hormones went in to overdrive when I saw this picture. The tats make me go wild!

  14. Ravyn & Cael:
    His jaw dropping, Ravyn stood in the doorway in total stupefaction as he saw Cael entwined on his bed with an [spoiler] Completely flagrante delicto. “I so did not need to see that hairy full moon tonight,” Ravyn said as he turned around to give them his back. “Gawd, I think I’ve gone blind.” Susan gasped as Otto and Leo laughed, then stepped back into the hallway, out of sight range for the naked people. Cael snarled a fetid curse. “What the hell is this shit?” he demanded angrily in a thick brogue that was an old Scot-Irish mix. Ravyn could hear the two of them shuffling about on the bed, no doubt trying to cover themselves. “And for the record, I’m not the one with the hairy arse. That would be you. Don’t you people knock?”
    “Usually yes,” Ravyn said snidely. “ But not when I think you’re being attacked.”
    “I was being attacked…in a most desirable way. You should try it once in a while, Rave, and maybe you wouldn’t be such a bastard.”

  15. Description Cael:
    …the door opened to show a Cael wearing nothing but a red and black plaid kilt wrapped low around his lean hips. Raking his hands through his wavy black hair to settle into place, he glared at them before he wrapped his arms around his bare chest, which bore a number of red scratches. “To what do I owe this extreme displeasure and interruption> The answer better be ‘Armageddon’ if you want to live.”
    Susan tried not to gawk , but it was hard. Like Ravyn, the man had the build of a taut gymnast…with a full eight-pack of abs. He, too, had a bow and arrow tattoo, only his was low on his left hip while another tattoo of a heart pierced by a dagger went down one arm. Vines rose up from it to twine over one shoulder and down to his right pecs. His thick black hair fell to his shoulders in waves of masculine perfection. At least one day of beard of beard covered his handsome face, and he had dark eyes ringed by eyelashes so long, they should be illegal.

  16. Susan and Ravyn:
    How he wished he had enough juice to summon cloths for himself. But that, too, would have to wait, so instead he retrieved the evil pink blanket from the floor and wrapped it around him. He grimaced as he realized the word puff covered his cock – yeah, he was feeling really manly at the moment. “You got a phone I can use?”
    Susan folded her arms over her chest. All things considered, she had to give Leo and Angie credit, the guy was scrumptious – even with the childish blanket wrapped low around his lean hips. His shoulder-length black hair was tousled but looked really good with his sullen features. As he raked a hand through his hair to settle it into place, the muscles of his arm and side flexed in a most captivating way. He had the deepest voice she’d ever heard – the kind that just rippled down her spine like a hot caress. And he had the most intriguing way of speaking, without opening his mouth more than a tiny bit. Truly the man was sex on a stick. (<- which means he is definitely Cecile’s kind of guy rofl)

  17. Since you bring up the DH, there's another character from there I'm clamoring to know more about and that is Colton. He works at the bar, plays with the Howlers, and I think he's supposed to be a Sentinel. Everytime he comes on the scene I get all happy. Hopefully his story is on the horizon.

    Also Qhuinn, from the BDB. I am totally obsessed with him. The way he's described could melt the polar icecap IMHO.

  18. I've never read any of teh Kenyons books either, but after these luscious lip-smacking pics, I might just have to! Wow! Thanks for the afternoon pick me up!!:)

    Amanda M.

  19. Gawd it's been FOREVER sinced I picked up a Kenyon book. I have the entire freakin' series but the last book I read was DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and I can't even remember what went down in that novel, it's been so freain' long! So unfortunately a can't help you with your current frustration over Cael. In fact, I can't even remember who Cael is....

  20. Holy cow how could I have forgotten about Cael? Seriously. You mentioned that cliffhanger and it all came back to me. I need to catch up on my D-H reading with the last 3 books!

  21. Leontine, I swear you have the memory of an elphant! For some reason I don't remember Cael either, but then I never seen this picture of him. Because if I had, I wouldn't have forgot him. Not for one moment.

    I want to read Jaden's and Savitar's books. Oh, and I can't wait for Paris' book from the LOTU series. And like Mandi want to read Bel's and Gaelen's books too.

  22. I love Kenyon's work and was really looking forward to Nick's book until I saw it was going to be Young Adult. It's kinda hard to see Nick toned down enough for a YA book after seeing him start out a hard chargin' sex machine...

  23. @Joder - I believe Sherrilyn Kenyon has a were-bear in Sanctuary up for release next year. I remember Colton, if anything thought my little interaction with Sherrilyn Kenyon last night via Twitter is that many stories still need to be told.

    @Amanda - you're more than welcome :) There are some very hawt were/dream and dark-hunters in this series of hers!

    @Tracy - I have Bad Moon Rising still on my shelves to be read and I have recently read her first in The League trilogy...very good storytelling!!! That review will be up later this week.

    @Donna - LOL some characters just get to me! And Savitar oh girl yes!!!!! I so heart Savitar, but his story arc in next in line after Jaden's.

    @Cybercliper - I have got no clue how SK is going to give shape to a young Nick though I loved him in the early novels of this series.

    I also wonder if we get loads of Kyrian in the process, wouldn't mind that at all...but with the YA genre I don't expect lots of hawt stuff happening in terms of sensuality. I will read the first book and get my taste, is it nothing for me then I will keep it to the DH series regarding Nick.


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