02 November 2009

ARC Review: Anthology - A Highlander Christmas

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Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: NAL Trade (November 3, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0451228723
ISBN-13: 978-0451228727

Genre; Historical Romance
Main Characters: Maggie MacDonals & Logan Douglas / Prince Daegan & Isobel MacDonald / Gabriel Munro & Paige MacDonald.
Book Origin: Book provided for review by Dawn Halliday.

A festive anthology featuring three all-new stories, three sexy Scotsmen, and a magical holiday setting.

An enchanting trio of paranormal Christmas stories:

Dawn Halliday’s Winter Heat…Lost in a blizzard, a young woman casts a spell over the brooding Highland warrior who rescues her.

Cindy Miles’s A Christmas Spirit…A museum curator’s tour of a Scottish castle leads to an unexpected encounter with a dead-sexy spirit.

Sophie Renwick’s Yuletide Enchantment…Passion blooms between an anxious bride-to-be and a dark, sensual stranger from another world.

Three women from the MacDonald clan are center stage in this anthology and three pins are the incentive for magical christmas romances. They instantly evoke the need to curl up in front of a roaring fire and to sip on some hot chocolate or tea.


Maggie is a widow and as independent as they come…

Logan journey’s home to a clan who needs him…

In a blistering snow storm they meet…

They find shelter in a cabin and as the force of father winter wreaks havoc outside, inside another force is at work.

Dawn Halliday kicks of this anthology with WINTER HEAT. With a hundred and eleven pages the author has penned a charming and heartwarming highlander tale. Some gifts at Christmas are the ones you treasure for the rest of your life. Maggie MacDonald and Logan Douglas are two people who get to experience such a gift. With a tinge of background information it is enough to set the stage for an intimate “cabin romance”. While a snowstorm outside is cutting them off a heated passion flares between Maggie and Logan. In those days spent together their actions and interaction underscore the impact of the budding feelings growing between them and in the end requires a leap of faith.

In a short amount of pages Dawn Halliday sets up the circumstances and background that provides a situation where an instant and intense attraction can ignite. Moreover, via the writing style I felt the atmospheric picture that was presented with two people falling for each other. Nothing overly dramatic but still poignant and tender until the very end. I got a brief but delectable sample of Dawn Halliday’s flowing writing style with Logan and Maggie’s fierce highland romance, WINTER HEAT.


Sophie Renwick’s YULETIDE ENCHANTMENT is an introduction to the Annwyn series. When Isobel discovers she is betrothed to the Earl. St. Clair she is furious and in no way willing to accept her new found future. It is in the Highland forest behind her parent’s castle where the world of the Sidhe and mortals collide when she meets Daegan. They are both breaking the rules for a magnetic attraction that inevitably draws them together. Yet, with breaking rules comes bearing the consequences…

From the moment I stumbled on to the information regarding the Annwyn series my interest was piqued. With this novella I received a truly enchanting tale and a lovely appetizer of what is to come in this series. Daegan is a vigorous Sidhe bent on romancing the woman who holds his heart, a hero after my own heart. Isobel is headstrong, compassionate and utterly likeable as a heroine. If there is one thing Sophie Renwick protrudes in this story is her talent for smoldering hot romance. It made me instantly read this story cover to cover. There isn’t much time for intricate world building but the information that is revealed added to my intrigue for this series. And then there’s Bran, he just had a few appearances but those created a taste for more information on his character.

YULETIDE ENCHANTMENT gives a wonderful taste of the possibilities the Annwyn series contains.


Two lonely spirits find themselves acquainted on a stormy, cold highland night. Paige MacDonald meets Gabriel Munro, who at first glance seems to be the owner of a bed and breakfast. Extraordinary circumstances lead up to them spending the days surrounding Christmas but when things become too good to be true the past catches up with them.

Cindy Miles concludes this anthology with A CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. A humorous yet tender romance that vibrates with all the good things Christmas can contain. Paige is an ordinary twenty-first century woman who meets an extraordinary highland warrior named Gabriel. Together they fill the pages with languid nights, amorous moments, heart to heart conversations and along the way a romance blossomed.

Cindy Miles gave day-to-day moments depth because it meant something to either Paige or Gabriel. The feelings simmering between them are genuine and heartfelt, powerful as it is moving me. I wrapped myself in the vibe that A CHRISTMAS SPIRIT gave me. Home, hearth, family and a love blossoming in a less than normal situation are the key ingredients of this tale.

Gabriel and Paige’s Christmas adventure sure invited me to check out more of this unusual Munro clan!

Dawn Halliday, Sophie Renwick and Cindy Miles concocted a blend of passionate, heartwarming, risk it all Christmas romances. A HIGHLANDER CHRISTMAS is the kind of anthology that would make a lovely gift under the tree for a romance loving friend or family member.

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  1. I love it when all the stories in an anthology are worth reading. I have never read any of these authors, but their stories all sound great. It would be a great gift idea too!

  2. Hi Leontine,
    Sounds like a good story, well stories. I am very intrigued by the Anwynn story too

  3. @Mandi - With the page count per story the romance just charmed the pants off of me.

    @Blodeuedd - I'm so counting down for Velvet Haven now. But both Dawn Halliday and Cindy Miles trigger the need to explore their full length novels in their series :)

  4. Great review Leontine. I have this one in the pre-order and am counting down for Velvet Haven too, I love Sophie's style of writing.

  5. Oooh, Leontine, the all sound so delish! Thank you for the ongoing awesomeness of your giveaways!

    b42bella AT gmail.com


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