02 November 2009

Beefcake Preview Club Night: Prince Daegan & Gabriel Munro

Sophie Renwick, who is the go-to lady for dealing with a prince had this to say about the royal protocol: Daegan is warm and accepting, and not easily offended. No protocol as far as he’s concerned, unless of course, Cailleach, his consort and co-ruler of Annwyn comes by, then you have to grovel.

This is my first time with a prince and as he steps in to the Club my heart starts to beat faster and butterflies start to occupy my stomach. I have a smile on my face; “Oh yes, now I know why highlanders have been in my top ten of male species.” But then, to my surprise, not only does prince Daegan show up, he is flanked by another gorgeous highlander, Gabriel Munro and as they walk that confident male walk they stop in front of me and introduce themselves.

OMG, two highlanders! This is such a treat and everyone is going to be surprised tonight when they come to the Club!

I am thrilled to welcome Prince Daegan and Gabriel Munro for another Beefcake Preview Club night. Getting over my initial shock of the view they present I invite them to sit at the bar. “Welcome to the Club and thank you for participating in this endeavor! Can I get you anything from the bar, whiskey, beer, anything else?”

Gabriel seems to be exploring the club before settling down with us…

Daegan: Those are mortal drinks, and I’ve never had them. Ale seems to make the mortal males frisky, so I’ll go with that. A pint of beer, please.

Are you in need of anything else before we kick off this questionnaire?

Daegan: No, just admiring the surroundings.


Daegan and Gabriel, can you give us some details regarding yourself and your story.

~Buy a copy here
Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: NAL Trade (November 3, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0451228723
ISBN-13: 978-0451228727
A festive anthology featuring three all-new stories, three sexy Scotsmen, and a magical holiday setting.

An enchanting trio of paranormal Christmas stories:

Dawn Halliday’s Winter Heat…Lost in a blizzard, a young woman casts a spell over the brooding Highland warrior who rescues her.

Cindy Miles’s A Christmas Spirit…A museum curator’s tour of a Scottish castle leads to an unexpected encounter with a dead-sexy spirit.

Sophie Renwick’s Yuletide Enchantment…Passion blooms between an anxious bride-to-be and a dark, sensual stranger from another world.


• Name

Daegan: Prince of the Sidhe and Co-ruler of Annwyn

Gabriel: Gabriel Munro

• Age

Daegan: winces…nearly five hundred years

Gabriel: 28

• Length

Daegan: At first I was wondering which length to measure, but then I was thinking that a nice lass like you would be meaning my height. ;) I’m six four.

Gabriel: 6' 4''

(Leontine: You’ve gotta love ‘em tall *sigh)

• Body build

Daegan: As a Highlander and a Sidhe, I’m built brawny, with wide shoulders and chest and long legs with well muscled thighs. I hope that’s okay for you lasses.

Gabriel: solid, broad-shouldered, heavily muscled, with an intricate Celtic tattoo banded round each bicep.

(Leontine: From first hand expereince I can tell ya they are both lookin' soooo good. They make my hands itch)

• Hair

Daegan: Long and black

Gabriel: dark, nearly black, long and unruly, half-way to waist, a thin braid twisted at each temple.

• Eyes

Daegan: Typical Sidhe eyes, violet. But I’ve been told they go purple when I’m feeling aroused.

Gabriel: green.

• Personality

Daegan:Well, I suppose I could be considered intense and single minded when I see something I desire, but then, what man or Sidhe isn’t? I’m also known to be fair, kind and merciful, something that does help me in my role as Prince.

Gabriel: at first, surly, straight-forward, aloof. Once meeting Paige MacDonald? Protective, all-consuming, easy-going, loves to laugh.

• Favorite weapon?

Daegan: without a doubt, magic.

Gabriel: full-length blade.

• Favorite outfit?

Daegan: Trews, a loose shirt, opened at the neck, and a pair of sturdy boots for traveling through the sacred grounds of Annwyn

Gabriel: the Munro plaid: red/black.

(Leontine: I chickened out gals...my heart stuck in my throat I really wanted to ask what he was wearing underneath but his green eyes staring at me made me blush.)

• Turn on?

Daegan: A challenge. And oh a nice mortal female body, all soft and warm and womanly… I also love the way the moonlight illuminates a lass’ face.

Gabriel: Besides Paige MacDonald? A woman who refuses to back down.

• Favorite drink?

Daegan: Milk. I’m sure you’ve all heard what milk and honey does to a virile Faery, especially one with dark Fey blood! ;)

Daegan and Gabriel 101:

• Guys, to prepare us for the big day of your stories can you give a few quotes that speak of your “typical” behavior/humor/ attitude of yours?

Daegan: “Mine.” Said in regards to Isobel.

“Touch her Cailleach, and you will know the wrath of my black blood.” (Said to Cailleach, my co-ruler when she threatened my mortal, Isobel.

“Daegan, a prince of the woods. A lover come to you in a dream.”

“Better to have one than none at all.” (speaking of my night with Isobel)

Gabriel: “Then we shall see about curbing your growling belly’s appetite, aye?”

“I am just as real as you, lass.”

“Discovery Channel. I watch Craigmire’s tele oft enough.”

“Then you dunna mind spending the Yuletide wi’ a lonely, aged warrior?”

“You’re mine.”

• Do each of you have a one-liner for the ladies?

Daegan: Hmm, I’m not at all versed in seducing mortals, but Isobel does love it when I whisper to her mo muirnin, which means my beloved.

Gabriel: no one-liners are needed. If he desires you, you'll know it by his intense stare.

• If you have one, what is your favorite romantic setting?

Daegan: Definitely in my sacred grove in Annwyn. A perfect, magical spot for romance.

Gabriel: anywhere in the Highland wood, mayhap beneath the moon by the loch.

• What do you consider your personal pros and cons?

Daegan: Well, my good points are that I’m faithful, a fantastic lover, and my magic knows no bounds. My cons….I come with…what’s the modern vernacular? Ah yes, baggage. I come with baggage that is Cailleach, and my duties to Annwyn and the Sidhe.

Gabriel: Con: he's dead, a spirit with no substance, unable to touch or taste. Pros: Once he gives his heart, it's forever. He protects as though he has the strength of a mortal body to do so, and he's the most trustworthy man or spirit alive.

• Where did you sleep last night?

Daegan: In Isobel’s bed, which I moved near the hearth so we could watch the flames.

Gabriel: I never sleep; I sat outside Paige's door.

• What type of woman do you usually fall for?

Daegan:I’ve only ever fell for one, and that’s Isobel, a lovely, lively mortal, and a beautiful highland lass with fire in her blood. She is a good match for me, regardless of her mortality and my immortality.

Gabriel: Before I was murdered? Damn, I was young--anything in a shift I'd warrant. Now? A pixie-like waif no higher than my chest, with shorn fair hair, oddly shaped blue eyes, and enough fire wi' in her soul to keep me warm for eternity.

• Do you have any talents or wish you had a particular one?

Daegan:I sometimes wish I was just a man. Being a prince and immortal has it’s limits, and I’ve grown tired of living half a century alone and without feeling the love of a woman.

Gabriel: (chuckles) Aye, many. Mostly warring talents. I'm fast on foot for my height and mighty wi' the blade. And I can best any man in a game o' Knucklebones.

• When you think of Scotland what comes to mind first?

Daegan: Magical, enchanted forests, and beautiful atmospheric mist.

• What are your plans for tomorrow?

Daegan: Isobel and I will be leaving the Highlands and Annwyn. It’s a price I’ve paid in order to be with Isobel. I’ll be forging a new life, but I’m not afraid. I have Isobel.

Gabriel: On the morrow I shall spend it walkin' through Gorloch's wood wi' Paige, watchin' her eat, and starin' at every inch of her. Christ, I'd give anythin' to simply touch her hair...

• Who can wake you up in the middle of the night and for what?

Daegan: Isobel, and she can wake me up for anything her wee heart desires. Although, I will confess to hoping it’s for a long bout of loving.

• What are you listening to?

Gabriel: Paige's steady, even breathing as she slumbers. The wind as it whistles through cracks in the stone walls. The fire cracklin'. Paige's belly growlin'-again. ((chuckles)

Wooing the ladies with an excerpt:

Excerpt from Cindy Miles A CHRISTMAS SPIRIT:

Gabriel stood mere yards from the girl. He could sense her urgency, yet he found himself unable to answer her calls. ’Twas as if his bloody tongue was tied. While she couldn’t see in the darkness, he could, and verra clear. While the blackness covered him, he boldly studied the quiet lass from America.
A wee thing, she came no higher than his chest. Hair the color of straw was shorn at a sharp angle and swung at her jaw. No wonder he’d no’ seen it earlier, when she’d worn her hat. Wide blue eyes stood in stark comparison to her fair skin and pixielike features. White, straight teeth worried her full bottom lip, and those large eyes shifted left, then right, trying to see in the dark. She wrapped her slender arms about herself, slowly spun in a circle, and heaved a sigh.
Then, she stopped, faced him, and sucked in a startled breath. Her eyes, which appeared to be locked with his, widened to a frightening width, and she swore.
Only then did Gabriel realize the bloody lights had come back on.
She probably thought he was a lunatic.
Slowly, she began to back away from him. “Um, I was calling for you,” she said, a slight quiver in her voice. Her eyes traveled the length of him, and then she glanced behind her, taking a few more hesitant steps.
“Aye, I heard,” he stammered. Damnation, he hadn’t meant for her to catch him looking at her so closely. He cocked his head as she continued to walk backward, seemingly toward the front entranceway.
“Why are you dressed like that?” she asked, her voice now barely above a whisper.
Gabriel frowned and glanced down at himself. The conjured image of his modern garb was gone, leaving him in his usual form of clothes: his plaid, boots, and sword.
He swore.
She turned and ran for the door.
And then everything that followed happened so bloody fast, he’d not been able to stop it.
Paige MacDonald reached the door. “I’ve, uh, changed my mind,” she said without turning round. “No problem, seriously. I’ll come for my stuff tomorrow. They’re expecting me in Inverness, so I’ll just go there. Um, thanks for the room.” Her hand turned the door handle.
“Wait,” Gabriel said. “Ms. MacDonald—”
“Bye!” And with that, she opened the door and launched herself out into the storm.
Gabriel swore under his breath and took off after her. A nighttime blizzard and she didna even have on her bloody coat! The snow had turned into a solid wall of blinding white. She’d get lost in no time. Damnation, he was going to strangle Craigmire when his skinny arse returned! Leaving him here alone was naught but trouble!
He didna get far before he saw Paige ahead of him, head down against the flurry, hurrying down the snow-covered lane. The wind blew the white flakes furiously, and Gabriel jogged right through it. Taking longer strides, he caught up with her. “Ms. MacDonald—”
The girl hollered and took off. Gabriel raced ahead of her, stopped, and crossed his arms over his chest. “Cease!” he shouted in his most commanding voice.
Just then, she tripped and pitched forward.
In the dark, Paige MacDonald’s eyes widened as she fell straight through him.
A muffled thud sounded when she hit the ground, and Gabriel turned. The girl lay still as death in the snow, her black jumper covered in icy flakes. Kneeling beside her, Gabriel leaned close and inspected her. A small bit of red tinged the snow. The crazy girl had hit her head running from him.
With a string of foul words, he leaned over next to her ear and hollered. “Get up, lass! Now!”

Sophie Renwick, a quick question before I head back to the guys can you give us an anecdote regarding Prince Daegan while writing up his story?

Sophie: Daegan was so easy to write, and I loved that he was an uncle to Bran who will be the hero in Velvet Haven. It was Daegan’s view of Annwyn that helped me set up the world, and gave me understanding of the old ways, and what Annwyn was.

I hope you enjoyed your time here at the Club Daegan and Gabriel, the ladies appreciate it more than I can express!

Aidan; I've got me a bit of Scottish blood in me from me ansectors, and I've got me some fine whiskey cocktails for ye lassies.

*clears throat*

Yeah, this sounds so fucked up. Tristan and Sam are trying to cough cover their hilarious laughing in the back...

Anyway, here are the cocktails:
Velvet Kilt

1 1/2 oz Scotch Whiskey

1 oz butterscotch schnapps

Royal Flush

1 1/2 oz Crown Royal

1 oz peach schnapps

1/2 oz raspberry liquer

1 oz cranberry juice

And I almost forgot...the giveaway *eek*

The rules are simple:

1 – You must follow my blog in my google friend connect titled; Book Realm Friends (right sidebar)

2 – Leave a way for me to contact you in your comment.

Have fun everybody!

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    Tristan and Sam...stop laughing at poor Aidan..he's being smooth :)

    **Aidan hands me my drink** WOW that's a drink..thanks hon**grin**

    Tristan I'll be back for our dancing..get limber :)

  2. **darn phones..ok I'm back** :)

    Leontine you're kicking off preview night with bang...you asked length?teehee...I was waiting for another answer :D

    **struts over to Daegan drink in hand**I hear you have quite the thighs..may I?**squeezes thigh**Purples my favorite color**wicked grin**
    **looks over shoulder to Gabriel** I love a man with a full length blade :0 (you walked into that one buddy..lol)

    Tristan,how are you doing over there,you ready for me ;D

    But I need another drink...Aidan please mix me another.

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  9. Oh girls, I thought; length, length, what are you gals talking about?? Untill I scrolled back and read * length...awh crap, I went scarlet red and Sam, Tristan and Aidan are laugh their collecting asses off!

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  11. @Elaine - A Velvet Kilt coming up babe and Gabriel brought some smooth incredible tasting whiskey and Prince Daegan something from the Sidhe side to add as a secret ingredient to the cocktails. No, don't worry, not something funky, it's kind of like the cherry on top of the cake...something that flavors the cocktails even more.

    Leontine already tried it see...

    *Leontine's eyes have a wicked gleam and a wide grin on her face*

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    Oh yea... I know all about Ms. Innocent Leontine... LOL!!!! She plays innocent very well!!!

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    I want one too? Ohh, it's just a drink..huh, ok I take one of those too.
    But were are these lovely Highlanders. And I want to see these violet eyes. They match my pants today. Coincidence? I think not! We should definitely talk about that!
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    Me thinks Leontine knows exactly the length of her men, every last inch!!!!! Sorry Leontine, your golden halo is not working tonight.. lol

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    And forget the ale, I'll have a velvet kilt, you ladies are just so persuasive, and fun. Too bad my heart's taken, for I it would not have taken much effort on your part for me to be a bad boy!

    Thanks for the warm welcome, lasses, it makes me want to lift my kilt in salute to you!


  31. ***cecile fell off the stool with that last comment... wow....never had only offer to lift his kilt in a salute before***

    Oh... okay.. wow!!!
    Well, you are a faithful man Daegan and that is most respected around here. That is why Leontine keeps all the other men around here... She knows our hussy hearts (she has a huge hussy heart too, lol ~ your secrets are not safe my dear, lmao) and tries very hard to satisfy her HUSSY friends!!! Especially Elaing and I!
    So, I salute you with my skirt as well honey... You are a fine man if I say so myself!!!

    ((((whew.... whew.....)))

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    Tristan, Sam, Aidan...ice chips in here on the double...a bit of airco because the temperature in the club just went up by 10 degrees!

    Glad you could drop by Prince Daegan, it really...refreshed my memory of our first meeting.

  34. @Susi - walks up to Susi, yeah how did that line go again: Nobody puts Susi in the corner or something. Come lets get loose in the hips babe!

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    **checks table,still sturdy from the last time**Come on up ladies the tables are secure for dancing **staggers up to table,climbs up**whoa..steady..ok..I'm good..Hit the music Sam
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  40. Elaing Elizabeth Marie Ann... ***Cecile climbs down from table...*** Daegen is a faithful man, you leave him alone with your body shots of evil, lmao!!!

    Sam... Come assist Elaing in gettin her drink please... Before she gets into something... OH wait... I think that is what she was going for!! LMAO!!!
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  42. If you want to see something REALLY interesting beneath a kilt, you need look no further than me!

    Sorry, couldn't resist the taunt. Thanks Tristant for letting me in to crash. I love to rain on my uncle's parade!


  43. Bran... Well... Ummm... **clears throat** Is that an offer you stand by?!?
    Leontine, you may need to just get a dump truck of ice in here... The temperature just shot up about 100 degrees!!! Whew, I know it can not be just me getting this hot in here!!! Elaing, you can go back to tempting Daegan... I'll take care of Bran...
    Now where were we Bran... Oh yes, lifting clothing!

  44. Did every form of decency left the beefcake building??!! *frowns* For heavens sake...body shots?? ppppffffff mwwuuaaahahahaha sorry, that was my twisted sense of humor talking.

    Two Velvet Kilts and they've gone straight to my head...sucking on some mandarin (the fruit not the language *grin*) to get food in stomach to absorb the alcohol LOL

  45. I haven't heard from Elaing in a while. I think maybe she took Daegen to the kitchen with her... To show him her cheesetots!! Either that or she passed out. But with Daegan around, I am sure he will not allow her to pass out.
    Elaing is the one that mentioned body shots, I was trying to be good... Until I had that third or forth Kitly drink... Then Good became bad.... naughty! Sorry, I was trying to be a good girl, but with all these delicious men around, it is very hard to stay good!

  46. @Cecile - hon, you haven't met Bran yet in YULETIDE ENCHANTMENT have you? He's just so... *either I go up in flames or turn in to a puddle of quivering flesh*

    Bran, you can rain on your uncle's parade any day *wink - grin - looking with starry eyes*

  47. OH yes... I have met Bran before... He was just at my place not long ago... But I need some quiet time with him to get rekindled with him. You know, some one on one time with him. ((yea right, hee heee ~ how can one forget this man... wowzser))
    .... Now where were we Bran.... ***evil grin and wicked wink... hee hee***

  48. Thanks, Leontine. I'm coming to the beefcake club because my magic needs shoring up....anyone want to help me out with that?


  49. One word of caution, lasses, NEVER trust a full bloodied black blood Sidhe, especially one with mismatched eyes.

    Let that be a warning to ye...okay, so now that you're back, who wants a velvet kilty?


  50. I didn't pass out....yet :)
    just plotting**evil grin**

    Bran go up on the tables with Cecile,she'll show you a few moves
    **gives Cecile a wink,walks up to table,looks up**HELLOOOO..**I saw up Bran's kilt before you..hahahaha!!!

  51. Oh Daegan, never throw caution out there... makes it all the more dangerous... and the more dangerous... the more us hussys want... LOL!!! Or at least that is me! But we can test both of your theories... We can see how you handle your woman.. compared to Bran... I'll just sacrifice myself for the research!!!
    Bran... In the name of helping out magic, I am all for it!

    Where the hell is Elaing, she is missing all the fun here... Leontine, we may need to call an air conditioning repair man to fix the a/c... cuz it's hot in here!!!!

  52. Elaing... you are evil woman!!! I can not believe I fell for that one... You just wait.... ***plotting begins, lol*** And here I was concerned for you.... Well.... Hummm...

  53. Leontine - Tristan - Aidan and Sam sitting on 4 bar stools in a row watching Cecile LOL

  54. uh-oh..**note to self,watch out for Cecile** :)

    Tristan, where's my tits..**Hiccup**oops I mean tots**blushes**(that was seriously a typo at first)

    Aidan,I think I may need to slow down on the drinks**Aidan gives me a you think? look** So I'll have a cosmo :D
    **Aidan rolls his eyes** :D

    Sam a table has come available,want to dance?
    **climbs back up on table dancing,sipping my drink**thinking I'm gonna pay for this in the morning**
    I think I've been virtually drunk since October 1st...LMAO

  55. Come here Gabriel...it's kind of like a dangerzone with Bran there. He's what leontine call's "hawt testostorone stuff"

    Let me hook us up with another Velvet Kilt. Has anyone seen Elaine?? *worried frown*

  56. Oh my, what have we here... 4 bar stools occupied... I will become the bartender now... Let me just adjust my clothing... Okay...

    Oh yes Elaing... you better watch your back honey... I am after you know... LMAO!!!!
    You know, we have been partying since the beginning of my birthday... Do I know how to party or what!!! You know I can not stay mad you long...

  57. Daegan, you can warn us, I even love you for it, but in the end I so heart and go week in the knees over a black blood Sidhe, as you call Bran *smiles*

  58. **fans self**!Aidan is looking for me?**blushes**

    Cecile I know you're not mad, but I'm still watching my back :) I feel a prank coming on and in my state anything is possible ;)

    Oh Gabriel,there you are**bats eyelashes** need another refill?..did you hear me discussing body shots with Daegan? Let me show you too **evil grin**

    Holy Moly its getting hot in here!! :D

    Between Leontine's Beefcake Preview Club's and Cecile's Birthday bash,I'm surprised I'm still standing :) These are some parties!!!


    **stumbles,straightens up** I'm okay**sways to music,sipping drink**

  59. elaing, if you need a sit, my lap is empty!


  60. Excuse me, lasses, while I take Bran outside, and give him a shot of magic in the ass.

    XX Daegen

  61. **squeel** no Daegan!! **sits on Brans lap** :D ahhhh, this is nice**sips drink**

  62. **looks around for Cecile,whispers to Bran**,Cecile's gonna be mad I got to sit on your lap**big grin** Do me a favor and let her sit on your lap when she gets back..I already have a target on my back with her :) In fact if any of these lovely ladies ask, let them,'kay**sips drink**

    **Tristan brings out my cheesetots**
    thanks hon,**eats one**mouth full**these are really good**wink**
    open up Bran**feeds Bran a cheesetot** what do you think?

  63. I think Leontine's club could replace Velvet Haven. I might have found a new place to feed my legacy curse...grins in Daegan's direction....

    I've totally taken over, and as I do love my uncle, let me just have a few more tots and I'll take my leave. Maybe if I give Leontine a glimpse beneath the plaid she'll invited me back....

  64. *swoon* my kind of men :)

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  65. I am having a few very low presence days online but couldn't skip the Beefcake Club.
    No time for drinks or to chat and very sorry about that! Hope I'll be a better member next Beefcake Night. But these men sound really wonderful. Both of them!

    And the thought of Aidan in a kilt, almost makes this period of low profile worth while.


  66. oh darn...Bran has left :(

    **looks around sipping last of drink**
    Daegan,Gabriel..need another drink?

    Aidan a beer for the fellas I'll have a Velvet kilt..Tristan lets dance**drags him off** ;)

  67. Wow, this party is rockin'!!

    Sigh...I love me some Daegan. 6'4"??!! Gawd I love em big! And not just height wise. *wink*

    I loved Sophie's novella in A HIGHLANDER'S CHRISTMAS. I still need to read the other novellas. I was thinking of starting Dawn Halliday's contribution tonight.

    No need to enter me for the giveaway.

    Hugs, VFG

  68. Sorry, I left with Bran for a little while... Elaing you better watch your back... I leave for a little while and you are sitting on his lap!! I will get you and your little dog too!!! Mmaahhhaawwww!!!

    Oh Bran... I can definitely replace Velvet Haven and feel you... ummm... Yeah, legacy curse!

  69. OCH AYE there is nothing better than a sexy Scot unless it's TWO sexy Scots in kilts!!! Wooohooooo great interview Leontine and guys! I can't wait to get more up close and personal with both of you very soon this book sounds beyond great!

  70. Hi :)
    That was a very fun post!
    Thanks for sharing.
    A HIGHLANDER CHRISTMAS is out today!
    Thanks again,
    PS - email's in Blogger Profile
    PPS - Already a Member/Follower

  71. Guys, you're all awesome!! I am preparing house to survive a few days of alone time with my hubby as I am off to sis and parents. But here you all are, partying away. You always make these nights rock...and thanks Daegan & Bran for joining!!

  72. wow, you really know how to make a great party!! working was in the way, but now I'm back ;) and while I'll enjoy one more drink I'll read through the postings...
    see you!!


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