25 November 2009

M/M Meme - Tagged by Fiction Vixen

I have been tagged by Viction Vixen to do this M/M Meme, you know how to keep a gal busy VF!


1. Answer all the questions below in either the comments here or post it on your own site. If you post it on your own site you have to come back and give the link here so I can mosey on over and see if you have a sticky beak.
2. You have to tag two other people once you’re done and pester them relentlessly until they do the meme too.
3. Instead of a meme image thing you have to post a cookie, preferably a twofer. It is an m/m meme after all.


1.How long have you been reading GLBTQ fiction? Since spring this year, I blame it on the bird and the bees…

2. What was the first book you read in this genre? How could I ever forget…I picked up a copy of Chris Owen’s BAREBACK to acquaint me with man love and oh boy, did they [Tor and Jack] introduce me to man love. Did you all know what a daisy chain is? Well I didn’t until I read that book.

3. Are you ‘out’ as a reader? Oh yes, I had smoke signals going on to alert every one, you didn’t notice?

4. Ebooks, print or both? *sigh* Still flirting with Santa to give me an e-reader so up till now it has been print. I think my thirst for man love will be all the more quenched when I have an e-reader ;)

5. Do you buy direct from publishers or from secondary sellers? I have bought everything shiny new so that all the “stains” on the pages are my own. TMI? Take it like the kick ass chicks I know you are cause I’m in a sharing mood!

6. Prove you’re a Book Slut. How many books would you say you buy a week? Didn’t y’all know that Leontine is an encrypted code for book-slut? No, you really need proof?! Ye of little faith *wink* As some on twitter might’ve read I bought a grand total of 14 paperbacks and 1 TPB on Tuesday. I did the damage in one day…one! ‘s all I’m sayin’.

7. Are you a cover, blurb or excerpt buyer? I’m such a cover hussy and can drool at the sight of such visual candy but when blurb and /or excerpt trigger something in me then I’ll hit the buy button.

8. Yeah, you read reviews, but do you actually take notice of them? As a good hussy I go to my pimps, it’s a compulsion I can’t deny. So yes I take notice of what they’re saying ;)

9. Who’s your fave publisher? I haven’t gotten myself a favorite dealer for M/M though LooseID/Torquere Press/Samhain and Ellora’s Cave have provided for me and my addiction.

10. What about authors? Your top two only!! I haven’t read that much yet but one – who I try to pimp out at just about every ocassion – is Chris Owen. I would be shocked if you didn’t hear me ramble about Tor and Jack at one point in some ongoing conversation.

11. Is there a sub-genre you particularly dis/like? Nah, I’ll pretty much try anything, haven’t come up with particular tastes.

12. Short or long?? *rolls eyes* And, no, I’m not talking about cocks. Long, definitely, they give me that full flavored experience I crave. Yet, I am learning to enjoy the short as a fast in-between-er to instantly still my appetite.

13. Anything turn you off about m/m or is all just glorious smut to you? I haven’t read anything that turned down my bodies thermostat below sizzling warm.

14. Finish this sentence. You know it’s m/m twu wuv when… I’m all hot and bothered at the sight of two men lovin’ each other up like there’s no tomorrow…yeah, that pretty much does it for me every time.

15. What trope or theme are you heartily sick of in m/m romance? Still to fresh to the genre to get heartily sick of anything…

16. If you could choose any 3 characters for an m/m/m who would they be? Daemon (Black Jewel trilogy) Raphael (Guild Hunter series Nalini Singh) and Belliard (Tairen Soul series C.L. Wilson) I would be in for such good times…*pants a little at the thought*

17. What new GLBTQ release are you most hanging out for right now? I’m still in exploration mode as a M/M reader.

18. What GLBTQ book has completely blown you away this year? Okay, now this is easy and every frequent visitor can chant it with me…Chris Owen – Bareback. Sorry to be so singular minded guys!

19. What do you think we’ll see more of in m/m romance in 2010? I’v to got no idea but I’ll be there researching it with passion!

20. Don’t you agree that author Josh Lanyon should kill off arsehole character Jake Riordan? You do understand I have to find out now who Jake Riordan is don’t ya.

I've got no idea as who to tag so I'll be back with that wisdom later on!

PS: I just tagged ErotRomanceReader, have fun with the meme!

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  1. Bareback is a verra good story. Yes, you must read the Adrien English series by Josh Lanyon. It is all sorts of goodness.

    ps - what a trio you have picked. Hot damn! I don't know if Bel could stand up to Daemon and Raphael - or maybe that is the point? :)

  2. is that strange that now i feel the need to read Chris Owen’s BAREBACK? I've neeeeeeever read any m/m book strictly speaking, i do need to change that. I'm now trying to decide where to start!

  3. Great responses! I too began reading M/M last spring and love it.



  4. I've read m/m for a few years now & am so glad to find other readers love these stories as much as I do. I used to feel so alone LOL. Not anymore. Very cool.

  5. You know. Ya'll make me feel like a little catholic virgin prude. LMAO. Its that guilt the nuns instilled - I'm tellin' ya! I kept on looking over my shoulder when I was reading the Anita Blake series - thought someone was gonna jump out and say "AH! Caught ya slut!" - Parajunkee

  6. Great answers Leontine! Ok I feel like I am one of the few who have not tried out m/m stories... but I think if I have to lose my virginity to this genre I will start with Bareback by Chris Owen, I really liked your review of that one.

  7. I have still not lost my MM virginity, but perhaps one day ;)

  8. Raphael and Belliard, Heresay Leontine, Heresay... never in a million year will that happen..

    Loving your answers hon...

    Tor and Jake are must read when it comes to man loving... I remember a few years ago when I read it, I thought if I ever wrote - this is the book I would have liked to have written...

    Did you read the following up and the other short stories attached to Bareback...


  9. "As some on twitter might’ve read I bought a grand total of 14 paperbacks and 1 TPB on Tuesday. I did the damage in one day…one!"

    *bows down* I'm in awe.

    Bareback was very good, although I was completely devastated when... THAT... happened. Completely.

    Leontine, I think you've singlehandedly managed to convert a number of readers to the m/m cause. *salutes* Your work here is done!

    Thanks for playing. :)

  10. Loved to read your answers. Gosh, girl, ya sure got me hot and bothered for Bareback now!!!
    Once you have that e-reader I can recommend 'A Helping Hand' by Shayla Kersten (Ellora's Cave) and the rest of that series... it's not in print yet, so the more reason to write Santa a sweet letter :)

  11. Leontine you go girl with your meming.

  12. Great meme Leontine! Need to check into this Bareback. :)

  13. Sorry to have been AWOL guys....sickness, god twins and preparing blog for x-mas has taken up all my time but I'm here again!

    @Mandi - Bel will hold his own, I just know it. And besides...they all luuuuurve me, they wantz to please me, they wantz to sex me up and with that they will play nice...*my devilhornies are growing* mwwwuuaahahahahaha

    @Pattepoilue - Girl, I'm thinking on organizing a Bareback tour. It is one of the books that rocked my 2009 reading year.

    @MsM - Hi there....spring I tell ya, the birds and the bees to something to a gals need for M/M ;)

    @Stacy - You're a dinosaur in the genre...go you! Haven't met many of those yet *wink*

    @Parajunkee - Catholics and guilt...yeah, there's an inner hussy in all of us girl! So the truth shall set you free...flash your M/M preference proud!

    @Marissa - Hon, you know you can take the genre! Have a ball with your first M/M novel ;)

    @Blodeuedd - One day...that's all we're saying, one day!

  14. @EH - Well in my fantasy it all works out between the three of them *grin* And yes, i read the short stories of Tor and Jack too. Just a quick taste and it tied me over between bareback and Natural Disaster.

    @Kris - Oh I know exactly what moment you're talking about in Bareback and I felt it to the core of my heart.

    @ErotRomanceReader - The e-reader will get here...just don't know exactly when LOL. We'll be talking e-books by then!

    @Smokinhotbooks - I loved doing the meme!

    @FictionVixen - I really hope you do FV, it is one of those books that stand out in the genre IMO, that is ;)


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