03 November 2009

Monthly Show And Tell: October

I have been dabbling with various formats on how to monthly sum things up on my blog and think I have found it *go me*

I will start with my Mail Box, the mailman is a tricky creature who does not always appear on a frequent basis for a weekly meme, so I decided to make it a monthly one. My addiction was in denial when I thought I didn’t receive that many books. Here goes:

The books I’ve bought:

- Meredith Duran – Bound By Your Touch

- Ilona Andrews – On The Edge

- Sherrilyn Kenyon – Born The Night (review will be up soon)

- Ann Aguirre – Blue Diablo

- Joey W Hill – A Witch’s Beauty (review will be up soon)

- J.R. Ward – Covet

- Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol

- Elizabeth Lowell – Moving Target (apparently this is a contemporary suspense story about Eric, a secondary character from Lowell’s Medieval series)

- Kresley Cole/Gena Showalter – Deep Kiss Of Winter

- C.L. Wilson – Queen Of Song And Souls (review will be up soon)

The Books I’ve won or received from author:

- Charlotte Featherstone – Addicted *woohoo*

- Linda Howard – Mackenzie’s Legacy (I won this at Blanche’s place)

- Ann Marsh – The Hunt

- Cindy Miles – Thirteen Chances / MacGowans Ghost (I’ve won this over at JennJ blog)

- Judi Fennel – Wild Blue Under (I had my first jelly bean experience over at Hawk’s blog and won this book)

- Megan Hart – Pleasure And Purpose

- Chloe Neill – Some Girls Bite (I got lucky at Mandi’s place)

Wow, I've had lady luck on my side this month, what a list 0-0

Received for review:

- Keri Arthur – Bound By Shadows

- Stephanie Laurens – The Untamed Bride

I got everything shelved – which is a challenge all on its own these days – and of course looking forward to reading each of them…someday.

The books that I have read and reviewed in the October month:

 It was good reading weather here in the Netherlands, not that I need it to read but it provides nice backdrop.

Though I have read and reviewed them earlier I placed them on my blog again:

- Anne Bishop – Daughter Of Blood / Heir To The Shadows / Queen of The Darkness / Dreams Made Flesh

Actually read and reviewed in October:

- Lilli Feisty – Bound By Pleasure

- Ava Gray - Skin Game

- Joey W Hill – A Witch’s Beauty (review will be placed soon)

- Sherrilyn Kenyon – Born Of Night (review will be placed soon)

- Geoffrey Knight – Fanthom’s Five: A Cross of Sins (review will be placed soon)

I’m shocked…that isn’t all that much reading and reviewing. What have I been doing this month!!?? *Makes mental note…read and review more*

Okay…and now for some other Book Realm News:

*insert news jingle*

On October 16th Leontine’s Book Realm got a surprise visit from, oh yes, the woman we all envy, the woman who has all the juicy tidbits on the Black Dagger Brotherhood, she who knows them all, J.R. Ward. Can you imagine the shock I got when her comment notification dropped in my e-mail box regarding my top 16 in honor of Kathleen Winsor *gasp*

In extension of that, there’s more news on the front of the BDB; Via a post of Mandi, Patti from Sleepless In New Orleans created some awesome Team Qhuay buttons. Check out the Qhuay hotness here.

This month our undercover reporter also revealed a secret society of Smutty Researchers. These women have no problem investigating all things considered “smutty” and to the reporters utter shock, they are flaunting it now. The degradation of today’s society as we know it has reached another ultimate low-point! Still, if you want to join this depraved society and flaunt your wicked ways…at your own risk - go here to sign up.

In the spirit of the smuttiness I had a guest post over at Cecile about man sandwiches or manwiches. Who would be on either side of you working their mojo? Well, I have got quite a good visual right here:

Wicked minds at play can result in some awesome discussions. Amanda McIntyre had a guest blog up at Amy’s from Romance Book Wyrm and I won a price; the tale UNFORGETTABLE was the result.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

When things couldn’t get more excited over here at Leontine’s Book Realm I also received two awards:

I received this award from Mandi @ Smexy Books

I need to tell 10 honest things about myself:

1. I once fed my sister aspirin as a kid…one right after the other.

2. I rarely lend out my books, I’m just OCD on spine cracks/stains and the “what if” factor drives me nuts.

3. I’m secretly coveting Tor and Jack *Yeehaw*…just had to get it out there, being honest and all that.

4. As a kid I once had the thought during a cab drive that it would be kinda, you know, kewl to end up in a hospital, being in bed all day watching tv and reading. Fifteen minutes later I ran out of the cab, inside an apartment building, I fell on a metal roster and cracked my hip -> result; four days in the hospital.

5. Do you guys know how freaking hard it is to be honest about yourself…or perhaps I am that boring, never thought of that possibility before *hhhmmmm*

6. I don’t do the dishes…I have a childhood/teenager trauma of doing it in rotation; a week long, every three weeks until I left to live with hubby. We ate with 7-8 peeps each night…do you know how big a pile of dishes that was each night??!!

7. I’m at an age where I actually step out the door without any make-up on. Is this the desperate housewife syndrome?

8. I play the game World of Warcraft, courtesy of my brother.

9. I was nine when I was kissed for first time, I was playing hide-and-seek, he and I were hiding under the bed of my sister, this to her undying shame. So of course it is something I still have to hear every now and again.

10. I will confess to 15 grey hairs and I have struck a bargain with my body…there will be NO more than that!

Few, got that out of the way! Now for another fabulous award I received from Jenn at Sapphire Romance Realm is the RSS Hunk Award *grin*

We have one more award to give away tonight this one is a brand new Award here at SRR and it is being awarded to two wonderful ladies' who's blogs I like to visit not only for great romance book fun but for their tireless effort in sharing some amazingly hot hunks with us all to brighten up our days. These two ladies I hope will enjoy this little token of my gratitude for making each visit to their place so much fun on a daily basis!

The post is high on male eye candy and i sat in front of pc with a grin from ear to ear! Thanks Jenn!!

Now for my last but one of my favorite topics, covers. I've been around blogsphere and via Twitter and picked me up some of the good stuff. One man who has become a source for those covers is Doug at SciFiGuy, looking forward to that cover-vid Doug!!

Cover Gallery:

Doug from SciFiGuy.ca is fast becoming a supplier of fabulous covers. I discovered Kat MacAlister's cover of Love In The Time Of Dragons, my imagination went in to overdrive at seeing the tat, aren't they uber cool?

Via Twitter I received the announcement of Lauren Dane that she received her cover for Insatiable. The female catcalls where ringing around the world I tell ya! To my frustration I couldn't see the cover via IE8 but that was remedied in ten minutes as Susi Sunshine worked her magic. It was the longest ten minutes of that day...but look at the hawt body. PS: I am working on January's Beefcake Night for Brody. Yes ladies, he is coming, the man from the upcoming release of Lauren Dane; Coming Undone *woohoo*

At Katiebabs this week I stumbled on to a surprise, the next release of Lucy Monroe in her Moon Children series; Moon Craving. Love the bold colors and of course the man in a kilt with a tat isn't hard on the eyes either!

If there is one book that made all the bells and whistles go off than it is the release of Jill Myles in December; Gentleman Prefer Succubi. The cover caught my undivided attention but the blurb got my super excited :)

Until the next months Show And Tell, take care!

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  1. Yay, I am first this time!!!!! LMAO!
    Girl, you have been some busy this month!! Wow... and that book list you got going on... Looks like a the shopping list of my dreams! =)
    I hope you had a great night and a wonderful day today!!!!

    Oh and ps... We are loving up the Beefcake preview this month... Yummmeeeeiness!!!!!

  2. Hi,
    I love your wrap up post! You had a great month. I love the SRR Hunk Award, very clever :o)

  3. @Cecile - ROFL, Hi hon...I was typing up my acquired books and thought WOW, I bought as much as I won, verra good month for me!

    And I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself with this Beefcake month, loved the fact that Daegan and Bran joined in for a bit of fun.

    @Randi - The award is going to be proudly displayed on my award mantle...have to make it first though!

  4. **oh my head,puts sunglasses on**I knew I'd have a beefcake hangover**LOL

    you got quite the haul this month. And those covers are yummy!! I'm waiting for my copy of Bound by Shadows to hurry up and get here.I can't wait to read it.

    I'm looking forward to more Beefcake Preview Nights..just give some time to recuperate ;)

  5. ...I am in love with the guy on McAlisters Cover, mmmm

  6. Good lord your October month was busy. Oo la la the tattoo so sexy on Katie MaCaliste book.

  7. Nice wrap-up. You have some good books coming to you :)

    ps - I secretly covet Tor and Jack too!!

  8. Great set of books!

    BTW - remember my self-imposed book-buying ban? Yeah...that lasted until this evening. When I read your tweets to Marissa about Lauren Dane, I looked up your review of 'Laid Bare'. Then I checked it out on Amazon.de, saw Susi Sunshine had reviewed it there, and the rest is 1-click shopping history.

  9. @Elaing8 - Girl, I am curious to read that one too.

    @KB - man titty and strong flexing backs really are my two triggers for falling in lust with a cover these days...owh an my no.1 with golden star...a hawt tattoo ;)

    @Blodeuedd - When I stumbled on to that cover via SciFiGuy I was in utter cover bliss. I think I had all these hearts floating around me LOL

    @Smokinhotbooks - Yeah and for some reason I didn't spent quite so much time on reading...going to try and remedie this in November!

    @Mandi - Those shower scenes alone make me want to sneak in and join Tor & Jack.

    @SarahT - With a self-imposed book-buying ban you want to try and avoid twitter or blogs. Better yet...no entry to a virtual world at all *grin*

  10. Leontine,

    Wonderful wrap up post. :)

    When I was a kid I fed my sister chocolate Ex-Lax - which is a laxative - I told her it was candy.

    Have a wonderful day.


  11. It looks like you had a great month all the way around! I really liked Bound By Your Touch-hope you enjoy it.

  12. Why do you do that to me? Every time someone puts the Insatiable cover up my brain is out of function for at least 5 minutes. And who am I to deny someone the pleasure of seeing that wonderful gorgeous cover....
    ..ok I'm here again.
    I haven't read/reviewed much in October either. Don't know what's wrong with this month?
    Great post!

  13. Love your monthly wrap up and of course the cover gallery ;)

  14. Looks like some really great reads in store for you my friend! I look forward to hearing your reviews on these! ;) I hope you have a wonderful time with the family!!! HUGS

  15. hey Girl..

    I like this format alot - everything nice and easy to find..

    Firstly - nice haul around the net...

    Love your cover preview as well...



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