30 November 2009

Show And Tell; November

The month November went by in a blink of an eye, really can those months go by any faster? I promised myself I would read more and I did but not as much as I would’ve liked and hoped for. My hubby is counting the weeks until his four week-long winter break and I’m counting with him. I’m thankful he has plans because otherwise by the time we reach week four I would be counting the days until he goes back to work again! Anyway, let’s kick this Show and Tell off with how good the mailman was to me this month. Speaking of the mailman, I had a first this month, normally I have three different mailmen who deliver but this month I got postie from a new service and a new mailman…

Let me tell ya I could barely refrain my mouth from dropping as I saw the personality walking up to my door. He was dressed in knee high leather boots with a 4 inch heel. Long flowing dark brown hair, his face was artistically made up with eyeliner, powder, lipstick, mascara, the whole shebang, his nails were a gothic black, he got a long leather overcoat and skin tight jeans. As I was seeing him/her (drag queen??) strut on those 4 inch heel boots all I could think of was; “Damn, now why can’t I strut on heels like that?” Anyway, he stopped, gave me a bright smile and said: “Someone is in for a few nights reading, enjoy it!” I could only smile back and say that I will.

Of course he wasn’t the only one who brought me books, here's the loot of November:

Sherrilyn Kenyon – Born of Fire ( Syn!!! I really look forward to reading this one!)

Patricia Briggs – Dragonblood and Dragon Bones ( SarahT pimped them out good and I clicked the buy button faster than lightning can strike)

Nalini Singh – Blaze Of memory (The moment this book hit my mailbox I read it – review)

Anna Campbell – Captive Of Sin (I love the historicals of this author)

Erica Hayes – Shadowfae (I read an excerpt and was sold at the spot, one of those books I really crave to read)

Diana Gabaldon – The Outlander (I entered The outlander reading challenge and this is the first book I need to read)

Stephanie Tyler – Hard To Hold (Pearl has a monstrous rave review on her blog)

Joey W Hill – The Vampire Queen’s Servant / The Mark Of The Vampire Queen & A Mermaid’s Ransom (My precious *drool*)

The Books I’ve won:

Donna Grant – Mutual Desire (at author’s blog)

Jane Odiwe – Willoghby’s Return (won at Mandi – Smexybooks)

The books I’ve read and reviewed in November;

Anthology – A Highlander Christmas (Sophie Renwick – Dawn Halliday & Cindy Miles)

ROOB ARC; Clare Willis – Once Bitten

C.L. Wilson – Queen Of Song And Souls

Erastes – Transgression

Keri Arthur – Bound By Shadows

Nalini Singh – Blaze Of Memory

Why do I hear the soundtrack of the movie Never Ending Story bleating in my mind *sigh* At least it was more than the month October ;)

And now for some more Book Realm news:

*Insert jingle here*

Leontine: Today at Book Realm a joyous occasion occurred that needs to be shared first and foremost. I can proudly say I have become the godmother of Roy; 2285 grams and 47 centimeters, and Mandi; 2280 grams and 46 centimeters. Sister-in-law did a great job and is currently resting so proud brother-in-law called me up to tell the news. I can’t wait to see SIL/BIL and new niece and nephew, I don’t know if they will allow me to post pics but if they do I will introduce you all with visuals!

Reporter; Now on to other news. On November 20th Leontine celebrated her 20th anniversary of reading in the romance genre and her one year anniversary of this blog. Her mind is forever corrupted by visuals of peeps having hot and heavy sex, she has survived more adventures alongside the H/H of the stories then she can remember and has met various mythical species. Is she ready to call it quits? I quote: Leontine; “Hell no, with a TBR pile of hundreds I am a more voracious reader of the romance genre then ever!”

We found proof on her statement with the evidence of two new challenges; The outlander Reading Challenge from JennJ and the Erotica Romance challenge from Erotic Horizon. For more info on that, click here.

Now our undercover reporter has some juicy news to share about a M/M meme. 007 over to you. Hello, listeners of all things secret and forbidden, 007 checking in with the monthly undercover report. I have stumbled on to a large group of M/M reading hussies trying to convert the innocent. You have heard me, it is true, I have investigated it thoroughly but apparently these M/M hussies have been spewing their propaganda via an M/M meme about all that is hawt regarding male/male smut and romance *shudders in abhor* I have followed the trail back to the instigator of it and revealing this class A M/M felon here before you today;

It is Kris from Kris ‘N’ Good Books

Statements have been made by several figures who cry to the Virgins to go in hiding for these hussies are relentless, have no morals and once infected you’re lost to the greater good called literature! As more news will come in I will report again. This is 007, signing out.

Leontine’s Book Realm also received some more award love as no less than three peeps(LarissaCecile & Jaymzangle) awarded her the Kick-Ass Blog award.

Larissa’s kick ass award

I decided to create and give and Award to some Blogs I think are truly Kick-Ass...

The Rules;

• Accept this award, add the badge above and post about it on your blog with the name (link) of the person who granted it to you.

• Name 5 Blogs you think are Kick-Ass and write why. Don't forget to let them know that you have Awarded them.

Though I couldn't come up with 5 these are my choices:

I’ve recently found a fellow country girl who reads smut, is a voracious reader and has so much eye candy on her blog I’m in a perpetual state of feminine bliss. In my opinion that is so kick-ass! Meet and greet ErotRomanceReader here.

H.A.W.K – because she has the best weekend posts that make me go out on a mission to steal a summoning book from Cecile, or where I had my first jelly bean taste from and she has the coolest contests ever. They are a challenge all on its own. And did I mention she is all round wicked fun, IMO that is kick-ass!

JennJ – Because she has wonderful interviews, always fun to chat with and who set up a great challenge with fabulous badges. They will be badges of accomplishment, her heart for the genre is just kick-ass!

Next to all this uber-kewl kick-ass awards Kindle Vixen gave Leontine’s Book Realm the One Lovely Blog award.

Now it is time to reveal a new feature here at Leontine’s Book Realm titled; From The Netherlands, with love.

Because Leontine always love to see where people live, what their culture is all about and how they experience it all, she is going to give you the Dutch side of her life and she’s going to kick off with an item on “Sinterklaas” A national holiday for the kids on December 5th.

Now that November has come and gone Leontine’s Book Realm has been revamped for the holiday season and we are ready for December’s Beefcake night which is all about Joey W Hill’s Dante from A Mermaid’s Ransom.

Now I’m going to leave you all to enjoy the Cover gallery!

Untill next month’s Show And Tell, take care :)
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  1. Congrats Auntie! Spoil those kids!

    Looks like you had a great book and award month!

    I am all ready for Sinterklaas, all presents are bought, so no Sinterklaas stress!


  2. Congrats on becoming a Godmother! It looks like you got a lot of good books this month. :)

  3. Hey Auntie Leontine - and twins at that... all the best to mum..

    Your mailman does sound so much funnier than mine - all I get is some old hasbin who coffe stains all my letters and after looking at my packages is thinking "yup, another vibrator packing hussy" I hate him..

    Anyhow - great haul this month...I did pick up a Laura Griffith tip from Pearl's blog as well... she is the pimptress of my month...

    M/M reading hussies

    I blame it all on Kris as well - I have two virgins to deflower this month... so if you hear screaming on your side - it's only me giving it to them... LOL..

    I am so dying for this year to be over - I am absolutey ready for 2010...

    Have agret week hon..

    Happy Yuletide Month --

  4. Umm Auntie Leo, can I believe in Santa again...especially with Abs like that. I don't even mind if he gets a sooty from the fireplace.

  5. @Marissa - I've seen the mailman regularly ;) and I'm so "last moment" with Sinterklaas shopping. This is something I will do tonight...really!

    @A Buckeye Girl Reads - Thanks, though SIL & BIL are the proud parents I really like being an aunt and now as a godmother I can have some extra time with them.

    @EH - I will give your best wishes to SIL, they are going from 1 to 3 kids all at once. Thankfully she can keep a cool head. As for your mailman, yeah, I had such a perv too once upon a time. If looks could've killed he would be 6ft under. He and I couldn't see eye to eye but then he wrecked it after tossing a Amazon package through the kitchen window, right on top of the dogs water bowl. I was livid...

    Regarding M/M hussies, let's do it like the old days EH...where the whole tribe comes to watch the deflowering *grin*

    I have a few more reads in December which I am looking forward to but then 2010 here I come!

  6. @ParaJunkee - Yes you can believe in him again, he is a Santa for 18 years and older ;) All he asks is; Have you been naughty, or have you been nice?

  7. I knew there was a reason I like you.. Public deflowering...

    I'll bring the suggestion to the table - if you not only hear screams but bloody murder as well - you will know how that suggestion went down..

    You kill me with that one - public deflowering - indeed!!!!


  8. Looks like you had a stellar month. Congrats on becoming a godmother! :) Love your new holiday look. xoxo

  9. Congratulations Godmother - best wishes to the happy family!

    You were serious about your mailman?

    Nice book choices, I'm waiting on some Joey Hill too - can't wait to start the vampire series. Congratulations on your well-deserved awards and have fun with your hubby during his vacation!

  10. Oh, and I forgot to add I love your holiday header! rawr!!

  11. @EH - it has been fairy quiet up till now *grin*

    @Fiction Vixen - Glad you like the look and thanks for the congratz ;)

    @Patti - Yeah I'm serious about the mailman, he was quite the character! I can't wait to sample Joey W Hills Vampire series, much to read ;) And glad you like the banner he got to my wild side too.

  12. I've been NICE NICE NICE LOL.

    I gave you an award BTW! Check it on on my bloggy home - Right Here

  13. Congrats Tante Leontine :)
    and congrats on the kiss-ass award.

    You got some great books this month. Love those covers.

    Looking forward to the next Beefcake Night :D ** doing stretches,getting ready for the night**LOL.I'm getting quite the workout between the beefcake boys and Cecile's boys :)**drinking lots of fluids**:)

  14. Yayayay Congrats to sister in law for the twins!!! My wishes, prayers and blessings go to the family... may Mommy and babies be healthy and happy!!! And congrats to the Godparent!!!! I know you are thrilled!!!

    And your post, girl you rock!! First, I can not believe your mail carrier. I have just a plain jane/john person. No uniforms, nothing. To see something like that, I would probably die! =)

    Okay... now you all want to witness my deflowering, you are wicked I tell you... wicked!!! And screams -->> EH... screams... I am getting a little nervous!!!! Public deflowering... Welll... only if I am promised some super duper freaking hawt men to drool and pet after!!!!!!!

  15. I forgot to say... like your new banner... Puts in my the Giving mood alright!!!
    And you already know that I love me some Joey W Hill!!! Vampire series is great! Her writing is awesome!
    Hope your Monday is going great honey!

  16. @ParaJunkey - I'm coming over to your side of blogoverse but are you freaking kidding me!! 32 questions with one word answers girl that is torture for me TORTURE. I'm a longwinded peep, I don't do short...evah! Just when I thought you were truly nice you reveal your devilish side! *grin*

    @Elaing8 - Hon you're a pro, I don't have to warn you for anything, you know how to prep for a Beefcake night ;)

    @Cecile - Okay, EH kept the identity of her 2 virgins a secret but *wicked grin* now I know one mmwwuuahahahaha. EH the deflowering of this grasshopper is going to be quite a spectacle!!

    Next time I'm going to ask mailman if he wants to pose for a photo LOL Thanks for the prayers and well wishes hon.

  17. Congrats Auntie on becoming a godmother. When they are older you can show 'em your books!

  18. Leontine.... -->>EH kept the identity of her 2 virgins a secret but *wicked grin* now I know one mmwwuuahahahaha--<< You knew I was one of them... You wicked woman!

    Oh... a spectacle... ***starting to get a very bit nervous*** I will save the other virgins... I will take the stand and be the first public deflowering of a m/m virgin... Don't worry girls, I will NOT give your identity away... Never!!!

  19. Hi tante, congrats on the twins! And on your award!! And thanks so much for nominating me!

    Your books look awsome and I'm considering moving to your city or village just for your mailman!! Although I must say I would miss my own cutie (who always rings the bell even if the package fits in the mailbox). He's a sweet young fella!

    You're all in the mood for the Holidays already. Love it. Good luck with your Sinterklaas shopping tonight!! I know you'll need it with all the other last minute shoppers flooding the shops!

    Btw I did the M/M meme you tagged me with today!

    Hugs, J.

  20. Oh hon what wonderful news Huge Congrats on your being a Godmother!!! There is nothing closer to Heaven on earth than a baby. :)

    And thank you so so much for the wonderful award! I'm so humbled that you like my blog. I'm so blessed to have met so many wonderful people through it already and you are one of the best!!! And I'm not just saying that because you gave me the great award either. You are an awesome lady! (((BIG HUGS and many many thanks)))

  21. @Smokinghotbooks - I've got no idea if my niece will take to reading but it will be a great thing to share ;)

    @Cecile - Now that you mention it, I suddenly recall your M/M meme, I blame it on the monday feeling that I forgot ;) Hhhmmm, you think EH will also flash proof of your deflowering *wink*

    @ErotRomanceReader - Off to read your M/M meme in a bit. Marissa gave me the tip to do some online Sinterklaas shopping so I'm doing that. I remember one time I went shopping for niece and nephews in the City and it was my nightmare come true. Horror, HORROR!!!

    @JennJ - Awh *hugs back* I can't wait to talk all thing Jamie and Claire with you!

  22. No Ma'am...

    This officer cannot comply with that request....

    All I am responsible for is deflowering the two hussies in question... not showing the bed sheets...

    Thank you ma'am...


  23. OMG...why can't I have a postman like THAT! (((Mouth open to the floor while reading this)))
    OMG...does he have a name? Will he come back???

    Cecile! HUNT HIM DOWN! You're no longer being punished...go get him and bring him home!

    All kidding aside -Leontine...this award is awesome. I can't believe you've HONORED me with such a fab award. And you said such sweet things about me blog! xoxo

    I adore you!

  24. *faints from man titty cover overload* First time I've seen the Dark Embers cover. WOW ripped man there!

  25. @Erotic Horizon - Crap no proof such a Lady you are! Well, in that case...

    @Cecile, then I want you to give us a very very detailed report on how you fared in your deflowering.

    @Hawk - You're welcome! I wrote this post this morning but you so came through on the contest again ;) and yes, really, the post man is real! If he ever shows up I'll ask him if I can take a picture in the spirit of; Show of my mailman blogtopic LOL

    @KB - Yeah I was pleasantly surprised there and the story is about dragon shapeshifters, not something new but a major trigger for me :) Enjoy the mann titty!

  26. Congrats on the awards hun =)))

    and a million congrates on becoming an auntie.... that is sooooooooo awesome =)))


  27. Online Sinterklaas shopping! You're a very smart woman indeed!!

    Now about this deflowering of Cecile... LOL... She came to my place all crying and afraid ;) I have to ask you: please be gentle with her. You can't use your Dutch methods on her... you know that, don't ya? Us Dutch girls are tough, I know, but those gals from overseas are carved from a different kind of wood (as a Dutch saying goes ;))... So don't make her scream, okay?

    I took a better look at your cover gallery now... and... yummie... I nearly OD'ed on the edible abs and pecs!! Very good bed time material :)

  28. Yay a Godmother - I must say they chose an excellent name for one of the twins ;)

    I am guilty of spreading my m/m hussieness to people....I can't help it..don't try to stop me!!

  29. November was a verra good month for you.

    Wonderful news on being auntie to twins! Will you set an age limit before you start to babysit? Say after the diaper stage? LOL!'Cos that's a lot of dirty diapers. ;)

    Now, I'm going to stay here awhile just stare at those covers. Gorgeous!

  30. @Larissa - Thanks girl, I look forward to my first cuddle and smooch session with the twin ;)

    @Janna - Marissa made me a smart shopping woman. I ranted at her that kiddy shopping was not the easiest task for me and she shared that pearl of wisdom with me ;)

    As to Cecile, I hope she knows I'm yanking her chain and I just had to tease her a bit but she's got spine, she knows how to strut her smut *wink*

    @Mandi - I like the names too ;) And of course you can't help yourself in spreading your m/m husiness...it's a sledgehammer, it pulverizes any obstacle on it s way LOL

    @Donna - Yeah, I was lovin' the covers as i placed them in the gallery....5 minutes went by in my just staring dreamy eyed at the covers ;) I don't mind diapers, perhaps when you have to change it every day for years but for my it is just an occasional hazard that comes along with the territory LOL

  31. I have no comment other than my lawyer is currently investigating the case for defamation of character with these wild accusations of deflowering readers.

  32. @Kris - From what I've heard the deflowering of the M/M virgins around blogoverse is something they look forward too ;) And who wouldn't with so many smutty stories about great male couples :D

  33. I want to clear the air about my deflowering, lol... While I have not read them yet... I have bought a few books... But Erotic Horizon is holding my hand and directing me into the world of manlove... She wants me to enjoy my "cherry popping."
    Thank you Leontine... I take pride in struting my smutty hussy a$$. And this is a new avenue for me to go down... and see how smutty I can get.
    You girls are too much, lmao!!!
    But for those of you who are still virgins, know that I am here for you!!! =) And for those who are lovers already... Well, I am here to say "make way for a new smutty girl!"

  34. LMAO!!! Woot that's some mailman - I mean mailgirl - I mean mailmangirl you got there???? ;)

    Congrats on the safe and healthy birth of your niece and nephew. Very cool.

    Love the cover gallery. Gawd! I'm still so in love Meljean Brook's DEMON BLOOD. Stunning!

    ;) VFG

  35. @Cecile - I'm making way for you YAY

    @VFG - Yeah I love the gallery and love the wings from DEMON BLOOD. I'm going this weekend for a smooch session with the twin ;)

  36. Oh yay, you are making way for me!! Thanks honey, cuz you know I take pride in what I do!!! LMAO~ They don't call me Smutty Hussy for nothing, lol!!!
    Hope you had a great day/night honey!!


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