07 December 2009

Beefcake Preview Club Night: Dante

I am descending to the Underworld to have a one on one with Dante…the Club was not his setting and I really am eager to get in to his mind. I wonder if I’ll meet Lucifer…hhmmmm.

Getting my diving gear ready because I’m a mere human with no other form then my human one. I take the plunge in the sea and I’m surrounded by a beautiful turquoise blue water world and I’m praying to my guardian angel I will not encounter any sharks. Not the small ones and most definitely not the big ones. Faintly hearing Jaws theme in my head but pushes it back and I try to enjoy the ride down to the cave where there's a possibility for me to slip in to the Underworld.

Suddenly I go cold, then hot, then cold again and I hear a voice in my head to turn back. A commanding voice and it scares the crap outta me. He says it one more time; Go.Back.Now.Female. “But, but, I…”

"I am not someone to play with! Go to the beach and find Dante there.” So I swim back to the boat, not daring to disobey this voice and we head out to the beach, there is where I see a figure and I meet up with Dante.

Dante, can you give us some details regarding yourself and your story, in short; what can we expect?

I was born in the Dark One world, a terrible, desolate place where only violence and survival matter. My mother was a vampire captive, making me Dark Spawn, a half breed. For sixty-some years, I endured brutality at the claws of the Dark Ones and built up sorcery skills to contrive a way to escape that world. A seawitch had visited my world once, twenty years ago, and showed me there might be a way, but she left. However, I figured out how to cross the barrier between our worlds, enter the dreams of her goddaughter and yank her physical form into my world. That is when I met Alexis. I did that terrible thing, ransoming her for my freedom, but Alexis ended up helping me come to her world. We have been together since, as she has tried to help me adjust to a place beyond anything I’ve ever known.

I do not know how your readers will feel about me. I have looked at your site and I am not sure if I am heroic in the way many of your past guests have been, but Alexis says I am her hero. I am never quite sure how to respond when she says things like that, but I am glad she feels that way.

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Author website

Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Berkley Trade (December 1, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0425230686
ISBN-13: 978-0425230688

Cover summary;
A story of two lovers who could not be more different.

Daughter to an angel and a mermaid, Alexis has grown up in peaceful waters. So when her nightmares begin, the mer-angel has little idea what to make of them. In her dream is the loneliest man Alexis has ever met-and she's strangely drawn to him. Until the night her dream comes true...

Born of a vampire and a Dark One, Dante only knows brutality. And although he's the leader of the underworld, he longs to escape it. How better than to hold for ransom the Prime Legion Commander's daughter? But there's one thing Dante never planned on-the way Alexis steals his heart.

General Profile:

• Name:

The name I chose for myself is Dante. My vampire mother did not name me, because she bore me in captivity, in the Dark One world.

• Age:

Sixty something – Time is not measured in the Dark One world the way it is measured here, so when I finally came to your world, I could only estimate.

• Length:

Hmm. If this means what I think it means, Alexis says I am more than adequate for her needs. (<- seriously, I need to change that word to height guys LOL)

• Hair:

Long black hair. I have been told my mother had Native American blood, and that it looks much like that of her people.

• Eyes:

Dark brown, almost black. When I am angry, they turn red, an inherited feature from my Dark One sire.

• Body build:

I am over six feet, and the life I have led makes me muscular and yet lean. Of course, being part-vampire, I do not have to have defined musculature to be stronger than most of the human race, but Alexis seems to like the way my body looks.

• Color wings:

 No wings. I am part vampire. Alexis has beautiful wings, however, because she is a merangel, though most of the time she is in her human form. However, when she swims in the ocean, she sometimes pulls out several of her feathers and weaves them into my hair.

• What is the one thing you have on you at all times?

I agreed to wear a collar bespelled by the seawitch, Mina, that supposedly keeps me from causing harm to supposed innocents, though in reality it only causes me extreme pain if I do so. Pain is not a deterrent to me if I believe Alexis is in danger. However, I agreed to do this for Alexis, because it was the only way I was allowed to stay with her and let her teach me about her world. She explained that, because so much of human behavior is unknown to me, I might accidentally harm an innocent because I do not understand their ways.

• Personal turn on?

I asked her to explain what this meant, and it made her blush. She explained it to me, however, and then escaped before I could decide to cut this interview short and make her blush further. There is nothing about Alexis that doesn’t arouse me. I don’t think that differs from most males (growl). However, having lived in a world where there was no softness, nothing gentle, I will admit--though I fear it is a weakness--that it is the touch of her hands on any part of me that mesmerizes me. She is always so tender, even in her passion. Her body so pliant beneath me when I take her, the silky smoothness of her thigh sliding along the back of mine, the way her hands clutch into my shoulders, digging in like a kitten’s claws... Then there is the way she strokes my hair when she thinks I am asleep, or curves her body into mine when she slumbers. I never stop wanting her, that gentle surrender she gives me.

• What do you do to relax?

Alexis has told me I don’t really understand relaxing yet. She says I am always on guard and watchful, but she says the closest I come to “relaxing” is when I create things. I have discovered clay and paint and wire, and she seems amused when I spend hours making things with them. She says she will have to move out of her apartment soon, because my creations are taking over. I have told her I will simply dismantle them, but she refuses, and her mother, Anna agrees. She’s taken quite a few of them to her cottage. I have decided females often don’t make sense.

Dante 101:

• Does your Dark One side ever come in to conflict with your Vampire side and what do you need to do to keep sane?

As much as I am reluctant to admit it, the seawitch has helped me with this, since she is Dark Spawn as I am, only her non-Dark One half is merperson. Vampires are normally very aggressive, but can exercise what I’ve learned is a conscience or moral compass, reining in their aggressive tendencies to preserve life when they deem it appropriate. My Dark One blood has only one compass point, and that is that I must subdue anyone around me with violence or fear. When the Dark One blood and the Vampire blood are both roused, I am likely to react on violent instinct, with no thought. However, I am working on this. I don’t want Alexis to fear for those she cares about when I am with her. I don’t want her to worry, though I admit at times she tends to protect those that I feel could stand a little violence to improve their manners.

• As a Leader of the Underworld what was the first thing you learned?

I think Lucifer might have an issue with me being called a leader. I stay in the Underworld right now, until I am deemed to be less of a threat to the outside world and have addressed some issues of redemption that I do not wish to discuss. He has begun to show me different aspects of his world and I am assisting with some of the responsibilities down here, but I do not think I am considered a person of authority. Certainly not with this damnable collar on me. But I do...like it here. It is odd that I find this a place of sanctuary, a place that looks, on its face, so much like the hated world I left, but it is different here from the Dark One world. Alexis says it is a good transition place for me, a way to bridge the gap between my two realities.

Also, Lucifer asked me to convey his regard to you, and that he regrets he was otherwise occupied during your visit, but his Lady had need of him. He said it would be his honor to give you a personal tour of the more aesthetically pleasing parts of Hell at another time.

• What is your motto in battle and in life?

For all of my life, it has been to survive at all costs. However, Alexis has taught me that survival may not be the most important thing. I certainly did not expect to be willing to give up my freedom and life for her, but she taught me about feelings...emotions, that I didn’t know existed. Things that seem...Well, that doing without them would be worse than death. So I perhaps do not have a motto right now, unless it is ‘wait and see’.

• What do you consider your personal pros and cons?

I am a sorcerer with fairly formidable skills. I also understand that I am a powerful vampire, for my relatively young age, but once it is determined I no longer need to stay in Lucifer’s Underworld, I will be spending time in the vampire world, with a very old and powerful member of that world, the Lady Lyssa, to learn more about that part of myself. Alexis says there is no electronic device I cannot dismantle and destroy within a matter of moments, in my attempt to understand how it works, but I think she may not consider that a “pro”.

Cons? She says... it occurs to me, that I am defining myself much by Alexis’s opinions of me, but I feel that is best, since I do not have a great capacity for what the seawitch Mina calls “self analysis” yet. She seems to be amused by that at times. This is one of many reasons I don’t like her very much. She is very sharp-tongued, but she cares for Alexis, and that means something to me.

Anyhow, “cons”. According to Alexis, I am impatient. Very impatient. That I believe all conflicts can be resolved with violent action (which I prefer to call appropriate response), and that I need to learn how to use a laundry hamper. She says I tend to get aroused at her presence at inappropriate times, but I am learning to find places, no matter where we are, that meet her puzzling need for privacy.

• What is your favorite place to find solace?

The only place where everything is still is when I am inside Alexis. She is back, and she is blushing again, saying I should not say things that personal, but I’m not used to your ideas of modesty and discretion. I can only say how I feel.

• What does courage entail in your opinion?

You ask a very personal question. Alexis said I should answer all your questions, however, because it will help me to talk about things I don’t want to talk about (have I mentioned that females do not make much sense to me?). In the Dark One world, courage was irrelevant. You either figured out how to survive, or you died, or were tortured by others stronger and more clever than you. It is only in this world I have learned what courage is, and it was not what I expected it to be.

I had to have the courage to trust Alexis, to let her guide me in her unfamiliar world, and that was very hard, because she is so gentle and innocent, so fragile compared to what I knew. But I remembered when I brought her into my world, she showed me what true courage was.

I hurt her. I did things to make her afraid. I was willing to let her die to escape my world. Yet as frightened as she was, facing fear and her own death, she opened her heart to me, tried to guide me. She didn’t see herself as the prisoner in need of help – that was the way she saw me. So when I came here, and she asked for my trust... I could never match her courage, but I must at least honor it by giving her that one thing.

• Who is Alexis through Dante’s eyes?

She is simply everything. The beginning, the end, the reason I am here, the reason I have anything other than desolation. I didn’t know what smiling or laughter was, before her. She takes such joy in life. She works at a local Conservancy with manatees, dolphins and other sea creatures, and likes to swim with them after hours. On some nights, she takes me to a place called a pub, with her friend Clara, and we listen to music. She gets up and she and Clara dance. Sometimes other men try to dance with her, but she always comes back to me when that happens, because she knows I have difficulty with what she calls male territorial issues.

I cannot deny it, because I must have her every night, sometimes two or three times, even if she is exhausted and merely curls her arms and legs around me in half sleep and accepts me into her body. I must reassure myself that she is mine, mark her in a way that any vampire or other creature with the ability to detect these things will know. Her friend Clara has mentioned, with what you call a great deal of humor, that if there was a football field between us, only an idiot would miss the bond between us. But it is still new between us, and I am too accustomed to having what matters taken from me. I will not allow anyone to take her.

At night, she reads to me, or we watch movies she picks out to help me learn more about her world. We go to the community center together and she has me volunteering to help in the craft room with the children there. Everything she does seems to make the people around her happy, and though sometimes I prefer it when it is just the two of us, I admit I can simply be wherever she is, watching her, and be content.

• Who is Dante through Alexis’ eyes?

She says she loves me. I am learning what this means, slowly. It seems to mean that she accepts who I am, wants to help me learn to live in her world, make amends for things I have done. She responds to me physically, such that I can fluster her quite easily, anywhere, at anytime, and I do not understand why that can make her uncomfortable, for when I have her in my arms, am tasting her skin or her sweet mouth, she loses all her inhibitions and gives herself to me fully.

I hope... One day I hope she might see me as she sees her father, Jonah—with complete trust and love, and something I cannot really describe. Perhaps a sense that I will always be there for her, however she needs me, and that I will not fail her because of ignorance or anger.

• Dante, what was the first thing you felt/thought upon meeting Alexis?

I used sorcery to enter her dreams. I wanted to view her as a means to an end only, but found myself drawn to someone so different from anyone I’d known. All creatures in the Dark One world are prey or predator, and all are male, unless a female captive is brought in, and they never lived long, with the exception of my mother, who was vampire. I admit I was quite absorbed with her physically at first, because of this, but there was a puzzling quality to her that made me want to understand her, beyond her role as my captive. She is an empath, so in her dreams, she was able to reach inside of me, read my feelings, and respond to them in a way I didn’t expect.

• Love is…?

I am still learning this for myself. I know how Alexis defines it, and others, but I have come to realize I must have my own definition before I will truly know what it is. But I am certain that when I figure out what it is, Alexis will be at the center of it.

Wooing the ladies with an excerpt:

Background: Dante, our vampire half-breed, eventually comes to our world, and his former captive, Alexis, is now his guide in this new and different world. On an impulse, she’s taken him to a community center where there’s an arts and crafts room. In the Dark One world, he’d created beauty using often macabre and gruesome things, the only things he had to hand, and so she thinks he might like the exercise of creating with more innocuous material, while having a way of observing human behavior where he won’t get into as much trouble. Children are less threatening to him. At this point he can speak in her mind, since he bloodmarked her.

* * * * *
Dante furthers his wooing ~here~

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Beefcake crew:
Sam here with the cocktails for tonight. Aidan is picking up Leontine from the beach, we want her back in time for tonight’s Beefcake night. We heard rumors of her skinny dipping and playing with some angels Alexis introduced her to. Tristan is out stocking up on inventory and on x-mas stuff. He wants the club splattered in dark red and silver. *knock knock*

Jeez, Elaine...Cecile, babes are you going to help us decorate? Babes....? In walks a 6ft 4" tall, muscular man with shaggy auburn hair, a striking face with a day old scruff on his face, piercing blue eyes and sensuous curved lips that would play on a woman's instinct to mark it with a playful bite. He is decked out in Santa boots and red pants. Sam raises his eye brows; Who are you, the Santa stripper Leontine ordered as a joke for the ladies here tonight?

Sam got a mocking grin as an answer, "Man, I'm Nikolai and yes, your boss lady brought me here to bring some x-mas pleasure to her realm."

Sam sighs deeply. "That woman needs to brings us up to speed before dumping a surprise like this on the club. Man, do you know what you’re in for?" Sam looks back with every bit of male confidence. Nikolai looks around the club, "it's about the ladies, dancing, talking, flirting, a bit of drinking and where certain men get to be in the spotlight. Tonight there a half vampire/Dark One hanging out here. I can handle that!"

Sam looks at him and laughs, "perhaps...you'll find out soon enough! He nods at the side door, upstairs third door to the right, that where you can crash if you want too."

And now ladies, the cocktails in honor of Dante;

Vampire’s Kiss
2 oz vodka
1/2 oz dry gin
1/2 oz dry vermouth
1 tbsp Tequila
1 pinch salt
2 oz tomato juice

Hell’s Angel
1 shot vodka
1 shot peach schnapps
1/2 oz orange juice
Pinapple juice
Cranberry juice

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  1. Woo-Hoo here first again

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  2. @Elaing8 - Enjoy digging in Dante's psyche Elaine ;) I had a blast and just now noticed that there's an invitation that Lucifer will let me see some of Hell *shivers in delight* He rially scared the daylights out of me when he first "talked to me"

    And I'm so glad your going to join in decorating the Club. As I'm no good at it I have all these lights, spray snow cann, ornaments, glittery string thingies etc.

  3. It was nice to get to know Dante and Alexis.Love the excerpt too.

    Too bad he couldn't come to the club,we could have really taught him some things :)

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  5. Leonine and Elaine - Alexis explained that Dante is still not really "housebroken" for group gatherings, particularly where there are a lot of alpha males gathered (laughter). He still has some trouble controlling his "incinerate his immediate surroundings" issue if he detects a threat to Alexis...or just generally gets pissed off. Would hate to singe off Nikolai's coat (okay, maybe not - wicked grin) or ignite all of Sam's great drinks (laughter). I have to go work for awhile, but maybe she'll bring him for a short visit later... Keep my Hell's Angel ready, Sam! I'll need it after a few hours of edits!

  6. Hi Ladies, I am here! Sam can I get my cocktail?

    @ Leontine Great interview, Dante sounds/is mmmmm very interesting, need to learn more about him...

    Sammmmmmmmmmm cocktaillll I am thirsty!!

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    **Elaing honey, what have I missed so far??**

    Oh Sam honey, I will have a Hell's Angel! It is has been one of those mornings, lol.

    Leontine, this was a fantastic interview. I am glad that you turned around and decided to go to the beach... that voice would have scared me to death too. And skinny dipping... Oh wait... I am coming.... ***See's Tristan walk in... taking off his coat, on second thought, maybe not... evil gleam in my eye... Eyeing up Tristan***

    Dante seems very immersed with Alexis... I am not going to touch him. That kinda of relationship is awesome!

    **downs the Hell's Angle, Sam honey, I will take a Vampire's Kiss now please - told you it was one of those mornings... I am going to go "help" Tristan pick up the boxes.... We'll be right back, hee hee**

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  8. Oh Elaing... I like the way you think... ""Nikolai tell me about this Xmas pleasure you're offering**evil grin** ;) **takes gulp of drink**"" I am with you on this one....

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  9. Hi Leontine, followed Joey's directions here :) I love Joey's stories, and I think Dante alone will be quite enough to get to my head without the alchohol in those yummy cocktails! And just became a follower, thanks for the chance at the giveaway - Allison (cadnac AT gmail DOT com)

  10. @Elaing8 - With such an ocean, I just couldn't resist. I got hooked on the underwaterworld when reading A WITCH'S BEAUTY...very good scenery ;)

    @Marissa - Hey hon, glad to see you here, isn't Dante just a guy who instantly makes you want to sink your teeth in his story ;)

    @Cecile - Ms. Smutty Hussy YAY you're here too! And I celebrate it every day that i have you as a stalker ROFL

    @Allison - Oh now you're in for it, they guys will want to meet a newbie *grin* I'm glad you came by!

  11. Dante and Alexis may visit? I think we may be too much for him..but we'll tie up and hide Nikolai..did I say that out loud **blushes**I mean hide him away from Dante.


    My glass is empty Sam..I'll have a Vampire’s Kiss or 2..hehe

    Tristan since all the decorations are up,and if I do say so myself,we did a great job,the place is very festive ;) its time to dance.Aidan start up the music
    ***Down's drink**Smooooth
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    I should warn you Tristan I have had a bit**hiccup**to drink,I might get handsy**evil grin**
    Come on ladies...dance.Cecile grab Aidan someone else get Sam.Maybe Leontine can go up and get Nikolai for us ;)After all he has some x-mas pleasure to give :D

  12. Aidan, Tristan, Sam and Nikolai are all behind the bar doing a dance together on the song; Jingle Bells Rcok...

    Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
    Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring
    Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun
    Now the jingle hop has begun

    four guys rocking their body, gyrating their hips in suggestive movements.

    Tristan - Elaingy, one Hell's Angel coming up for you. Cecile, one Vampire's Kiss and Mariss, I'm hooking you up with a Hell's Angel too. Aliison, I'll give you a virgin Vampire's Kiss. That way you can enjoy the flavor without the alcohol making you spin!

  13. @Joey W Hill - Joey...can I call you Joey? I'll save you a seat with a Hell's Angel ready for you. A woman like you needs a bit of pleasure after such hard work! Keep that imagination flowing, Leontine has been making noises of reader's pleasure when she has a book of your in front of her *wink*

  14. Elaing!! Oh honey... I think this is the first beefcake Leontine has had that I am not trying to touch that man... He is in love with his woman, you can see that through his interview...

    I am finally here honey!!! And I am on my fourth drink, I am holding steady here honey!!! LOL!!

    We did a great job putting the decorations out didn't we!!! And Tristan and I even decorated a few things that aren't seen my the nakked (hee hee) eye... lol!!! If you catch my drift... =)

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    Hummm... you guys sure do look Hellalicious dancing back there... ***Cecile sneaks behind the bar.. to tend **Cough cough** bar***

  15. Well, I'm back, and Dante and Alexis did come with me. Dante is presently watching the "boys" dancing behind the bar with a faintly amazed and completely horrified look on his face. We brought Alexis's friend Clara as well, and she's already contemplating jumping up there with them. Alexis is delighted with the decorations.

    In a few moments, I'm sure Alexis will find him a quiet table in the shadows with his back to the wall so he can observe everyone. She's also gotten in the habit of bringing tiny, self-contained craft kits (pom pom animals, origami flowers, popsicle stick castles, etc) with her wherever she goes because he's better if he can do something with his hands (same therapy idea as mass murderers learning to knit in prison - wink). It's self-defense, too, because it keeps him from doing his favorite thing with his hands -putting them on her - and she's a little shy. Though get a Vampire's Kiss in her and she might transform into a merangel for you all (grin). I'm sure the boys would like to stroke her feathers.

    Aidan, I'd be delighted to have you call me Joey, and thanks for having that drink standing by. Did you join Leontine in the skinny dipping, as Elaine suggested?

    Leontine, when you go on that tour with Lucifer, we'll want a full report. Can't tell you how many folks have asked me: "Is Lucifer going to get his own story?!". I think his Lady might have something to say about that (laughter).

    Allison, glad you found your way over! Yep, Dante's a little overwhelming on the senses - drinking can make it better or worse, depending on your perspective! :>

    And Cecile, Alexis appreciates your restraint (wink).

  16. Sam's impulse screams he needs to meet Alexis as in NOW, get her a Vampire Kiss and pray to the gods that be he get's to witness her transformation.

    Sam eyes Dante in the corner...really don't need to piss him off, tred very carefully around his woman. But; oh man, wings...WINGS.

    Sam calmly walks up to Alexis; Can I get you anything?

  17. Hey Sam... I will make a deal with you.. You get Alexis and I will give Dante something to do with his hands... **did I just say that out loud... damn those drinks**
    Smiling very wickedly.... Saunters up to Dante... Eyeing Sam while he fixes Alexis a drink...

    Joey, a girl only has some much restraint... and with alcohol as her fuel.... well....

    **Hello Dante, my name is Cecile... it is a pleasure to meet you***

  18. Joey, here's your Hell's Angel. And wow, you cut right to the chase don't ya *wink* When a beautiful woman is dancing in the surf all delectable wet skin and glistening droplets going to all interesting places I enjoy the scenery for a moment but then I need to join her. So yeah, I went skinny dipping with her.

    Don't know how I'm suposed to feel about discussing this with another woman *wink*

  19. Hey Leontine,
    This sounds like a fantastic book! I can't wait to read it.

    Happy Holidays
    Anna Shah Hoque

  20. Aidan, as an erotic romance author, I'm a trained professional, just like your doctor. You can tell me anything (wicked grin) - I guarantee it will end up in my clinical notes, aka next book (lol)

    Sam, Sam, SAM - do you have a death wish? Didn't I mention the incineration?! Where's the fire extinguisher?

  21. @Joey W Hill - Joey, I really would like that tour, I might need to gulp down some pure courage. He just intrigues me to no end. What is his outlook on life, how does he live, does he live with his Lady or do the live separate lives? So many questions? Does he watch TV or has he got better things to do? Does he bring flowers to kiss and make up with his Lady, how does their relationship work? Again...so many questions ;)

    @Cecile - Cecile be careful girl...Alexis has a godmother who has some awesome wicked powers!

  22. (peering at the specials board, and a smile crossing her face) I think a Vampire's Kiss is the perfect thing for me. Very light on the alcohol, though. If I get tipsy, strange things might start to happen. Not sure if there's enough room for my wingspan without me upsetting the decorations (she gives Sam another smile and a perfectly innocent wink).

  23. Leontine, I am being very careful... If only can help me out to meet Dante it is Sam. He knows he way around a woman (just trust me on that one **Evil wink*

  24. Dante (eyeing Cecile from head to toe and looking more than a little wary about the proper etiquette in this situation) - My name is Dante, and it is...a pleasure to meet you. This is Alexis, my mate. (He looks above his head at silver and red decorations). This reminds me of the Siren Fire Chamber in Hell. It's dark and light together, and filled with strangely mesmerizing female beings. (Glances toward Sam and the other men.) Though it could stand to have a few less men.

  25. Cecile pSSSST - did I mention that Alexis has an odd effect on men? With the exception of Dante, men feel drawn to her (like an angelic bug light), but there's something about her that puts out a "don't touch" vibe like the Virgin Mary. They feel very protective toward her, but don't feel like they can cross that line of personal space to touch her in a...carnal way. She is such a love, though, I bet Sam would only have to ask her, and she'd transform for him (grin). Watch yourself with Dante -he REALLY, REALLY isn't housebroken (wink).

  26. Dante, Sam will take good care of Alexis, you have my word on that.

    The pleasure is all mine. **Eyeing him from head... gulp... to toe... Oh my**

    Why do you take my hand Dante and I will show you some moves that might you might be to show Alexis and get her blood boiling... I promise to be gentle with you... If that is your wish....

  27. Hey Ms. Joey! Thank you for that information about Alexis. I promise I am only trying to be good... This damn alcohol...
    So that is her effects huh... Well, I tried Sam! Sorry!

    **whispers to Sam... all you have to do is ask...**

    Thanks for the warning on Dante, but if I can live through the Queen of Vampires... and others... I am sure (at least with the help of the alcohol) I can do this...

    yourself with Dante -he REALLY, REALLY isn't housebroken (wink).

  28. Leontine, maybe Lucifer will come for an interview one day and answer some of those questions. Not sure he's a TV watcher - he strikes me as the type that, if he does have leisure time hobbies, they're like extreme sports stuff - plunging through the center of the sun and seeing how many feathers get singed, jumping off the edge of the universe, etc (grin). Though he and his Lady have seen so many grandiose and terrible things, it may be that his favorite pastime is just drifting through the skies with Her, engaging in all sorts of sensual meditations together...

    And boy howdy on your warning to Cecile - yeah, you don't want to mess with Mina. She's scarier than Dante, because she's female, and we all know girls are MUCH meaner than males (laughter)

  29. Yea, women are a hellva lot meaner than men... I try to never cross a woman... That is why I am damning this alcohol... But I do love Alexis, she is such a lovely person!! Her personality is very genuine.

  30. Great party so far and definitely keep bringing the drinks, I'm having one of those days. And Dante is a delectable choice, I just want to hug and squeeze him and make it all better. Ofcourse, he already has someone for that but maybe we can have a time-share of him.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  31. (Alexis gives Cecile an encouraging smile as Dante rises to his over six foot height, and closes his hand over hers)

    Alexis has shown me some Latin dance steps, and I need more practice with the more...intimate twists and turns. Perhaps I can offer you a lesson as well. Gentleness is not necessary at all.

    (eyes flicker with hint of red flame, and the bar lights flicker off the enamel of fang)

  32. ***dancing with Tristan**
    What'd I miss? Dante and Alexis are here**swaying to the music,sipping drink***
    Cecile you can keep Dante entertained
    I have my Tristan**blushes** Sam watch what your doing with Alexis,Dante doesn't looked pleased.

    **Nikolai glides up dancing behind me** ohh..wow is that a Christmas trinket in your pocket or are you happy to see me :D
    I have my own man sandwich over here and enjoying every minute of it :D

    Since we got a dance from all the men..ladies get up on the bar and let's put on a show for the guys**wink,gulps lsat of drink**First I need another drink..ohhh..Tristan you turned out to be the handsy one :D

    **climbs up on bar**come on ladies,get up here.
    Aidan pick us a Christmas song so we put on a show!!

    Nikolai stop looking up my skirt..ladies we got to watch out for this one;)

  33. Sam walks up to Alexis with drink -Hey there Alexis, here you go, a Vampire's Kiss with just a few drops of alcohol in it. I was wondering if that man of yours would allow me to dance with you. That would be an awesome x-mas present you know...to dance with a merangel *grin*

  34. Joder, Alexis actually wants Dante exposed to as much of the gentler side of people as possible. I think she's realized that women (while capable of being a little handsy, but she can hardly blame them, with the way Dante looks!), are probably the best way to expose him to that, because he still has a real "biggest dog in the yard" thing going when it comes to guys. So hug away. It may startle him a bit, but he gives nice hugs - so Alexis says, ever since she taught him what one was (wink).

  35. To Dante~

    **Thanks for your premission Alexis...**

    **looking up to Dante, cuz I am only 5'5"**

    Latin dance steps... I would love to learn how to do that... **wicked gleam of my own, in my eyes - hazel turns to gold**
    ...We can learn as we go along..
    I am always up for learning new things **vixen smile crosses my face** If gentleness is not necessary, then by all means, lead the way...
    I love a man with a hit of red flame and fangs... My second nature calls to me...

  36. @Joey - Omg Joey, that sounds so like him and just makes me LOL!! Regarding: plunging through the center of the sun and seeing how many feathers get singed

    He is just the kind of man who just sets my curiousity in to overdrive and he just had to appear a few times, nothing more! Talk about personality and I can defintely relate to all the questions about his story though I like him in the roll as is at the moment ;)

  37. Sam, I'd love that. (Looks toward Dante, working on those Latin steps with Cecile, meets his eyes, and appears that an unspoken communication is going on, then she looks back at Sam.) Dante can speak in my mind, and I can talk in his, so you and I will keep reassuring him that this is all very normal, right? (She rises on her toes and kisses Sam's cheek.)

    ((Whispers)) - thanks, I've been trying to work on him with this. If things get out of hand, though, just keep us close to a fire extinguisher - and you be ready to jump behind the bar, or something really solid. I should be able to talk him down before anything really bad happens.

    (Glances toward the ladies getting up on the bar with Elaine). Ahem. I guess if I'm going to do that, wings would help, right? (Slants an impish look up at Sam) Since Cecile told me you might like to see my wings and tail?

  38. Leontine, yep - in fact, I think that's probably typical of all the warrior angels in the Dark Legion - these guys don't believe in too many gentle pastimes, unless they involve women (laughter).

  39. Nikolai dances with Elaine - whispers in here ear: Darlin' you can dance but after this one I have to pay some attention to the woman sitting next to Leontine. She came with Alexis, isn't she her friend?

  40. Sams grin splits his face with that kiss on the cheek - "I would love to see both your angel or mermaid form, it will make this x-mas all the more magical for me. And you're giving me an awesome tale to tell my grandkids some day. That I got to dance with a merangel *skin tingles with excitement* now this club is up to code, I know where every fire extinguisher is placed so no worries. Let's get moving you and I..."

  41. Yes Nikolai,her name is Clara**grabs his hand,walks over** Clara this is Nikolai,enjoy,he likes to dance**wink**

    **back to bar** Sam another Vampire’s Kiss.More dancing on the bar later**wink**

  42. (Dances up to Elaine and Nikolai) Hi there, I'm Clara. Since Alexis is involved with Sam at the moment, you mind if I dance with the two of you? I like the idea of getting up on the bar and doing a Coyote Ugly "Devil Went Down to Georgia routine" with you, Elaine. Are you up for it? (wicked grin) We can show these boys just how hot it can get in here.

  43. Sam?**looks around** oh he's busy with Alexis
    **turns back around** oh Aidan there you are,another Vampire's Kiss..Sam's busy ;)

  44. **grabs Clara hand, climbs up on bar** Let's do this.
    Aidan hold my drink**wink**

  45. Hey Clare, *parking my butt in booth* are you doing good here? It can get a little...kind off...yeah, crazy here. Do you need anything, a drink, something to nibble on?

    I look at Dante showing Cecile some new moves...Elaine sandwiched between two guys. Thinking about Joder actually getting a hug from Dante rowr

    Don't ya want to shake your hips too Clare? I look at her as I ask it...

  46. ROFL...I should've known she would take matters in to her own hands as I salute her with my Hell's Angel...you go girl!

  47. Okay, I need you to stand here. (positions Sam so he's turning outward, blocking others' view of her as she unwraps the gauzy scarf she was wearing as a belt around her waist.) I'm taking off my shirt, and then I'm going to transform and wrap this around my upper body. Shapeshifters aren't so modest, but I assume you did mention code requirements. Once I turn fully, I'll have you help me slide the skirt off my tail. I'm pretty precise with my flying, so we should be able to dance, as long as we can get about ten feet clearance around us (grin, puts her hands on his shoulder and turns him, tosses the sash on his shoulder to hold as she begins to strip off the shirt. A moment later, he feels a breeze from the first graceful pump of her wings. She turns him to see her hovering in front of him, tail fronds unfurling, gold and red scales gleaming, pale wings outstretched. With another wink, she shimmies out of the skirt, folds skirt and blouse on chair and takes his hand. She looks toward Dante, another reasuring nod. Whispers - he's doing SO well, isn't he? I think your friend Cecile is helping. Let's dance now. Oh, look at Clara with Elaine! I didn't know Clara could move like that...

  48. Leontine, yeah, Clara is NOT shy. Marcellus is a captain in the Legion, and she's set her sights on him already, even though she's mortal and he thinks he's WAY too old for her. She's not taking no for an answer. After all, what's a few centuries, give or take? Of course, until she convinces him, no harm in her playing with Nikolai and Aidan, right? (wink)

  49. This has got to be one of the greatest moment in his life...he looks at Alexis, holding her, seeing her merangel form, he breathes in the magic and he feels like a million bucks. Dante is one very lukcy man to have woman like this to call his own. Right there and Sam promises to himself he will find himself a woman to call his own to love some day.

    Right now he smiles at Alexis, let's the music envelope them and start to sway to the beat of the music.

  50. Holy Sh*t she shifted!!! **grabs drink off bar,downs it**

  51. @Joey - Marcellus, I didn't know what to make of him in A WITCH'S BEAUTY but if Clare has her eyes on him then he must have hidden depths ;) And of course there is no problem to...play around a bit *grin*

    I'm loving it that everybody is having such a ball...and I'm missing some peeps...perhaps they'll be by later!

  52. Now that Dante knows that Alexis is safe with Sam, he lets go of himself a little in my arm... I am very lucky woman to see this and feel this from this man... Dante, you are truly something special.

    By the way, I am so loving these Latin moves... Your very seductive...

    OH and another thing Dante, you woman is very beautiful.

  53. (Alexis plucks a couple feathers and gives them to Sam, then loops her arms and wings around his shouldesr with friendly affection and begins to sway with him).

    If someone hasn't already snapped you up Sam, she is going to be one very lucky, very loved woman. You can give her the feathers when you meet her. Legend says angel feathers bring great luck and good fortune. I'm only half angel, so I gave you two (grin again).

    (As Dante and Cecile dance close, she reached out one hand, threads her fingers briefly through Dante's dark hair, a caress he returns with a hot kiss on her palm, a brooding but so far non-incendiary look on Sam, and then executes another turn with Cecile.)

  54. **Gets down from bar,sits on stool**Things are spinning,I just need to sit for a minute.That last drink had some extra kick **Aidans brow rises**
    I'm just gonna put my head down for a second.

  55. Thank you, Cecile (his lips curve in an almost smile). You are a very good dancer. I think Alexis will like the moves you've been teaching me...though this one (glances at her hand, VERY low on his hip), I think she already knows. I like the Latin dancing, because it is closest to what I like to be doing with Alexis most of the time (another flash of fang, takes Cecile into a dramatic dip and spin, one thigh betweens hers on the turn, palm settling on throat to hold her steady).

    Thank you for assuring me that Sam is an honorable man. Alexis is telling me the same in her mind. I just...her beauty is something I need very much in my life, and it is difficult to see others touching her, because others deserve her so much more than I do. But you all...you have made me feel welcome here. Thank you.

  56. Leontine, Marcellus will make more of an impression in Mermaid's Ransom - Clara has a great dream of him...that turns out to be reality!

    Sniffle, I'm going to have to head off in about another ten minutes, but Alexis says she feels comfortable staying here with Dante and Clara, if you don't mind them hanging around. I trust you all will have a good time with them, and I'll look forward to what trouble you've gotten them in if I can check back later. Evening chores - husband, pets, etc - are calling.

  57. (Clara comes by to give Elaine a quick hug) That was a wonderful dance - I've never enjoyed Charlie Daniels so much! Deep breaths, deep breaths...Aidan, maybe we need to give her some water...? I LIKE this place(beaming).

  58. Wow, those cocktails must be something! Or maybe y'all are just good party-ers and great hosts for us visitors:) "Hi Alexis and Dante" (gives wild "fangirl" waving gestures....)

  59. **looks up to peer into Dante's gorgeous red flamed eyes**
    Dante, you are a very good teacher and thank you for allowing me to dance with you. It has been a pleasure and that pleasure has been all mine.

    ~~Elaing don't put your head down honey, remember what happen the last time you did, that is when I first met you... I had to get out the corner booth..~~

    It was all my pleasure to show you things to entice your little angel. You are very right Dante, Latin dancing is the closet to what we all love to be doing... most of the time too. **evil gleam in Cecile's eye**

    ***spin, dip, thighs - oh my...***
    ~blush color stains my cheeks, I start warming from head to toe~

    *trying to clear my throat* Dante, you are more than welcome for the reassuring on Sam. He is a very honorable man. You are right, Alexis is a very beautiful sight, but one that finds peace and love within you. I see what she sees in you... you are a remarkable man, Dante. I am glad that we could make you feel welcome... Anytime... Can we keep dancing... I love being this close...

  60. *peeks inside*
    I'm a bit late, but I had a crazy day! Can I get a Vampire's Kiss please?
    And where is that sweetie Aidan? It's my first time here and I'm dying to meet him! And of course Ms Joey's guests too. Can one of ya girls introduce me??

  61. Cecile, you are very kind. I am all yours until Alexis has need of me. Now show me that twisting backstep move again...

  62. @Joey - I'm finishing Coming Undone first but then it is hello Dante and Alexis...well, as in their story then ;)

    You know they're always welcome and I'm glad Dante, Alexis and Clare feel comfortable enough to hang out a bit! Thanks for dropping by and perhasp see you in a bit, good luck with husband and pets!

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Janna, glad to see you here. I'm headed off for a bit, but there's Alexis in the corner, showing her wings for Sam (Alexis is waving at you), and Cecile is dancing with Dante (Dante gives you a considering nod, a half smile), and I expect they will be more than happy to talk to you. Clara is back up on the bar - she may need to be cut off, because I think she's on her third or fourth Hell's Angel... Have fun!

  65. Allison, Dante and Alexis waved back - they're pleased to see you here. ANd yes, I think Sam and his brew mix up some wicked drinks.

    Okay, I'm leaving Dante, Alexis and Clara in all your capable hands (Goddess help them). Back later for quick bedtime check and to drag them home. Dante has a curfew - Lucifer expects him back in before midnight (wink).

  66. Aidan see's Janna, walks up to here, hey you, good to see you here. Now Cecile and Elaing8 are Beefcake regulars, they arehere at every single beefcake. They're a little crazy but great fun and they dance like nobody's business. Sam is a little off the chart excited about dancing with a merangel, but he's over there with Alexis. Dante is still going on with cecile, Elaing8 en Clare (friend of Alexis) is heating up the dancefloor with Nikolai and Tristan who thinks he is headn honcho of the bar. I'd like to let him think that as long as I get to do my own thing, my own way *grin*

    So come one Janna, let's hook you up on a cocktail and the swing on the dance floor!

  67. @Alison's Reads - Hey girl, so happy to see you're back. Let me hook you up with Nikolai...he is the guy who gives my blog header the x-mas vibe with abs in santa clothing ;)

  68. Calls over Dante's shoulder...

    **waves to Janna** Hey honey!! Aidan will treat you right, wicked smile!!

    **Elaing, you still with us**

    Girls, I am not giving up dancing with this man for nothing... he is freaking smoking hot!!

    **whispers to Sam as he dances next to us (so Dante can see Alexis)... you looking for a woman to treat you right...**

  69. Thanks Joey for your welcome. Pity that you have to leave already. *waves back at Alexis* Ow that nod and half smile of Dante are really something.
    But if you all will excuses me for a little while, I have to catch my breath! *gasps at the sight of Aidan*
    Hey hottie, thanks for the cocktail and I'd love to dance, if it's with you!!

  70. *waves back at Cecile* Hey sweetie, I see you're having a great time!!

  71. **opens eyes**
    **Aidan laughing behind bar**
    **He points to my head,then taps his nose laughing hysterically**
    **feel the top of my head**UGGG
    **rub nose** ewww what is that.
    HAHA very funny,I nod off**smirk** for a minute and I get a set of antlers and red goo(what the heck is that) on my nose..I get it I'm drunken Rudolph,very funny :)
    **Tristan now laughing too**

    Ok where's Cecile,I know she did it,she had to get me back after the last party :) or maybe Leontine,I was hogging Nikoli there for awhile.hmmm
    **looks around**Dante smiling..**give him a wink**

    **turns back around**Aidan hands me a towel and a drink,still smirking**

    wipe goo off**shrugs shoulders**ah I'll leave the antlers,tis the season :)

  72. *taking a pause from dancing with Aidan, walks up to Leontine and whispers*
    I'm having such a good time! Your men are quite..um... entertaining! I think I wanna marry Aidan...
    Do you think it's wise for me to get another Vampire's Kiss? What kind of crazy things can happen? Nothing to bad, right?

  73. @Janna - ROFL Girl we are known to pull an all nighter and then we wake up in the morning, snuggled in the booths and then have breakfast together. Elaing8 calls it virtual drinking and though naughty, topsy turney things can happen they guys never cross the boundaries...much *grin*

    I am so happy you're having a ball here, I think I might finish my second Hell's Angel and then hook up with Nikolai for some dancin'

  74. @Elaing8 - girl, what have you been up too - scrolls up to catch up on activity Elaing8 - Oh gawd, hon, the humor of these guys *sighs*

    *snickering in the mean time, "drunken Rudolph" burst in full laughter*

  75. I would put my hands in the air to prove to that I did not do it... But I am not taking them off of Dante for one minute... I am enjoying him way to much...

    But I am LMAO!!!! I think Aidan did that to you... He was grinning from ear to ear a while ago and I could not figure out why... hee hee... You have to admit - that that is kinda funny... You know what those boys drinks will do to you... LMAO!! And it has been a while since we partyed this hard, lol!! Maybe Aidan will lick that googy stuff off your nose... hummm....

    Janna, honey make yourself at home here... Elaing and I have become VIP members... we are her for all of them!!! LMAO!!!

    Sam... you never answered me.. you scare of me...

    I am so glad that everyone is having a great time... **Still lmao off at Elaing's noise, lol**
    Tristan came to whisper to me that Aidan did do it tooo... only so he could lick it off your nose. He said that was for teasing him while you and Carla were dancing on top the bar.... humm..... what were you doing up there honey....

  76. *hears sound of motorbike outside*
    **takes hands of Sam's spectacular biceps**

    I'm sorry to leave you girls but I hear my hubby pulling up! I've gotta go, cos he can't sleep without having me... um... next to him!
    Take care of all the gorgeous men and I might be back for breakfast ;)
    *blows kiss at Aidan*

  77. Cecile, darlin' yeah I'm still looking for the woman to treat me right *flashes a grin*

  78. @Janna - take care of your man hon, we'll see you again soon :)

  79. Be naughty wicked with your man Janna!!!! Roar!!! LMAO!!!

    Well, Sam if you are looking honey... Dante belongs to Alexis... and I.... well.....

  80. Janna didn't get to try the cheesetots..lol.Maybe tomorrow
    I smell them cooking :)

    Cecile,I don't know if Sam can handle you.You are a cougar after all ;)

    I will find the culprit who did that to me..hmmm
    **gives Aidan the evil eye**did you do it?Ahh just please mix me a drink,it'll teach me to passout..er..I mean...nap in the club. Where's Tristan,he's been handsy today**grin** but quiet.Well except for laughing at me**blushes**

    **music starts up**oh yeah,time to dance**finishes drink** who's joining me..Clara,Alexis,my club peeps..ok the liquors talking**rolls eyes**time to hit the dance floor
    Cecile stop drooling over Dante.

    Where's Nikolai...come to think of it where's Leontine....**eyes wide** He's giving her his X-MAS PLEASURE!!!OOOOO

  81. I adore this series and loved everything about this post. Such a great way to introduce us to a character, and I can not wait to read Dante's story.

    Definitely time for celebration, would love to try A Vampire's Kiss.


  82. I swear, Janna, you arrive, and I leave; I come back, and you leave. We need to synchronize our schedules, girl! :> Okay, back for a little while before I nod off - just couldn't stay away from the fun. Anybody out here, or has everyone paired up and wandered away to dark corners to do unspeakable things? What have you all done with my characters? Cecile? Sam? Elaine?

  83. Cathy, watch out, they make you do crazy things! :>

  84. Okay, I found them. Alexis was at the bar, back in her human form. She's sitting on a stool, laughing with Sam. Dante's next to her and appears to be trying his first beer, hearing a heated debate from the guys about imports vs domestic. And Clara is curled up in a booth, sleeping. She must have danced herself out!

    Leontine, Nikolai is your masthead pic? - wolf whistle - yeah, definitely go get some of that Xmas pleasure.

  85. **walks out of storage room,flattening hair,arranging clothes***
    I'm here Joey
    care to have a drink? I must say Dante has behaved himself tonight**looks over shoulder and see Tristan walk out of storage room**wink**
    Aidan.. A Vampire's kiss for us.

    **swaying to music**

  86. Headed off to bed, everyone! Will try to pop my head back in for breakfast, but regardless, thank you for a wonderful day with you ladies. Alexis and Clara said they had a fabulous time, and even Dante admitted he might want to come back again - high praise (laughter). Best to all of you and thank you to the "boys" and Leontine for their wonderful hospitality. Cecile/Sam, thanks for your special kindness to Dante and Alexis - they won't soon for get it (and no, Sam, that's not a threat from Dante - grin).

  87. Elaine, oops - sorry, our paths just crossed, coming and going. I would love to stay and have one more drink, but I better get these kids to bed. Lucifer gets annoyed if Dante is past curfew, Jonah calls out the Legion, and it's a whole drama thing (laughter). Have a second one on me, though!

  88. You are more than welcome. It is our job to be the welcome committee and when they are as hot as Dante... Well, I don't mind being extra nice!!! The pleasure, again Dante, was all mine. Alexis, it was a pleasure to get to know you and YOUR man....
    See you for Breakfast Joey!!! =)

    Now Sam, we were discussing wanting to find a woman... and I believe I am a woman... hummm...

    Elaing... At least put your clothes on the right way... Your shirt is backwards and inside out.... Well, we (Sam and I) are headed to his place....

  89. Well I finally made it sorry I'm so late.

    OOO Wonderful interview and Dante is something else and that is so sweet how in love he is so I'm with Cecile hands off lol! LOVE that cover and it sounds interesting not your regular paranormal, I've never heard of a merangel before cool concept.

  90. Holy Crap Leontine I had to scroll 20 seconds to comment. It's a party over at your place! Can I just say it's a sign that I keep seeing Joey W. HIll on your blog, I must read her. Also, the cover with the smoke over the heronies boobies is also a nice touch.

  91. Wow thats sounds like some Book.And that sounds like one Sexy Male.looks like a book I have to but on my list of books to get.

  92. **turns back on guys,fix clothes** oops**blushes**
    So..uh..breakfast...Tristan,Aidan what are you cooking up? Seems we lost Sam and Cecile last night ;)
    I'll have a mimosa first :D they you can feed me :D
    Make enough for everyone,Joey may be back.
    WOW I had a great time last night :D getting to know Dante,Alexis and Clara.
    Still no sign of Leontine and Nikolai,hmmmmmmm

  93. Cecile, you all were a great welcoming committee. And Alexis sends a big thank you for those new dance moves you showed Dante. Dante also seems glad he went, and somewhat bemused that he didn't feel the need to annihilate anyone. Clara is still asleep - we're not sure what happens when a clairvoyant drinks too much, but we're betting after last night, she's having some great visions.

    JennJ - yep, at least in this series, Alexis is the only one of her kind. It makes the Dark Legion (the angels that fight the Goddess's enemies) even more protective of her! Of course, considering she's the daughter of the Prime Legion Commander, that's just adding salt to the pizza. ;> Dante says thanks for the compliment.

    Smokinhotbooks - you gave me a laugh, because when I first received the cover, I was blinking, straining my eyes, thinking, "Can you see the nip..? Yes...No...Maybe...Can't tell!" It's a wonderful cover, even though they didn't give Dante's model long black hair. I expect with a dark mysterious background, it's hard to do dark haired heroes well. And I hope you - and STacey (grin) - enjoy the books when you get the chance. So many books, so little time!

    Speaking of which, off to work on my next vampire one. Enjoy your Bloody Mary breakfasts! That is, if Sam ever comes back with Cecile so someone can do bartending. Though I expect Tristan can do in a pinch? (wink)

    Leontine, thanks again for having us!

  94. Glitter dust in my hair, glitter dust on my skin...gawd that stuff sticks everywhere...EVERYWHERE.

    Yeah, what can i say, erm, last night I asked Nikolai to show me some x-mas magic...well the magic was *yowza*

    @JennJ - Girl my heart just skips a beat when i think of Dante, I cannot wait to read his story ;)

    @Smokinhotbooks - yeah i wish I had boobs like that, that a simple wisp of smoke would cover them ;)

    @Stacey - Dante = sexy male, you're spot on about that!!

    @Elaing8 - Are you decent enough?? It's breakfast for you and tea time for me!! You've worked it last night girl...now you need to nourish the body again *grin*

    @Joey W Hill - Joey, I think I speak for the regulars who were here yesterday that they had a blast and can't thank you enough for you to have brought Alexis, Clara and Dante over, even if Lucifer has a curfew for Dante!!

  95. Oh no! I missed the Beefcake Preview Night.
    I so love Ms. Hills writing and Dante sounds great!

    Can I still get a vampire kiss?

  96. @Susi - yeah it was quite the party here yesterday and you missed Dante *sigh* I'm starting on her Vampire serie early next year for erotica challenge ;) I try to go slow but I want more with each book read LOL

  97. Susi, Tristan tought me to make a vampire's kiss yesterday and I'll add some xmas magic to it *wink*

  98. @Leontine She is on my list for the challenge too. Can't wait for January.

    @Nicolai You are such a sweetheart. Thanks!

  99. ***walks into the bar with huge smiles are both of our faces***

    Seems Sam here is a man of many many talents and we still have some to uncover!!

    **tummy is rumbling**
    Breakfast for me is Sam... **Sam has a new kinda smile on his face now**

    Leontine, Beefcake night rocked!!!
    How was your night with Nikolai, what kinda of XXX-mas pleasures he showed you, I meant presents.... lmao!

    Hey Elaing... Cheesytots!!!
    How was your night with Tristan?? **evil wink**

  100. I knew Nikolai was giving Leontine xmas pleasure. I think that smile on Sam's face is never gonna disappear,way to go Cecile**high five ladies** Seems we all had our hands full**evil grin**last night.**wink and air kiss at Tristan**

    (100 posts..we certainly did rock this club)

    oh Aidan..Tristan gave you up as the culprit with the antlers and red nose..I will get you back**evil laugh**
    **sips Vampire's kiss**

  101. Leontine! Your Beefcake Nights are such a hit! Freakin' awesome!!

    And I'm lovin' how everyone came out to support such an amazingly talented author that should be on the bestseller lists. For real.

    Gawd, I'm so trying to savor this novel. Sadly, I have only eighty pages left and I'm seriously going to be sorry to see the end. Maybe Joey can do a set of vignettes on her blog featuring Alexis and Dante. They're my absolute favorite H/h pairing by Hill. By far.

    No need to enter me in the giveaway. I obviously have my own beautiful copy. Damn the day job! I could be home reading right now!!

    Hugs, VFG

  102. @SusiSunshine - Joey W Hill gets investigated by Susi and Leontine :D

    @Cecile - yeah I had a hard time today getting back to normal after last night.

    @Elaing8 - I'm crushing a bit on Nikolai *grin*

    @VFG - Oh this promises something for when I'm opening the book later this week. Your favorite H/H pair huh wow. But what I've read, seen and heard I'm not all that surprised ;)

  103. Yea you are soo right Elaing, we rocked this beefcake night out!!!

    And yea you are right againg... "that smile on Sam's face is never gonna disappear"
    I am very proud of myself, lol!!

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. @Cecile & Elaing8 - You girls know that the Beefcake club and nights would not be the same without your wicked presence! (((hugs)))

  106. I love when you do your Beefcake Preview Nights, so much fun!

    This book sounds very good, I've really got to get on the Joey Hill bandwagon, she sounds like a wonderful writer!

  107. @Patti - Glad you enjoyed the Beefcake night! And you're right, Joey is a wonderful author, whether the random gods chose you for a copy or perhaps that Santa will spoil you a bit I hope you're going to enjoy her from cover to cover :)

  108. Hi Joey,

    Sorry I couldn't make it on the Beefcake Night but thanks to my sister I'm ready and able to dive into your first two novels. They are on my shelves and ready to be taken to hands so I can't wait to do so. I love the coverart to your novels!!!!

    As soon as I've read the first novel I'll let you know what my thoughts are!


  109. Natascha, sorry to have missed you here, but hope you enjoyed reading all the comments. Thanks to your sister, and you, for being willing to give my stories a try - hope they meet expectations (smile). Happy holidays...

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