20 December 2009

From the Netherlands, with love; Father Winter

I know I have been a bit absent last week but I promise, I’ll be around the coming days to check with everybody what they’ve been up to! I woke up this morning and with a still sleepy face I opened the door to take the dogs out for a walk when a freezing cold hit my face and it was snowing like I haven’t seen in quite a while. Parents plowing through the snow with kids eager to take a ride on the sled and go to the ponds near my apartment building to do some ice skating. The dogs danced in the snow but I huddled deeper in to my coat for some warmth. What a wake-up call this weather was and when I got back I had red frozen cheeks, ears and nose. I couldn’t resist shooting some pics from my balcony to share this atmospheric view.

At the moment the central heating is snoring, I have a cup of tea at hand and a blanket covering my legs as I’m ready to read more in THE UNSUNG HERO by Suzanne Brockmann. Tell me, has father winter arrived at your doorstep too?

Enjoy your sunday everyone!!

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  1. LOL! Obviously winter has arrived at our doorstep as well, since we live in the same small country :)
    Good to know my pics warmed you up again :D
    I actually do like this weather quite a lot, as long as you don't have to drive (I'm a little worried about hubby who's on the road right now).
    And I'm glad you're back again hon! We've missed you and I hope everything turns out well for you and your parents! (((Big hug)))

  2. Some nice little snow there, enjoy it Leontine :)

  3. I love winter pics Leontine... these are great...

    Not for living in though I can imagine...

    In london, we got some snow the last few day- but it's too warm here so the snow melted faster than it come down... but surrounding counties were a winter wonderland...

    I am however very cold and my kids are starving for fish - so I am going to cook up a storm today and heat up the house with some lovely fried fish with load of onion and a nice salad smell today...

    I'll join you in a cup of tea first though - I'm having Earl Grey...


  4. @Janna - I ditto that...this weather is great if you can look at it drom a warm living room LOL

    @Blodeuedd - I can only imagine that this is just minor snowfall compared to where you come from.

    @EH - Oh, fish and chips yummy. Enjoy it!

    @J.Kaye - Thanks :)

  5. Leontine...

    OMG! Now that's a winter!

    Ah, up until a few days ago...it was 78 temp wise here in Florida where I'm at. Last night a cold front came by and we woke to 40 or 45 degrees, but I expect it to warm up to about 60 - 65.

    NO SNOW!
    The 40's are cold enough for me!

    As is I'm wearing sweat pants, two sweater shirts and a warm sweater over all that plus two pairs of socks while I sit here at my computer to type this.

    I keep telling me hubby, I'm like a snake, cold blooded, I need warmth to be warm...I'd never survive in your part of the world...

    Gosh...it looks way too cold there for me...but it is beautiful. Was that black and white film or is it just that gray there?

    Big WARM hugs

  6. ((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))) Have been missing you honey!!! But I know what you have secretly being doing with your time... And just how you have been keep warm.... **cough hubby... cough** Evil wink!!

    Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pictures with us. We rarely and I mean rarely do we ever get snow. So I treasure the pictures that I get to see snow. But I truly treasure the ones that are shared by friends from their hometown. Makes me feel a little closer to you hon!
    I hope you have a great snuggle, warm day! (((hugs & kisses to ya))

  7. @HAWK - Oh you sounds like my hubby, he is a Mister Michelin walkin' outside LOL Layers upon layers of clothing, he is a summer person by birth while I love this kind of weather, okay, I'm lovin' it more from inside my appartment, sipping tea. Still, I love it to go outside too and get all red nose and cheeks to warm up inside again. Yeah, I'm a winter person.

    @Cecile - Hon, I just send you an e-mail to catch up with you and I'm so glad to have found you again!! I really enjoy the sippets of pics or real life I can get from blog buddies and friends. I'm glad you enjoyed the view :)

  8. Great pics,thanks for sharing.

    Last week we were minus 40 degrees celcius with the wind. It was so cold,it was hard to breathe.A week before that we got about 30-35cm of snow.And there's more on the way,so much for a green Christmas.

    stay warm**wink**

  9. Hi hon, same view over here when I look out the window! Made a snowman with the kids and went sleighing (do you write it like that?) with the kids! It is a beautiful picture isn't it, all this snow?? We don't have this often! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I love snow Leontine. Here in Southern California it's hot today and I bought the cutest long sleeve sweater and I can't wear it, dammit! If I want my snow fix I'll have to open the freezer *exaggerated sigh*

  11. we had quite a bit of snow in Washington, DC too. after over 24 hours straight of snow we have 20 inches! people were all talking about "cabin fever" and i was just happy as a clam...as a polar bear??? not sure what simile to use but as a lusty reader snow days are the best! there is no way to be bored with a good book in your hand

  12. For the first time in decades, we had actual 'stick to the ground and accumulate' snow before Christmas. It's weird enough when we get any snow that early (though I have occasionally seen flakes in November), it's weirder still when it sticks & doesn't immediately melt.

    That was Friday. It's gone today. So seeing your picts gave me a nice wintery feel.

  13. Wow that looks great!
    We have the white stuff everywhere here too!
    I hate the cold but I admit it looks nice!

  14. @Elaing8 - Oh girl, 40 degrees below 0-0 and there I go all at it with 10 degrees below and a few snow storms LOL I strutted through it today with hubby and it was something of an experience to walk through 35-40 cm of snow. Thank god I bought some boots 2 months back.

    @Marissa - I can only imagine the fun your kids must've had this weekend, what a way to start xmas break :)

    @Smokinhotbooks - Hhmmmmm perhaps I can send some to you express? This weather is a great excuse to do some shopping *grin*

    @Lustyreader - I so agree with you, polar bear or clam style, I couldn't get enough of the fact that is was snowing outside and I was inside with book, blanket and tea.

    @Sewicked - That was my surprise too with this snow, it crunched beneath the boots, it stuck on eyelashes and was great snowball material. This snow we're having might be gone next week but I am loving it now ;)

    @SusiSunshine - ROFL white stuff, what an expression and I hope you only have to endure it from the inside hon!

  15. Burr that looks horribly cold Leontine!

    I don't mean to brag, but here in sunny San Diego California, we've been enjoying weather in the mid 70's. Nee-ner, nee-ner!

    Ehem, that's also why we pay so much friggin' money to live in this climate paradise.

    Stay warm!

    Hugs, VFG

  16. Beautiful Photos thanks so much for sharing them with us! It has arrived here too no snow yet much just a dusting the other morning but the temps are definitely there it's been in the 20's several times already here burrrrrr.


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