22 December 2009

Leontine got revamped

The last few months I have been working on changing my avatar as I thought it was a bit..well, uhm, goody two-shoe. I’ve been lurking at images, fired up photoshop program trying various things and it was all meh. The virtual trash bin overflowed with failed attempts and at times I felt I lost my mojo, so I set it aside for a month to give it a new try two weeks ago and it still didn’t work *scream* Normally my avi’s and banners etc work like clockwork and I love to be working the creativity vibe with a dash of eye candy and structures. I was contemplating all sorts of things when I walked in to HAWK’s revamped blog (a wonderful gift by Cecile) and saw her avi. I instantly was all ooeee and aaahhh and me likes that. So I read the post and found out JennJ from Sapphire Romance Realm has been working her magic and that is where I thought; ”Should I or should I not?” I mean, I always do my own handy-work, but just like going from two to three column template I had to admit defeat for once and just ask for some help. So I e-mailed Jenn…

I explained the general idea/image I had in my head and she was all happy to go work on my new avatar. I believe it was the same day or perhaps the next morning where I found two new avatars in my e-mail box…one was a normal avi and the other an xmas pressie, an avi in xmas style. I was amazed how she nailed the vibe of what I wanted, all naughty and with man-candy, so I was going; “Oh yes loving it” and that is when I got a link where I found a style of female images I digged from the moment they popped up on the net. Inside I was going; “eek, how am I going to tell Jenn?” but she is Jenn and I mailed her with my request and it got quiet for a while. That next morning I received an e-mail with various images and Jenn told me she had been working precious time to find me the desired curly brown hair, glasses, green eyed female image. Out of the four I instantly fell for the one that became the revamped Leontine. I'm in love with the new avi and from the moment I said: “I haz me a wishlist Jenn” we e-mailed back and forth for about thirty times and she was incredible and patient to listen to all of my wishes. So a very big thank you Jenn!

Are you all eager to see my revamped and nip/tucked face and body? Jenn did the revamping but she had help with the nip/tucking, they were non other then Sean McNamara and Christian Troy *grin*

Christian gives me a wink and a dazzling smile as Sean is a gallant gentleman, I take both their arms as they escort me to the spotlight.

Heart thumping in chest I walk on my heels between them and ready to say; Here I am guys *twirls around*

You'll see me dance around the net with my new look from January 2010 YAY

I think it is safe to say that for all your creative needs you can go to Jenn and her Sapphire Dreams Design website : )

Sapphire Dreams Designs

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  1. Ow, you're... umm it's... gorgeous!! It's really sexy and recognizable! Great job, Jenn! Congrats, Leontine :)

  2. It's gorgeous and sooo you! Great work Jenn!

  3. Oh My God! That is totally adorable and sexy...and I love the glasses and the hot tat. Rock on!

  4. @Janna - If feel like such a hot babe right now LOL All shiny and new *wink*

    @Patti - *ffeewww* I'm glad it still has the "me" vibe Patti!

    @Penelope - I think that is why Jenn searched so long, very few pics with hawt babe and glasses, while I think glasses are sexy. When I saw that naked arm at first I asked Jenn if she could slap on a tattoo and she found a beautiful one :) I'm so psyched with the result...

  5. That is so you Leontyine...

    It's like you had gone to the hari saloon and told the hairdresser to work her magic.....luckily she bought along her tatoo artist friends and someone with some fab dress style...

    Congrats on the new look....

    Jenn you are great.....


  6. I like it! I wonder if Miss Jenn can work her magic and make something fantasy like for me? I think I might inquire...a little christmas gift to myself for the new year :).

  7. @EH - LOL Yes, jenn gave me a complete make over and she was utter fun to do it with!

    @AmyC - Oh you should Amy! Something like this is a wonderful xmas gift to yourself, and now that you work so hard you can spoil yourself a bit!

  8. You have a tatt!!! Awesome.

    Really, really love it!

  9. OMG! I LOVE it!!!!! Great Job Jenn!

  10. @Mandi - I know, I knew I had to get me one as soon as I saw the pic of me *wink*

    @BOOK JUNKIE - Thanks *wide grin*

  11. Will have to get used to it but looking real good hon!!

  12. Love it! So cute but sexy too - great job! :)

  13. I love it,very sexy.What's your hunks name ;)
    Great job Jenn

  14. Sexy and gorgeous! Maybe I can persuade my blog mates to do hawt and sexy too...

  15. @Pearl - It a change I know and you know me IRL LOL Like I said...nip and tucking hon :)

    @Book Chick City - I wanted to go for tough chick but somehow i always end up with the cute LOL I find it is the ultimate cover-up of my wicked side *ssshhh*

    @Elaing8 - You've got me there hon...he and I are getting "acquainted"*wink*

  16. @Silver - Oh you should! I can tell you it is fun being sexy and gorgeous *smiles*

  17. *whistles* Naughty meets nice never looked so good, Leontine! Love it!

    Hugs, VFG

  18. *puts two fingers together and whistles* lookit how sexy you are. The tattoo and glasses are "fierce"

  19. Oh wicked and sexy! :D
    Will watch you dance around after xmas. Great revamping

  20. O..M..G..!!!! YOU ARE SMOKIN HAWT AND YEA I AM SCREAMING!!!! You are gorgeous honey!!!! Agreeing with Smokin... putting my whistling fingers together and giving you the biggest catcall of all!!!!!

    You sexy devil you!!!!
    I can not wait to see you sporting around!!

    **watching Leontine twirl around in her oh so skimpy dress**

  21. You all make me feel it guys LOL

    @VFG - Thanks VFG, I kinda dig it, naughty meets nice ;)

    @Smokinhotbooks - I could not have a gal without the glasses and I have a weak spot for tats on men and thinking Erin here from Laid Bare, she such a cool chick!

    @Blodeuedd - Oh yes, doing my shakira shake LOL

    @Cecile - Come dance with me She angs She Bangs...lalalalala

  22. Oh you sexy thang! I love your new look. That tat is awesome and the glasses? Oh my. I'm having a hard time not kissing my monitor. You better run when you see me because I'm probably gonna jump you *waggles eyebrows*

  23. Hi Leontine, verrrryyy nice! Have a lovely holiday season :)

  24. I love it! Can't wait to see more of the new you next year.

  25. Your new avi is fantastic! I love it! Jenn does wonderful work. And I think it's okay to let someone else work their magic from time to time, especially when you can get results like Jenn has given you. Congrats on the new look!

  26. Out with the goody two-shoes and in with the sexy vixen!! Love it, Leontine.

    Great job, Jenn.

  27. Jenn did a great job, I love it!

  28. Love. It! I'm a fan of your blog, but don't hardly ever comment -- but I can say, this is definitely you.

    And, yes, Jenn does great work! I won a blog header off of her earlier this year and love it. I also just saw the other day that she has a professional business designing stuff like this, so I may look into enlisting her help for an overhaul next year.

  29. @Fiction Vixen - ROFL see my booty shaking as I run in high heels *wink*

    @Allison - Thanks you too!

    @SarahT - I'll be strutting around untill it becomes a normal thing for me *smiles*

    @Donna - I can be a stubborn wench sometimes *sigh* And the surrpise is always when i ask for help it turns out to be wonderful and above what I envisioned or needed :)

    @The Book Vixen - Thanks, I'm living it up at the moment LOL

  30. @Armenia - I so heart to be sexy *grin*

    @Marissa - I'm glad I called in her help :)

    @Amy - Glad to see you peeking in Amy and Jenn's blog make overs are so good!

  31. Hi Leontine just wanted to say a huge thank you for pimping my graphics biz here. It was a true pleasure working with you my dear and I'm so happy you liked your new avatar so much. I had fun making ye over! ;) BIG HUGS!!

    And thanks also for all the kind comments on it from you all. :)


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