31 December 2009

My bookish view on 2009

Christmas has come and gone and I had a blast with hubby and family, had good conversations, good food and saw Hugh Jackman nekkid in Wolverine…it was definitely a cherry on a wonderful day. Now that I’m am sitting in front of pc I’m trying real hard to reflect on 2009 and my mind is going blank. Now of all times, when we are so close to greeting 2010 *headdesk*

So I’ll wing it and just talk about what comes to mind. Personally 2009 has brought me the good and the bad but my reading and books have been a source of positivity for me. I love the romance community, the conversations but most of all I just love reading. This year I had me a few firsts; my first blog interview by Erotic Horizon, my first guest post at Cecile’s, my first blog award given to me by Randi, my first BBAW nomination, my first Beefcake night with Lord Of The Underworld, Sabin. I followed my first brouhaha about blogging, I received my first e-reader and I’ve come to the realization that my blog will always have small changes in look. I thought that once my template was set I wouldn’t change one bit about it. Well, I can honestly say to myself in the mirror; “Forget it hon, you’ll always have minor adjustments to blog, you love playing with photoshop too much!”

So now I’m sitting here thinking of the new authors that have reached my shelves. I always think at the start of each year that I’ll stick with the authors already on my shelves, that there is no room for any new author/series/trilogies or novels. Let me start 2010 different and say I already have a few new authors who captured my attention and they will be happily added on to my shelves. But let me keep it with 2009. Who got themselves a place on my precious shelves?

In random order:

• Ilona Andrews ~ Leanna Renee Lieber ~ Elisabeth Naughton ~Livia Dare

• Erica Hayes ~ Judi Fennel ~Rhyannon Byrd ~ S.J. Day ~G.A Aiken

• Hope Tarr ~ Chris Owen ~ Erastes ~Maya Banks ~ Joey W Hill ~Erin Quinn

• Susan Kearney ~ Linda Howard ~ Suzanne Brockmann ~Kim Lenox

• Judith James ~ Jo Davis ~ Stephanie Tyler ~ Megan Hart ~ Chloe Neill

• Pamela Clare ~ Tessa Dare ~Anne Marsh ~ JoAnn Ross ~ Lauren Dane

• Denise Rossetti ~Jacqueline Carey ~ Amanda McIntyre ~ Charlotte Featherstone

• Ann Aguirre ~ Lavinia Kent ~ Dawn Halliday ~ M.L Rhodes ~ Josh Lanyon

• Mychael Black & Shayne Carmichael ~Jennifer Haymore ~ Margaret Mallory

And some more I can’t remember or discover on my shelves right now. Like above new authors with their releases aren’t enough to keep my other authors and their releases company : ) I decided to explore my 2009 folders and came to the following realizations….

I lurve me some statistics:

I’ve read: 96 books of which 19 were ARC’s ( I really would like to read more in 2010 – New years resolution #1)

I’ve bought; dead-tree; 200 books – 41 e-books – and won 26 books. (I would like to promise to my CC that I will not use it so much in 2010 but know thy self, that ain’t going to happen!)

My best reading month was January with 12 books read, my worst month was August with only three books read 0-o (I was really shocked that I could have a month where I only read three books, THREE!)

I’ve reviewed: 82 (Which means 14 books were not reviewed and for the life of my I can’t remember the titles of the books…perhaps that would be clue #1)

Rated reviews:

1 star; nothing

2 star; nothing

2,5 star: 2 books

3 stars: 11 books

3,2 stars: 14 books

4 stars: 34 books

4,5 stars: 18 books

5 stars: 3 books Lora Leigh – Nauti Dreams – Shannon McKenna – Edge Of Midnigh and Joey W Hill – A Witch’s Beauty

My five ultimate heroes of 2009 are:

Raphael from Angels’ Blood

Tor from Bareback

Sean McCloud from Edge Of Midnight

Natches MacKay from Nauti Dreams

Cain and Abel from Eve of Darkness/Destruction & Chaos (and can’t think of one without the other somehow)

The most remarkable heroine’s of 2009 are:

Mina from A Witch’s Beauty

Sabine, Queen Of Illusion from Kiss Of A Demon King

Erin from Laid Bare

Beauty from Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Meli Galdes from Silent Blade

When I started my blog I created an award for authors to indicate they were my Top Guns on my shelves. They’ve added such a high quality story to it that I would treasure for the rest of my life, so that is what my award is named; Book Realm Treasure.

Lauren Dane with Laid Bare; the magic she created in this triangular relationship is not something I’ve encountered many times. I instantly held the Brown family & co very near and dear to my heart.

Joey W Hill with A Witch’s Beauty; nothing could prepare me for the impact of this story. The intense, extraordinary characters and emotional depth of this tale is only equaled by the outstanding and lyrical writing of this author.

Chris Owen with Bareback; This author brought two men together and made them feel it all, live it all and conquer it all, including me. Tor and Jack are one of the best M/M stories out there!

Annette McCLeave with Drawn into Darkness; For setting up a world, a battle and introducing characters that had me at hello, I could only want more after book one.

Pamela Clare with Surrender; The MacKinnon’s Rangers enamored my with the blurb but I got so much more. A true historical romance story like they are meant to be told. Full of dangers, high-risks, passion, romance on a backdrop of a war.

S.J. Day with Eve of Darkness; Not only did I get Eve who I loved with her quirky attitude and humor, I also got Cain and Abel. This author took a biblical story further and made it so incredibly good that it became a replacement for my chocolate craving.

Diana Hunter with Secret Submission; I was baffled by this author and how she developed a D/s relationship via her characters and writing that mesmerized me in their dynamics. This is a novel that instantly became a classic on my erotica shelf.

Last but not least, Suzanne Brockmann with The Unsung Hero; This is an author who keeps my flame for the romantic suspense burning. Multiple romances that are heart tugging good and a suspense that is edge-of-your-seat exciting. The Troubleshooters are here to stay on my shelves.

That were my books for this award this year but I could not keep you from getting confronted with my cover hussy side.

These are my top 5 covers;

To be honest, I have got no clue, for the first time in many years, what 2010 might bring me. It is both scary as it dares my adventurous side but I know one thing for sure, I’ll keep reading, blogging and talk to you all about my book life! I wish you all a healthy, blessed and romantic 2010, let’s have a blast with one another next year!

My top 20 books of 2009 will be revealed tomorrow :)


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  1. Many of your favorite books I have yet to read...

    I really want to try Annette McCleave and Lauren Dane this year.

    Oh, and Joey Hill!!

    I have had fun "getting to know you" in 2009 Leontine!!

  2. Happy new year Leontine!

    Great post, a lot o goodies there;) and not on cos of those best covers

  3. Great round up, Leontine! I share your love of Lauren Dane. Thanks for introducing me to her!

    And a very Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. Wonderful post, honey! I loved your stats and your top lists of authors/titles/heroes/heroines/covers!
    For me one of the wonderful things of 2009 was to meet you! You're such an inspiration and I'm really looking forward to more of your booktalk in 2010!
    Thanks, sweetie :)

  5. Have a wonderful New Year!

    Looks like you had a great reading year. Awesome that you had no 1 star review books. I so agree that Sabin was a great heroine! Ooh, yummy covers~

  6. Thanks for the fun post!
    Happy New Year! :)

  7. @Mandi - I hope you're going to enjoy each author Mandi, and i'm glad we've met online too!

    @Blodeuedd - I could stare at each cover and have a blissful 5 minute sexy mind holiday :)

    @Janna -Right back at ya hon. It was such a surprise to virtually meety yo. Someday we should do a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, asking; Should we meet? Last have a great time in 2010, I look forward to sharing it with you.

    @Anna - I still read and review lots of books from my own TBR pile, and many already intrigue me with their blurbs so an author really had to f*ck it up from me to go below 2 stars. So I'm keeping fingers crossed 2010 is going to be a 1 star review free year too :)

    @Penelope - Have a great New years eve and a wonderful 2010.

  8. Happy New Year Leontine.

    Some of those authors you listed I have to check out.
    And those covers are hot!!!

    2009 had me finding your terrific blog (and so many others)
    I enjoy reading your reviews and of course the beefcake preview nights ;)I'm looking forward to both in 2010.

    Are your Beefcake boys ready for 2010 :D

  9. Wow, that's a great statistic you've got there. Still writing books down I need to read.
    Have a great year 2010 and Guten Rutsch!

  10. I would love to do a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan with you, hon! Let's make it a resolution for 2010 :D

  11. Thanks for the inclusion and the award -- you've made the end of 2009 a very happy one :).

    May 2010 be filled with many books and tons of good reads!


  12. I'm flattered to have my books added to your shelves!! Thank you!

    Happy New Year! And keep reading. :)

    Margaret Mallory

  13. @Elaing8 - Oh they are so ready and excited for 2010. Happy New year from Aidan, Tristan and Sam too!

    @Susi Sunshine - Happy New Year too, I've put Devon monk from your list on my TBB list *grin*

    @Janna - It set in stone now, that resolution *wink*

    @Diana - You're most welcome and I'm aiming for an incredible 2010 book year!

    @Margaret Mallory - Happy New Year and if there is one thing I really want to keep doing is reading ;)

  14. Sounds like you had a wonderful 2009! I love stopping by your blog. Happy New Year! :)

  15. @Book Chick City - Happy New Year to you too and I'm even kinda hoping 2010 will be even better than 2009, book wise. Does that sounds selfish...hhmmmm?

  16. As always hon you look for the yummiest of the lot...

    You got some great reading in and you find the best covers...

    Looking forward to what you expose us to this 2010...


  17. @Janna - Beaming you one up right now *wink*

    @EH - I hope to find a lot of yummy covers too next to reading a lot of yummy stories too ;)


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