08 December 2009

Review: Teal Ceagh - Beth's Acceptance

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Book Length: Novella.
Book Type: eBook.
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing.
ISBN: 9781419925245
Our Cover Price: $4.45
Genre: Erotica.
Main Characters: Beth, Lindál and Zachariah.
Book Origin: e-book provided by author

Cover Summary:
Book 1 in the Destiny’s Trinities series.

For weeks, the darkly sinful Zachariah, her favorite customer at McGinty’s, has been raising NYC student Beth Siegel’s pulse, driving her crazy with need.

Neither can she keep the tall, blue-eyed mysterious Luke, who haunts the library stacks at her day job, out of her mind or her sweaty, desperate fantasies.

Fate hands Beth a startling destiny, a chance to bond with both of them—a bond formed via sex. Sex with either one of them would have been fabulous. Together? Irresistible.

Reader Advisory: This book contains hot, sexy scenes of M/M interaction.

For months now Beth has a serious distraction at her work in the library and another one at her job as a waitress in the bar Mcginty’s. Their names are Lindál and Zachariah. It was a day that started like any other but when Beth is attacked the three of them are thrust together and it doesn’t take long for passion to ignite.
The passion goes hand in hand with the discovery that something more is going on and nothing will ever be the same for any of them…

BETH’S ACCEPTANCE is a novella of ninety-five pages and it quickly ensnared me in the attraction Beth is feeling for two utter delicious men. With the description of a 6ft 3” male with blond hair, stormy blue eyes and a serious demeanor, joined by a dark haired, charming and vigorous male, Lindál and Zacharaih instantly perked my interest. The flirtatious attitude started months ago between the three main characters so all was in place to erupt full force when I was only a few pages in to the story.

Now due to the length of this story there are no intricate plots at work here but it does have an interesting angle of a prophecy going on to keep me interested at all times. The main focus lies in the significance of their bonding and the unraveling of its meaning in the greater scheme of things. Because of this Teal Ceagh manages to pack BETH’S ACCEPTANCE with a good dose of raw sensual heat which all participants are more than willing to explore.

Beth is an average woman with a study to finish, a part time job and is attracted to two men. Perhaps when the story unfolds a bit too easily accepting of the Elvish and Vampire world, but she steps up to the plate and shows spine at the right time and at the right place. I liked her and the effect she had on Lindál and Zachariah. Now I could totally relate to Beth’s fascination for these two men. Though Zack may be the more outgoing and dominant male, Lindál has power and a natural supremacy that makes him take the lead in stressful situations. When it came to Beth they had a nice male banter going on that enhanced the overall sensuous vibe of the story.

For a novella this story contained all the right ingredients to keep me scrolling down the pages. Three characters who created a scintillating solid relationship together and where a plot angle infused it with a bit of excitement and fast paced changes. The erotically charged scenes are hot and covers enough variety to remain interesting.

All in all I can say is that BETH’S ACCEPTANCE is a quick sultry interlude during those boring work days or when you want a quick fix in the erotica genre.

Lindál was barefoot but wore black leather pants that fit him surprisingly well, as they must have been borrowed ones. His shirt was a white silk and seemed to float against his chest and shoulders. Zack wore black denim. Designer, Beth guessed by the cut and shape and a sleeveless black shirt that glowed red when he moved and emphasized the rounded caps of his shoulders. He walked a full circle around her while Lindál just studied her.

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  1. Nice review leontine :)
    Oh I could use a quick fix right about now. And missed all teh hunks yesterday

  2. @Blodeuedd - I like them quickies too, especially during these busy days ;)

    @Susi - Thanks!

  3. I suppose the author called it Beth's acceptance for a reason. Good ol' Beth slipped right into her new life among the para-normals quite easily. Perhaps all the available hot man flesh made the transition easier? :) Great review L.

  4. @Fiction Vixen - yeah that was once very big reason, really loved Lindál *sigh* ;)

  5. Thanks for the great review Leontine!

    Unfortunately I don't do much ebook reading. What I have in print alone, stacked up in mountains is bad enough of a TBR pile. The whole world of ebooks just seems uber monstrous and a mountain I simply don't have the strength to tackle.

    Maybe one day...

    ;) VFG

  6. Great interview Leontine! Now how doesn't want a "quick sultry interlude during those boring work days"? I know I do!!

  7. Uh... I meant not 'interview' but 'review' of course!!

  8. Hummmm... now this will feed my m/f/m read... humm... I love this review honey! Girl, you are freaking rocking my hussy heart... Off to go see about this one!
    Have a great night.... And a wonderful tomorrow!

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  10. Thank you! :D I literally JUST finished the construction of my blog. I'm still open to ideas but I'm pretty satisfied with it. I love yours too

  11. @VFG - I was like that too but I have an e-reader now so I'm stepping in the digi-world ;)

    @Janna - That's what i thought when reading Beth's Acceptance, it's such a hawt read for lunch break *grin*

    @Cecile - Yeah, you would love this Ms. Smutty Hussy *wink*

    @Pixiedust - You'll get there, it took me about a year, but perhaps that is a bit extreme :D

  12. Nice review! Seen a lot of reviews of this book around blogland and though I adore m/f/m action, my shelves and ebooklist are too full to immediately want to push an order button but I'll definitely keep this one in mind.


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