01 January 2010

The book top 20 that rocked my shelves in 2009

My 2009 book top 20:

1. Joey W Hill - A Witch’s Beauty

Quote David:

Mind-shattering orgasm, a violent argument, a harrowing revelation, and now food. Mina would never be a dull companion.

2. Shannon McKenna – Edge Of Midnight


Sean: “Do you want more?” he demanded […]
Liv: I think more might kill me.”
Sean: “Maybe,” he agreed. “But damn, what a way to go.”

3. Lora Leigh – Nauti Dreams

Quote Chaya about Natches:

He always looked like a dark avenging angel to her. But now, he looked like a savage warrior.

4. Lauren Dane - Laid Bare

Quote Todd:

I love you and I’m not leaving you. I love that you see me, all of me, and you embrace it. I’m free to be what I am. You get me Erin. In a way no one ever has. I love you, all of you. I want you to share with me because you trust me to protect you, to take the pain and bear part of it.

5. Nalini Singh - Angels’ Blood

Quote Elena to Ransom:
“Wow, hell froze over while I wasn’t looking. You care about her.”
”He dropped his arm. “I let her leave stuff at my place. Girly shit.”

6. Chris Owen – Bareback

Quote Tor to Jake:

“This time…this time I’m offering Jake, if you want me, I’m yours. Do anything I can for you, be everything you need. Give myself to you forever.”

7. Anne Bishop – Queen Of Darkness

Quote Lucivar:

Lucivar nodded. “She kept resisting because Eyrien females traditionally didn’t touch a warriors weapons. I told her if a male hurt her because she was too stubborn to learn how to defend herself, I’d beat the shit out of her. And she told me if I ever raised a hand to her, she’d gut me. I figured we were making progress.”

8. S.J. Day – Eve Of Darkness

Quote Cain to Eve

“If you’re looking for a buzz,” he bit out, “you won’t get one here.”
She paused mid movement.
“Your body doesn’t process alcohol – or any mind altering substance – the same way it used to.”
Her hand fell as a fist into the counter. [..]
“Are you saying I can’t get high?”
“You can orgasm from here to eternity,” he said roughly. “That high enough for you?”
“I’m happy to oblige.”

9. Diana Hunter – Secret Submission


So helpless she had looked, so frightened—and yet, she let the wanton side of her be exposed as Anton took Jill before her eyes. He knew then that she was the one he had searched for.

10. Annette McCleave – Drawn Into Darkness

Quote Rachel and Lachlan:

“Maybe you’re reading way too much into my visit. Maybe I’m just looking for sex.”
He froze.
Encouraged by his subtle edge of anticipation in his stillness, Rachel added, “No strings attached, down and dirty, wild crazy monkey sex.”
A short breath hissed from his lips.
“Single moms don’t get out much, you know,” she went on, gaining momentum with every increasingly excited heartbeat. Nothing she knew about Lachlan was real…except the attraction. Maybe she was crazy, but salvaging something out of this train wreck – even if it was only the sexual romp she’d been imagining ever since she bumped into him in the stairwell – had tremendous appeal. She was tired of going to bed alone and unsatisfied. “It’s been a while since I had a screaming orgasm without the help of my vibrator.”
She heard him swallow, hard.

11. Nalini Singh – Blaze Of Memory

Quote Katya:

Something shifted between them the previous night – she could feel it deep within: a subtle tug, a bond barely formed.
But that wasn’t the change that distressed her.
Dev walked beside her, but gone was the man who kissed her with a passion that seared her soul. Only the director, hard, focused, unreadable remained.

12. Meredith Duran – Duke Of Shadows

Quote Julian:

There was so much to be said and asked between them. Being with her felt like charting the sea; there were marvels beneath, and they lured him, and he wondered whether he ever might reach the bottom.

13. Suzanne Brockmann – The Unsung Hero

Quote Brandon;

“I thought you were in a hurry to get out of here tonight.” David said evenly. ”Me? No way. I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be than right here, wearing my lovely little speedo, flexing my abs, playing superheroes with my new friend Mallory.”

14. Pamela Clare – Surrender

Quote Annie about Iain:

He was a big man, a rough man, a man who lived by the sword. But he saved her life, shown her kindness, even compassion. He fought as the leader of a Ranger company. Yet his words were those of a traitor. There was something about him that frightened her, and yet…something drew her to him, as well

15. Kresley Cole – Kiss Of A Demon King
Quote Rydstrom to Sabine:

In an incredulous tone he said, “You don’t know the meaning of virtue!”
“Of course I do – it means your thong must be white.”

16. Lorelei James – Long Hard Ride

Quote Channing:

She always acted tongue-tied whenever she got within licking distance of Colby and his equally sexy traveling buddy, Trevor Glanzer.

17. Jennifer Ashley – The Madness Of Lord Ian MacKenzie

Quote Ian:

“All of us are mad in some way.” Ian said. “I have a memory that won’t let go of details. Hart is obsessed with politics and money. Cameron is a genius with horses, and Mac paints like a god.”

18. Alyssa Day – Atlantis Unleashed

Quote Keely:

Where Conlan had given the impression of royal command, and Ven was all rough-and-ready warrior, something in this one’s eerie green glowing eyes and the harsh lines of his face spoke of dark deeds whispered in shadow alleys. This one would draw blood before you even knew you’d been cut, and he enjoyed doing it.

19. Karen Moning – Dreamfever

Quote Mac:

“You are the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen,” I tell him.
“You are perfect.”
He makes a strangled sound and mutters something about how I might seriously reconsider that at some point. I ignore it. He says many mystifying things. I ignore them all. I admire the prenatural grace of his body. Dark, strong, he pads like a great beast, muscles rippling. Black and crimson symbols cover much of his skin. It’s exotic, exciting. He is large. The first time I almost couldn’t take him. He fills me, sates me completely. Until he is no longer inside me and I am empty again.

20. C.L. Wilson – Queen Of Souls And Song

Quote Rain:

Spirit spun from his fingers in wild waves, and the river around them blazed with fiery light. Hands, teeth, tongues, lips, wings, talons, spirit bodies – both fey and Tairen – caressed and tormented her, claimed and plundered. Gone was the gentle lover. He poured out upon her his magic, his essence, the blazing need of his soul, the primal core of him that existed when all else was stripped away; pure, dominant, male energy, unyielding and fierce, aggressor and defender, protector and conqueror, the darkness to her light. Ours, his Tairen hissed. She is ours. Our mate. Our female. Our pride.

Honorary mentions:
Elisabeth Naughton – Stolen Fury
Anna Campbell - Tempt The Devil
Lauren Dane -  Coming Undone
Joey W Hill - A Mermaid's Kiss
Carrie Lofty - Scoundrel's Kiss
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  1. Great list! I have Eve of Darkness on my shelf as yet unread. As it's no.8 on your list, must mean it's pretty good, so think I will bump it up and read it sooner :)

  2. Great list Leontine.
    So many books I would like to read on that list. love the quotes

  3. @Book Chick City - Oh Eve will give you a thrill ride with Cain and Abel, hope you get to read their books in 2010 :)

    @Blodeuedd - Thanks and I was lurking in my 2009 folders which would make my list and found all these quotes, as i love quotes i thought it would be nice to add them. You never know what might catch your eye *wink*

  4. Leontine,
    THat is a wonderful list! I LOVE that quote from Queen of the Darkness. I think I am going to do a reread of those books this year :). I need my fix!

  5. Nice round up - I am so pleased you found Brockmann ... Isn't she great....

    Chris Owen - Tor and Jake, yup....

    I still have not read Anne Bishop yet - I have to crave out some space in between all that smut to read it....

    Happy day hon...


  6. Wonderful list and I love to read quotes! They always remind me of the book and really make want to read the ones I still haven't bought. So my tbr is getting bigger and bigger. *sigh*
    Happy New Year hon!

  7. @AmyC - a re-read, now that wouldn't be such a hardship because i love the world and characters but I promised myself if there was going to be any re-reading besides Diana gabaldon it would be The Mayfair Witches trilogy by Anne Rice. The first book alone would cost me a week, perhaps even ten days to read (a 1000 or so pages o-0)

    @EH - After i read the review by Pearl I bought it but I never expected it to be so fabulous it would make my top 20, I mean I still have to place my review of it on my blog and only read the book like last week or so. I also want to read more by Chris Owen, just Tor and Jack by this author to rec isn't cutting it for me LOL And if you find a scrap of room on your shelves Anne Bishop is the way to go :)

    @SusiSunshine - I love quotes too, ecpecially if I also read the book, it sometimes is dead on, on the vibe of the book and gets me right back in to the story. And I don't think I want to know my TBR pile, last year it got Rose Red (Stephen King story) kind of qualities where my bookshelves started to expand on their own accord *eek*

  8. Great list, hon! I love me some Lora Leigh, Chris Owen and Lorelei James too :) And I'm really looking forward to Lauren Dane, KMM and Nalini Singh who are on my shelves... well their books are...!
    Wonderful round up!

  9. Great list.They sounds like good books.I've only read one on that list :( Laid Bare by Lauren Dane.
    My shelves are gonna break will all the weight of the books I will be adding.

  10. Happy New Year! May this year be the best of the best. :)

  11. Oh, the Mayfair Witches. I read those years ago. I think it took me about two weeks to read all three books. I wouldn't mind revisiting them. I loved her imagination in those and in her Vampire Chronicles. And I like how the Talamasca was present in both. It brought the two worlds together and then she did combine them toward the end of the Vampire Chronicles. Very neat!

  12. @AmyC - The Talamasca was one of the things I loved in the Mayfair Witches trilogy, it was such a major thread throughout the trilogy and still keep a more secondary role. I never read Anne Rice's Vampire series, I don't think I have the time for such an extensive series LOL

  13. @Janna - Oh girl, you've got fabulous authors on your shelves and can't wait to do a KMM/Lauren Dane/Nalini Singh talk with you.

    @Elaing8 - YAY you read Laid Bare, I wish you a fabulous new book year hon!

    J. Kaye - I so hope this year is going to trope 2009 bookwise ;)

  14. Happy New Year Leontine!! I love your quote list! I always forget to write down my favs but after reading the Dreamfever quote I need to go and do a reread!

  15. Happy New Year Leontine *waves*

    Mmmm Barrons, I nearly cried when I saw Amazon removed Shadowfever's release date. You and I must chat about Alyssa Day I picked up her first two books and found them to be meh.

  16. Hey Girl I'm way behind on my blog hoppin again but I finally am starting to make my rounds again. LOVED your post and you have chosen some very good books here. Some I have read myself and some I am putting on my list of to read now thanks to your stellar list here my dear! :)

    BIG HUGS and a very Happy New Year full of great reads to you hon!!! :)

  17. @tricia - Oh I've got a notepad next to me reading a book and whenever i come across I good one I write it down. I've done it since I started reviewing so 've acumulated quite a few quotes LOL

    @Smokinhotbooks - Removed releasedate SHADOWFEVER *sqeuals in horror* WTF, WHY WHY, did KMM give an explanation?? And Alyssa Day is just great in her humor and warriors, you didn't get it or them?? No, hhmmmm must find a way to remedy that!

    @JennJ - I love to have you over and I love stopping by your pace, you're a busy gal, I understand. Come by when you want too hon!

  18. i'm totally with you on duke of shadows by meredith duran leontine! that book was different from many historicals i've read in some way but i loved it too! i think it's how the author wrote--she has a great voice.

    i haven't read blaze of memory but it's sitting on my shelf. i can't wait to read that one :)

  19. @Chelleyreads - I defintely dig the writingstyle of Meredith Duran, she, Sherry Thomas, Anna Campbell, Rona Sharon, Lisa Valdez etc bring such a unique voice to the genre :)


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