06 January 2010

Cover Hussy Club

Buttons are courtesay of Elaing8 - thanks gurl, you rock!!

This is me...High Queen Hussy of the Cover Hussy Book Club *grin*

This is my co-chair woman; Cecile from All I Want And More blog.

- The other hussies will be added as soon as they are identified -

[A deep and sultry male narrator speaks] In the world of romancelandia there are those who use their inborn radar and investigative skills to find the smuttiest of covers with the most hunk-a-liscious man candy.They are wicked creatures of the night, scattered all over the world and have no fear in ogling the most sexiest, dangerous or arrogant of cover models.
They are called…the cover hussies.
Now there is a chance to join their ranks and talk the talk with them about all things concerning
hot covers and man-candy...

We want to know if there is anyone out there...
that thinks they are bold enough to join in with the ranks of us....
To dive into the world of the hottest covers....
To bring attention to the yummies of men.... and women....
on the hottest covers around???
Do you think you have what it takes?
Are you strong enough to release your inner hussy?
Is the world ready for you?
This is what is wanted of you..........

- To apply for the position to be a part of The Smutty Round Table you must be willing to search for the smuttiest cover candy out there, report back to either Leontine or myself.
And ladies... this is very hard work!
- You must promise to uphold the values of the hussies; which means oogling all those abs, pecs and ass is a necessity.
- Have basic understanding of the smut talk
- You would be responsible for sending us your choice of cover in an email with a short note telling us the reason why that cover should be voted on.
- Any and all covers are a go... New and Old... We do not discriminate!
- You must have a blog....

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  1. Hi Leontine I'm sure you have all the cover hussies you need but just encase if you need anymore I would love to be a part of the group! :)


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