08 January 2010

Did I go on a Book Binge or not, you tell me…

Did I go on a Book Binge or not, you tell me…

Yesterday my sis came with the monthly CC statement (it’s a long story why I’m using sister’s CC but basically I wanted to give myself a threshold to use it…yeah that one worked really well for me in December 2009) I know it wasn’t going to be pretty but I said to her; "Girl, I had to take advantage of all those discounts, I mean 40-70% off!! That’s almost like giving them away, right?"

I started December with a discount at DorchesterPub (and still have to receive them damnit) But I have something to look forward to:

Marjorie M Liu - Soul Song / Eye of Heaven / The Fire King / The Wild Road
Nina Bangs - Eternal Craving
Elisabeth Naughton - Stolen Seduction

Then I also received a few ordered books from the Bookdepository store:

Jessa Slade - Seduced By Shadows
Josh Lanyon - Collected novella's book (M/M)
Mychael Black/Shayne Carmichael - And Then Two Shall become One & The Prince's Angel (M/M)
Erica Hayes – Shadowfae
Diana Gabaldon - Outlander (HC)
Stephanie Tyler - Hard To Hold
Joey W Hill - The Mark Of The Vampire Queen & The Vampire Queen's Servant

But then St.Nicholas a.k.a nanna gave me an envelope that said; You go buy yourself an e-reader and enjoy it hon! Erm well, that was something I took to heart because that same week my precious new e-reader got delivered:

When I heard fictionwise had an end-of-the-year sale I went ballistics I tell ya. All that pent up frustration of not able to buy and read the e-books that I wanted. Or after reading a review I had to tell myself; "Leontine, not yet, later when you have an e-reader, right now you can’t read on computer." And since I don’t have a laptop it was really out of the question. So I bought underneath titles in a timeframe of two weeks, with the most on one evening:

Mia Watts – Mind F*cked
Mia Watts - Faery Surprising
Shelley Laurenston – Pack Challenge
Shelley Laurenston - Hunting Season
Jourdan Lane - Soul Mates: Bound by Blood
Sean Michael - Amnesia (rec by Erotic Horizon)
Joey W Hill - Ice Queen
Joey W Hill - Mirror of My Soul
Diana Hunter - Submission Revealed
The Ice Dragon [Dragon Knights Series Book 3] by Bianca D'Arc
Deviations: Domination by Chris Owen & Jodi Payne
Deviations: Submission by Jodi Payne & Chris Owen
9-1-1 by Chris Owen
Cover Me [Men of Smithfield] by L.B. Gregg
Gobsmacked [Men of Smithfield] by L.B. Gregg
Happy Ending [Men of Smithfield] by L.B. Gregg
Trinity by Lauren Dane
All Jacked Up [Rough Riders, Book 8 by Lorelei James
Strong, Silent Type [Rough Riders Series Book 6] by Lorelei James
Rough, Raw and Ready [Rough Riders Series Book 5] by Lorelei James
Shoulda Been a Cowboy [Rough Riders Series Book 7] by Lorelei James
Branded As Trouble [Rough Riders Book 6] by Lorelei James
Dear Sir, I'm Yours by Joely Sue Burkhart
Bound by Blood [The Faustin Bros. Book 2] by Evie Byrne
Damned by Blood [Faustin Brothers, Book 3] by Evie Byrne
Called by Blood by Evie Byrne

So yesterday my sis came with the damage and since November CC got early I had the December one spanning five weeks o-0 Well I can tell ya I could’ve bought me a 5 inch second e-reader and I was going “ouch, sis that hurts, how did I do this in one month? ONE!” Sis said; Beats me, but you’ve done it” I just sighed, In all of 2009 I kept my spending on average – or at least that is my opinion – but I see the sales flags go out everywhere and I turn in to a hungry hurricane and now I’m overlooking the CC devastation LOL

2010 started very good though as I cleaned out my pc drawer I found a gift certificate code for e-books…I still had 22 dollars to spend, of course they burned a hole in my pocket and had to buy me a few e-books. I will tell you which ones in my January Show And Tell post :)

So December 2009 was it a book binge month? Yay or Nay, or do you say; “Hon, you ain’t seen nothing yet?”

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  1. It's official. You are a Book Slut, hun. There can be no doubt.

  2. Good god, woman! Are you sure you have enough there?! LOL

  3. Oh my! That is some bookbinge! Like how you list your ebook purchases too. If I did that people would officially declare me certifiable! *bring in the white coats people* LOL

    But let me tell you hon, every month is bookbinge month for me! I know in my current situation I must cut it down or there will be no money left for food and rent but the past week I went crazy and have orders at the Book Depository alone for ....wait for it...wait for it....don't gasp...20!!! books

    (bear in mind this is excluding any ebooks LOL)

    My only consolation and excuse is that this was my last binge for a while...unless I win the lottery or something...or find me a new job ;)

    Enjoy your books hon!


  4. Wow, I'd say book binge for sure!
    I finally bought some books, haven't since September. Only 4 though, and all on my giftcard :) I feel so nice...sort of cos my hands are itching for more!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LOL. Yep that would be a book binge. I thought I was bad this month, I think I did 10 or so. ♥ Parajunkee

  6. @Kris - Yeah, I was afraid of that *wink*

    @Wendy - I think I could've bought more, my list of e-books is defintely not empty but hubby demanded some money too for his passion *crap*

    @Blodeuedd - OMG 4?? That would be me on a book diet LOL And I heart gift certificates, especially at the moment of payment *grin*

    @ParaJunkee - oh, 10 is nice, very nice. I usually hover between 10-15books a month too.

  7. @Pearl - I think I'm a toddlet compared to you and your book buying habits LOL And you couldn't have prepared me...I am gasping, 20books!! And I know you have shopped at eharlequin too etc for e-books o-0 My gawd, that is like...okay, you're beyond salvation hon, white coats will not cure you ;)

    You've prepared yourself for a hunger winter, bookwise that is. And I will keep my fingers crossed that you'll find a job soon. Evie Byrne, Lorei James and Joely Sue Burkhart where all must haves after reading your reviews *grin* So I'll probably enjoy them but of course will let you know!

  8. Hon, you deserve all those books! I know I went ballistic as well over the Fictionwise discounts. Bought a lot!!! Like you, ordered a few from Bookdepository as well.

    Total I bought over 50(gulp!) books last December, my biggest book binge so far. But lots of them are ebooks with the huge FW discount, so it's not as expensive as y'all might think. And I don't buy much during the year and it's my bday cum christmas gift all rolled into one! Furthermore, I gotta meet the 100+books reading challenge, right? And I need books for that! LOL

    However, unlike you, I got no e-reader. Gotta content myself with the ol' laptop. :)

  9. I thought I was bad but holy smokes! That's some book buying right there!!

    I trade in at my local used bookstore to make myself feel less guilty. Of course I always spend more than I turn in :)

  10. @Silver - 50 books OMG...the "not expensive, bday/Xmas rolled in to 1" are just excuses, admit it *grin* You're just as bad as the rest of us ;)

    @Patti - it's a given, you may turn in books but there's just too much of the good stuff out there ;)

    I knew there was coming a moment where i actually needed to organize the bookshelves alphabetically...that time has come and I know I will put books in a box that i know for sure I will never read...will part with a heavy heart. I don't let go of my books easy :)

  11. Oh My Gawd Honey!!!! Whew, after I got finish writing them all down, hee hee!! I mentally went through what I have bought in the past month... And yea... in between 20-30 books last month. But they were calling my name, I hear them. Hell, some just jump in the damn buggie when I am at the store and I do not realize it until I am ready to check out and by that time it is too late to go put it back... So check out I do! And do not even talk about Borders or Book Depo. Those places are evil with their sales! OHGosh!

    Yea... I am feeling your CC pain! LOL! But they are an investment, lol!! A hot, spicy, romantic, mysterious, chilling, gripping, sexy, mega alpha male and hot kick ass chick investment!!! LOL!! For years to come!
    Love ya hon!

  12. Wow, that was some book binge. How long will it take you to read all those books?

  13. @Cecile - Borders or Book Depo + Sales = Heaven! And I'm in good company with my book binge month. Wow 20-30 book huh, you were ravenous for the good stuff and how can I blame ya...I would do the same, I DID the same LOL Enjoy all the books hon :)

    @Suanna carr - I buy them faster then i read them, I think in the best circunstances I would do about 4-5 months about these books. If I would only read perhaps 2 months.

  14. oh Leontine, you are a bad girl ;) thanks to your list I discovered a new series which sounds really great - the books by Lorelei James... I've ordered them now *gg*

  15. @Ina - Girl you're going to have an absolute blast with Lorelei James and next week Pearl from http://www.pearl72.blogspot.com has a Lorelei James week, lots of good stuff happening on her blog then. You should definitely check it out!!

  16. Well done hon...

    I knew the ereader would bring out the real you.... and oh did it...

    Happy reading...


  17. I think there is something in the air because I have done the same thing. But you know, when I find a good bargain on books it is so hard to say no.

    Enjoy your new reads! I see a few I liked to read also.

  18. Oh, sweetie, you are my book slut sistah!!! :) I went a little nuts on the Fictionwise sales in December too *cough*over 50 books*cough*... And even now, after that, I'm thinking of at least 10 books I desparately want to buy - right now - *groan*. I have restrained myself for 4 days already but I don't know for how long I can!
    I have this 'rule' to read at least 10 books of my tbr pile before I can go shopping again :) Thing is, it doesn't help much if you purchase 15-20 books at once than!

    Anyway, happy reading, hon!

  19. Girl you have got some great reads and congrats on each and every one of them and especially for the ereader that is awesome!!! I'm hoping maybe to get one sometime in the future maybe my birthday in Sept. if I'm lucky ROFL.

    You enjoy all the wonderful books hon and I look forward to seeing your reviews on them all! :) BIG Hugs and I hope you have a great weekend!

  20. All right, I admit. Am a book slut, and proud of it!!! I could live with just books alone, uh, yeah, need to eat and pee, but other than that, I don't need anything else. *grin*

    Oh, just saw you bought Stephanie Tyler's Hard to Hold. I'm eager to see your review on that because.... I'll keep you in suspense for now and let you know in comments to your review. ;)

  21. Good morning!
    *wohooo* that are great news - thanks for the tip, Leontine...I will definitively check it out :)

  22. @EH - Yes, you did warn me and without realising it at the time, I so proven you right LOL

    @Donna - It is something about those % sales that got my blood stirring and I become a ravenous buyer. I could control myself without an e-reader but now want it all. Gluttonous much I ask myself *grin*

    @janna - 50!! Looking at list of Fictionwise/ EC and Samhain...oooohhhh it turns out I did okay then, just 26 books LOL And where is your book slut admission of December sales?? I wants a peek in your list as well *wink*

  23. @JennJ - The bday month is also a huge bookpile month for me, when I don't know what to ask for I always say books, last year it resulted in 30 something books LOL

    @Silver - Oh you wicked, wicked, growing demon horns, devilish woman you!!! How can you do that to me?? After ARC read I'm so going for Tyler!! Me wants to know!!

    @Ina - Pearl has got lots of reviews in store for us regarding the Rough Rider series, believe me when i say they are a hoot to read. If you're not enthusiastic about the RR series before, you'll be buying them after reading them, I know I did LOL

  24. Shhh, not so loud ;) I'm actually a bit ashamed and don't like the idea of 'showing off' my list. But maybe I can make little slideshow of my recent purchases for my sidebar so that you can take a peek at it ;)
    By the way, I just wished it was possible to not only buy the books but also buy the time to read them *sigh*

  25. I was so sure I had already commented on your amazing shopping spree, but obviously I read and then left :-| Well, I must say you did have a good time! I am still in two minds about an ereader but every-time I hear that someone else got one, I get all jealous! I hope you have fun reading all your books - a girl after my own heart :)


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