22 January 2010

Guestblog & Giveaway: Tina Donahue - Real Men Do Not Want Super Skinny Woman. . .

I'm happy to introduce Tina Donahue to you all as she talks about curves and her latest release; Deep, Dark And Delicious. Let's celebrate our curves ladies. I know I did this morning as I shaked my hips on Shakira - She Wolf and Beyoncé - All The Single Ladies :)

Today’s male-dominated beauty and fashion industry bombards women with images of ultra-thin models, the supposed female ideal for men. Excuse me. How can a model who has no hips and very little meat on her bones resemble anything but a prepubescent girl? Funny thing, many of the images of these skinny babes are Photoshop’d until their bodies and faces don’t even resemble humans anymore but life-sized Barbie dolls.

I’m no guy, but I’ve spoken to enough men who’ve said they don’t want a bag of bones in their bed. They want curves. A female’s succulent, soft flesh next to their body. Womanly hips they can grab onto. Full breasts they can hold in their hands.

I’ve never written my heroines as model thin. One, it’s not natural. Two, it’s unhealthy. In my latest release, Deep, Dark, Delicious, my heroine Eden is as curvaceous as Jennifer Lopez. Rafe, my hero, likes her that way. In a scene at her house, where’s he staying for 30 days to teach her the delights of yielding to passion and relinquishing all control to him, the issue of her curves comes up in a delicious way. Read on:

Rafe went to her side. With one arm around her waist and his other beneath her knees, he swept her into his arms.
Fragrant waves of her hair spilled over his shoulder and brushed the side of his face. She parted her lips on a joyous cry.
He cradled her close, nuzzling his nose in her neck. Her skin smelled of the croquetas and perfume. His ears buzzed. Contentment flooded him, bringing out his playfulness. “Hold on tight, I wouldn’t want to drop you.”
Her free hand slipped over his shoulders, her fingers fisting in his tee. To avoid contact with her bare skin, she settled the base of the beer bottles against his abs. His muscles jumped at the chilled bite of the glass. With a sigh, she snuggled into him as if to state her readiness for travel no matter how bumpy.
A second passed and another. When he didn’t move or even adjust his weight, she rubbed her nose against his cheekbone. “Are you trying to figure out how to make love in this position?”
He barked a laugh. She squealed as he pretended to drop her. He scolded. “See what happens when you ask too many questions?”
“I do.” She tightened her arm on him, her nails clawing his skin through his tee. “So what are you doing? Where are you taking me?”
He crossed the threshold between the dining and living room. “I’m taking you in every part of this house.” He stopped near the leather sofa and turned his face to hers. “I thought you already knew that.”
Her eyes dropped to his mouth, tarrying there before moving to the sofa, what she assumed would be their next destination. “I do,” she whispered, then added in a small whine, “but only in this house?”
She was bad. “No,” he said, his tone grave. “You said you have a guesthouse. I intend to use it. I noticed you have a pool and a fairly spacious backyard. We wouldn’t want either to go to waste, or for that matter any other part of your property, now would we?” He bypassed the sofa and crossed the living room to the front door.
“Whoa.” Her body curled into itself and him, a modified fetal position to protect her nudity. “Whatever you’re thinking, don’t. The front yard isn’t fenced like the back.”
“I know, but you have ample foliage that serves as a barrier so the effect’s the same. However, I wasn’t thinking about your landscaping or your fences.” He made his tone curious. “Why would you think I was?”
“Rafe.” Her voice rose a notch, just a shade short of panicked. “You can’t bring me out there in daylight. Tonight, if there isn’t a moon, it might be okay, but not now. Do you understand?”
“Forgive me, I don’t. You never allow yourself to go outside in the daylight? You have to wait for dark? You can’t tolerate a full moon? Are you a vampire? A werewolf?”
She growled through her laughter. “You know what I mean. You can’t bring me into the front yard while I’m nude. And you sure as hell can’t fuck me out there in broad daylight.”
“I wasn’t planning to. I just wanted to make certain your door was locked.” He glanced from the thrown deadbolt to her, offering a shrewd smile. “Just in case one of your young male neighbors decides to visit while I have you beneath me.”
She dug her nails a bit deeper into his shoulder.
Pretending not to notice the pain, he turned and headed for her stairway.
This time her body stiffened. “You’re going to carry me upstairs?”
“Unless you want to carry me.”
She laughed again, though briefly. “I should walk. I don’t mind.”
He climbed the first step. “You’re not that heavy, Eden.” At six-three, Rafe figured he outweighed her by at least sixty pounds.
A flush spread across her cheeks and nose. “I’m not a stick, if you haven’t yet noticed.”
He had, from the moment she arrived for the competition. Her beautifully developed body attracted
him first. Next, he’d become enchanted with her personality and talent. “Neither is Jennifer Lopez.” He took the fourth step. “Nor was Marilyn Monroe. Or Anna Nicole Smith, when she was the Playboy Playmate of the Year. I haven’t heard any men complaining about their bodies.”
She stared at him. “You think I’m built like those women?”
“Goddesses,” he corrected, turning his face to hers. “Just ask your young male neighbors. They’ll explain what I’m talking about.”
She arched one brow.
Smiling, he reached the landing and headed to their bedroom.
“Whoa,” she said once more as he bypassed the four-poster and went to a door on the right. “We can’t go out on the porch. The banister out there is wrought-iron. It’s not solid. All the neighbors have to do is look up and they’ll see everything.”
He studied her. “And that would bother you?”
A stew of emotions passed over her face. He saw excitement at the threat of discovery, fear one of the neighbors might possibly call the police and daring that it might be worth the risk.
Her voice shook with doubt and desire. “We could use it tonight.”
“But only if there’s not a full moon, otherwise you’ll turn into a she-devil and devour me, no?”
The tip of her tongue snuck out of her mouth to lick the line of his jaw. Once she’d marked him, she cooed, “Oh, Rafe, I fully intend to devour you, though I have no intention of waiting until tonight.”
His cock nudged his fly, wanting out of his clothing and back into the tight heat of her cunt or mouth. He inclined his head to the door. “I thought that was your bath. Where is it?”
Her seduction vanished beneath renewed curiosity. “Why?”
“I’m going to bathe you to remove all traces of your food and perfume. I want to smell your skin, nothing else. Once I’ve toweled you dry, I’m going to tie your wrists and ankles to our bed so you can’t escape what I have planned.”
Her words bounced. “What do you have planned?”
“You’ll have to wait to find out.”

Rafe obviously enjoys Eden’s curves and everything else that makes her a woman. But then, he’s a real man. :)

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  1. Good morning all and thank you, Leontine, for having me here today.

    To make things extra interesting, I'm offering three choices of my books as a prize: 1. Adored 2. Close to Perfect 3. Bad Boys with Red Roses. The winner gets to choose!

    Please join me for a comment, to chat, and to participate in my scavenger hunt!

  2. *argh* thanks to you I've now "All the single ladies" as an earworm *gg*

    Hi Tina!
    I love your idea of a scavenger hunt contest - I don't know your books but I'm sure after the contest I will!
    *ah* I'm currently visiting your homepage and I found a picture of you during one of your early modeling gigs - that's sooo cute!!!
    greetings, Ina

  3. @Tina Donahue - Hi Tina, I'm glad to have you here and read DEEP, DARK & DANGEROUS, I so want my own chef now *grin*

    @Ina - Girl, goodluck, perhaps ladyluck is with you again ;)

  4. Wonderful topic! I'm all for reading about the curvacious women! The one thing I don't like to read about concerning this topic is the insecurities that the fuller woman sometimes is dealing with! Thanks for the great excerpt too :)

  5. Hey, Ina, Leontine and Janna!

    Ina: Thanks for your kind comments about my baby pxs - know my momma liked them!

    Leontine: KNow what you mean about wanting your own chef, but sweetie, Rafe is mine! :)

    Janna: Know what you mean about not liking women having insecurities about their size. I didn't write Eden that way. She likes her curves and so does Rafe. :)

  6. Tina: excellent blog. I rarely write thin heroines either. My dh claims it would be like sleeping with a bicycle--not at all comfortable. Knew there was a reason why I keep him around.

  7. Hi Tina and Leontine! I love this topic and I whole heartedly agree! I absolutely hate that the media idea of women on tv and movies is rail thin women that look like they have eating disorders. That to me isn't beautiful it's sad and really unhealthy. Women should have curves... ok maybe not as many as I have but LOL some. Who wants to cuddle with a bag of shar sticks right! Great great post! And the book sounds really hawt!!!!!

  8. LOL. Cindy, you are too much! My mind's still whirling around a picture of a hot guy trying to get all snuggly with a skinny lady who's built like a bicycle. Something to add to the Kama Sutra.

  9. Hey, Jenn - I love the old pictures of Marilyn Monroe when she was in her prime - was she gorgeous or what? And Jennifer Lopez is absolutely hot - that's the kind of body women should be striving for.

  10. Jennifer Lopez is very, very hot and I agree - skin and bones may look good on the runway (not in my mind), but it don't feel so good in the bedroom. As far as I'm concerned, Marilyn Monroe was one of the most beautiful women of all time - and I think men throughout the ages would agree. Twiggy inaugurated this over-long era of the super skinny model and it may be the worst thing that ever happened to us real women.
    Love the excerpt!

  11. Hey, Julia - hopefully with the Dove campaign for real beauty little girls can now feel beautiful just as they are.

  12. Hi Tina :)
    Thank you for the great post. I love real women (not the photoshopped models) and I really enjoyed your excellent excerpt. Thanks for sharing!
    All the best,

  13. @Leontine: thanks! *fingerscrossing* but I think it's Ceciles turn ;) where is she?? *callingforcecile*

  14. Okay, ladies (and guys if there are any) - here's my first scavenger hunt question:

    1. In “Finally & Forever” my novella in Irish Eyes, what are Aidan and Brianna trying to track down?

    Remember: Keep your answers until the last (fourth one) is posted.

    I'll be posting the questions throughout the day!

    Have fun!

  15. Hi, RK - thanks for your kind comments. I like real women, too - I have to, I'm one of them! :)

  16. Hi Tina & Leontine!

    Great Post, real women rock! And I find I am more captivated with a story where the woman has curves!

    No need to enter me, just show'in some love to you ladies!

    Happy Weekend!

  17. Hey, Brande - hope you have an awesome weekend too!

    Don't you and I have a date tomorrow??? :)

  18. Hi Tina and Leontine - great subject and I love that you addressed it in your book...women need to feel okay that they don't look like stick figures!

  19. Hi, Patti - I like to keep my heroines real, just like we all are - or were - before Madison Avenue decided to tell us we had to look like Barbie dolls.

  20. Leontine you've got me shaking my hips, I love Shakira.

    Tina I really like that you address this issue. Often times due to society women are told to look a certain way and it just doesn't seem fair. Even worse men buy into that particular look when in reality I've often quizzed my husband on what he thinks is attractive and honestly women without a little curve turns him off.

    Great interview Leontine!!!

  21. Welcome, Smokin' - can I call you that? :)

    I think only teen-aged boys have the 'no fat chicks' complex. Of course, with their gangly bodies and pimply faces, they shouldn't be so critical, now should they?

  22. Oh wow, look at here...I go away to do some shopping and many have dropped by already :)

    I love how Eden is comfortable in her own skin and how turned on Rafe is about the complete package, both her body and personality. So Tina, I'm so going on a hunt for my own chef *grin*

    I really like all the comments where we say that hubby's or significant others love the curves on a woman. I think "society" has changed a little, that curves are a bit more exepted since Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and what about those Kardashian girls. They've got some serious curves going on too. I think that a personality does a lot for the sensuality of a woman too, if feel the sensual part men are bound to respond to that. Or at least, that was the comment my hubby made and I think he has a valid point.

    For a man who embraces the curves of a woman and who can seduce the tastebuds is almost a man too good to be true *grin* Did you research the Cuban kitchen Tina or was this knowledge from experience?

  23. "I didn't write Eden that way. She likes her curves and so does Rafe."

    That's what I thought from the excerpt! I think it's great and I just gotta love Eden (and Rafe)! :)

  24. EDIT: I'm seeing a typo *headdesk* excepted =accepted

  25. Hey, Leontine -

    I researched the Cuban cooking. Me, I can barely boil water. :)

  26. Hey, Janna - I like Eden, but I gotta tell you, Rafe is still in my dreams at night. That's the kind of guy I want. In the words of Rachael Ray - Yummo!

  27. Rafe sounds well, delicious! Thank you for helping me find a new author. :)

  28. *grin* Tina, you and Leontine are doing a great job of letting me fall in love with Rafe *sigh* he sounds yummy (or yummo ;))!! *off to Goodreads to add this book to my to-buy list*

  29. Hey, Buckeye Girl and Janna - glad you like Rafe and thanks to you both for your kind, kind words!

  30. Okay all - here's question #2 for my Scavenger Hunt:

    2. What’s the reviewer’s name who reviewed “Take My Breath Away” for Booklist?

  31. Tina, I want to thank you for a great day - I will definitively check back tomorrow, but here in Austria it's in the middle of the night and unfortunately I need some sleep ;)

    hope you all have fun! and enjoy the hunt *gg*
    greetings, Ina

  32. Night, Ina - have sweet, sexy dreams!

  33. And here's scavenger hunt question #3:

    3. In a recent blog title, what did I say my biggest addiction was?

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Okay, all - here's the last question to my scavenger hunt:

    4. In “Deep, Dark, Delicious” what’s the name of the competition Eden lost?

    Good luck!

    Thanks, Leontine for having me today. I had a blast!

  36. Holy crap batman... I love a man like that!!!!!!! Putting this book on my list! Oh yea, you know I want him, I mean the book!
    Ms Tina, I love the book! The excerpt you gave us is such a tease!!!!!!!!!!
    Leontine you know what this hussy loves!!!! Thanks honey!

  37. As a retired "skinny bag of bones" model...who didn't starve herself to look like that...and at 54pretty much still look the same...I can tell you, my weight(or lack of)came from me father side of the family...I have tried to put on weight (with a doctor's help) so I could look more like JJ, MM and Anna N Smith...without luck...I always thought they were beauiful women.

    So, don't believe every "skinny bones" you see wants to be that way. And calling names be it stick or puggy isn't nice!

    Interesting enough, in my first novel I made my hero prefer bigger women...

    Through the years I've come to believe women shouldn't try to be anything they are not...if you're naturally padded or naturally skinny...make the most of it.
    It's the difference in us all that make life interesting...don't you think?


  38. @Hawk - hi hon, you were a model? *gasps in surprise :)* I believe if you are a natural slim woman than there is you and nothing wrong with that! But after so long being fed the perfect slim woman image I am happy that curves are back and is more accepted these days.

    It is weird at one hand, I know many celebrities or beautiful women are photoshopped in pics these days and still it makes me want to aim for the impossible. IMO the body is a part of the sum that makes a woman attractive and I'm glad authors create a complete picture of confident curvier women who have a few issues to deal with but still is attractive for many men :)

  39. LOL...Yes. LOL I don't know if your being surprised is good or bad!
    {8-O LOL.

    I spent 40 years as a working model. And most models...eat. Those few "Starving" models the media exploits I've never met...but I'm sure there are some...what people have to understand is modeling is a business...what you sell is your body - like the shoe business sells shoes - so yes, the main focus is the body. It's the produce that's up for sale - It's not like they are against the "Normal" figure of a fullier shaped woman...it's just the leaner figures show the clothes off better "Because" they HANG on the model...that's why they want thin girls...the business doesn't care if a model becomes famous...they want the clothes to "hang" right from her body...so the fewer the curves the better the hang. It's all business.

    A model is nothing more than an expensive hanger.

    I'm not sure why or when the need to look like a model happened in America...it's sad that it did and I'm glad women are getting smarter and realize what men really want is the woman (lean or full) not her figure.

    I believe most men want women who can joint them as a partner...now if that partner can cook, and clean as well as help them in their business, and she has goals of her own. He's thinking he hit the jackpot!
    Yes, that means a very busy life for a woman...but I really believe it's the woman, not what she looks like, that get's the man.

    I'm sure every guy out there has a story to tell about the day he walked up to a woman he thought was beautiful and after two words out of her mouth he was out of there...it's funny how fast beauty fades if the words from the mouth are dumb. Sunddenly the woman doesn't seem so beautiful.

    I'm sure there are a few women out there who can say the same thing about a cute guy they met. Hence the saying "All beauty no brains."

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...everyones taste is different...so why some women are trying to look all alike...???

    I say a woman is her most beautiful when she becomes who she is. What she is. Confident in who and what she is. That's a beautiful and power of a woman.

    But that's just my opinion.


  40. The winner of my Scavenger Hunt is Lisa G!!

    Congratulations, Lisa and thanks to everyone for stopping by and participating!!

    Cecile: Love your comment - glad you like my book!

    Houston AW Knight - I agree with you totally - women should be who they are, not what Madison Avenue wants them to be!


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