15 January 2010

Review: Elizabeth Amber - Raine

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Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Kensington Aphrodisia; Later Printing edition (March 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0758220405
ISBN-13: 978-0758220400

Genre: Erotica
Main Characters: Raine and Jordan
Book Origin: Personal Library

Cover Summary:
In this erotic historical paranormal romance trilogy set in the heart of Tuscany's centuries-old wine country, three half-Satyr brothers receive a letter that sends them in search of three endangered half-Faerie brides.

Handsome, stoic, middle brother RAINE has been wed before to a wife who was repulsed by his carnal needs. Each month at Moonful, these half-Satyrs change physically, becoming more powerfully potent. They're driven by the darker side of their natures to indulge in a nightlong ritual in a sacred gathering place ringed with ancient statues.

Though Raine wants no part of another marriage, he searches out the second half-Faerie, Jordan, in Venice. She turns out to be far different than he could ever have imagined, and she is living a dangerous lie.

Raine's traumatic childhood and a bad marriage have closed him to the idea of giving or receiving love. As the winegrape harvest begins, Jordan slowly reawakens his heart. But he finds himself competing with another nightmarish suitor who has gained an evil hold over this woman he is coming to love.

If there is one author who has the ability to broaden my horizon in the Erotica genre than it is Elizabeth Amber! She sets the stage formidably as Jordan is being put on display for a group of physicians in a theatre. There I found out that Jordan is no ordinary woman and has to endure this kind of treatment on a yearly basis. Instantly I knew it would take an exceptional man to accept and love the sum of all Jordan’s parts.

And that exceptional man was found in Raine, if I would say he is a bit aloof it would be an understatement but shallow waters can hide such deep and surprising currents. He made a lasting impression with his serious perseverance of protecting Jordan and in what he feels is right. But he is no goody-two-shoe in any way, the first moment he set his eyes on Jordan his body stirred to life and almost instantly acts upon it.

Jordan has been different all her life and it’s the world’s perception of her difference that creates an internal emotional struggle that divides her sense of self. After diverting even more cruel intentions she bumps into a man that stirs her body to life in many ways. A bold proposal speaks of the indomitable spirit Jordan possesses and I was intrigued by this woman. Though life’s difficulties can weigh down on a person’s shoulders Jordan seems to have retained a certain sense of humor and eagerness to experience life to its fullest.

The interplay between Raine and Jordan was both invigorating as it revealed much of their inner nature. The commencing of their relationship is one of earthly eroticism but they also hide certain aspects of themselves. With Jordan it is not so much as that she does not accept herself, it is her environment that reacts and acts in a way that would humiliate any woman. And Raine, well, he has a bit of the same problem only experienced it in a somewhat different manner. Throughout the story there was a natural acceptance between the central couple and the gaining of trust was beautiful to witness.

The plot causes appropriate nuisance here and there that tests Jordan and Raine separately and as a couple. They both just fit each other so well but their hearts need to open up and amend to their true feelings before any kind of happiness can result from it. In this, Raine is like other erotic-romance stories. It is the extensive knowledge of myth, time period, exuberant characterization and most of all her unique theme’s laced within her novels that Elizabeth Amber makes such a distinctive impression on me.

In the essence what grabbed me the most about Raine is the acceptance between the leading couple of their differences. The courage to open up leaves either one vulnerable, it gives both the power to make the other reach the heavens or plunge in the abyss of being spurned. They did not only accept but also celebrated and enjoyed the uniqueness of one another and my heart leaped in response. Because is this not what we all want in the end, to be completely accepted and loved all the more for it? I know I do!

Along with the heat that singes the pages I was firmly set in the Satyr world. One scene included a wooden barrel filled with wine grapes, Raine and Jordan in it, that contained a sensuality that made me reach for the ice cubes. I got to meet Nicholas again with his wife Jane. Lyon and his panthers just emanated a wicked picture of pure male delight and I loved to wander in the vineyard of the Satyr brothers again. Anything seems possible there as magic permits the very air and is a barrier between Earthworld and Elseworld.

Various erotic situations, between various genders, are explored in Raine and I feel the explicit nature of it is done with emotion and is quite tasteful. Raine and Jordan’s story stuck with me long after I closed their novel and my Erotica shelf isn’t complete without the novels from this author. I can only compliment Miss. Amber for delivering another scorcher of tale that gives depth to the genre!

4 stars
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  1. I remember reading some reviews over the summer and lusting over her books, and I sure still do

  2. This book sent me into a tail spin because of the heroine being a hermaphrodite and the hero having two penises. I really got to say, it shocked the ever loving crap out of me.

    Who knew publishers would want a female character with a penis finding love?

  3. Oh honey, you know my lust over these men!!!!!!! It is just as bad as it is for Tristan!!!! OMbegesus!!!!! These men are freaking hot and I absolutely would buy these freaking books just on cover alone....
    Wonderful review... and if you peek over at my place.. you will notice.. Dane is coming out soon... hee hee... Oh yea... more to come honey!!!
    Rocking Review honey!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  4. *appreciative whistle* not THAT is a cover iw ould not want to get caught with by my co-workers.

    and the categorizing of this book as a "erotic historical paranormal romance trilogy" is quite a mouthful, but i appreciate your review for showing that dispite all the external goings on in the story, the main character's relationship really shines through.

  5. i've always seen this book and the others in the series around amazon. the covers are so hot and i've always been kinda tempted to buy them just for that but while i like hot romances, straight-up erotica is not really my cup of tea

    but wow when i read katiebabs' comment... i didn't know the heroine was a hermaphrodite on this one. you don't see that in romance too often! this sounds like an interesting read!!

  6. @Blodeuedd - Elizabeth Amber has a very special place on my erotica shelf, she does things that i haven't read about before :)

    @KB - The Satyr's are really pushing the envelope but somehow EA makes it work for me. And yes, I feel the publisher has taken a leap of faith with this series but the ripples after Nicholas has been ongoing ever since.

  7. @cecile - hey hon, yeah, when i searched for the link to EA's website I saw the cover and hubba hubba is it an McSteamy again!

    @lustyreader - The relationship dynamics is one of the things I really admired in this book because even though the topics are so "out there" EA still makes it revolve all about love/acceptance/trust etc.

    @Chelleyreads - Oh yes, interesting is definitely something you could call RAINE :)


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