28 January 2010

Review: Lora Leigh - Aiden's Charity

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Line: Twilight
Series: Wolf Breeds
Book Length: 228 pages
Book Type: Trade Paperback
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419954467

Genre: Erotica
Main Characters Aiden And Charity
Book Origin: Personal Library

Cover Summary:
Book 12 in the Wolf Breeds reading order.
The forces of survival and destruction swirl in the darkest corners of men's minds. The nature of the beast cannot be harnessed, and survival is the purest of all instincts. Survival of the species itself goes soul deep.

But can the human heart accept and adapt as easily? Can Charity bestow the love and the acceptance that has always been a part of her, to the man whose very survival depended on the hardening of his heart, of his soul? And can Aiden maintain that cruelty now, in the face of the sacrifices she made? Only time and nature can tell…

I can’t help but riding a double-edged feeling regarding Aiden’s Charity. At one hand I read this story in the blink of an eye with all of the sultry hallmark attributes of a Lora Leigh Breed novel. Yet on the other hand it are those very hallmark attributes and very little progress in the overall story arc that made this story not all that impressive. The beginning is very good, intense and immediately grabbed my full attention with Aiden who tries to keep his body in check so he is unusable for the stud service the scientists want him for. Now everyone who reads this series knows the atrocities performed by the scientists on the Breeds and all I wanted for Aiden and his pack members was to break free. But with the arrival of Charity events take an unexpected turn, she initiates body contact with Aiden and their lives are forever altered...

The beginning promised to be something good but after Aiden and Charity meet up again after the prologue the story slides back to the usual Breed continuation. Charity is in heat, Aiden goes all protective on her and they both don’t want the mating bond, which I found out is initiated differently from the feline Breeds. Along the way Nikki, the doctor at the Breed compound, has the opportunity to discover new information with Charity being in heat and of course there’s the imminent threat of the scientists attacking via their coyote soldiers. It all comes together in a nice, flowing, but non to overtly exciting addition to the Breed series. I ended the novel with a feeling of; nice but why was this written and what did it add to the series? Besides a scintillating mating going on and some intriguing character introductions I didn’t feel we got any further in the overall story arc, and this is something I am not used to when I’m reading a Breed novel. At least the beginning and the end of each novel thrust the overall storyline in to new territory.

So I wasn’t impressed with the development to say the least but on the other side I enjoyed the body heat Aiden and Charity created throughout the pages. It is Lora Leigh sexing like only she can give it, including a swelling knot that enhances the orgasms. You’ve gotta love those extras she giving her men. The mating heat increases in tandem with the back and fro denial of their mating bond, neither of course can be denied but strong minds don’t bend easily. For all is said and done Aiden is the kind of Wolf Breed where, once you’re in his inner circle, he will give his all for you. And Charity the kind of woman who has her heart at the right place and is willing to fight for what she believes in. Together they made the romance about forgiveness and acceptance that was encompassed by their searing lust for each other. It completed the picture of a Breed falling for his mate and vice versa.

Aiden’s Charity, for all its faults, read like clockwork and if there is one thing I will remember it for is the introduction of the Winged Breeds and Keegan. The instant he touched ground in all his mysteriousness, he gave me glimpses of his omnipotent mind and I was his for the taking. I have got no idea who he really is, what he is doing, or how he affects the string of events in the overall story but I want more, much more of him. He is the kind of character that instantly demands attention by simply being there in a scene.

While the set-up of the romantic conflict gave me the feeling of ‘been there, done that’ it simultaneously eased me in to a comfort zone that made me snuggle deeper on the couch and simply enjoy a Breed novel. The passion that saturated the pages made me read Aiden’s Charity in one sitting and witness two likable characters join their lives for now until eternity. Maybe this entry in the Breed series may not have been the most impressive one but it overall still made me enjoy the ride provided by Lora Leigh.

Quote Aiden:

“Charity,” his voice was a hard rumbling growl. “You can only push me so far. You can only deny me so long. Combine the two, and your time will shorten immeasurably. Do you understand me?”

Quote Aiden:

His hands went to his shirt, releasing the buttons slowly as he fought to maintain control of his breathing. Her scent was rich and evocative, filled with power of a mountain storm, the heady fragrance of honeysuckle. His cock was like a staff of burning iron, throbbing beneath the restriction of his jeans, pleading for the tight confines of her honey-rich cunt. She would be wet, slick and hot. Her channel would clasp him like a wet velvet fist, dragging over his sensitive flesh as he thrust in and out. He swallowed tightly at the thought

3 stars

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  1. Book 12, oh that is a lot (should I say who love a good series ;)

  2. I have not started this series. Series this long make me wince because there are so many... and I HAVE to start at the first one... and that is a lot to go through... But this sounds more like a comfy read than a rockin read. But your review is great!!!!
    Hope all is well honey! Have a great day!

  3. Nice review Leontine!

    You know me and the Breeds are like white on rice...Funny how for me Aiden's Charity was a Wolf Breed book I liked contrary to the previous ones (except for Elizabeth's Wolf of course).

    Could it be related to the out of order reading? Maybe to many Wolf Breeds in a row. The books in between are a bit different, with much more plot and body to them than the Ellora's Cave books so that could be a reason. But whatever the reason I hope you hang in there so we can talk some Tanner, Dawn, Cabal and Jonas ;) in the near future.


  4. First off, very nice review Leontine. I haven't jumped into Lora's breed series, I'm not sure what holds me back on these. I've read lots of her other books and enjoyed them for the most part especially the Nauti series. (I will say I've recently become bored with all her contemp heroines ending up with shaved nether regions lol)

  5. Hey girl,

    Some of Leigh's earlier breed books are not up to par to her current releases. This is probably due to that the series started out in erotic romance then shifted to mainstream. Out of Ellora's Cave books, I loved Elizabeth's Wolf - this is where we are first introduced to Cassie {psst which is actually my given name}. I also think that when this series first started everyone was blown away because there wasn't anything else really like it, *cough* Leigh is also the one that introduced us to "the barb". Now that she has written so many books, today's readers probably would care for the earlier books in the series...right?

    Awesome review!!!

  6. I only read the first few parts in this series, pfffff there are so many parts and LL releases so many books in a year it is hard to keep up! I suppose in every longrunning series there are parts that you like less, but it still sounds like a hot read!

  7. Great review. I have to say I did try the first one in the series and wasn't to blown away by it so I didn't continue with the rest of the series. But I have a good friend that just loves them.

  8. Hey Leontine!

    I rated this one the same as you but my issues veered more towards Aiden's verbal cruelty towards Charity.

    Also, I thought that with Charity being a scientist at heart, that her and Aiden were only together because of the mating heat.

    But still, its classic Leigh and I still love her.

    :) VFG

  9. You have an award. :D Come and get it on my blog.

  10. Great review, hon! Not so great book, I understand. I've read a few of LL contemps so far and I appreciated her smut level but not so much the story building. I still have her Nauti books on the ereader and one of her SEALs books - from two series that have less books in total (12 is really overwhelming!). I haven't tried her paranormal books yet.

  11. I love the Breeds. Don't have all of them yet. and this is one that is missing. She wrote the Breed books slightly out of chronological order so reading order is different from release order. That might be why some of the ones in the middle may not seem as well written. But they should be read in chronological order other wise you'll wind up asking "When did that happen?" Over all it's a good series.

  12. I am still trying to get in to these books, I ahve read a few and some I seem to take to more than others. Great review, I like your honesty.

    Leontine, I tagged you on Gutter Girls to make your own book boyfriend!


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