18 January 2010

Winner Beefcake Night: Brody - Coming Undone

Thanks to all who made Brody's Beefcake Night so much fun. Without further do I'm giving you the lucky gal who has won herself the story of Brody. Ina, congratulations! Enjoy Coming Undone :)

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  1. **in a pouting tone**
    Congrats to Ina!! **crossing my arms, wishing it was me** Happy Reading honey! =)

    Thanks for an awesome beefcake night Leontine!!!
    Where are my boys at... I need some cheering up!

  2. Hi Leontine!
    I got your email and couldn't believe it at the first moment - I really love Mondays! thanks a lot *hugs*

    Hi Cecile!
    thanks a lot - and you are right, the night was fantastic!! and the boys (boys? men!)... *dreaming*

    wish you all a great day!

  3. @Cecile - Next month new chances with Velvet Haven, I'm really crossing fingers Random.org is going to pick you. I'm always so surprised and thrilled when it goes to someone I know!

    @Ina - Oh yes, monday's can be very good and enjoy Brody!!

  4. Congrats Ina.

    ohh I can't wait for the next Beefcake Night,I'm already preparing for it ;)

  5. @Elaing8 - Hon, by the looks of it Bran is going to par-tay with us ;)


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