27 February 2010

Winners & upcoming giveaways

The last couple of weeks there were a few giveaways active and random.org has picked a few winner. The first to announce is two winners for the copies of Sophie Renwick's VELVET HAVEN. We had an awesome Beefcake night and I want to thank Sophie, Bran and Suriel for dropping by. I had a blast and a chance to dance with a fallen angel *dreamy sigh*

The two winners who will get a ticket to enter VELVET HAVEN are: 



Congratulations, I'll e-mail you this weekend for your addy's!

Next was my SUPERNATURAL giveaway, a choice in season 1-2-3 or 4. I had a blast celebrating Dean Winchester and so glad many of joined in the fun!!

The Winner who can choose a season is:


Congratulations, I'll be contacting you this weekend where I need to send your choice of season!

Last but not least I want to thank everyone for dropping by when Enid Wilson talked about Mr. Darcy. She had one copy of REALLY ANGELIC to give away and here is the winner:


Congratulations, I'll be in touch with you for your addy!!

Upcoming Interview, Excerpt & Giveaways: Next week is going to be an exciting week, or at least, I think it is going to be exciting :) On monday March 1st we have Pamela Clare over for an interview and giveaway of her upcoming release in her I-Team series; NAKED EDGE. And, on March 5th I have an excerpt and giveaway of Danielle Trussoni's ANGELOLOGY, when I read the excerpt I knew I wanted this book.
Sister Evangeline was just a girl when her father entrusted her to the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in upstate New York. Now, at twenty-three, her discovery of a 1943 letter from the famous philanthropist Abigail Rockefeller to the late mother superior of Saint Rose Convent plunges Evangeline into a secret history that stretches back a thousand years: an ancient conflict between the Society of Angelologists and the monstrously beautiful descendants of angels and humans, the Nephilim.

For the secrets these letters guard are desperately coveted by the once-powerful Nephilim, who aim to perpetuate war, subvert the good in humanity, and dominate mankind. Generations of angelologists have devoted their lives to stopping them, and their shared mission, which Evangeline has long been destined to join, reaches from her bucolic abbey on the Hudson to the apex of insular wealth in New York, to the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris and the mountains of Bulgaria.

My review of ANGELOLOGY will be posted on March 4th.

I hope you all will join me and talk about two very exciting and upcoming releases!

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23 February 2010

Erotica Romance & M/M Romance Challenge: J.L. Langley - The Tin Star

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~website author~

ISBN-10: 1596323272
ISBN-13: 978-1596323278
Genre: Gay Romance; Western
Length: Novel
Cover Artist: April Martinez

Main Characters; Ethan Whitehall and James Killian
Book Origin - won this at Smokinghotbooks.
Challenges: Erotica Romance Challenge - M/M Romance Challenge.

Cover Summary:
James Killian learns the hard way that smaller towns are full of bigots. When he comes out to his father he is not only kicked out of his home but off the Quadruple J where he works as the ranch foreman. With nowhere to go and little money, his savior comes in the unlikely form of his older brother’s best friend, the man he’s been in love with for over half his life.

Ethan Whitehall is a successful rancher and a well respected man in his community. His ranch the Tin Star has been in Ethan’s family for generations and affords him a certain prestige and power in the small town he calls home. Ethan knows without a doubt that all of that could shatter if his sexual orientation were to ever become public. But when he learns his best friend’s younger brother’s banishment and the reasons behind it, Ethan can’t help but get involved. He’s always had a soft spot where Jamie Killian was concerned, and it may very well be his downfall.

My Review: I was in the need for a good M/M erotica novel and while I have my fair share already on my e-reader it was The Tin Star that caught my attention. Everything in The Tin Star came in the right dose, from likable characters to the romance buildup and from intense desires to dealing with the prejudices of other people.

The Tin Star was the kind of read where the characters enveloped me in their day-to-day life and it was enough for me. It wasn’t like some stories that can put me through the emotional wringer but the story affected me nonetheless. Ethan Whitehall and Jamie Killian are gay cowboys after my own heart. They have a passion for the ranching business, are comfortable in their own skin and they know how to have a good time. They eased me into their story and lives like it was the most natural thing to do. From the first word they had my complete attention.

Ethan Whitehall is a thirty-two year old owner of the ranch; Tin Star. His life is good, he works hard to keep it that good and his life found an enjoyable rhythm. He is the proverbial rock in the midst of a storm for friends, he has cowboy written all over himself and with his good looks he is a walking ad for sex-on-a-stick. I instantly took a liking to Ethan, he is the kind of guy you want to have standing next to you and yet has a few character traits that are surprising.

When Jamie Killian reveals to his family he is gay the situation turns from grim to volatile very quickly and his father tosses him out on the street. Jamie finds himself homeless with only the clothes on his back, his truck and is unsure what to do next. Jamie is the opposite of Ethan, he is still young, impulsive, exuberant, vigorous and a mix of ‘the nurturer’ and ‘the Casanova’ character type. He knows his stuff when it comes to ranching but finds himself in a situation where there is no easy solution.

J.L. Langley hit the mark with her characterization of Ethan and Jamie. One still young and spirited, the other one wiser and steadfast. Their interaction reflected their personalities; they could clash, they could saturate the dialogues with every rapturous desire they felt, they could show their humorous side and I just couldn’t stop reading about these two cowboys. From the word go they fit together, like white on rice, and the romance grows gradually between them.

There are a few things I can’t get enough of in a M/M erotica. That is shower scenes, I love it when two guys bump and grind together while they lather each other up and do more. How men can express their love, a woman wants diamonds to be wooed with but a guy, he goes berserk upon receiving a car as a token of affection. I just love these kind of differences in a M/M romance! Another thing I think Langley did an incredible job with is the homophobic issues. The problems that arise are not so much romantic issues between Ethan and Jamie but how the Tin Star personnel and how the towns people deal with them being a gay couple. The threats and the danger form a realistic picture, so realistic that it stirred my anger in how they were treated. Because the problems were of external factors it delivered an ‘us against the world’ vibe to the romance. This made me cheer them on in their determination to love one another, to have a solid relationship together which fueled the passion to greater heights. The physical heat thrumming between Ethan and Jamie was going back and forth in endearing slow and languid lovemaking to an uncontrollable frenzy of sexual hunger.

Now no one can do without friends and there is a tight knit, small supporting group of friends. John Killian is Ethan’s best friend and older brother to Jamie. There’s also Julia the sister of Jamie and John. Some workers on the Thin Star who add a more dynamic feel to the ranch life. Each character means something in the everyday life of Ethan and Jamie, thereby becoming a part of the story. The foe in this story is the father of Jamie, he’s an ornery bastard who made me want to slap some sense in to him. Even though the homophobic characters in this tale got a rise out of me at the same time all the struggles in this story allowed the romance to shine even more.

THE TIN STAR contains all the essentials for a gripping m/m erotica novel. The easy-to-read writing style, the loveable characters, the sexing and the challenges they had to face, it all blended together in a read that will resonate with many erotica readers. My first encounter with J.L. Langley will not be my last, that is for sure!

Ethan was walking toward him. He had a straw hat on over his short black hair that shaded the upper part of his face and his eyes, but Jamie knew those eyes were a deep, milk-chocolate brown. Damn, the man is fine. Where he and the Killian men were lean and sinewy, Ethan was a big man, tall and broad shouldered, heavily muscled, lean-hipped and intimidating as hell. Jamie was five foot eleven; Ethan had at least four inches on him. Ethan wore a black tee-shirt, faded jeans and black boots. From under his sleeve, the bottom of his tattoo, which he’d gotten as a teen with John, showed.

4 stars

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20 February 2010

Parties, Awards, Giveaway’s & one book-faery

Yesterday has been a Friday with a golden glow surrounding it. I had no idea what was waiting for me when I opened my eyes at six in the morning. Hubby just left and I blissfully hogged all the blankets and snuggled in a bit deeper. I started the day slowly with some tea and a cracker, did all the chores, walked the dogs – am I boring you already? – and then sat down and read a bit in J.L. Langley’s THIN STAR. In the early afternoon I had a catch-up phone call with Marissa, conversations that are never short so it was cooking time for me when we hang up. Okay, up till now it has been an average day with nothing eventful happening. Hubby came home, we ate and that is when the doorbell rang. Hubby looked at me like; ‘How many books did you order this time that the mailman has to ring the doorbell?’ I was all innocence, I swear!!!

So when hubby came back in to the living room huffing and puffing carrying a gigantic box my eyes nearly popped out of its sockets at the view of 50+ books.

The thing was, someone – who I off and on e-mail with – told me she cleaned her bookshelves and quote; I am writing to you to ask...would you like to have them? … And throwing them away with old papers is out of question (too valuable to waste, don't you think?). So it seems that you and your reading pals are my only hope. Will you be so kind to help me? Well, how could I say no to that?? This is when an idea popped in to my head; A Book Giveaway To Celebrate Romance. The person who donated the books, I dubbed her the Book-Faery, instantly liked the idea of sharing the love with all the peeps visiting my blog *waves at Book-Faery who is one of them* So in the early days of April I’m having a 20+ book giveaway; SPRING-FLING; Celebrating The Romance.

I hope to have a little more in store then just this giveaway but I’ll keep you all posted. There are two reasons it is being held in April, first of all; who is tired of the snow, the cold and layers upon layers of clothing? Raise your hand. I am in desperate need for some milder weather and sunshine, I want lots of sunshine in fact! So I thought spring would be a wonderful time to celebrate romance :) The second and most important reason is that Cecile from All I Want And More is having the par-tay of the year!! The whole month of March she has incredible events, giveaways, excerpts, prizes and authors dropping by, I mean it is smutty-hussy heaven for all of us and I am going to be there daily!


Though much of my Spring-Fling is just in the early stages do you all want a sneak peek at what will be included in the 20+ book giveaway? No? Really? ROFL, just kidding *wink* I’ve got books of Ava Gray, Shayla Black, Anna Windsor, Jacquelyn Frank, Leslie Parrish, Victoria Dahl and more.

The second surprise was the fact that AmyC told me she was going to have a copy of Shalador’s Lady personally signed for me by Anne Bishop *fan scream* it is perhaps uber geeky but I have a small shelf of signed books and while all my books are ‘my precious’ these are treasured even more! So thank you AmyC for totally making my week!! The third angelic offer came from Donna (fantasydreamer) as I was muttering about how Book Depository Store was bailing out on me with the delivery of Nalini Singh’s ARCHANGEL’S KISS. I hungered for some Raphael and Elena, and it was already two weeks after release day :( I sent BookDepo an e-mail and they stated they had a release of early march and shipping can take up to 2-3 weeks. So I was muttering on Twitter where my Dutch Border or Barnes & Noble was, when out of the blue Donna offered to ship me a copy. I still can’t believe you did this Donna but right now, as we speak, I am ripping open your package and a shiny copy of ARCHANGEL’S KISS is in my hand *sparkling eyes; “My Precious.”*

Looking back at this week I feel gratitude to know such people whose gestures really brightened my day. (((hugs all))) and all of the peeps I enjoy many a convo with in blogoverse or on twitter :)

On top of all the good things I’ve also been given some awards and want to thank each and every one who gave me one!!

This award has been given to me by ErotRomReader ~Janna (Thank you)

I've received this award by Minx ~CBrett60 ~JennJ & Buckeye Girl Reads. Thank you!!!

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18 February 2010

Review: Kresley Cole - Deep Kiss Of Winter/ Untouchable

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~website author~

Hardcover: 436 pages
Publisher: Pocket; First Edition edition (October 13, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1439159661
ISBN-13: 978-1439159668

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Book 8 in Immortal After Dark Series
Main Characters: Murdoch Wroth & Daniela the Ice Maiden
Book Origin: Personal Library

Cover Summary:
Murdoch Wroth will stop at nothing to claim Daniela the Ice Maiden -- the delicate Valkyrie who makes his heart beat for the first time in three hundred years. Yet the exquisite Danii is part ice fey, and her freezing skin can't be touched by anyone but her own kind without inflicting pain beyond measure. Soon desperate for closeness, in an agony of frustration, Murdoch and Danii will do anything to have each other. Together, can they find the key that will finally allow them to slake the overwhelming desire burning between them?

My Review: With the release of PLEASURE OF A DARK PRINCE just around the corner I was suddenly in the mood for Valkyrie humor and a slow-burn sensual romance, so I cracked the spine of DEEP KISS IN WINTER where I found the novella UNTOUCHABLE. Vampire, Murdoch Wroth and Valkyrie/Ice fey, Daniela the Ice Maiden, cross paths and a romance combo of a Wroth Vampire with a Valkyrie is a sound promise of sizzling magnetism. Kresley Cole didn’t disappoint me in that department and she included problems for Murdoch and Danii to work through that seemed unsolvable in the beginning. I love it when an author makes the couple work for it and in doing so drives the reader insane how things are going to solve themselves.

With a chase, an attack on Danii and the blooding of Murdoch it was easy for me to get absorbed again in the Immortals After Dark world and by the characters. What kind of threw me off in UNTOUCHABLE was the timeline and the back story regarding Danii’s attack, it somehow felt very disjointed at first and it was very hard for me to get a grip on it. I was on third on the way when I realized that the referred to events spanned the happenings from the entire IAD story arch and from that moment it all came in to focus for me. It gave the romance of Murdoch and Danii a realistic time span and I flipped the pages in great anticipation what would happen next.

While the sequence of events all were interconnected and related to Murdoch and Danii, for me it was the romance that protruded in UNTOUCHABLE. Murdoch is a Wroth brother to the core, all vampire, vigorous, tough and a take-charge kind of guy. It is such a pleasure to see Danni opposed to him, sassy, quick-witted, not someone to mess around with yet beneath that veneer of ice hides a very emotional woman. With the problem of Danni not being able to bear touch I found out that Murdoch and Danii take the sex talk to a whole other level. Their dialogues are laden with innuendo and flirtation, alternating with the clashes of opinions and will power.

What I found so amazingly developed is the fact that Danii is half Ice fey, which means she and her magic thrives in sub zero temperatures, her body is ice cold and still the lovemaking is fiery. The conflicts are believable and as Murdoch and Danii worked their way to a solution the emotions deepened. Murdoch on his part really had to work for his bride and simultaneously he had Wroth sibling issues demanding his attention. As UNTOUCHABLE starts, Nicolai finds Myst after five years and from there Sebastien and Conrad pass the revenue with their romance issues, giving Murdoch other issues to worry about too.

The romance in UNTOUCHABLE is up to par with the quality of her full length novels, the great Valkyrie humor is present and I’m really interested in how Kresley Cole is going to give more shape to The Ascension. The back story felt more like a rehash from previous novels to set a time frame and while it all came together in the end it didn’t make sense for a few chapters. All in all a very enjoyable addition to the Immortals After Dark series where the last Wroth brother found his happiness.

Quote Danii:
This god of a male was linked to her by fate. I lived through the night, and a gorgeous, virile immortal needs me. Sad, sad Daniela just got happy, happy. (<- That would make me happy, happy too LOL)

This is just a short quote describing the Wroth brothers:
The warlord brothers from Estonia. The general, the scholar, the enigma and…the manwhore. (Guess who was the manwhore :)

Quote Danii:
The only males on earth who could touch her were the Icere. Regrettably, they also happened to want her dead. Which meant the closest she’d ever get to having sex would be reading about it in the many tomes of erotca she kept hidden in her room by indulging in her rich fantasy life. Which also meant she was probably the world’s oldest virgin. Merely waiting confirmation from Guinness.

3,5 stars

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16 February 2010

Review: Deidre Knight - Butterfly Tattoo

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~website author~

Paperback: 296 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (February 2, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1605045446
ISBN-13: 978-1605045443

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Main Characters; Michael Warner, Rebecca O'Neill & Andrea
Book Origin; Personal E-Book Library
Challenge: Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge

Cover Summary:
Michael Warner has been drifting in a numb haze since his lover was killed by a drunk driver. As the anniversary of the wreck approaches, Michael’s grief grows more suffocating. Yet he must find a way through the maze of pain and secrets to live for their troubled young daughter who struggles with guilt that she survived the crash.

Out of the darkness comes a voice, a lifeline he never expected to find—Rebecca O’Neill, a development executive in the studio where Michael works as an electrician.

Rebecca, a former sitcom celebrity left scarred from a crazed fan’s attack, has retreated from the limelight and from life in general, certain no man can ever get past her disfigurement. The instant sparks between her and Michael, who arrives to help her during a power outage, come as a complete surprise—and so does her uncanny bond with his daughter.

For the first time, all three feel compelled to examine their inner and outer scars in the light of love. But trust is hard to come by, especially when you’re not sure what to believe when you look in the mirror. The scars? Or the truth?

Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge 

 “Love is all about the risk, and very rarely about the guarantees.” This is what Michael at some point said in this story and the quote stuck with me because it reflects so beautifully what this story is all about. The love in BUTTERFLY TATTOO transcends this story from an endearing romance to an emotionally gripping experience. Love is the still epicenter where every imaginable emotion is born from and to me BUTTERFLY TATTOO is romance and love in its purest form. While I had my initial doubts about this novel I was told to 'just buy it' and start reading. So that is what I did on my Sunday afternoon, and from very early on in the novel Michael, Rebecca and Andrea didn’t let me go.

The first thing that was a surprise for me was the alternating POV chapters between Michael and Rebecca but it gave a sublime picture of both their personal issues as well as how they both felt about their growing attraction. Deidre Knight delved deeply in to the psyche of her characters and uncovers all the raw emotions that come with hard-to-deal with topics like death, grief, letting go and surviving a horrific attack. It delivered a profound depth to the character development that it hooked, line and sinker me. I was emotionally attached, I went through the motion with Michael, Rebecca and Andrea separately, as well as their growing interconnected relationship.

Michael Warner is a man who has found true love in life with Alex Richardson. But when a tragic accident takes Alex away from the picture Michael is left with the broken pieces of their life, including an eight year old daughter. Michael is torn up inside about falling for a woman at one hand while at the other hand he still loves and grieves over Alex. Two very opposite emotions that brings a sharp contrast between certain events, emotions or conversations. Michael is a handsome man with an average day job but it is his personality what makes him so utter irresistible. He is trying hard to be a good dad for his emotionally damaged daughter while unexpectedly falling for a woman who once was a well known actress. My whole heart went out to him in his trials and tribulations and he became so very lifelike, recognizable and heartwarming via the pages.

Rebecca O’Neill has known fame, the best and the worst side of it, and now she bears to scars both inside and out. She is a secluded woman, doesn’t let anyone into her inner circle easily, but when she meets Michael there’s a click that is so naturally she can’t ignore it. Rebecca has backbone yet as I got to read her POV there is also a vulnerable side that brings the understanding of how devastating the attack was and how it still affected her everyday life. Rebecca has different issues yet she brings something unique to the relationship of Michael and Andrea. It forms a foundation and throughout the story that foundation is tested on numerous occasions showcasing the resilience of this incredible woman.

Andrea Lauren Richardson is eight years old and daughter to Michael and Alex. She is just as much a part of the story as Michael and Rebecca are. She brings another kind of emotion to the story, the kind that is innocent but just as heartbreaking in her feelings of the loss of her daddy. There is a common denominator between Rebecca and Andrea that births understanding and dialogues that yanked at my heartstrings. Andrea, in her own way, rises the level of the emotional complexity of BUTTERFLY TATTOO and it became a better story for it.

There are just a few more characters I want to mention, Alex Richardson, for a deceased person he has a far-reaching effect on the story and via the pictures, videos and memories of Michael he truly gave that true love vibe to the relationship he had with Michael. Alex made the loss of his presence in everyone’s life real, it was felt through every memory that was shared by multiple characters and their description of the kind of man he was. Of course there were friends from both sides in the picture but two protrude from that circle; Casey Porter, a ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ gruff man with a heart of gold and Trevor, the best friend and assistant for ages to Rebecca, a man who has been there with every up and down in her life. They were both a touchstone for Michael and Rebecca to bring some perspective to difficult situations or emotions.

The topics in this story may not be light hearted but it makes the good things soar so much. The love between Rebecca and Michael grows gradual, with confusion, challenges, misunderstandings, first kisses and dates. The kisses were so good, they were absorbed in each other and kissed like there was no tomorrow. It broadcasted that falling in love vibe that makes the sun shine brighter, the food taste better and gives wings to your heart . It was at these moments that their bond, their connection grew stronger and later on that strength was tested. From every up and down was learned, emotions uncovered, truths faced and by the end I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, they were going to make it. That true love was found, treasured and it made the future for all characters an incredible adventure to look forward to.

BUTTERFLY TATTOO is a very character and emotion driven story that put me through the emotional wringer. I tumbled from bittersweet memories in to butterfly feelings of falling in love, back to the angst each character had to go through. I was crying, I was smiling, I was endeared and pulled in to a story that was life itself. Deidre Knight portrayed all the intricate emotions with an uncomplicated writing style and though this isn’t a short story by any means it reads so very easily and before I knew it I read the story cover to cover.

Nothing prepared me for the experience that is titled; BUTTERFLY TATTOO. A story of depth, of unusual storylines and characters that will get under your skin. The emotions saturate the pages and all I can say I keep your hankies ready for this one. “Love is all about the risk, and very rarely about the guarantees.” And Michael made me believe and feel every word of it!

4,5 stars 

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14 February 2010

Valentine Guestblog & Giveaway: Mr. Darcy the heartthrob

Mr. Darcy the heartthrob
One of the leading romance publishers in USA once did a survey about what their readers want in a hero, in terms of the physical appearance. A majority of the readers voted for TDH: tall, dark and handsome. Even if the story is about a blond hero, readers want the book cover to feature a dark hair hunk.

It is therefore amazing for me to know that Miss Jane Austen only used a few words to describe one of the biggest heartthrobs of literary history, Mr. Darcy:

“Mr. Darcy soon drew the attention of the room by his fine, tall person, handsome features, noble mien.” – Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 3

How did Mr. Darcy do it, to engage so many hearts of women from around the world?

It all comes down to his character. Mr. Darcy might be the most arrogant jerk at the beginning of the story but he was courageous enough to mend his way.

And he was constant in his love for Elizabeth Bennet. Mr. Darcy overcame the censure of his family, the scandal of her sister and every material reason to love Elizabeth at all cost. What more could a woman want, but for her man to stand by her, for better or for worst?

I’ve fallen in love with Mr. Darcy for many years and I’ve written several retelling of Jane Austen’s story. With my latest novel, Really Angelic, a Pride and Prejudice with a paranormal twist, I hope I created a memorable Mr. Darcy for my readers too.

Here is an excerpt from my novel:

When Mr. Bennet left the room, Mr. Darcy was prepared for a dressing down from his angel, regarding the way in which he had forced her to agree to the marriage. He sat down by her side and held her hands again, resigned to his fate. But before he could utter a word, she drew a deep breath and revealed the crux of the matter to him quite simply.

“Mr. Darcy, as an angel, I have been told that I am incapable of bearing a child. We cannot – must not – marry, because I cannot give you an heir.” She looked at him squarely, clearly braced to accept the sad news that he was ending the engagement.

Emotions of shock, anger and sadness passed through him but he swallowed them down. She was the most important person in the world to him. “Then we shall marry without delay and make the most of the time we have together. Georgiana can beget the Darcy’s heir. Perhaps we can even raise her second son as our own.”

Tears ran down her face as she whispered, “You truly love me enough to accept my…flaw?”

“I love you, deeply ardently, utterly.” A tear ran down his cheek as he lowered his head to kiss her tenderly on the lips. “And that is all the more true now that I know that you refused to marry me only for my own good. How can I not love you? And you do not have any flaw.” He kissed her again. “In my eyes, you are perfect.”
Well why do you think Mr. Darcy engages the hearts of so many women?

The above excerpt was adapted from Enid Wilson’s latest novel Really Angelic, a steamy paranormal retelling of Pride and Prejudice. (The book contains adult content) Enid is delighted to offer a paperback copy of her book to ONE of you. Just tell us what you think by commenting below before February 28th and you have a chance to win it. Entry opens to worldwide readers. To read more about Enid’s books, you can visit SteamyDarcy

~purchase a copy of Really Angelic~

Dean-Day: ‘My ten favorite things about Dean Winchester’

Pixie's Ponderings

Warning; extremely hot stuff in this post with laugh-out-loud moments, some abs flashing, and it will trigger female instincts like; purring - claiming and lusting. I will not be personally held accountable for anything you might do to your pc screen when viewing pics and vids! And yes, I've got my wicked horns growing with a deviously good giveaway :)

* ‘My ten favorite things about Dean Winchester’ in random order:
1. His humor, above anything else he makes me laugh and a gal needs that sometimes more than anything else ;)
2. The intensity of his persona, he makes me feel his anger, his pain, his love, his strength and then some*breathy sigh*
3. His mouth, I can honestly say that his mouth makes my fantasy go wild. It is just made for wild and wanton things!
4. His ass, am I objectifying him now?? Awh well, I think he is man enough to handle it :)
5. His charming wicked ways…he is sexy and he only has to flash his grin to get my panties all in a twist!
6. The way he cries, it makes me go all nurse on him to make things better :)
7. The fact that he thinks Myspace is a pornsite ROFLMFAO
8. The way Dean loves his family, major trigger for me!
9. Dean in a towl (see evidence below!)
10. They way he luuuurves his leather jacket and his 1967 Chevy Impala.

* My first favorite pic of Dean:

Take a quiz: Supernatural Dean Winchester Season 4 Quotes!!!

* My top 5 favorite quotes in random order:
1. Houses of the Holy

Sam: Dean, there's ten times as much lore about angels as there is about anything else we've ever hunted.
Dean: You know what, there's a ton of lore on unicorns too. In fact, I hear that they ride on silver moonbeams, and that they shoot rainbows out of their ass!
Sam: (looking heartbroken) Wait, there's no such thing as unicorns?
Dean: (looks concerned for a moment, then catches on) Cute.
2. Red Sky At Morning
Bela: You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.
Dean: (after thinking hard) Don't objectify me.
3. A Very Supernatural Christmas
Sam: Huh, when you sacrifice to Holnacar, guess what he gives you in return?
Dean: Lap dances, hopefully..
4. I Know What You Did Last Summer
(Sam has told Dean what he did with Ruby while Dean was in Hell)
Dean: Sam...
Sam: Yeah?
Dean: Too much information!
Sam: Hey, I told you I was coming clean.
Dean: Yeah, but now I feel dirty.
5. Lazarus Rising
Dean: If there's a god, what the hell is he waiting for, huh? Genocide? Monsters roaming the earth? The freaking apocalypse? At what point does he lift a damn finger and help the poor bastards that are stuck down here?
Castiel: The Lord --
Dean: If you say works in mysterious ways so help me I will kick your ass!
* My second favorite pic of Dean, and…can I snuggle besides him *ROWR*

* One of my favorite youtube vids: (May contain spoilers!)


* The giveaway:

This giveaway is open internationally and the winner can chose between seasons 1-2-3 or 4 as a prize, that means one season is up for the giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment to enter and a way for me to get in touch with you.
For an extra entry, grab the giveaway banner and give Dean some lovin’ by spreading the word of Dean-Day.

For more Dean love, here are my fellow Dean gals! So I would say; tour around these fabulous gals :)






Eliza Gayle

Fallon Blake    (She has a Deanism giveaway going on, check it out!)


Bronwyn Green

Donna Grant



Savory Tv

Veronica H

Have a romantic filled day everyone and drop by the other gals, we love to talk some SUPERNATURAL and Dean with on the side some Sam and Castiel *hubba hubba*

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13 February 2010

Cover Love; Nalini Singh / Kresley Cole / Sherrilyn Kenyon & more

Bonds Of Justice - Max's story;
No Blurb as of yet.
Psy/Changeling Series

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1. Slave to Sensation (September 2006)
2. Visions of Heat (March 2007)
Free short story: The Cannibal Princess
3. Caressed By Ice (September 2007)
4. “Beat of Temptation” in An Enchanted Season (October 2007)*
5. Mine to Possess (February 2008)
6. Hostage to Pleasure (September 2008)
7. “Stroke of Enticement” in The Magical Christmas Cat (October 2008)
Free short story: A Gift for Kit
8. Branded by Fire (July 2009)
9. Blaze of Memory (November 2009)
10. Bonds of Justice (July 2010)

Thanks to VampFanGirl this is what i woke up to this morning. You are the best girl!!! Book eleven in the IAD series; Demon From The Dark *THUD* There is no blurb as of yet!

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Immortals After Dark series;
1. The Warlord Wants Forever (2006) (in Playing Easy to Get)
2. A Hunger Like No Other (2006)
3. No Rest for the Wicked (2006)
4. Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night (2007)
5. Dark Needs at Night's Edge (2008)
6. Dark Desires After Dusk (2008)
7. Kiss of a Demon King (2009)
10. Pleasure of a Dark Prince (2010)
11. Demon from the Dark (2010)

When I received a newsletter from Sherrilyn kenyon i thought there would be no mancandy on the cover of NO MERCY, well look what i found lurking at google images on RKCharron's blog *woohoo* Nice!!

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(Book 27 in the Dark-Hunter series)

Dev Peltier thought he knew it all. But one night when not just a Dark-Hunter, but an official member of the Dogs of War sashays into his bar, he realizes that he might have met his match.
Sam was one the fiercest Amazon warrior in her tribe. But when an act of brutal betrayal made her a Dark-Hunter, she's been pissed ever since.

Life fast, fight hard and enjoy the night. That's her credo. But as old enemies and new move into New Orleans, she realizes that Dev just might be the only hope she and mankind have to save the world.

Perhaps above cover is UK release because the US release on Sherrilyn Kenyon still has this cover :(

When i received an e-mail today of Books On Board this cover was so doing it for me today and then i read the blurb and now it is on my TBB list ;)

Book one: Unholy Night, from Lyrical Press
Book two: A Darker Trinity, from Lyrical Press
Book three: Broken Shine - in the The Moonlight and Shadows Series (paranormal) by Candice Gilmer
Fiction-Romance - Fantasy eBooks

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Love will be the death of him. Felicia Hunter earned herself the nickname Leeza early in life, and well as the reputation for being a klutz. How she landed a job in a glass store was a miracle. The bigger miracle is the mysterious designer who brings in the most beautiful glasswork she’d ever seen. Little does she know, he’s an Immortal Knight Templar. Sir Liam has spent the last 700 years as a Knight Templar, faithful to the Balance Mandate. His charge is to protect humans from all manner mythical creatures. In the past 24 years, he’s become more attached to Leeza than his vows of chastity allow. The closer Liam gets to Leeza, the more love and need surge through him. His feelings for her bring him to the very edge, but if she pulls him over, he may end up broken. Content warning, this story contains unbounded passion, a little bite-and-bleed love action and a Knight to die for.
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11 February 2010

ROOB Review: Jennifer Estep - Spider's Bite

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Mass Market Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: Pocket; Original edition (January 26, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1439147973
ISBN-13: 978-1439147979

Genre: urban Fantasy
Main Characters: Gin Blanco, Donovan Caine & Finnegan Lane
Book Origin: E-ARC was provided by the author to ROOB

Cover Summary:
My name is Gin, and I kill people.
They call me the Spider. I'm the most feared assassin in the South -- when I'm not busy at the Pork Pit cooking up the best barbecue in Ashland. As a Stone elemental, I can hear everything from the whispers of the gravel beneath my feet to the vibrations of the soaring Appalachian Mountains above me. My Ice magic also comes in handy for making the occasional knife. But I don't use my powers on the job unless I absolutely have to. Call it professional pride.

Now that a ruthless Air elemental has double-crossed me and killed my handler, I'm out for revenge. And I'll exterminate anyone who gets in my way -- good or bad. I may look hot, but I'm still one of the bad guys. Which is why I'm in trouble, since irresistibly rugged Detective Donovan Caine has agreed to help me. The last thing this coldhearted killer needs when I'm battling a magic more powerful than my own is a sexy distraction...especially when Donovan wants me dead just as much as the enemy.

There’s an assassin called The Spider, she is professional, swift, silent and very deadly for those who are her assignment. Meet Gin Blanco aka The Spider, she is a Stone Elemental and trained by Fletcher Lane as one of the best assassins money can buy. After the successful conclusion of an assignment she goes back to the Pork Pit to meet up with her handler and teacher, Fletcher. There’s talk of her retiring but one final assignment is too sweet a deal to pass up.

Gin has her mark, has all the details and schedules she needs. Her plan is to get in, kill her mark and get out. Quick, clean and without causing a big scene. It should have gone smoothly but the minute she feels a gun aimed on her she knows it isn’t going to go her way. Not only does a colleague assassin want her dead, they want to frame her for something much bigger and this seriously pisses her off.

A murder, a job gone wrong and the discovery of a cover up of mega proportions and Gin finds herself in a world of trouble. Now she needs all her skills to uncover the truth and she needs to team up with Donovan Caine; a cop with a conscious.

SPIDER’S BITE is an urban fantasy with a top notch conspiracy that fascinated me from cover to cover. From the very first page I got nonstop action and a conspiracy that unravels itself in a thrill ride that kept me expecting everything from anyone. There are already many first person POV, tough-as-nails, leading ladies out there who fight evil but Jennifer Estep managed to instantly hook me with Gin’s own code of honor and her utter professionalism in her line of work. From there I got to meet the people who matter to her the most, I got to feel her pain, her determination and her humor.

The story unfolds itself on the backdrop of a fictional southern metropolis of Ashland where the Rune images proclaim someones family and power. The Rune symbolism and the importance to the characters are one of those details I crave to read in an Urban Fantasy. I didn’t get an info dump but along the way I got enough for Ashland to become a vivid and energetic city that is the home to a few distinctive characters.

As written from the first person it is all about Gin. She is tough but her honor and empathy balance that in her personality. She can be deadly cold but she is also deeply committed to those she cares about. There is an interplay between revealing slivers of information from Gin’s present situation as well as her past that gives a complete picture of her persona. It speaks of events from her past that shaped the driven assassin she is today.

Gin is flanked by two men; cop Donovan Caine and the son of her handler and teacher; Finnegan Lane. Finnegan is a metro-man, he loves to cloth himself in the finest there is, he is a business man, cultured, sophisticated, a charmer. Never underestimate him though, he was raised by his father, he can pack a mean punch and understands how the assassin world works. Now Donovan Caine is a cop, not a cop that is susceptible to bribes but one who is righteous, idealistic, a believer of the system. Justice is what Donovan is all about in a rugged and sexy way. He gets under the skin of Gin and at an occasion or two their verbal sparring make the sizzle between them ignite in to a blazing physical heat. Their budding attraction contains a promise for the stories ahead but for now it was about a certain amount of raw heat that needed an outlet, nothing more or less. If there was one thing I missed at a few moments was Donovan’s point of view in the attraction simmering between them. It created a distance that is the downside of a first person narrative.

Of course I got to meet more characters but the dwarf sisters JoJo and Sophie Deveraux deserve an honorary mention. They add their own pizzazz to the story that turns them in to beloved supporting characters who hopefully become recurring character in future series releases. Now what would a conspiracy be without the enemies? If only to think of Mab Monroe, an extremely dangerous and powerful Fire Elemental. Somehow I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her or her power hungry tendencies. Also the sadistic evil doer who is behind the conspiracy adds a chilling presence to the tale. So many were able to be the mastermind behind this plot I was kept guessing until the very last chapters. While the set-up of book #2 Web Of Lies didn’t surprise me I am most eager to see where the overall story arc is going.

At a gradual pace SPIDER’S BITE delivers on a tale that kept me up till the late hours of the evening. I got much in the right amounts that enhanced the overall impact of this story. It gives fight scenes in all its lethal splendor, a kill-or-be-killed chase for the truth that alternates with an investigation that is bend on uncovering all the information needed to make the evil doers pay for what they did. The action is going from silent and deadly, to a full-scale, hands-on, down-and-dirty fight that gets the blood pumping. There is also enough explanation about how the Elemental magic and runes work to deepen the understanding of their effects on the characters and this world. All the aspects in this novel aim for a nail-biting, tension filled Urban Fantasy that grabs the reader from the get-go. I can say that it for sure delivered for me, and I closed this novel with adding another author to my list who can satisfy my craving for an exhilarating Urban Fantasy.

SPIDER’S BITE is a more than welcome addition to the wildly popular Urban Fantasy genre. Jennifer Estep delivers the good stuff with a memorable leading lady, and a character-driven and tightly plotted story that captivated me from the first page.

Quote Finn and Donovan:

The two men stared at each other. Caine looked at Finn’s supple leather jacket, designer khakis, and custommade polo shirt. Finn eyed the detective’s ratty duffel bag, the threadbare patches on his jeans, and the stains on his faded boots. Assumptions were made, judgments rendered, dicks measured. After about twenty seconds of intense scrutiny, Finn stuck out his hand. Caine just looked at it, with his flat, deadpan, cop stare.

4 stars

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09 February 2010

ROOB Review: Carrie Lofty - Scoudrel's Kiss

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Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Zebra; Original edition (January 1, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1420104764
ISBN-13: 978-1420104769

Genre: Historical Romance
Main Characters: Gavriel de Marqueda & Ada of Keyworth
Book origin: E-ARC provided to ROOB by author

Cover Summary:
In the sequel to WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS, Meg of Keyworth's troubled sister Ada travels to the Kingdom of Castile.
When it comes to temptation...

Turning his back on his old life as a rogue, Gavriel de Marqueda has joined a monastic order in Spain and taken a vow of chastity. Before he becomes a monk, he must pass one final test: help a woman who has lost her way. But when he lays eyes on Ada of Keyworth, he is tempted beyond measure by her sultry beauty and dangerous curves...

Rules are meant to be broken...

Far from her home in England, Ada has been battling inner demons for more than a year. When she discovers that her only friend has abandoned her, she has no choice but to grudgingly accept Gavriel's help. But Ada is not fooled. Though Gavriel wears the robes of a monk, Ada sees that he is a virile man who looks at her with a hunger that matches her own--one that begs to be satisfied again and again....

For me there is almost nothing finer then to be unexpectedly surprised by a different kind of story and I had such a surprise with Carrie Lofty’s; SCOUNDREL’S KISS. This author appeased my appetite for the unusual, the different, and did it with an atmospheric voice that lured me back to a Spain of long ago. There I met up with a prentice monk named, Gavriel de Marqueda and an opium addict named Ada of Keyworth. They are both unique as they are flawed and together they went on a journey where much was to be learned.

With a very distinct voice Carrie Lofty manages to evoke a very life-like but also atmospheric feel to the Spanish country, villages and monastery. The Spanish endearments and titles only enhanced this feeling and created a different backdrop for Gavriel and Ada to unfurl their story. Their journey is one of personal highs and lows due to Ada’s addiction and Gabriel’s need to purge himself of his past actions. It brings a gritty tone to the story but it worked incredibly well for the character development and gave a raw edge to the emotional depth.

Ada started out with an addiction which can be a risk, at one hand there’s the chance she becomes too weak or, if she recovers too soon, becomes unbelievable. Carrie Lofty balanced it out quite well, I felt Ada’s resilience but also her desperation at moments and the difficulty of dealing with the recovery. She is one of the first to tell you she is flawed, has done things that will make her less likeable but her story reveals a woman who has been to the brink and with help walked away from it. As the opium leaves her body a resourceful and passionate woman is uncovered who impressed me with her skills and view on life.

Gavriel is a warrior turned monk-in-training at the Order of Santiago and between those two professions hides a heartbreaking story that made me want it all for him. Above all I wanted him to find peace but also friendship and a bit of happiness. He has been the product of his upbringing and Gavriel decided against all odds to change his nature. Each time he reveals a bit of his past he becomes more understandable in his actions and reactions. He is a poster model for the tortured hero and he enamored me with his persistence to save Ada and the passion he tried to ignore.

The romance grew with each mile on the road and their discussions alternate between the soul baring kind to the flammable and sometimes tender ones. It showcased their personalities in every way and the changes they went through to get to the other end. Yet there is also a sultry energy simmering between them and though this might not be the focus of the romance it sure was a tangible presence between them. I was very glad that the author kept the focus on Ada and Gavriel because I couldn’t get enough of them, their dialogues and the irresistible push-pull between the sexes.

The personal journey got fueled from the very first chapter by a plot that is gradually at work to become more important throughout the story. Power hungry enemies scheme away and challenge Ada and Gavriel even further to reach an exhilarating climax in the final chapters. The plot may seem subtle at first but it forces the main characters to fight, kick in to survival mode and use their skills to stay one step ahead in the game. As the romance and devious plotting entwine there was also an equally well-defined supporting cast but for me they were just that, adeptly supporting the main hero and heroine to tell their story.

SCOUNDREL’S KISS is one of those stories that shines with the resilience of the human spirit, where love increases the strength and determination to meet life head on and to fight for ones happiness. This was a historical romance where the authors voice sucked me into another time and place to meet complex characters and pick up on their emotions from the get-go.

With a different storyline, characters and time period Carrie Lofty knows how to give a historical romance to sink your teeth in. This author proved to be a wonderful discovery!

4 stars

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08 February 2010

Beefcake Preview Club Night: Bran

Last year, in my early days of blogging there was a cover that captured my attention over and over again and I decided to investigate. That is where the world of Annwyn lured me and I viewed a character sheet that had my panties in a twist. Preview it here

That is where I read this about Bran:
Character: Bran, King of the Night Sidhe
Shifts into: The Raven
Magic: Destruction
Power: Prognosticate death, can harness all the powers of the elements to form alchemy
Friends: Loose alliances with most all creatures
Foes: The mortal who is prophesized will destroy him

Let me tell ya I didn't know how fast I had to look up the ways to contact the Sidhe and that is where I met the muse of Bran's story, Sophie Renwick. She made it possible for me to get a one on one with Bran and this is what I got out of him...

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~read excerpt 1, adults only!~

Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: NAL Trade (March 2, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0451229185
ISBN-13: 978-0451229182

Cover Summary:
Velvet Haven, March 2010 from NAL

Book One of Immortals of Annwyn Series

Hidden from mortals for all eternity, Annwyn, the Otherworld, is home to shapeshifters, wraiths and dragons. But in a nightclub called Velvet Haven, desire brings humans and immortals together…

Built atop the mystic passageway to Annwyn, the gothic nightclub Velvet Haven has seen its share of lost souls—both mortal and immortal. It is here that Bran, the shapeshifter king of the Sidhe, searches for his brother, who is ensnared by a centuries-old curse. When a vision foretells his own death, he knows his time to find Carden is running out.

For help he must turn to Mairi, a mortal woman with an unusual aura. Bran has never liked humans, other than using their sexual pleasure to restore his magic energy. But with Mairi everything is different. Her lush curves and teasing caresses enflame him like no Sidhe has ever done. He has no idea that the woman he’s falling for holds the key to his destruction – or his salvation.


“Bran?” I swallow hard as he looks me straight in the eyes, “will you tip the veil a bit and tell us gals the does and don’ts in how to court a Sidhe?”

Ours is an old world, with customs and orders that seem strange in these modern times. Marriages are arranged in my world, and once married there is no straying. But until then, both males and females are allowed to have lovers. It is up to the male sidhe to prove himself to the female. If the female feels the male worthy, she will become his lover. A male proves himself through his magick, his cunning and strength, and his physical presence.

• Can you describe yourself in 5 words?

Honorable, stubborn, powerful, suspicious, and Mairi wants me to say sexy, and I always bow to my fated’s wishes! :)

• Bran, many women are eager to know; What is Velvet Haven like?

A cesspool of sex, lust, desire and magick. It’s a place of darkness and sin where both immortals and mortals mix. I personally hate the place, but it serves a purpose in my world. For mortals, well, I guess it’s an exclusive club where one can get drunk and have indiscriminate sex.

It’s a necessary evil, I’m afraid. There are many immortals from Annwyn waiting to show some human women a good time. Come by and visit.

• If there is one person from Velvet Haven you want us to meet, who would that be?

I trust few in Annwyn, and no one in Velvet Haven so this is a very difficult question to answer. I was thinking that perhaps I would want you to meet my great nephew, Rhys, who is Daegan’s great grandson. He’s mostly mortal and runs Velvet Haven, but I think I would prefer that you meet Suriel. He’s a dangerous being, and I’d want to warn you to stay the hell away from him. He’s a fallen angel, and his realm is the mortal world. He has the power to compel, and I’d warn you not to go anywhere with the bastard. He and my Mairi are bound, and it bugs the hell out of me sometimes, but it’s the way my Mairi comes to me, so I’ll handle it. Otherwise, I’d terminate that bastard! Warning to all females—and males for that matter. Stay the hell away from Suriel. His motives are shadowy at best.

What is your favorite place in Annwyn?

My sacred grove. It’s a sidhe ‘s place of worship and magic. Mine is in an oak grove where the winds whispers through the leaves. I have a stone altar there with the tools I need to perform my magick. Although, that altar does come in very nicely for other, more earthy delights!

• If you have one, what is your favorite romantic setting?

Well, that altar is one of my favorites. I’m old, you know. I’ve lived for more than three centuries, and going back to the old ways brings me comfort. Annwyn is my favorite place, and in the castle of the Sidhe King there is a huge chamber—it’s my bedchamber, and it has an enormous fireplace, and there’s this soft fur blanket, and Mairi’s skin looks so damn edible in the firelight….

• What do you consider your personal pros and cons? Or should we go to Mairi for the answer to this one?

Oh, I’d love to answer this. He’s a bit thick at times, and he’s jealous. My god, he was totally consumed with it when Suriel was close to me. But he’s a fantastic protector, and he loves for me for who I am. He’s also one hell of a healer, but I’ll let you discover that when you read the book! 

And I’m a damn good magician and king, too. Oh, and I’ve been told I look good in my leather pants…right Mairi?

• What do you love about being a Sidhe?

Everything. It’s my identity, who I am. I can’t imagine being anything else.

• What do you consider to be the seven deadly sins?

Our world works very much like yours; we believe in many of the same things. Sins are sins, whether in Annwyn or the mortal world. Pride, you could say, it my sin.

• Do you like to dance and if so, what’s your favorite dance?

Loathe it.

• How and where do you prefer to sleep?

Well, naked with Mairi pressed up against me. I don’t care where it is, just as long as Mairi is with me, and she’s safe.

* Do you read and if so, what is the last book you’ve read?

I really don’t want to answer this….okay, I’ll come clean, just don’t tell Mairi. I found a book she had hidden in her night table drawer. It was most informative. 101 ways to Drive a Man Crazy in Bed. We just completed 101, and she’s a total expert! She drives me crazy with anything she does. I hope she feels the same way about me.

• What do you do if you want to unwind from the day?

A walk through Annwyn, with a stop at the reflecting pool, or my sacred grove. Nature gives me peace, and inner strength. Then it’s home to Mairi.

• What is the one thing in a woman that instantly grabs your attention?

 Her aura. It tells me what I need to be wary of. Incidentally, Mairi’s was pure white which means perfect balance.

• Who can wake you up in the middle of the night for…?

Mairi, for any little thing her heart desires. And any perceived threat. I won’t allow anything or anyone to hurt Mairi, or anyone in Annwyn.

• Tell us your 5 favorite things from our human world

The fragility of human life, the sounds of waves crashing against rocks, iPods, convertible sport cars. Food, especially Chinese and buffalo chicken wings and macaroni and cheese. Contrary to human belief (glaring at Mairi here…) I do not eat seeds, bread crumbs, or God above, worms.

Wooing the ladies with a small excerpt:

You can provide a small excerpt that is quickly read and gives a good taste of Bran…or the novel as a whole.

Mairi nestled deeper into his hold.

“Watch the fire, Mairi,” he whispered. Then he closed his eyes and reached out to the flames, harnessing its powers, bending it to his own. She would find this amusing. It was a youngling’s trick, but he sought to please—and surprise her.

Mairi watched the orange flames begin to dance, to meld into shapes, twisting and twining, then separating. They became distinct. People. A man and a woman. The shapes came closer to one another, a spark reaching out like a hand to grasp what looked like the breast of the woman.

She sighed, watching as the shapes became her and Bran.

“What do you want him to do next?” he asked.

She smiled, liking his magic trick. “What does he want to do?”

The shape of the man pressed forward, kissing the woman. She fell back and the man pushed her knees up, parting them.

Mairi’s breath hitched. “You like to do that, don’t you?”

“I love your taste on my tongue, my lips.”

She rolled onto her back, giving him her arms. “I’m starting a new tradition. The queen gets to ask for whatever she wants while she’s lying before the fire, and the king must see that she gets it.”

“What does my queen want?” he asked.

“The king, buried deep inside. All night.”

Bran, we cannot express the pleasure it has been that I could get this one on one with you. Do you want us to go anywhere on the world wide web? Hook us up here:

You can learn more about Annwyn at sophierenwick.com

Giveaway: Thanks to the generosity of Sophie Renwick there is an additional copy to give away, so there are two chances to win VELVET HAVEN YAY
What do you need to do? Leave a comment and join in the convo :) This giveaway is internationally to anywhere Book Depository Store ships.The winners will be anounced on February the 28th!

And last but not least…do you have a favorite drink the Beefcake crew can make for the ladies?

Nah, alcohol interferes with my powers. But Mairi does have a drink she likes it’s a chocolate monkey

1 oz Crème de Cacao

1 oz Crème de Banane

2 scoops vanilla ice cream

2 teaspoon cocoa powder

I banana as garnish

Blend all with ice, pour into tall glass.

Aidan; I think we can whip this one up *wink*

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06 February 2010

Valentine's Day becomes Dean-Day (SUPERNATURAL)

It is Saturday morning and my body refuses to wake up but I’ve got some exciting news to share! On twitter there has been some Dean talk, how hawt he is, how hawt the series is and his humor that gets me every time. So when Valentine’s Day (february 14th) came up I mentioned we should do a 'Ten Things I Love About Dean’ and from there V-day became Dean-day. As the group of Dean gals got more excited at the prospect Pixiedust promised to give her wicked creativity a stretch with a Dean button. As I went to bed with Dean on my mind and how I was going to fill in my Dean-day post Pixiedust was working her magic on the button. The next day I got the anticipated DM on twitter that the dean button was live and up for grabs, I strutted on over to Pixie’s place and lo and behold, Dean Winchester, in full color:

Pixie's Ponderings

If anyone wants to celebrate Dean hotness with us, join in, grab the button (at pixie’s place) and celebrate a different kind of Valentine’s day! I will give you a favorite Dean pic right now with a Dean quote that made me laugh out loud.

Dean quote:
Episode; I Know What You Did Last Summer

(Sam has told Dean what he did with Ruby while Dean was in Hell)
Dean: Sam...
Sam: Yeah?
Dean: Too much information!
Sam: Hey, I told you I was coming clean.
Dean: Yeah, but now I feel dirty.
Also I will celebrate Dean hotness on Dean-day with a SUPERNATURAL giveaway of a choice in season 1-2-3 or 4. So be sure to come back and join in the fun!!

The Dean gals so far are:


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