08 February 2010

Beefcake Preview Club Night: Bran

Last year, in my early days of blogging there was a cover that captured my attention over and over again and I decided to investigate. That is where the world of Annwyn lured me and I viewed a character sheet that had my panties in a twist. Preview it here

That is where I read this about Bran:
Character: Bran, King of the Night Sidhe
Shifts into: The Raven
Magic: Destruction
Power: Prognosticate death, can harness all the powers of the elements to form alchemy
Friends: Loose alliances with most all creatures
Foes: The mortal who is prophesized will destroy him

Let me tell ya I didn't know how fast I had to look up the ways to contact the Sidhe and that is where I met the muse of Bran's story, Sophie Renwick. She made it possible for me to get a one on one with Bran and this is what I got out of him...

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Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: NAL Trade (March 2, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0451229185
ISBN-13: 978-0451229182

Cover Summary:
Velvet Haven, March 2010 from NAL

Book One of Immortals of Annwyn Series

Hidden from mortals for all eternity, Annwyn, the Otherworld, is home to shapeshifters, wraiths and dragons. But in a nightclub called Velvet Haven, desire brings humans and immortals together…

Built atop the mystic passageway to Annwyn, the gothic nightclub Velvet Haven has seen its share of lost souls—both mortal and immortal. It is here that Bran, the shapeshifter king of the Sidhe, searches for his brother, who is ensnared by a centuries-old curse. When a vision foretells his own death, he knows his time to find Carden is running out.

For help he must turn to Mairi, a mortal woman with an unusual aura. Bran has never liked humans, other than using their sexual pleasure to restore his magic energy. But with Mairi everything is different. Her lush curves and teasing caresses enflame him like no Sidhe has ever done. He has no idea that the woman he’s falling for holds the key to his destruction – or his salvation.


“Bran?” I swallow hard as he looks me straight in the eyes, “will you tip the veil a bit and tell us gals the does and don’ts in how to court a Sidhe?”

Ours is an old world, with customs and orders that seem strange in these modern times. Marriages are arranged in my world, and once married there is no straying. But until then, both males and females are allowed to have lovers. It is up to the male sidhe to prove himself to the female. If the female feels the male worthy, she will become his lover. A male proves himself through his magick, his cunning and strength, and his physical presence.

• Can you describe yourself in 5 words?

Honorable, stubborn, powerful, suspicious, and Mairi wants me to say sexy, and I always bow to my fated’s wishes! :)

• Bran, many women are eager to know; What is Velvet Haven like?

A cesspool of sex, lust, desire and magick. It’s a place of darkness and sin where both immortals and mortals mix. I personally hate the place, but it serves a purpose in my world. For mortals, well, I guess it’s an exclusive club where one can get drunk and have indiscriminate sex.

It’s a necessary evil, I’m afraid. There are many immortals from Annwyn waiting to show some human women a good time. Come by and visit.

• If there is one person from Velvet Haven you want us to meet, who would that be?

I trust few in Annwyn, and no one in Velvet Haven so this is a very difficult question to answer. I was thinking that perhaps I would want you to meet my great nephew, Rhys, who is Daegan’s great grandson. He’s mostly mortal and runs Velvet Haven, but I think I would prefer that you meet Suriel. He’s a dangerous being, and I’d want to warn you to stay the hell away from him. He’s a fallen angel, and his realm is the mortal world. He has the power to compel, and I’d warn you not to go anywhere with the bastard. He and my Mairi are bound, and it bugs the hell out of me sometimes, but it’s the way my Mairi comes to me, so I’ll handle it. Otherwise, I’d terminate that bastard! Warning to all females—and males for that matter. Stay the hell away from Suriel. His motives are shadowy at best.

What is your favorite place in Annwyn?

My sacred grove. It’s a sidhe ‘s place of worship and magic. Mine is in an oak grove where the winds whispers through the leaves. I have a stone altar there with the tools I need to perform my magick. Although, that altar does come in very nicely for other, more earthy delights!

• If you have one, what is your favorite romantic setting?

Well, that altar is one of my favorites. I’m old, you know. I’ve lived for more than three centuries, and going back to the old ways brings me comfort. Annwyn is my favorite place, and in the castle of the Sidhe King there is a huge chamber—it’s my bedchamber, and it has an enormous fireplace, and there’s this soft fur blanket, and Mairi’s skin looks so damn edible in the firelight….

• What do you consider your personal pros and cons? Or should we go to Mairi for the answer to this one?

Oh, I’d love to answer this. He’s a bit thick at times, and he’s jealous. My god, he was totally consumed with it when Suriel was close to me. But he’s a fantastic protector, and he loves for me for who I am. He’s also one hell of a healer, but I’ll let you discover that when you read the book! 

And I’m a damn good magician and king, too. Oh, and I’ve been told I look good in my leather pants…right Mairi?

• What do you love about being a Sidhe?

Everything. It’s my identity, who I am. I can’t imagine being anything else.

• What do you consider to be the seven deadly sins?

Our world works very much like yours; we believe in many of the same things. Sins are sins, whether in Annwyn or the mortal world. Pride, you could say, it my sin.

• Do you like to dance and if so, what’s your favorite dance?

Loathe it.

• How and where do you prefer to sleep?

Well, naked with Mairi pressed up against me. I don’t care where it is, just as long as Mairi is with me, and she’s safe.

* Do you read and if so, what is the last book you’ve read?

I really don’t want to answer this….okay, I’ll come clean, just don’t tell Mairi. I found a book she had hidden in her night table drawer. It was most informative. 101 ways to Drive a Man Crazy in Bed. We just completed 101, and she’s a total expert! She drives me crazy with anything she does. I hope she feels the same way about me.

• What do you do if you want to unwind from the day?

A walk through Annwyn, with a stop at the reflecting pool, or my sacred grove. Nature gives me peace, and inner strength. Then it’s home to Mairi.

• What is the one thing in a woman that instantly grabs your attention?

 Her aura. It tells me what I need to be wary of. Incidentally, Mairi’s was pure white which means perfect balance.

• Who can wake you up in the middle of the night for…?

Mairi, for any little thing her heart desires. And any perceived threat. I won’t allow anything or anyone to hurt Mairi, or anyone in Annwyn.

• Tell us your 5 favorite things from our human world

The fragility of human life, the sounds of waves crashing against rocks, iPods, convertible sport cars. Food, especially Chinese and buffalo chicken wings and macaroni and cheese. Contrary to human belief (glaring at Mairi here…) I do not eat seeds, bread crumbs, or God above, worms.

Wooing the ladies with a small excerpt:

You can provide a small excerpt that is quickly read and gives a good taste of Bran…or the novel as a whole.

Mairi nestled deeper into his hold.

“Watch the fire, Mairi,” he whispered. Then he closed his eyes and reached out to the flames, harnessing its powers, bending it to his own. She would find this amusing. It was a youngling’s trick, but he sought to please—and surprise her.

Mairi watched the orange flames begin to dance, to meld into shapes, twisting and twining, then separating. They became distinct. People. A man and a woman. The shapes came closer to one another, a spark reaching out like a hand to grasp what looked like the breast of the woman.

She sighed, watching as the shapes became her and Bran.

“What do you want him to do next?” he asked.

She smiled, liking his magic trick. “What does he want to do?”

The shape of the man pressed forward, kissing the woman. She fell back and the man pushed her knees up, parting them.

Mairi’s breath hitched. “You like to do that, don’t you?”

“I love your taste on my tongue, my lips.”

She rolled onto her back, giving him her arms. “I’m starting a new tradition. The queen gets to ask for whatever she wants while she’s lying before the fire, and the king must see that she gets it.”

“What does my queen want?” he asked.

“The king, buried deep inside. All night.”

Bran, we cannot express the pleasure it has been that I could get this one on one with you. Do you want us to go anywhere on the world wide web? Hook us up here:

You can learn more about Annwyn at sophierenwick.com

Giveaway: Thanks to the generosity of Sophie Renwick there is an additional copy to give away, so there are two chances to win VELVET HAVEN YAY
What do you need to do? Leave a comment and join in the convo :) This giveaway is internationally to anywhere Book Depository Store ships.The winners will be anounced on February the 28th!

And last but not least…do you have a favorite drink the Beefcake crew can make for the ladies?

Nah, alcohol interferes with my powers. But Mairi does have a drink she likes it’s a chocolate monkey

1 oz Crème de Cacao

1 oz Crème de Banane

2 scoops vanilla ice cream

2 teaspoon cocoa powder

I banana as garnish

Blend all with ice, pour into tall glass.

Aidan; I think we can whip this one up *wink*

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  1. Hello Leontine,Bran and Mairi

    I am looking forward to reading Velvet Haven.And thanks for the excerpt.
    I think I'd like to go to Velvet Haven,how do we get there?lol
    As for Suriel,no worries,we ladies can handle him, he wouldn't know what hit him ;)

    Now Bran you challenged us ladies by saying you don't like to dance..by the end of the evening(if Mairi doesn't mind) we'll have you on the dance floor.

    **takes seat at bar**
    hello boys!!!Did you miss us? :D

    Aidan I think I'd like to try the chocolate monkey
    (ok that sounds dirty ;))

    Sam where's the music?
    tristan, when I'm done this drink..you and I have a date on the dance floor.

    **looks over at Bran** We will get you to dance ;D

    2 chances to win...woo-hoo..I'm dying to read this book!!

    **sawying to the music,sipping drink waiting for the other ladies**

  2. I have always been bad as listening..is Suriel here? Oh I wanna meet him, he sounds so bad *coughs*

    Totally forgot about hunky Bran, cos yes I have also been lusting after that cover for a long lone time.

  3. Bran's with Mairi. That damn crow will be here any minute, so I'll take my air time now.

    I'm not as bad as Bran let's on. I do have my secrets, though, and the King doesn't need to know them--yet.

    I'm fallen, but I'm possibly redeemable.

    Incidently, ladies, I love to dance....

    Later...I see Bran flying in, and I'm supposed to be in exile, but what the King doesn't know, won't hurt him!

  4. Possibly redeemable? Sweet. Another challenge. That I'm possibly up for. *Tries to look innocent.*

    And I wonder who doesn't keep secrets?

    & Suriel - you can't tease the ladies and leave like that! You'll cause a riot. *Indicates which direction he's gone to the other girls.* I for one, I am not a dance person though so I'll let the others chase you down. ;D

    Looking forward to reading Velvet Haven!

  5. oh Suriel do come back...I want to see those dance moves and learn your......secrets ;)

    **looks at empty glass,one down**
    That is a pretty good drink,Aidan another one please :D

    Tristan I want my dance now ;)
    Come on ladies,let's hit the dance floor.

    **a few more drinks and it'll be on the table tops,I sure hope Leontine had them inspected for sturdiness** :)

  6. What is it about bad boys that gets a lady's imagination moving at the speed of light.

    Suriel, I believe that you can be redeemed, but perhaps you would be more fun just the way you are. Why don't we get together and find out?

  7. Okay... Now I have seen a few challenges in front of me. First, Bran, we will get you on the dance floor before the night is over with (with Mari's permission *she will be on top the bar dancing before the night is out, lol)....
    And as far as Suriel is concerned... Don't worry ladies... I will take care of him **insert evil laughter**

    Suriel sounds like my cup of man! Hummm and loves to dance... a little dark... a LOTTA sexy... OH yea, this is going to be one hellva party!!!

    Tristan, honey... Can I try your monkey.. I mean the monkey drink!! LOL!!!

    Elaing honey.... HEY girl!!!! You ready to party!! I think Bran threw a challenge our way!

    And ps... I have been drooling all over this cover for I can NOT tell you how long!!! OMG!!!!
    I do have to say that I have enjoyed Bran (remember when he came to my place!)

  8. Hi Bran *waves* are you available on Valentine's Day or weekends?

  9. Suriel,look o0ut for Patricia and Cecile..they'll eat you alive..lol ;)

    Bran..I told you we will get you on the dance floor,the time is coming :D
    pssst **whispers to Mairi** you can help us get him dancing?

    Besides Bran you don't want Suriel to show you up do you **evil gleam in eye**

    **Empty glass again**
    Tristan while you're making Cecile a drink can you make me one too..you can decide what you'd like to stir up **wink**for me

  10. I see Suriel has been here, causing drama. He's good at that. Damn, I hate that bastard!

    Dancing...let's see. It will take a lot to get me on the dancefloor. Mairi's never seen me dance before, and as I've left her utterly sated, she won't be around for awhile....

    Okay, who's dancing with me first?
    ..glancing around to make sure that tattler Suriel is around and running off to tell my Mairi....

  11. Am on pins and needles waiting for Bram and Velvet Haven ;D

  12. Look girls, he's brimming to dance! Which one of you first, eh? Excluding me of course. ;D

    *Goes to bar, buys a drink and looks ahead for the promised, damn good show of all kinds of flexible moves.*

  13. @Suriel - I was out on a dinner apointment and look what I missed....Suriel! I do not dance often but I lurve to shake my bon bon with you!

    @Elaing8 - I'm also very intrigued by Velvet Haven and have you taken a look at that character page? My she wolf definitely was out of the closet LOL

    @Blodeuedd - Bran and Suriel make my blood boil too, they've got such seductive "male attitudes" *wicked grin*

    @INCiDeNT - Hon, you can look all innocent but your mind is planning all things wicked, I know you are!! And I say, sit by the bar, keep Tristan, Aidan and Sam company ;) They love your kind of company *grin*

    @elaing8 - The tables are solid oak, they'll hold for sure!

    @Patricia Altner - Good call!! Taking matters in to your own hands and go for Suriel, bold but good strategy!

    @Cecile - Yeah Bran and Suriel are...something *heartrate increases at the thought of them* I'm joining you all for a chocolate monkey, I feel a wild streak coming on LOL

    @Smokin'HotBooks - hey hon, Oh you go girl, asking Bran as a Valentine's date *damn, why didn't i think of that* *wink*

  14. Can I pull rank here, can ? can I? can I!!! I so want to dance with Bran...Sam, hit the jukebox for Shakira with SHE WOLF!

  15. Leontine, let's go...I'm diggin Shakira's form...she's got a body just like Mairi's!

  16. Cecile, Elaing8, I've got your chocolate monkey's right here!! I'll hit the dancefloor later, I've been polishing up my dance moves with some new latin dances *grin*

    INCiDeNT - Welcome to the club babe, you sit right here, Aidan is making you your drink!

    Glad to see you all here ladies!

  17. INCiDeNT, babe, tell me what you want and I'll make it. Watcha been up to today??

  18. @Bran - Oh yes, adjusts my strapless dress. Here we go Bran...I'm convinced you have a sense of rhythm!

    There’s a she wolf in the closet,
    Open up and set her free {auuuu}
    There’s a she wolf in the closet,
    Let it out so it can breath (inhales, exhales)

  19. me!me!me! I'm next Bran.
    ***may have to bump Leontine out of the way***LOL kidding**evil grin**

    Tristan! Another drink**hiccup**uh-oh**blushes**

  20. Hi hi!

    Made it! Can I get me some drink, I am thirsty....

    Bran I am looking forward to read your story!

  21. Oh I am ready for some dancing, just brings the hot guys ;)

    Now where did Suriel go, he got my blood boiling, I mean Bran does have a gal already ;)

    No need to enter me btw

  22. The good/hot guys are gay or married, they're characters in books! This was fun. I'll be dreaming well tonight! I'm dying to read this now!

  23. Oh my this book sounds hot! I have to read this one.

  24. Oh my, I go to the stock room with Suriel and this is what I miss... hummm... He said he had something he wanted to show me **insert mischievous grin**

    Hey Elaing... I will not eat him alive... Yes, I am giggling!!!

    Oh... Bran dancing, this I gotta see! Those hips, that a$$... OH my, did I say that outloud! I need another Monkey!

    And you heard that huh ladies.. he put Mari out for the night! **Evil gleam in Cecile's eye... you know what we do with single men!!**

    Oh Bran, do not let Suriel get under your skin... there are other things we can do to get your mind off of him, lol!!! *ROAR*
    And Bran, we have a lot to offer you, to get you on the dance floor!! I will bid my time wisely when it comes to dancing with you, Bran. When the girls have had to much Monkey and too much fun.. You will be all mine **mmaaahhhaawww**

    Tristan honey... Thank you for the wonderful drink. Not sure what you really put in these.. but damn they are good!! And believe me I know you have my Monkey right there!!! Hee hee!!
    And you have been polishing up your latin dancing... well.. now this I gotta see... Those hips of yours are just oh so delicious!!!!

    Must be the Monkey making me this brave... but I am liking it!!!!
    So... Suriel what you say... *wink*

  25. Doesn't that stock room come in handy Cecile when you need to SEE something..LOL.**winks at Tristan**

    **Leans in to Cecile so no one can hear**watch it Cecile Tristan's monkey is mine..lol.

    **looks out on dance floor**
    Looks like Leontine is showing Bran some moves.But come on isn't her time up yet :)....**gets off stool,walks on dance floor**

    My turn with Bran...if you think you had fun with Leontine wait until I show you my moves**evil grin**
    So you say Mairi is out for the night**rubbing up against him,swaying to the music**

  26. Ladies, I wear leather, too--and combat boots, and let me tell you, my black wings are bigger...just sayin'...


  27. Snorting with indignation here....I'm a king, and Suriel...he lives in the East End with the with the heroine addicts. Still want him?

    Now me...well, you just ask my Mairi. Sidhe's do it right. Angels...well, that's to be seen!


  28. **fans self** Well Suriel, bigger huh.. you'll just have to show us to prove it :D

    Bran,doesn't matter where he lives, its his whole......package :D

    Bran relax and go dance with Cecile now....Suriel has some proving to do**walks over to Suriel** **wink**

  29. @Suriel - You're killing me over here, I've got a weakness for leather and wings *fans self*

  30. I've got ice chips for the ladies who want them...Leontine's body temp just reached 'overheated status'

    Suriel man, you had to throw that bit of info in there huh!

  31. Oh boys... now now now... We love you all.. Like Eliang said, it is the whole.... **Cough cough** package that we like and you ALLLLL have that in spades... We just need reminding what it is you do to us!!! And we are visual creatures, so we love to be shown things instead of talking, lol!!!!

    So, now Aidan, come on honey, you can show me your bigger.. umm... Well just come one.

    **Takes Suriel's hand too** You come too baby... Let's go to bar and toss back a couple of shots and we'll see what we can show each other... ((did I just say that out loud, lol))!!!

  32. Oh wait.. I am watching those eyes Leontine is giving me at taking Suriel's hand... She is the hostess after all...

    Okay, Suriel, it looks like Leontine is giving you the come hither look...

    Bran... I know you said you are not a drinker - so come do some shots with me. I promise not to let anything happen to you... Well... nothing you won't like... hee hee.. Oh it has to be these monkey drinks...

  33. Bran we like all the men that come to the Beefcake Preview Club(and the ones that work here) We like to...learn as much as possible about them :)

    Bran how are you enjoying the dancing? You have quite the moves for someone who said he didn't like to dance ;)

    Since Cecile brought it up...this time...I'll have a few shots too.

    Sam,Aidan can you poor us all some shots?Line 'em up!!!
    Then we'll show you and Suriel our dirty dancing on the bar :D

  34. Wooo-nelly that was a smokin' hot interview! I gotta get me a piece of Bran. YUMM-eee!!

    I can't wait to have this book in my hands so I can fondle Bran for real. *shudders* He's a wicked one alright. ;)

    Thanks for hosting Bran, Leontine!

    No need to enter me in the giveaway. I just wanted to read about that leather-clad hottie. *wink*


  35. Leontine - *Eyes the bar where Tristan and Aidan are.* Uh huh. All kinds of naughty thoughts rampant in my head, eh? *Wicked grin.*

    Tristan - Good to be here!

    Aidan - *Flicks gaze up and down.* Chocolate monkey would be good. And I've been around . . . checking things of my to-do list. ;)

    *Leans against bar.* Suriel - LOVE a man in leather - even better for an angel. *Winks.*

    Bran - You need to loosen up some! Ladies - have at him!

  36. INCiDeNT Bran has had a few shots with us,he's loosening up already ;)

    **hiccup** another round Aidan.
    **looks around** where's my....errr..oops**blushes** Tristan.

    whoa..easy with the shots Bran and Suriel..this isn't a competition :D

  37. Everything between Suriel and I is a competition. Wow... these chocolate monkey's really loosen up one's tongue!

    Mairi's whispering naughty things in my ear, and I'm trying to type...

    Suriel, I see is eyeing up the mortal female flesh. Typical.

  38. Hey, looks like I might have to jump in here and break up Bran and Suriel. God, those guys, they're driving me nuts--almost as much as when I wrote the damn book. Suriel and Bran, wanting to kill each other....

    So, I'm like totally loving thes hottie bartenders. Tristan...hit me up again!
    Thanks for having Bran, Leontine. It's nice to see him loosen up. He can be a bit of a tight ass. I think it comes with being over three hundred years old!

  39. **slides a few shots in front of Bran**

    Hi Sophie,
    we're handling your boys...Bran is loosening up..and Suriel it getting handsy..lol.

  40. Okay... I think I see that Suriel has slipped from Leontine's hands... Time for me to step up...

    Suriel - handsy you say Elaing. His hands feel just right... OOooooppppss!

    **Suriel, let's go dance hon.. I hear a slow, sexy beat coming on. And Gawd knows I would love to feel how that body moves with mine** Competition or not, I am loving up both of these boys... But I will not compete with Mari for Bran... Just like flirting him!

  41. oh my... after seeing what that drink made with Cecile I will keep my hands off the chocolate monkey *gg*
    I'm sure one of the guys will make me something special ;)

    Leontine, thanks for a great party again! I love those days!

  42. Oh, I'm so in the mood for a night out over at the Beefcake Club! Looks like the party is way past happy hour and in full swing!
    Hey girls, make some room on the dancefloor for me so I can show off my new leather skirt, thigh-high boots and newly learned Latin dance moves :)

  43. Leather skirt and thigh high boots....you're my kind of mortal!

    Suriel who is laughing at Bran who seems to be having a hard time standing up...stupid Sidhe!

  44. Be nice Suriel...
    Janna you have some catching up to do.
    **finishes shot,climbs up on bar**Come on girls lets show these boys how we do it!!!
    Sam turn up the music

  45. Elaing - Sweet. ;)

    *Watches as you girls go a-dancing.* Hey, anyone wanna try and get me to dance? Lots of bets you can't! *Drowns choc. monkey.*

  46. Come on INCiDeNT, I know you wanna join us :) Just move your hips and shake your ass and you'll be fine *g*

  47. Janna, you look smoking hot honey!!!

    Finishes my drink...

    Takes a shot...

    Grabs INCiDeNT hand... Come honey, take this shot and come on the floor.. we will have you dancing you ass off in a minute!!! Hey Tristan honey... crank up that music!!!! And bring your fine self over here with us!!

  48. I think I had one(or 8) too many ***hiccup*** drinks

    Tristan,you owe me a dance.**grabs hand, walks/sways to dance floor** Show me those new moves.


    See Bran and Suriel are taking pointers :)

  49. Janna - Maybe. But who said I know how to? *grin*

    Cecile - Hey! *Is handed the shot, which is looked at dubiously, then drained.* *Sways hips.* Really, I'm much better off on the sidelines! And I'm more a rocker than seductive sway!

  50. LOL, INDiCeNT! Just let one of the guys grab your hips and try some dirty dancing :) What's to know how about that ;)

  51. Hey INDiCeNT ~ Honey, I like to rock out too... but once one of these guys get their hands on you... You will be swaying with the body... I mean, swaying with the music! =)

    OH.. I feel some hands on me speaking of that... Downs the shot and goes with Aidan to the dance floor!!! Oh....

  52. Thanks for highlighting this book, Leontine! It sounds great, something I'd like to read. And Velvet Haven sounds yummy, the kind of club I'd want to join. *grin*

  53. Hi Sophie and Leontine and you goregous hunks!!!! *waves*

    OOO Bran is HAWT with a Capital H. loved the interview and getting to know you better! *purr* ;)

    I can't wait to read this one!!!!!

  54. Great post! Got to LOVE the cover of Velvet Haven!

    LOL Ladies, I'm loving this chatter here!

    Bran, I could skip worms too, Oh, we are SO suited! LOL

    Sassy.Brit at gmail dot com

  55. @Elaing8, @Cecile, @Janna & @INCiDeNT - Ladies you are awesome, thanks for being here at Beefcake night. I conked out around ten and slept through all the good stuff it seems.

    @Silver, @JennJ & @Sassy Brit - I'm thrilled that Bran floats your boat. I can't wait either to dig in to Velvet Haven. It sounds way too good if that is possible ROFL

  56. What a hot article..I was in a spell over the whole thing..do not wake me..it was so much fun. I would love to read this book so the spell can go on and on. Floating by..susan L.

  57. Am I late to the party? :(
    And I think you guys are particularly hot and my kind of heroes :D

  58. @Susan - I'm so glad you had fun and thanks for stopping by!!

    @Has - No, you're not too late to the party and don't ya just get tickled pink by Bran and Suriel. I was LOL

  59. I think I like this bad boy just the way he is - Why tamper with a good thing...

    I have been awaiting this book now - for what seems like ages... Just afew more days t ogo...


  60. Great interview!!! I've got to read this one! Please throw my name in the hat.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  61. Wow, that's some trick. *____* And I have plenty of Chinese food, since it was Lunar New Year this weekend, so please come finish it off. ;)

    julieguan AT gmail DOT com

  62. I look forward in reading this book.

    The Bran and the cocktail sound yummy, too.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com


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