20 February 2010

Parties, Awards, Giveaway’s & one book-faery

Yesterday has been a Friday with a golden glow surrounding it. I had no idea what was waiting for me when I opened my eyes at six in the morning. Hubby just left and I blissfully hogged all the blankets and snuggled in a bit deeper. I started the day slowly with some tea and a cracker, did all the chores, walked the dogs – am I boring you already? – and then sat down and read a bit in J.L. Langley’s THIN STAR. In the early afternoon I had a catch-up phone call with Marissa, conversations that are never short so it was cooking time for me when we hang up. Okay, up till now it has been an average day with nothing eventful happening. Hubby came home, we ate and that is when the doorbell rang. Hubby looked at me like; ‘How many books did you order this time that the mailman has to ring the doorbell?’ I was all innocence, I swear!!!

So when hubby came back in to the living room huffing and puffing carrying a gigantic box my eyes nearly popped out of its sockets at the view of 50+ books.

The thing was, someone – who I off and on e-mail with – told me she cleaned her bookshelves and quote; I am writing to you to ask...would you like to have them? … And throwing them away with old papers is out of question (too valuable to waste, don't you think?). So it seems that you and your reading pals are my only hope. Will you be so kind to help me? Well, how could I say no to that?? This is when an idea popped in to my head; A Book Giveaway To Celebrate Romance. The person who donated the books, I dubbed her the Book-Faery, instantly liked the idea of sharing the love with all the peeps visiting my blog *waves at Book-Faery who is one of them* So in the early days of April I’m having a 20+ book giveaway; SPRING-FLING; Celebrating The Romance.

I hope to have a little more in store then just this giveaway but I’ll keep you all posted. There are two reasons it is being held in April, first of all; who is tired of the snow, the cold and layers upon layers of clothing? Raise your hand. I am in desperate need for some milder weather and sunshine, I want lots of sunshine in fact! So I thought spring would be a wonderful time to celebrate romance :) The second and most important reason is that Cecile from All I Want And More is having the par-tay of the year!! The whole month of March she has incredible events, giveaways, excerpts, prizes and authors dropping by, I mean it is smutty-hussy heaven for all of us and I am going to be there daily!


Though much of my Spring-Fling is just in the early stages do you all want a sneak peek at what will be included in the 20+ book giveaway? No? Really? ROFL, just kidding *wink* I’ve got books of Ava Gray, Shayla Black, Anna Windsor, Jacquelyn Frank, Leslie Parrish, Victoria Dahl and more.

The second surprise was the fact that AmyC told me she was going to have a copy of Shalador’s Lady personally signed for me by Anne Bishop *fan scream* it is perhaps uber geeky but I have a small shelf of signed books and while all my books are ‘my precious’ these are treasured even more! So thank you AmyC for totally making my week!! The third angelic offer came from Donna (fantasydreamer) as I was muttering about how Book Depository Store was bailing out on me with the delivery of Nalini Singh’s ARCHANGEL’S KISS. I hungered for some Raphael and Elena, and it was already two weeks after release day :( I sent BookDepo an e-mail and they stated they had a release of early march and shipping can take up to 2-3 weeks. So I was muttering on Twitter where my Dutch Border or Barnes & Noble was, when out of the blue Donna offered to ship me a copy. I still can’t believe you did this Donna but right now, as we speak, I am ripping open your package and a shiny copy of ARCHANGEL’S KISS is in my hand *sparkling eyes; “My Precious.”*

Looking back at this week I feel gratitude to know such people whose gestures really brightened my day. (((hugs all))) and all of the peeps I enjoy many a convo with in blogoverse or on twitter :)

On top of all the good things I’ve also been given some awards and want to thank each and every one who gave me one!!

This award has been given to me by ErotRomReader ~Janna (Thank you)

I've received this award by Minx ~CBrett60 ~JennJ & Buckeye Girl Reads. Thank you!!!

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  1. Dang, girl! Friday was a really goooooooood day. I'm dying to see what's in that box. I hope April comes around soon.

    Hugs, VFG

  2. You're such a sharing girl! I think it's great you're having a contest with part of your big box of books :) Looking forward to it! I'm so ready for the Spring to be here...
    Congrats on the awards!

  3. WOW! So awesome with all the books! YAY!

    Congrats on the awards!!


  4. Jealous!!! Of . . . *counts on fingers* everything possibly? *Mutters* Ah well, you're kind and kinky enough to share so I'll forgive. ;)

    Did you say Shayla Black? Which ones?!

    Can't wait for Spring! & Congrats on the awards!

  5. WOW that is amazing I bet your jaw hit the floor I can just see ya lol. That is AWESOME and I can't wait for your book fling and Cecile's party too you gals are nothing short of AMAZING. God willing I will be there with bells on for both! ;)

    BIG congrats on the awards you deserve them honey.


  6. That's a beautiful box of books! I bet just looking at it gives you the warm cozies. :) It's going to be a great contest in April.

    I'm so glad Archangel's Kiss got there so quickly. I'm actually really amazed at how fast the post office got the book to you. The book angel was watching out for you this week, definitely so.

    Congrats on the awards! You deserve each and every one of them.

  7. *raises hand*
    I am tired of constant snowing for 2 months and -20 c.
    Looking forward to April :D

  8. Awesome Post!

    I'm with you (and I live in Florida...I sick and tired of the cold! And it's cold here!! We're in the high 20's at night...not our norm!

    I long for summer so my cold feet can warm up! And I'm wearing three sets of socks!

    Your book give-away sounds fun!


  9. You had a fantastic Friday.
    all I got on Friday was a great-nephew :D

    I'm looking forward to Cecile's party and your Spring Fling.

  10. *raises hand high to the sky* I am tooooooo tired of the snow, and the rain, and the mud!! Brilliant idea i do have to say so...and you fortunate woman! *grins*

    I will be keeping my eye out for more on the Spring Fling! *chuckles*

    Stay warm!!

  11. @VFG - I so had a "my precious" moment LOL I picked 20+ books and perhaps many already have them but I think it is a great giveaway to sample the PNR/UF/Erotica/Suspesne genre :)

    @Janna - Rain *mutters* we've got a week of rain coming *sigh* That's why I need some happy happy going on and I love to share the love for books :)

    @Larissa - It was a fabulous surprise, one that doesn't come by often!

    @INCiDent - That's why I'm "paying it forward" girl!! Shayla Black, hhmmm, I've got WICKED TIES and I believe it is book one of her Doomsday Brethren series.

    @JennJ - You know I love to have you drop by, the party wouldn't be the same!

    @Donna - This is one of those mail stories where they deliver with the speed of lightning, it never happened to me before. I'm glad it happened, getting myself acquainted with Raphael again *grin*

    @Blodeuedd - -20C o-0 girl I'd go stirfry crazy, it was around -5/-10 C and i'm just so done with it LOL

    @HAWK - I've got those super sexy sock that I can pull up over my knees LOL but its warm and comfy and with this kind of weather i just want large sweaters and socks like that.

    @Elaing8 - Congratz on the nephew, which is a magical pressie all on its own. Enjoy him, give many cuddles and spoil him a bit ;D

    @Redd(Neena)- I love it for you to drop by, the more the merrier I'd say and I'm so glad I am not the only one who wants winter to be over. I actually contemplated to dance naked under a full moon and evoke the weather gods to let Spring finally enter the world. I chickened out though, don't want to scare the neighbors and don't want to get sick cause this is weather that can get you sick fast ;(

    @Viction Fixen - It was quite the sight to behold :)

  12. *mutters back* dang rain, I'm getting sad.
    Good thing we have your party to look forward to :)

  13. Looking forward to your party! :)

    Hey, loved this --

    *sparkling eyes; “My Precious.”*

    LOL soooooo cute!


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