14 February 2010

Valentine Guestblog & Giveaway: Mr. Darcy the heartthrob

Mr. Darcy the heartthrob
One of the leading romance publishers in USA once did a survey about what their readers want in a hero, in terms of the physical appearance. A majority of the readers voted for TDH: tall, dark and handsome. Even if the story is about a blond hero, readers want the book cover to feature a dark hair hunk.

It is therefore amazing for me to know that Miss Jane Austen only used a few words to describe one of the biggest heartthrobs of literary history, Mr. Darcy:

“Mr. Darcy soon drew the attention of the room by his fine, tall person, handsome features, noble mien.” – Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 3

How did Mr. Darcy do it, to engage so many hearts of women from around the world?

It all comes down to his character. Mr. Darcy might be the most arrogant jerk at the beginning of the story but he was courageous enough to mend his way.

And he was constant in his love for Elizabeth Bennet. Mr. Darcy overcame the censure of his family, the scandal of her sister and every material reason to love Elizabeth at all cost. What more could a woman want, but for her man to stand by her, for better or for worst?

I’ve fallen in love with Mr. Darcy for many years and I’ve written several retelling of Jane Austen’s story. With my latest novel, Really Angelic, a Pride and Prejudice with a paranormal twist, I hope I created a memorable Mr. Darcy for my readers too.

Here is an excerpt from my novel:

When Mr. Bennet left the room, Mr. Darcy was prepared for a dressing down from his angel, regarding the way in which he had forced her to agree to the marriage. He sat down by her side and held her hands again, resigned to his fate. But before he could utter a word, she drew a deep breath and revealed the crux of the matter to him quite simply.

“Mr. Darcy, as an angel, I have been told that I am incapable of bearing a child. We cannot – must not – marry, because I cannot give you an heir.” She looked at him squarely, clearly braced to accept the sad news that he was ending the engagement.

Emotions of shock, anger and sadness passed through him but he swallowed them down. She was the most important person in the world to him. “Then we shall marry without delay and make the most of the time we have together. Georgiana can beget the Darcy’s heir. Perhaps we can even raise her second son as our own.”

Tears ran down her face as she whispered, “You truly love me enough to accept my…flaw?”

“I love you, deeply ardently, utterly.” A tear ran down his cheek as he lowered his head to kiss her tenderly on the lips. “And that is all the more true now that I know that you refused to marry me only for my own good. How can I not love you? And you do not have any flaw.” He kissed her again. “In my eyes, you are perfect.”
Well why do you think Mr. Darcy engages the hearts of so many women?

The above excerpt was adapted from Enid Wilson’s latest novel Really Angelic, a steamy paranormal retelling of Pride and Prejudice. (The book contains adult content) Enid is delighted to offer a paperback copy of her book to ONE of you. Just tell us what you think by commenting below before February 28th and you have a chance to win it. Entry opens to worldwide readers. To read more about Enid’s books, you can visit SteamyDarcy

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  1. Ohhh... nice! Sounds very interesting :)

  2. 2 words, Colin Firth. Enough said ;)
    Yup he is the reason why care for Darcy, and this book sure sounds sooo cool.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day : )

    “I love you, deeply ardently, utterly.”

    It's the depth of emotion, not just the passion which keeps us enthralled! Not long after I met the love of my life, he turned to me one day and said: "I'm beginning to love you very deeply."

    That's something you never forget!

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  4. Whether Darcy is battling zombies or his own ego, the fact that he believes the "less beautiful" sister is worth fighting for makes him an easy favorite. His transition from arrogant jerk to man deeply in love just warms the heart. Darcy was one of the original tall, dark and handsomes and to this day women still fall for that description. I'll take a piece of Darcy anyday.

  5. A Very Happy Valentine's day to you hon and I truly hope your head is feeling all better now. BIG HUGS my friend.

    This one sounds awesome! I think Darcy enthralls so many because of his passion and deep love he holds for his love. Isn't that what every woman wants a man to love her without measure with unparalleled devotion? :)

  6. Oh very nice... I agree with Jenn... And even about your head! Hon, I am sorry you are not feeling well. I hope all is better soon!

    And this book sounds amazing!!

    PS... Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  7. Hey darlin',

    Happy V-day!

    Where have you been....I've missed you!?


  8. Happy Valentine’s Day! Blodeuedd, I agree with you, love Colin Firth’s Darcy. Virginia, great words, Yesenia, me too, I’ll take a Mr. Darcy anyday. Well said Jenn, to love without measure is great! Cecile and Houston, thanks for the comment.

    Leonie, thanks for having me, hope you feel better with some tender loving care from your Valentine. Your heart throb artwork is awesome!

  9. I haven't read any books about Mr. Darcy..i just heard that he's a romantic person ? :)

    really looking forward to read this book. i love when you say ' with a paranormal twist' !

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  10. Oh this one sounds wonderful!! I'd love to win it!! Please count me in..

    I follow

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

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  12. A steamy, paranormal version of P&P, what could be better??

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  13. Thanks Mariska, Martha and Bethie for commenting. Who wouldn't like Mr. Darcy?

  14. I hope you had a Happy Dean Day! :) This book looks like a really good austen themed book-I'm going to have to try it!

  15. Mr. Darcy was my first book boyfriend, the whole brooding, misunderstood arrogance get's me every time.

  16. Love, love, LOVE me some Darcy. :)There's something about that confidence, masquerading early on as arrogance, that flat out does it for me every time.

    Love both portayals, Firth and Macfayden. :) That long shot of Macfadyen striding across the field at dawn to meet her...yummy.

  17. Thanks Buckeye, Smokinhotbooks and Devon, we have to fight for Mr. Darcy as our book boyfriend, LOL

  18. An interesting twist to the P&P story. Count me in, I'd love to win a copy

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  19. because arrogance and grumpiness are so sexy. :)

    Please count me in the drawing.


  20. Re-writing classics is probably a controversial idea but I like it for the most part. I'd love to read re-imaginings of all my favorite novels. This one looks like lots of fun.

    wakeupangel at gmail dot com

  21. Thanks Lisa, Jase and Bani for commenting. P&P is the best. Jane Austen's characters have so much potential.

  22. I could not help but notice your remark that readers say they want a TDH hero on the cover even if the hero of the book is blond.

    Now if you think about all the recent fuss about covers not reflecting the real hero i.e. the heroine is black but the cover female is not, that seems rather contradictory ?


    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  23. You know about my love for Austen, Mr. Darcy was my first hero, first love... you never forget that LOL...

  24. Wow... out of all the spinoffs I've seen... this is one of the most interesting! Way to think out of the box and count me in! :)

    heather y

  25. Ah gawd I'm in love with this cover. Ugh, I'm such a cover whore! Sorry for doing that redunantly on my comments but next to the goods betwixt the pages, the covers are my second fave thing about romance novels. ;)

    Mr. Darcy, he is the hero of all heroes, is he not? And he is so very TDH. ;) Also, I think he sets the bar for arrogant heroes because let's face it, we've all read dozens of romances featuring the arrogant hero and we oh so love them for their arrogance. *wink* Can you tell that I love Mr. Darcy and I think, Enid, that you've outlined beautifully exactly why I and millions of others love him.

    :) VFG

  26. Carol, yes, readers are very contradictory in their wish about cover design. Like VFG, I'm addicted to cover design too. Marissa, I love Mr. Darcy too. He's arrogant but he's very constant in his love. Heather, thanks for the kind words. I hope you like the book.

  27. justpeachy36@yahoo.com

    this one sounds like a great steamy book

  28. Hi Justpeachy, thanks for commenting. Yes, the book is rather steamy, at least for Jane Austen purists.

  29. This version of Pride and Prejudice sounds terribly interesting. Please enter my name in your draw. Thanks.

  30. It sounds like a really interesting book. count me in!



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