14 March 2010

Coming next week:

I am on a reading spree this last week and was submerged in the DEVIATIONS series as I read one right after the other. I thought to do one series review to save time but you all know me, I rather write the longer reviews then the shorter ones. How much I wanted to do a more compact format with this one, it just didn't work out. So next week I'll have four reviews and dubbed it my DEVIATIONS week. Let's talk wicked, wanton and all the forbidden as i introduce you all to three incredible guys; Tobias, Noah and Phantom :)

Till next week!

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  1. You are an evil wicked.... deliciously sinful woman!!!!! And you know I will be glued to my computer... awaiting your reviews.......... big time!!! And with a banner like that... HOT DAMN!

    I can not wait to divulge into this world with you honey... Let's see how hussified we can get!!!!
    My word verf. woode
    How funny!

  2. Good girl....

    A great set of books that really push the boundries..

    Looking forward to it.


  3. @Cecile - Somehow I think you're a Phan girl. I'm so struggling to describe Phan in my reviews, he is just a character you need to experience to get his humor, his flamboyant attitude and his shaneless hussy side LOL

    @EH - That is what they exactly did for me, push some new boundaries for me. Can't wait to share my thoughts on all the books!!

  4. Girl.. then I am looking forward to reading review. And looking forward to getting to know **cough** personally Phan.... (evil glean in eye)

  5. I love read-a-thons! This reminds me of my Josh Lanyon Adrien English phase.

    Look forward to your review!

  6. I'm looking forward to next week.Never heard of the books but if you read them one after another they must be good.

  7. Interested in seeing what you have to say, I've never heard of this series. Bring on the wicked, wanton and all things forbidden! ;)

  8. That is one, hrm, better not let bf see that pic ;)

  9. @Cecile - I want my own Phantom, he is just such a fabulous character, so much fun to hang out with yet also has an emotional side that gets to me. Oh, crap, girl, just make me shut up about phan...I feel like such a fangirl right now with stupid grin on face LOL

    @Smokinghotbooks - Josh Lanyon is hooked up on my e-reader, haven't had a chance to read one of his books though :(

    @Elaing8 - Oh yes, this M/M series has become a treasured one!

    @Donna - Oh yes, the wanton side is to be flashed regularly :D

    @Blodeuedd - After a year my hubby is getting used to me playing with these kind of pics :)


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