23 March 2010

Guest Blogger: Shelley Munro talks Alice In Wonderland

Shelley Munro has arrived here in my book realm and she talks about vibrating condoms, that instantly perked my attention to be honest *grin*, Alice In Wonderland and what would you do with a condom factory...? My mind is still thinking on a vibrating condom though LOL Welcome Shelley Munro, I hope you will enjoy your visit here, grab something to drink, something to nibble on and get comfy in your favorite chair!

Thanks for having me to visit today to tell you about my book Fancy Free. My name is Shelley Munro and I write contemporary and paranormal romance for Samhain Publishing and Ellora’s Cave.

There’s a bit of a story behind Fancy Free. My husband and I were flying home from San Francisco aboard an Air New Zealand flight. I was browsing the in-flight magazine and an article about new products caught my attention. One of the items was a vibrating condom. Immediately my mind seized on the idea and the possibilities.

“Oh, look at this,” I said to my husband in a loud voice. “Let’s buy one. What a great idea for a story,” I added.

My husband shushed me when I attempted further discussion because people were looking, so I went into daydream mode, and by the time we landed in Auckland, I had a plot mapped out about a heroine who inherits a condom factory.

Fancy Free is a fish-out-of-water story because the heroine knows nothing about condoms or managing a condom company. While she’s not a virgin, she’s not very experienced either and the reality of owning a condom company is like entering a foreign world for her. The hero, on the other hand, knows his product intimately. They are a complete contrast to each other and this contributes to part of the conflict in Fancy Free.

One of the ultimate fish-out-of-water stories for me is Alice in Wonderland, and it’s no coincidence the heroine in Fancy Free is also called Alice. Both Alice characters struggle to find their feet under extraordinary conditions. My Alice is thrust into the condom making business (oops, no puns intended) and has no idea what she’s doing. It’s a scramble to gain her feet, and her inappropriate attraction to James, the manager of Fancy Free isn’t helping. When someone is out to damage Fancy Free and send them into bankruptcy, Alice must decide whether to embrace her new position or to leave and resume her safe, normal life.

Here’s a quick excerpt:
Alice nodded vigorously and reached for a glass of water. The tremor of her right hand brought a self-conscious frown. “I’m fine. Please continue.” What on earth was she doing here? She pushed a lock of hair off her face and wished she could fan the fiery heat from her face. And she still didn’t understand why her godmother had left her the condom company at all. When she’d attempted to ask her parents, they’d brushed her off with excuses about church and religion. Even the lawyer Mr. Bellbooth had said he wasn’t sure of her aunt’s reasons, but did it really matter? An unladylike snort emerged.

“Is something wrong?” James asked in a husky voice.

“I’m fine. No problem.” She barely halted the telltale shiver of bliss at the sound of his voice. As one, everyone turned to stare at her and that heightened her awareness of the wretched man. This was ridiculous. How could an almost virgin run a condom company? She had no experience to draw on. She could hardly count her one time at university as experience. The heat in her cheeks intensified even farther when she sneaked a look at the photo on top of the folder. Half expecting a voice to shout, “Off with her head,” she swallowed and wondered if they’d notice if she ran from the room. Oh dear. Her gaze wandered to the photo again without waiting for her brain to give permission.

The condom was a delicate violet color and had tiny raised dots all over the surface. It looked like an alien creature with chicken pox. There were certainly alien appendages attached. Hard to say what that round bit did. Dragging her gaze from the photo, she turned her attention to James’ run down of the product and the current state of play. Tests. Trials. Okay. She supposed that made sense. They had to know if they worked properly.

But how did they conduct the tests?

Her mind went into overdrive as she visualized a typical condom trial. A man and woman naked on a huge bed while a man dressed in a white coat stood with a clipboard, snapping out pertinent questions and ticking off the questions in his survey. How did the latex feel? Did it fit to the penis correctly? Was it too thick? Too thin? Was it big enough to catch semen? Did it stand up to vigorous thrusts? Is there significant loss of sensation?

A tight band constricted Alice’s chest, affecting her breathing. Her bra felt way too tight. She furtively tugged at the underwire of her bra while a wave of heat engulfed her body. She squirmed about on her chair, warmth growing in her nether regions because of her sexual thoughts. Alice bit into her bottom lip. Questions. She had them, but nerves and uncertainty made her hesitate. A sharp inhalation did nothing to steady her. This was stupid. She had a vested interest in this condom company and had every right to ask questions. “Um, how do you conduct trials?”
Available from Ellora’s Cave.

Shelley Munro lives in New Zealand and writes contemporary and paranormal romance for Samhain Publishing and Ellora’s Cave. You can visit Shelley at ~website~

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Do you enjoy fish-out-of-water stories? Imagine yourself in one of the Alice’s shoes: How do you think you’d manage if you found you’d inherited a condom factory or had fallen down a rabbit hole? BTW, has anyone seen the new 3D version of Alice in Wonderland yet? 


  1. Great post and I really fancy FANCY FREE. Sounds really good!

    If I suddenly inherited a condom factory I'd try to sell it to the highest bidder because with my lack of sense of business I'd probably run it in the ground...but not before I snagged a nice bunch of 'em to try out ;)

  2. This really is an awesome post hon!! Vibrating condoms and inheriting a condom factory... Where has this been all my life, hee hee!

    I am mulling this over in my smutty brain of mine. It is still kinda early - so the smut is brewing.. Will be back with some *evil laughter*
    Leontine you are the bestest! =)

  3. A very nice interview. i just keep trying to work out how a vibrating condom would work.

    Tales on Tuesday - Lost in Space

  4. I love the sound of this one ie condoms, Alice & Wonderland - this is my kind of story ;)

  5. Hi everybody - about the condoms, I just have to get into it rofl...

    I would love a vibrating condom (not that I use many with being married and all LOL) but how does it vibrate? Does it have an on/off switch, does it start to vibrate during *achem blush* friction...I needs to know the workings of such a condom :D

    Oh and was it at your place cecile where the story was told about two naked men fighting, in went dark in the room, and all you could see were their wrapped on glow-in-the-dark condoms rofl I laughed so loud at the image that my belly ached :)

  6. A hussy does not blush... LMBO!!

    Yea, it was at my place that such things were being discussed. You know no topic is safe me at my own Lair!!!! Being all smutty hussified that I am... lol!!! We can talk about ANYTHING!!! Hummm.. do I see a future post about such said things... lol!!! Just maybe!

    And you are not the only one that wants to know how these things **cough** work!!!!

  7. I do enjoy fish out of water stories...probably b/c I relate so well to the feeling lol

    If I did inherit a condom factory, I would keep it and run it (since I have no business acumen I would make sure I had highly trained advisors helping me make the best business decisions).

    I haven't seen the new Alice in Wonderland movie...I'm probably not going to watch it since it's pretty much the one classic story that used to give me nightmares as a kid. :P

    Happy Reading

  8. I love the fish out of water idea.. I know if I worked in a condom factory and hot to discuss product testing I would be a constantly red due to blushing ;)

  9. I love this concept and this book does sound cute - I wonder how hunky is that manager...

    Thanks for the intro Leontine..


  10. @Cecile - I googled the vibrating condom and it is a buzzing naughty device LOL I've actually seen them in a Dutch commercial for Durex Play :)

    @EH - I think it will be quite a hunky manager...perhaps Shelley wants to describe him in more detail :) And you're welcome, Shelley really wrote an intriguing post.

    Has nobody seen the movie Alice In Wonderland?? I loved Johnny Depp in Neverland and AiW seems such a pleasure for the eyes, the clothes, the make up, the story, I think I will have an awesome time watching this film ;)

  11. Hi everyone! It's morning here in New Zealand and I've just climbed out of bed. There is such a thing as a vibrating condom. Both Ansell and Durex sell their own brands. It was the Durex one that I saw in the inflight magazine, which was the inspiration for this story. I actually learned a lot about condoms while I wrote this book.

  12. Heather - I'd probably blush a lot too. People look at me when I blush and shake their heads. They can't believe I write erotic romance. It was actually very difficult writing my first love scene, but that's an entirely different story. ;-)

  13. Leontine - I went to see Alice in Wonderland not long after I wrote this post. Johnny Depp is really good as the Mad Hatter. In fact, it was difficult to even recognize him with all the makeup....

    Oops, just got distracted by the M/M Romance challenge icon. Those guys are hot...fanning self...right!

    Um, Alice - yes, I really enjoyed it, especially in 3D. It was quite a dark version and would probably give some kids nightmares. I liked it, especially the Cheshire Cat.

  14. Ugh..blogger ate one of my comments. The condom actually has an off/on button for the vibrations.

  15. How about the condom factory and falling down the hole, lol. I love the concept of vibrations on a condom.

  16. I can't help laughing....thinking of all the (research) one must do to write an informative book....Hehehe.

    I love the idea of being thrown into a situation where you haven't a clue what to do....and of course having a big strong hottie to show you the ropes.

    Looks like a fun story and one I'd love to read.

    mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

  17. I would love to find out that I was the owner of a condom factory. I'd enjoy creating ad campaigns and choosing models to represent my products. I'd probably pick a hottie like what's on the cover of your book. Woo Wee!

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  18. If I inherited a condom factory, i would hire a great business manager or use the one in place if he's good. I'd concentrate on the accounting as that's my field of expertise.


  19. I would love to inherit a condom factory I think it would be lots of fun trying to come up with some new condoms and of course you would want to test them out yourself. I haven't seen the Alice in Wonderland movie yet but I think it will be great.


  20. Mitzi - the research is a really fun part of the writing process.

  21. Andrea - I used to do accountancy before I started writing full time.

  22. OMG vibrating condomes? I so have to google that now. LOL
    Story sounds great to me. I have no idea what I would do with a condome factory. I would probably blush at every stuff meeting. LOL

    And I so want to see the Alic movie but BF just won't take me. I think I have to go alone...*sigh* or perhaps I should find a friend to come along?

  23. Awesome guest post Shelly! You seriously had me at "vibrating condoms" and after reading the excerpt, I'm now dying to know how the trials are performed as well. *wink*

    This book must have made for fun research I imagine. ;)

    No, I haven't seen the new 3D Alice in Wonderland moive yet but I'm really wanting to. I saw AVATAR in the 3D and now I can't get enough of the experience.

    Hugs, VFG

  24. I'd love to have an inheritance like she got. Can't wait to get the book.
    I haven't seen the movie yet, and probably won't as long as it's in the theaters. I only go to the theater twice a year. That's all I allow myself for budget reasons, especially as a lot of theaters are raising their rates now(was just on the news today). My daughter and I went to see Avatar and it cost the two of us almost $40. It's more economical to wait for the DVD these days.


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