01 March 2010

Interview & Giveaway: Pamela Clare talks NAKED EDGE

Hi Pamela, I’m so glad to have you here! I’d say, grab a drink, coffee or tea, snuggle on your favorite couch and talk the talk about your latest release; NAKED EDGE.

1. The I-Team series are novels in the contemporary romance suspense genre. What is it about this genre that appealed to you in the first place and how did the I-Team come to life for you?

First, thanks for having me here! It’s a real treat.

The truth is, I never set out to write romantic suspense. I love historical romance, and that’s what I wanted to write. Then one night I was talking to my agent about my second book and we ended up sharing a bit about how our day had gone. I told her about an investigation I was doing of a nearby cement plant and how a state health inspector had called to say that he was worried about my safety. He’d heard the plant manager whipping up the workers against me, warning them that if I didn’t back off, they’d probably all lose their jobs. His words were: “These guys aren’t going to write you a letter. They’re going to beat the shit out of you with baseball bats.”

When I finished telling my agent about this — certainly not the first time in my career as an investigative reporter where things had gotten dicey — she said, “You ought to write romantic suspense, because you live it.” And I said, “Yeah, all except for the ‘romantic’ part.”

That investigation turned into my first romantic suspense title, Extreme Exposure.

The I-Team itself is based on a group of investigative reporters I worked with during the 1990s. We didn’t just report the news; oftentimes we were the news because of the kinds of stories we broke. As a team we won numerous big journalism awards, including the National Journalism Award for Public Service. It was amazing period of time in my life.

All of the I-Team stories are based in some way on real events or issues that I have reported on myself. Bringing them to life in a fictional way is lots of fun.

2. How do you work out a plot, what are they key essentials you need to get started?

The most important thing for me are the characters. How we respond to a situation depends on who we are. That’s true of characters, too. When I really know who my characters are, when I know them so well that they seem real to me, the plot largely takes care of itself. I do minimal plotting and focus more on making the characters breathe. The thing that seems to be the most important for me to know is where my characters’ deepest pain comes from. What hurts them the most? Once I have that, I’m ready to roll.

3. Katherine James in NAKED EDGE has a Native American heritage. How did you research this culture and what was important for you to insert in your novel or add to the characteristics of Katherine?

I began covering Native issues in about 1997 and have spent a fair amount of time on the Navajo reservation about 12 hours southwest of my home. Over the years I’ve been invited to be a part of some very special things — ceremonies, for example. I’ve made good friends and learned so much. My decision to make Kat a Navajo grew out of my connection to the Navajo people.

But it was very important to me to avoid stereotypes. So many Native characters in television shows, films and novels are nothing but an amalgamation of stereotypes. I wanted Kat to be real. So I tried to show how complicated life can be these days for American Indian people. There are conflicts between the different generations, between traditional people and those who want to leave their people’s past behind.

One aspect of the story that I hope readers will find interesting is how many Native people, particularly those who live in urban areas, are mixing together and participating in ceremonies that might not be their own. For example, if you go to an inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony here in Colorado, you’re likely to find Indian people from many different nations, not just Lakota/Dakota/Nakota people. A lot of Indian people are adopting the ceremonies of other tribes in an effort to hold onto their own roots.

Then there’s the issue of sacred land. Indian people have been here on the Turtle’s Back (the North American Continent) for a very long time. Buried beneath our shopping malls, strip mines, and parking lots are places that were once sacred to them. Holding onto that land as a means of keeping their cultures alive is very important to them.

4. Gabriel Rossiter is the hero of NAKED EDGE, if he would place a contact add, how would he describe himself?

Oh, I love this question! “Single white male, early 30s, 6-4, brown hair, blue eyes. Athletic and very fit. Seeks single women for mutual pleasure, no strings attached. Must be attractive, fit, healthy. Age, race not important.”

5. Can you give us a brief taste(quote) of the sizzling tension between Katherine and Gabriel?

Alrighty. One excerpt coming right up. This one hasn’t been published anywhere else.

From Chapter 10 of NAKED EDGE:

“Here we are.” Her arm around his waist, Kat leaned Gabe against the brick wall just outside his own front door, having maneuvered him out of her truck and up the walk—no easy task when he was almost a foot taller than she and outweighed her by at least eighty pounds. Not only did the extra weight hurt her right leg, but she was afraid she’d slip and they’d both fall. “Do you have your keys?”

“In my pocket.” He made no move to get them, but ducked down and nuzzled her cheek, then buried his nose in her hair, breathing deep. “Mmm. God, you smell good—sweet and clean and good enough to eat. Do you know that?”

“Um… ” Kat tried to stay focused on what she was doing, not what she was feeling, her skin burning where his lips had touched her. She reached inside his coat pockets, but found no keys. “Are you sure you didn’t leave your keys at the bar?”

“Back pocket.” He shifted, drew her against him, almost tottering them both to the concrete as he nibbled her earlobe. “God, I want you! I want to kiss you until you can’t think. I want to kiss those perfect breasts. I want to taste you everywhere. I want to fuck you so damn bad. You don’t even know what I mean, do you?”

Kat was forced to press herself against him to reach his back pocket, her hand sliding over the worn denim of his jeans, only butter-soft fabric between her palm and the disturbingly hard muscles of his butt. “I… I think I do know what you mean.”

He groaned, his breath hot, his hips flexing against her, giving away his erection, his tongue seeking and teasing the whorl of her ear. “You might know what I mean, but you can’t really know what I mean. You’re extra virgin, honey.”

6. What is in standard grabbing distance when you write your stories?

A vanilla latte or cup of coffee. Music. Lip balm. And a glass of water. If I’m very, very lucky, European chocolate. Maybe a fire in the fireplace and a snuggly blanket. That’s about it.

7. Are you a structural writer or one who simply starts and will see where the characters lead her?

I have some ideas in my head about where the story might go, but once I sit down to write, my characters take it in places I hadn’t imagined. I never really know who the bad guy is, at least not in the beginning. There were major revelations about Marc Hunter in Unlawful Contact that I didn’t know until I got to the page where he revealed them. I gasped and said, “No way!” My boys think this is ridiculous, of course, because they say I create the characters and therefore it is I, not the characters, who is responsible for revelations and twists and turns. But that’s not what it feels like to me.

8. The I-Team characters, who is your personal favorite and who do you get the most e-mails/questions about?

Oh, this is so hard to answer! Each of them is a favorite for reasons unique to them. I love Julian’s sexual swagger and arrogance. I love Marc’s unwavering love and protectiveness toward Sophie. I absolutely adore Gabe for his vulnerability, his skill as a ranger and athlete, and his selflessness in the end. As for the heroines, they each have little pieces of me in them, I think. Kara is like my professional reporter side. Tessa has my girly side. She and I share the problem of crying at the drop of a hat. Sophie is my practical side. Kat is my spiritual side. As for the I-Team character about whom I get the most email? That’s easy. Julian Darcangelo, aka Dark Angel. Sheesh! The guy has a harem!

9. What do you do to keep the writing mojo flowing? Massages by a hunk? Eat some Ben & Jerry’s? Or is that info an x-file guarded by an extraterrestrial being?

I try to get a massage once a month. Coffee keeps me revved. Probably the most important thing for me is music. Music sets my mood. I create a playlist for each book, and they’re never alike. In fact, some of the characters have their own playlists, and some of my characters like music that I would ordinarily never listen to. That’s very strange, I think. I’ll listen to the music that evokes their personality in my mind while I’m writing their book, and then I never listen to it again. Ice cream and chocolate and sexy man photos are also helpful.

10. Can you give us 5 random facts about NAKED EDGE.

The name “Naked Edge” was taken from a real rock-climbing route on Redgarden Wall in Eldorado Canyon State Park.

Like the heroine in the story, I have survived a serious fall while in the mountains and had to crawl dragging a broken leg behind me. (It wasn’t fun.)

I once worked as a volunteer naturalist for Boulder Mountain Parks, guiding hikes in the mountains and patrolling trails. I adore the rangers I met during that time, and I shuffled up their names to name the fictional rangers in the story. (They are amused.)

It’s the longest story I’ve ever written.

This book took me longer to write than any of the prior I-Team books.

Gabriel, Katherine, one question for the both of you. Since it is cold, snowing and all around dreary weather we all would love to escape that. Now what would be your perfect get-a-way and what do you absolutely need to bring along?

Gabe: “Who wants to get away from the snow? If it’s snowing, all I need is a full tank of gas, my gear, and some cash for food. I takes me an hour and a half to reach Vail, less than that to hit Loveland. If the snow is falling and the powder’s deep, I’m in heaven. Taking face shots in three feet of fresh powder beats lying on some damned beach somewhere.”

Kat: “I would love to spend a weekend at a remote cabin in the mountains where I can feel the earth beneath my feet instead of concrete and hear the wind. Other than food and water, I just need my pouch of corn pollen. As a Navajo woman, I never go anywhere without it.”

Thanks so much, Leontine! This has been a lot of fun. I really loved your questions.

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PS: I've been investigating Jimmy Thomas hotness, read the comments to find out how that came to be, and I need to share:

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    As Kristin knows, I'm a Leap Day baby. So I just turned 11. Again. ;-)

    My staff brought me gifts. So I'm sitting at my desk wearing a tiara. There are flowers in a pitcher, and they got me a sparkly pink magic wand and some chocolate, too.

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    @oklanannie, smokinghotbooks, Sandy Jay, jeanette8042, Wanda, Lisa R, KCP, Zeek, Sarah, Sue mcjagger, I'm glad you all stopped by and enjoyed the interview!

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  41. Hey, Elaing8 — Thanks for stopping by! And good luck in the drawing.

    Wanda, Jeanette, Sandy Jay — Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the interview! And good luck!

    Hi, Emmanuelle — Or should I say bonjour! My younger son is a complete Frankophile. He's been a great lover of all things French since he was little and now speaks pretty darn good French.

    As for choclate, my favorite is Marabou Mjælkshokolade — it’s Swedish and very prevalent in Scandinavia, where I lived for a while. Slurp!

    I'm glad you've enjoyed the other I-Team books, and I hope this one is just as fun. Good luck!

  42. Hi, INCiDeNT — I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. I had a lot of fun answering the questions. It's fun to be on the other side of the interview for a change.

    Yeah, the story about how I started writing romantic suspense isn't exactly the "this was always my dream" story one expects to hear. LOL!

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    And yummy! The Jimmy pictures are the best, hadn't seen those before :D (see what I mean ;))

  44. Thanks, Oklanannie! :-)

    Good luck!

  45. Hi, Heather — I'm glad the "based on real life" part of the series interests you. I'd like to think that my experiences lend some depth and authenticity to the stories. What's funny is when a reader says that something one of my heroines has done — something that I did in real life — is TSLT. "Who in the world would do something like that? It's so TSTL!"

    Um... Well. Maybe it is. LOL!

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    My question is what is your muse when writing your books Pamela?

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  52. Spav, Cheekgirl, Jeni — Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the interview. I hope you enjoy the book, as well.

    I Heart Book Gossip... My muse? Music is part of it. I don't think I could write without it.

    But while I'm writing the biggest part is the characters themselves. The emotion inside them becomes very important to me, and so I feel driven to get it on paper in a way that does it justice somehow. I have story moments -- emotional turning points for the characters -- that I'm driving toward and desperately want to reach.

    The inspiration for the stories themselves is a combination of real life experiences and a much too vivid imagination. LOL! I'm always, always, always thinking in terms of stories. Even when I fell while climbing I thought, "Hmmm. Well, I'm not dead. So let's put this in a book one day." LOL!

  53. Hey, Mandi — I didn't mean to skip you there. I'm glad you like that. It's one heck of a climbing route, too. :-)

    I need a title for the next I-Team story now, and I don't think rocks are going to provide the necessary inspiration this time.

  54. Hi Pamela and Leontine:

    Thank you for the invite. I love romantic suspense and have heard wonderful things about your novels Pamela. In fact, I have "Hard Evidence" in my stack waiting to be read.

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of Naked Edge, I enjoyed reading your interview immensely!


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    I especially loved the contact ad question and what Pamela has nearby while writing. Those were both awesome interview questions. I wish I was clever like that. ;)


  59. Hi, Lea — I'm so glad you could pop by. Thanks! I'm thrilled to know you're hearing good things about my books out there. That's great news.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. The questions were very fun.

    So you've got HARD EVIDENCE? That's a great place to start this series. As you may have noticed there are readers who are -- how shall I say this? -- loco about Julian, the hero from that story. And by loco I mean just plain nuts! :-)

    Of course, he enjoys the attention.

    Good luck in the drawing!

  60. Hey, Jenn — Thanks so much! You're so sweet. I really hope everyone does enjoy it. :-)

    As for Jimmy Thomas... Goodness! He's so hot he ought to be illegal. Maybe he is. LOL!

    Hi, Martha — I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview.

    I'll be doing the drawing early early in the morning, so you'll know whether there's one on its way in the mail to you before the book stores open. I'd hate to leave you hanging. :-)

    I hope from the bottom of my heart that you enjoy it.

  61. Hi, VampFanGirl — Good to see you! Thanks for stopping by!

    I really loved those questions, too. The contact ad made me giggle. It also made me wish I could meet a man like Gabe through a contact ad. :-)

    Have a great night!

  62. D'oh! I guess I should read the blog! The winner will be announced on March 8! :-)

    Silly me.

    By the way, Leontine, you should know that I have in the past perused your blog and swiped sexy man candy from you. I just copy that fine stuff to my desktop. Mmmmmm, man candy!

  63. Wow, this sounds wonderful, and I really enjoyed the excerpt! I've only read Ride the Fire (which I loved). I'm going to have to try Naked Edge. I worry about reading books in order. Do the I Team books stand alone, or must they be read in order?

  64. Hi, Renee,

    I'm glad you liked RIDE THE FIRE. That was a while ago! Still one of my personal favorites, though.

    Yes, the books can stand definitely alone, though there's a bit more payoff for people who've read the series from the beginning. Past characters show up and so on. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on whom you ask) there are only four books in the series right now.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt. It leads up to one of my absolute favorite scenes in the book, and, no, it's not a love scene. LOL!

  65. Purple on the outside, hot romance on the inside - Yes, please!

    Thanks for making it international

  66. Pamela, I have always loved your writing, from the very first book. I love that you take extra time to get them right instead of churning out mediocre books every six months.

  67. Hi, Esther — Your post made me laugh. Purple on the outside, romance on the inside. LOL! And you're welcome. I used to live outside the U.S., so the big old world (and its postage) doesn't scare me.

    Hi, Pat — I feel so bad about writing so slowly, but when you put it that way... Thanks so much!

  68. Pamela, you said "My younger son is a complete Frankophile. He's been a great lover of all things French since he was little and now speaks pretty darn good French."

    That's the same thing for me and english (or rather american). I've started english in 6th grade and just fell in love with this language. My addiction with everything american came later (probably when I discovered the TV show Friends when I was 17).

  69. Awesome Interview Pamela!!! I love the I-team series. My fave is Marc's story. But I can't wait to read Gabe's ;D


  70. OMG, guys, you parties on long after I catched some shut eye last night.

    Pamela thanks for being here on your birthday and talk Kat, Gabe and Naked Edge with us, I had a blast!!! And you can always, always drop by and take some more man-candy LOL

    @Heather - Cecile and Pamela were talking about him and I just had to add the picture hotness I found :)

    @Elaing8 - I hate construction in the house but oh, those bookcases are such a reward :) I'll suffer through it!

    @Janna - I knew you would appreciate Jimmy Thomas too and I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. I always hope to aim for diversity :)

    @Spav & Cheekygirl - Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the interview!

    @Jeni - Enjoy Gabe, Kat and their story!

    @Mandi - I agree, it's quite a story!

    @Lea - Just like me you have lots of more I-Team books to look forward too. It was so much fun doing this interview with Pamela, I think it shows :)

    @JennJ - tons of pics of Jimmy Thomas *swallows hard* You care to share some of those *grin*

    @Tricia - HHmmm all your enthusiastic reactions make this question become one of my golden one's I might ask authors characters more LOL

    @Martha Lawson - Girl, I'll ask your Lady Luck to send some good vibes your way!!

    @VFG - I never can shake these questions instantly out of my hat but even i have inspired moments LOL

    @Renee - I adore this small excerpt and instantly make me want more of Kat and Gabe!

    @Esther - I so ditto you!

    @Pat - I never thought about that (Pamela not releasing a book every 5-6 months) since I have a few more books of her to read but I agree. I rather have quality storytelling than anything else. Though I don't think that authors who do release a novel every 6 months think; Oh, now I'm going to write a big fat failure of a story. *wink*

    @Emmanuelle - I had that too with English, since i was like 7 or so I watched the BBC childrens programs and got english class at the age of 9. I think many European countries focus on teaching children a few foreign languages. I know here in the Netherlands; English, German, French and Spanish will be tought from elementry school (English) and the other languages in Highschool.

    My passion really lies with Ireland/Scotland :)

    @Ronna15 - Yeah Gabe is known for seducing many readers LOL

  71. I loved the interview!

    I have all the books on the shelf, but have not read them yet(this is my mantra lol). I love the covers as well, me needs to get some of these men! They sound so yummy!

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    I dont think you need luck on the release cause it's going to sail through the roof.

  74. justpeachy36@yahoo.com

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  79. @ Pat and Leontine — Part of what makes me sooooo slooooow is that I can't move forward with the story till I'm happy with it. So I really only write one draft — but it takes me forever. And until I get a certain "settled" feeling about it, I just can't turn it in, regardless of my deadline. Fortunately, my editor would rather have me turn in good book than meet my deadline. So I'm very lucky in that regard.

    Sorry I've been away. BUSY BUSY week at the newspaper. Now I'm getting some time to breathe and catch up. So where were we? I was staring at your stud stable, and... Oh, no, wait. I was chatting with you all.

    Mariska, it's been fun being followed. Good luck in the drawings!

    Hi, Tracey D — Thanks! There are lots of excerpts and such on my website if you want to check out the entire series.

    Hi, Chelleyreads — Nice to see you here. Good luck! I really hope you enjoy the story. :-)

  80. Hi, Mitzi — thank you so much! It does my author's heart good to think my books are found on someone's keeper shelf.

    I hope you're able to get your hands on Gabe very soon!

    If you like the cover, there's free downloadable wallpaper on the "Fun Stuff & Extra" page on my Web site.

  81. Hi, Alba — Nice to see you here. I hope you're right! It's been a very exciting week, in part because of Leontine's hosting me here. I'm still giggling over the contact ad.

    Hi, JustPeachy — Thanks for posting!

    Hi, Cathy — Thank you so much! It's been a wonderful week. After a year of working on the book, I finally get to share it.

    Hi, Marissa — Goodness! Well, if you like sexy, protective Alpha heroes, dust those books off, girlfriend! LOL!

    Hi, Ronna — Thanks! We'll see how you feel after you read Gabe's story. It's funny how readers of this series are so devoted to the heroes. Marc has some fun moments in the book.

    Hi, Emmanuelle — For me, it's Danish — a perfectly useless language unless you're in Denmark. But I love it. I learned to speak it living there.

    Thanks everyone! I'll check back as I'm able.

    And Leontine, I need your mailing address. I have a little something for you...

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    I have heard of this author, not had the pleasure - YET...

    Are you a structural writer or one who simply starts and will see where the characters lead her?

    I love that question - and well said Ms. Claire...

    Lovely to meet you here..


  83. @EH - So glad you could drop by and I hope you can get a taste of this author soon! I just love it when characters go their own way, somehow that makes perfect sense to me :)

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