31 March 2010

March Show And Tell

I’ve had a great month and the last week has been weird but all will be told in the upcoming post; A funeral, a road trip, an invitation, a party and one awesome surprise. First of all my dad surprised me earlier this month with the announcement he was giving me two new floor to ceiling bookcases, which meant lots of drilling, sawing and refurnishing my guestroom at the same time. I had hubby smack on a new coat of wall paint so that it would become a nice refreshed looking guestroom with more shelves for me to place my ever growing book pile on. Of course hubby and I had a flaming argument in the store when the wall paint color came out all wrong...I thank the Lords above for hubby’s knowledge in how to change the color. I do not do construction well but still the results is making me happy. When we came home from a weekend spend at my parents we had energy left and I thought; “Why not start the book move now?” Oh how I made a miscalculation there…I thought a few hours would do the trick but I’ve only sorted out the living room bookcases and placed those books in alphabetical order. The bookcases in the guestroom with two third of my books still need sorting out, for now I’ll share just a few pics…

My livingroom bookcases as was...

A portion of the books leaving livingroom bookcases and moving to guestroom bookcases....

Brand spanking new bookcases to fill...how long do you think that will take me :)

Now I have something to reveal to you all, a new man who has been relentless in feeding my book addiction. A man who comes to me through the bitter cold winter weather, and now through spring time storms and showers. Of course if he is so wet I offer my shower, washing machine and dryer so he doesn’t catch a cold *grin* Last week my last book of March arrived and he was soaked, I took a picture of him on my bed and just had to share this view with you all. I’m not selfish…I can share!

These are the books he brought to me in March:


Shiloh Walker – FRAGILE (4 stars)

Shayla Black – DELICIOUS (4 stars)




Monica McCarty – THE CHIEF


Pearl gave me an anthology: WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE

* E-Books:

Chris Owen/Jodi Payne – DISCIPLINE / BONDAGE

Cherise Sinclair – CLUB SHADOWLANDS

Carol Lynne – ALL PLAY NO WORK

I won Mia Watts – FREEZE FRAME (Thank you Janna from Erotic Romance Reader)

As you all know I’m trying to read more and this is going very well for me if I say so myself ;)

March: Danielle Trussoni – ANGELOLOGY (review on the blog))

Barbara Monajem – SUNRISE IN A GARDEN OF LOVE AND EVIL (review for ROOB)

Chris Owen/Jodi Payne’s DEVIATIONS series – SUBMISSION / DOMINATION / DISCIPLINE / BONDAGE (reviews on the blog)

Mia Watts – Mind F*cked (review TBA)

Shiloh Walker – FRAGILE & BROKEN (review this week on the blog)

Nalini Singh – ARCHANGEL’S KISS (review TBA)

Now last but not least, to finish this month’s overall post. Some cover candy:

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I LOVE the bookcases!!! I want them!!!

  2. OMG!!!!!!! I am *totally* jealous of your bookcases!! They are amazing! Did your dad make them or did you buy them and then just put them together? We don't have anything like that in the UK that I can find. You have to get them made bespoke which costs thousands! Sooo lucky..... :D

  3. I am so freaking jealous. Enjoy your new bookcases. Sigh. I can't speak I'm so green with envy. Take pictures when you're done moving everything so we can live vicariously through you!

  4. Awesome bookshelves, I too am jealous.
    Oh and your mailman **wipes drool over keyboard** Its very nice of him to face all that weather just to get your books to you.He's just waiting for you to curl up beside him.
    He brought you some great books.That Rapture Untamed Cover..roaaaaaarrr!!

  5. OMG I'm jealous of those bookcases too! Gorgeous!

    And I'd love to borrow Michael from time to time. He looks like he'd come in handy ;)

  6. I want to LIVE in your bookcases. I'm so jealous right now.

  7. I have to agree with the others...I AM SO JEALOUS...they are absolutely gorgeous bookshelves. Oh, how I would love to spend a day or two or three just browsing your books!!!!!

  8. *drools over the bookshelves*
    *drools some more*

  9. Those bookcases are gorgeous! You've got a pretty great dad and husband!(and a pretty great mailman by the looks of it, LOL!)

  10. You know we all want to come live at your house... And with a mailman like that... Dayum!!!!!!!!!

    And I tell you what... I will bring over my cleaning crew with me. They can help put the books back on the shelf!! Oh what fun that will be!!!

    Girl, you know have to give me a bookcaseorgasm!!!! Your dad freaking rocks!!!!!

  11. I couldn't get past my jealousy for you.. to talk about the books you have read!! OMG! Girl, you have been one busy little reader!

    Hope all is well honey! Love ya!

  12. Love those bookcases! Thanks for the cover looks - I like the new direction The Feral Warriors series is taking with the cover.

  13. (whisper's softy) S' beautiful. You have better inventory than my local Borders!

    PS speaking of paint, i accidentally painted my wall safety cone orange. sigh. It is so bright I have to wear shades.

  14. Girl! Your library is a thing of beauty! Amazing! ...I'm so jealous right now. *wink*

    Hugs, VFG

  15. Hi everyone - My post of "the book move" will be up in a few weeks which will contain many more pics. I was so happy to get these new bookcases and though it's still limited space I look forward to filling those shelves :D

    @Book Chick City - My dad purchases the wood and then handmade the complete bookcases. I think it is a total pricetag of 350 euro's. The wood isn't oak or anything but with the varnish hubby used it looks very warm IMO.

  16. I want your bookshelves and I'm so jealous!

    Lucky your mailman doesn't mind dropping off your books!

  17. I'm totally coveting your cases. I want!!

  18. Mm, the Rapture Untamed cover is DELICIOUS!

    And congrats on such a great reading month, it's really impressive! Also, I love your blog. You just got yourself a new follower! :)

    Cheers from another European! :)

  19. I have bookshelves envy now! ;) Lady you are so lucky! I'm still trying to puzzle where I'm going to put my new books. I have officially ran out of space.

    Nice book haul! Good luck on the reading goals.

  20. I tried to avoid saying something about the bookcases, but they can't be ignored! Awesome! :)

    Your reading list is pretty impressive too! Very nice month for you, hon.
    And dang, the cover model of Rapture Untamed is hot!! *fanning myself*

  21. @Nikola - Welcome at my little corner, I hope you have fun here *grin*

    @Donna - I had the same thing when cramming more and more books in my livingroom bookcases. The problem is solved but it is a temporarily one I'm afraid...I think in another 2 years (if I can make it to that) I will have the same problem again :S

    @Janna - lol and i just wanted to comment on my progress so far with the bookcases, the actual book move post will not be up until 2 weeks or so *headdesk* I feel much better now that my reading is going better and I’m starting to appreciate the 200-250 pages long books more and more! And when I came by the cover of Rapture Untamed, looking at all those glistening ab violence on the cover I just had a blissful cover-gasm :)

  22. LOL! It's not that I don't want to know about your bookcases! It's just that I wanted to be a parrot ;)
    I'm really happy for you that your reading is going better! :)

  23. Wow these bookcases are gorgeous. Me wants. LOL

    And it's a really nice reading list you had there. Hope April goes even better for you.

    And I have to say I'm swooning over the Ecstasy in Darkness cover. Can't wait for that one.

    Have a great Easter weekend hon!


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