12 March 2010

Winners Angelology & Naked Edge

I'm on a reading streak with a funky mood picking out my books but not complaining here, they are goooooood! Right now I'm in the middle of Shiloh Walker's FRAGILE, after reading Pearl's review of BROKEN I had to get my hands on the first brother and get a taste of this author's writing mojo. It shouldn't have surprised me that Pearl's near perfect romance suspense reads nine out of the ten times will deliver it for me too. Luke and Devon are firing up the pages.

Next to me finding back a reading rhythm that sustains my soul I'm having my guestroom revamped and my bookcases made. Next week it's going to come together and after that I'm having a book move. I'll be posting on that later. I know I have been dropping this info left and right but guys, I'm so psyched, for getting new bookcases as a pressie from my dad and as well as getting back my reading rhythm. I never saw it as a slump but in hindsight i guess it was :( Never want to experience one again, but most likely will...

So okay, I've occupied you all enough with my rambling, it is time to announce some winners of books.

The winner of a signed copy of ANGELOLOGY is....*drumroll*

Teresa from Italy - congratz girl!!

And I know Iz a bit late with drawing a winner of NAKED EDGE...but here goes...

Esther from Israel - congrat with your prize!!

I'll be contacting you soon for addy's :)

Have a great friday everyone! 

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  1. Congrats Ladies!!!

    Leontine... hey honey!!! How are you!! Hope all is well... I see you are enjoying the party!!! hee hee!! Love ya honey!

  2. Congrats ladies - happy reading..


  3. Congratulations Ladies! Happy reading :)

  4. Congratulations ladies! Enjoy.

    Happy to hear you are enjoying "Fragile" Leontine, I have it sitting here asking to be read. I LOVED Broken, one of my favorites of the year thus far.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I was away last few days, so I've just saw that I'm the winner. Thanks Leontine!


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