02 April 2010

Column: A funeral, a road trip, a party, an invitation, one awesome surprise & a wedding anniversary

Join me for some coffee and pastries – well, I’ll do without the pastries – so I can do some talking. The week of April 20th – 27th was one funky week for me that started with a funeral…

My sister called me all panicky that her car broke down on the highway and that the AAA would come to her rescue. Still she was worried about the costs because her car wasn’t one of the youngest anymore and the engine was definitely a senior citizen. So I told her to call me ASAP with, hopefully, good news. So forty-five minutes went by and the phone rang, my sister, bad news, the car was in a coma and the AAA would make sure she would arrive at the car mechanic. The car mechanic told my sis it looked bad and would cost around 500-600 euro’s to fix. Can we say OUCH! So now the discussion was; fix it or buy a new car…but my sis is on welfare and buying a car is creatively working with the savings. Later that night, when my sis was pondering her options she heard that her car was DOA, that the engine couldn’t run for another fifty meters. So the car of my sis was dead…we had so many good memories. Me and sis in car riding through the country singing along with ABBA – MAMA MIA, hey, that’s like a classic, I’m not ashamed to admit doing that :) A certain road trip with the ROOB girls, a flat tire and me having to go bush-bush as my bladder went tinkling *eek* Such good times with the car but alas, it was time to let go.

A road trip; Now with my sisters car out of commission Marissa’s birthday party was in danger as sis didn’t have transportation. That is when Pearl came to save the day, she would pick up Natascha (my sis) and bring her back on Sunday. We are talking about roughly a 1000 KM in 3 days…so I went with Pearl on Friday to pick up Natascha. As always our vocal cords got quite the work out and before we knew it we parked in front of Natascha’s home. We returned that same day and that night I curled up in bed and slept like the dead.

A party; So Saturday arrived, I woke up, turned to my other side as a sleepy voice inside me said; no, I don’t wanna wake up…just five more minutes…please. Still, I know myself, when I go somewhere I want my hair tamed yet curly, I want my face to look decent, slap on some make up, dress good, and the older I get the longer it takes *sigh* So at ten in the morning Natascha, me and hubby went on our marry way to Marissa for a wild birthday party. So we were fifteen minutes on our way when Marissa called, when we would arrive at her place? Well, girl, like in thirty minutes. Going by Marissa’s reaction I didn’t think she expected us this early LOL Still the day went by in the blink of an eye and then I got a little queasy, I was running on coffee and diet coke since we’re all on a diet. As I had a slumbering headache I didn’t think anything of it but as we got ready to go out that night my stomach really protested…apparently I had to add a second bush-bush experience as my stomach heaved up all the fluids content *slaps forehead* So it was definitely bye-bye to a fun filled evening :( My Sunday was somewhat crap, my Monday was a little better and Tuesday was back to my old self…a bug? bad food? Who knows but next time we’re going to rock gals, I promise :)

An invitation: A month ago some might remember the book faery dropping by and I promised a 20+ book giveaway, well the time has come to invite you all to: Spring Fling – celebrating the Romance. I have a few things set up with authors who I will confirm when I have the required word documents back. I can say is that Dee Davis will come by with a guest post introducing her characters from the A-Tac series. Monica Burns talks romance about her new series novel; ASSASSIN’S HONOR. But the news you’ve all been waiting for, the books in the 20+ book giveaway are:

Ilona Andrews – MAGIC BLEEDS (To be pre-ordered for winner via Book Depository Store)

Brenda Joyce – DARK EMBRACE (PNR)



Jacquelyn Frank – ECSTACY (PNR)


Ava Gray – SKIN GAME (PNR)

Shayla Black - TEMPT ME WITH DARKNESS (PNR) / WICKED TIES (Erotic Romance)



Leslie Parrish – BLACK AT HEART (Romance Suspense)

Laura Griffin – ONE LAST BREATH (Romance Suspense)

Brenda Novak – STOP ME / WATCH ME (Romance Suspense)

Sara Reinke – DARK THIRST (PNR)

Jennifer Haymore – A HINT OF WICKED (HR)


Anthology; Maggie Shayne/MaryJanice Davidson/Angela Knight/Jacey Ford – KICK ASS (?)

If for some reason you already have lots of books in this giveaway you can chose between accepting the books or pick books at The Book Depository Store worth of twenty euro’s or twenty five dollars.

What do you have to do to enter for this giveaway? Just leave a meaningful comment in the giveaway post on Monday April 5th, no – enter me for this giveaway comments please – the shipping fee to make this giveaway internationally is severe and I would like to make it as much of a celebration as possible ;)

While the Spring Fling will be the week of April 5th - April 12th, the giveaway will close at April 31st and a winner will be chosen at May 1st 2010.

An awesome surprise; Are you tired already of my ramblings? Well, just this last announcement. When Pearl picked me up for the road trip she told me she had a surprise for me. She handed me a MMP copy of Alyssa Day’s ATLANTIS REDEEMED and asked me to look inside. I had no idea what to expect so as I opened the paperback I read the following:

Oh yes, I got quoted in print YAY I always read those quotes and see the familiar websites and blogs, never did I expect to one day be quoted in print. I was stunned actually and it didn’t sink in until later, but there it was, Leontine’s Book Realm got printed and I had a cheesy grin on my face when that info finally hit home ;)

PS: I woke up this morning with Mr.Leontine, a long, free weekend stretching in front of us, the sun shinning and the realization that today, eight years ago, we said our I-do's. Mr.Leontine still knows how to romance me after fourteen years but the day we said our I-do's was the day we said; You and Me, Forever. Our wedding rings reflect that with the infinity symbol, that through all the good and the bad our love is infinite. I'm getting all mushy here....

So there you have it A funeral, a road trip, a party, an invitation, one awesome surprise and a wedding anniversary, thanks for spending this moment with me ladies!!

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  1. OMG, your name is in print!!!! That is so awesome :D I think I must make that one of my goals in life, to see my name in print.

    Oh and look at all those books, and yup I do not have a single one of them. That is so sad, but I sure want to read them so yes please :)

    Looking forward to the party and for now HAPPY EASTER. Eat a lot of chocolate now ;=)

  2. Wow, I forgot this was coming! What a cool and very generous Contest Ms. Leontine!! You rock! I hope you have a good quite weekend, it sounds like life has been hectic lately!!


  3. no Leontine, thank YOU for writing this blog, spending time with us and letting all of us be part of your life!! thanks a lot!

    congrats on your quote - that's incredible!!

    Happy Easter and see you soon!
    yours, Ina

  4. Out of this entire post the one thing that makes me so glad to have read it is to be able to wish you a very Happy Anniversary and to thank you for sharing the rest of the "story". Wonderful to see the snippet where your quote was printed how good on you to say something noteworthy enough the author used it and now the world can read it!!!
    I do confess to having a couple of the books but would love to read the rest on the list, there are some that have not read the author for years. Nice Spring Fling idea thanks for inviting us to it!

    Jackie B Central Texas

  5. Leontine... first let me say **while doing the happy dance and singing** yayayayayayayayayayayay to omg being in print!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about the car... may it rest in peace and the memories live on!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Leontine. It makes my heart swell with pride to know that you and Mr. still have it after all this time!

    And you know I will be back on April 5th... =)

    And I am so very lucky to have found a fiend like you in this world!!! God truly has blessed me. Hugs to you my friend!

  6. @Blodeuedd - It was really weird seeing my name, especially since it is such a foreign name LOL I wish that it would happen to each and everyone, just once :)

    @Brande - The book faery dropped off a box of 50+ books and I just had to share the wealth :)

    @Ina - Hey, it's good to hear something from you again ;) Glad to see you drop by and it was such a funky week, I just had to share it with you all :D

    @Jacabur1 - We always celebrate and gift each other with pressies unexpectedly, we don't tie ourselves down to a date or day but this morning when we thought; eight years, yeah, it got us both mushy LOL

    @Cecile - I lurve having you as a friend too!! Hubby and I are actually pondering on what to do tonight since we already had plans for Easter weekend :) He surprised my this afternoon with a cupcake and a candle in the middle wishing us many more years. I blew the candle, took one bite and he ate the rest. He was hungry from working around the house *grin*

    Natascha already has another car so new memories are in the making!! And I hope you're enjoying your peace and quiet a bit after such a busy, busy blogoversary party month. I hope you get to do a bit of lounging and reading this weekend (((hugs)))

  7. Oh. My. Gah. You are famous!!!!! Srsly, frame that quote from Alyssa Day's book.

  8. Congrats on getting your name in print.you must be thrilled.

    And Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!!!**cheers**

  9. @Leontine: yeah, I know it's quite a time since I was the last time here, but I read your posts every day... just hadn't the time to comment :(
    greetings, Ina

  10. OMG!! I'm so excited for you about your name in print!! Congrats!! *whoohoot*
    And congrats on you wedding aniversary too!! It's so amazing to still be in love after that many years :)
    I really enjoyed this post about all your adventures, good and bad. And of course, thanks for the invitation. I'll be there to celebrate Spring Fling week!
    Have a Happy Easter break, sweetie!

  11. Happy Anniversary Leontine! You enjoy your special day with your husband and a wonderful weekend.

    And, congrats on getting your 'name in print' that is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing all your thoughts with us.

  12. Happy Anniversay, to both of you!!

    Yea!! Your have your name in print.That has to be exciting!!CONGRATS TO YOU!!

  13. Yay! Congrats on the book quote!!! So happy for you but not surprised because you have a wonderful way of expressing yourself in your reviews. So Passionate!

    You had a busy but fun weekend, glad everything turned out well.

  14. Congrats on the quote. That is so cool.

    Sounds like a busy but entertaining weekend.

  15. @Elaing8 - I was flabberhasted at first, the thrill has sunk in and has been digested now LOL

    @Ina - Just to know you come by is wonderful (((hugs)))

    @Lea - Hubby and I had a great day, actually this whole weekend has been wonderful. Today we're going to watch AVATAR and we really like to cooke together, so that what we'll be doing too :)

    @Laurie - Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and your congratualtions!!

    @Donna - And i always think I'm expressing myself in a small english word pool but when I'm excited, I just can't hide it LOL

    @Donnas - Thank you and yeah, it was one busy week!

  16. This was such a sweet post! I didn't realize you'd been married for so long - Congratulations!

    And congratulations on your review being in pring - how exciting is that!?!

  17. Awesome contest!!! That is soooo awesome that you were quoted in the reviews section of the book!! It doesn't get much cooler than that for a book blogger!! Congrats!

  18. Wow, thats really generous! :) thank you (and to the book faery too!)

    Happy belated anniversary to both of you.

    Congrats on getting your quote in print! Leontine is a very beautiful name. never heard of it before though... unless we're talking about the Leontines from Michelle Sagaras "Cast in ____" books! ;)



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