09 April 2010

Guest Post: Lisa Hendrix talks romance & Immortal Warriors

It was one of those days where Marissa and I had a phone conversation of hours talking about all things in life and of course, books. Marissa directed me towards a series that instantly grabbed my attention and I'm so very happy that Lisa Hendrix is here in my Realm today talking about romance and her Immortal Warriors series. So I'm giving the floor over to this wonderful author and hope you all have a fantastic friday with her in my Realm :)

Hello, everyone. I’m delighted that Leontine invited me to come celebrate romance with all of you—and glad I get to write in English instead of Dutch. Before I get on to the bit about the books, I wanted to share something fun I wrote just for you:

Five Things I Learned While Writing Romance Novels

1) That my husband can’t proofread for me.

He gets too wrapped up in the writing to remember to pay attention to silly things like spelling, grammar, punctuation, and story logic. The good part is that he thinks I’m brilliant—but that doesn’t count once the manuscript goes out the door.

2) That animals are easier to train than children.

Both of mine are old enough to drive now, but as soon as I’m immersed in something and that last bit of my attention goes off them, they’ll interrupt me just like when they were five. The cat (and formerly, the dog) will just lie down beside me and leave me alone.

3) To set timers.

Otherwise, I forget my children. Forget to bathe. Forget to eat. No, not that one; I never forget to eat, but I do forget the food on the stove. And those other things. My kids learned early on that if they didn’t see me by the time the other kids had been picked up, they should go back in to the school and have the office lady call me. Bad mommy. Now that I think of it, this is probably the reason they feel they need to remind me every few minutes that they’re around...

4) It’s not just about the chocolate.

It’s also about the readers, the friendships, the stories, the pride of seeing a finished book on the shelves, and the fascinating characters who live in my head, especially those brooding Viking heroes. And the chocolate—the darker, the better.

5) That my sister romance authors are the most generous writers out there.

I’ve been flip up to now, but this one’s serious.

One of the only major writers organization that allows unpublished writers full, voting membership is Romance Writers of America. That says a lot right there. But then you go to an RWA National Conference (http://www.rwanational.org/cs/conferences_and_events) (as I will this July) and discover 2000 women sharing their best writing secrets, introducing each other to agents and editors, brainstorming, banding together for promotion, and partying till the sun rises and you realize you’re a part of something extraordinary: a true sisterhood that flows from the hearts of the writers to each other and thence to the readers.

And that’s something to celebrate.

Giveaway: What have you learned from reading or writing romance? Share you answer in the comments to be entered to win your choice of my books. Open to anyone, anywhere.

Now the bit about the books and me:
I’ve written western romances and contemporary romantic comedy (including Runaway Bay, which was published in Dutch under the title “Alles Voor Een Miljoen?”), but these days, I’m busy with a series of paranormal historical romances about a crew of Vikings cursed to be immortal were-beasts. Each man in the Immortal Brotherhood takes form of his fylgja, or spirit animal companion, switching back and forth every dawn and dusk. It’s a lonely, painful, miserable existence, made more so by the vindictive scheming of the sorceress Cwen, intent on punishing them through the ages for killing her son. I do love to torture my heroes.

The first two books, IMMORTAL WARRIOR (set in 1096, about Ivar the eagle) and IMMORTAL OUTLAW (1290, Steinarr the lion) have been out a while and will soon be published in Thai and German. The third, IMMORTAL CHAMPION, arrives in the US in January 2011. It’s set in the years just before Agincourt (1415) and follows the wretched love-life of Gunnar, who spends his nights as a very sexy red-headed warrior and his days as a bull—perhaps the first were-bull in mainstream romance (and don’t go there, ’cause I didn’t ). The fourth book (no title yet) will follow in October 2011 and will be set in Elizabethan England.

I live in southern Oregon in a household made up of computer geeks, theater-kids, and a variety of animals who all think I’m a pain when I’m on deadline. You can email me at lisa (at) lisahendrix.com (please include one of my book titles in the subject line to avoid spam filters), and you’ll find my blog, contests, information on past and future books, and an ever changing collection of surprises and freebies, and miscellanea, including special information and programs for readers groups, all on my website.

I ran on a little too long to include excerpts here, so jump directly to an excerpt of Immortal Warrior or Immortal Outlaw And be sure to sign-up for my newsletter to find out when the excerpt for IMMORTAL CHAMPION is unveiled in all its juiciness. 


  1. My kids are 6 and 4 - are you telling me the amount of interruptions will never cease? ;)

    The best thing I have discovered through reading romance are all these wonderful blogs :) (don't enter me..I haz the books!)

  2. What a great post! Really fun to read. Oh, I'm not entering, either for the same reason as Mandi above, but congrats on the international sales! This is such a fun series, and I love the time period.

  3. Congrats again on the German publication! That is sooo great!

    What did I learn from romance? That is really a tough question. As Mandi said I found many great blogs and bloggers. I kind of slipped into twitter too and met more awesome ppl.

    But the books itself? Hard to answer. Reading a romance always(or most of the times) makes me relax and forget all the stressy and unnerving things in my life. It's an escape for the mind and I can't imagine to live without that.

  4. What I have learned from romance novels is that a book can be a really great escape. It was romance novels that got me hooked on reading as a teen.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  5. Hey, Mandy, Carolyn and anyone else -- the offer is for *any* of my books, including my backlist, so even if you have the Immortal Brotherhood books, you can pick one of my earlier ones. I'm going to make an executive decision and add you back into the contest.

  6. Thank you for the interesting interview! And congratulations on the new publications!
    From reading romances I always learn new things (depending from the book)...vocabulary for instance! :P I love historical romance, so sometimes I get to learn many things on a specific time period. And in general romances are a great escape!
    Thank you for making this awesome giveaway international! (I'm from Italy)

    Best wishes!

    Giada M

    fabgiada @ gmail.com

  7. Your covers are gorgeous! Reading romance taught me a lot when I was 14! Lol

    Now reading romance reminds me that no matter how bad things get, there's always a reward. Whether it's love or something else, that guarenteed HEA feels like a reward at the end of any day


  8. I have learned to be more tolerable and accepting from reading romance. The characters go through so many trials and triumphs, I think we should all live life with such passion. I have also learned that Scotland is the best place to find hot men *winks*!

    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

  9. I haven't seen these books before - they sound good and I can't say I've read a paranormal with vikings in it yet. I think my favorite thing about reading romance is learning about different time periods..different takes on mythology..and new favorite alpha males..

  10. Fun post. I am disappointed in number 4, but I can whole-heartedly agree to number 2(and amend it to include grandchildren!) I love learning about various times in history and different cultures in the books I read. Thanks for visiting.

  11. I almost fell off my office chair when Lisa mentioned her hubs proofreads her books & gets wrapped up in the story.

    My favorite aspect of reading romance is the smut, er...I mean the characters. Smut aside, the characters are what keep me coming back to romance genre and books in general.

    P.S. Paranormal Vikings? Yes please!

  12. what i have learned, that sometimes 'love' just ain't enough :) to make one romance book really feels romantic.

    needs a bunch of good characters, story, backgrounds, twists and turns in that book.

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  13. Great post! I'm really, really interested in these books!

    Thank you, Leotine!

    I've learned a lot of rather naughty stuff LOL


  14. I haven't seen this series yet. And I've certainly never read a story with these elements before. Very intriguing!

    What I learned from reading romance? It made me rediscover the fun of reading again! I love it how it can make me forget my surroundings and take me into the exciting lifes of others and to every possible corner of the world.

  15. Rediscovering the fun of reading...

    That's the very best thing about romance. I think we all start out reading for fun, but somewhere in high school or college it becomes a chore. Partly because we're reading for information, and partly because someone tells us we have to read serious literature. And then we all discovered romance. Ahh.

    My first romance was The Wolf and the Dove (Kathleen Woodiwiss). Talk about fun! I dove into romance and still haven't come up!

  16. Hi Lisa!
    thanks for being here - you are a new author to me and I will def add your books to my wishlist :)

    I learned from reading romance how life could be in an almost perfect way and how fate can influence everything.
    wish you all the best,

  17. Great post Lisa! I really enjoyed reading what you've learned from romance. I really can't imagine my life with my romance books. In a day-to-day reality of life, it's more than nice to have that escape at the end of the day.

    Like you, Lisa, I've learned to love and appreciate the romance community. I've had such a wonderful experience "meeting" everyone and learning more about this little niche in the world. It all means so much to me.

    Thank you and all other romance authors for providing me with a theraputic escape. Me and my husband thank you. *wink*

    :) VFG

  18. I've never heard of these books before.They sound like interesting reads.Covers are pretty cool too.

  19. What have I learned from reading romance novels? Just that its a way to escape and get drawn into another world. How not everything works out, all one can do is the best they can and be the best they can be.

  20. Hi Lisa,

    Your books are new to me, but I'm new in this world.
    Your covers look really great!


  21. What have I learnt ?

    1, That it is possible to escape from your everyday world for a short while.

    That there are still male heroes in this world.

    That many people love the same kind of books I do.

    And many other good things.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Carol T (International entry)

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com


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