25 April 2010

My book work-out...

Can we all say "Awh...sooooo cute!" I'm afraid I wasn't so cute this morning when then sun was up at six yet I was all in the mood for some spring cleaning. Now I still had my bookcases and books to organize in the guest bedroom and with a sunny spirit I started after a hearty breakfast. The first half hour of ladder up and ladder down to reach the top shelves was all good but then my muscles started to protest, I could 'feel the burn' so to speak! But I wasn't made of yello, with a bit of music I picked up the pace and my books got sorted into two houses...I found my Potter books again, can you tell? :)

Anyhoo, I had my 'one-day-I-will-want-to-read-this' pile of books and my 'oh-gawd-what-was-I-thinking' pile with a dash of  'girl, that was sooooo 1980'! I knew I went rampant with my book buying habbits in the early days when I was reading english but the pile of books that are going to be sold and stashed for another great giveaway was bigger than I expected. I'm looking at the pile, now neatly stashed in rows on the bed of my guest bedroom, and I think it is safe to say I'm saying goodbye to my Historical Romance period. Goodbye to Alexandra Benedict, Johanna Lindsey (yes she was still there with a few books I hadn't read *eek*) Julia Quinn, Sophia Nash, Lisa Kleypas, Nicole Jordan and Suzanne Enoch. I'm waving off Jacquelyn Frank with JACOB, DAMIEN, ELIJAH & NOAH. Lynsay Sands with her Argenau vampires, Julia Garwood with her Buchanan-Renard heroes, Nora Roberts with the Circle Trilogy and so many more. Some I've read, some I've not read, but I need to let go of some books because else my appartment is going to be covered wall to wall by them in a few years. Somehow I think that future image will make my hubby's eye twitch LOL

So after three and a half hours of this book work-out I have my bookcases organized, my heart knows it is still alive and kicking, my muscles feel lose and a bed full of books that I need to get rid of. It will most likely be a joint venture of selling them, donating them to my library and pick a stash for a giveaway in the summer. Let me give you a visual of the books on my bed...

~click on the picture to enlarge it~

It is nearing one o'clock in the afternoon and hubby has made lunch for me *grin* So that leaves me with saying to you all; Have a great Sunday everyone! I'm going to spend some quality time with Mr. Leontine now that the sun is out and about, warming up the air and letting the birds and the bees sing in full tune :) 

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  1. Omg, let's just say that I jump into a car, drive for a few days, pick up those books and go home ;)

  2. Ohhh!! would you mind if i just pet and roll with them for a while? =D

  3. "Reviewer/Nurse"?? You too are a book blogging nurse???

  4. Oh my goodness, Leontine, that's what you're getting rid of? That's a lot of books! I'll bet it felt good to go through everything though and take stock. 3 1/2 hours? Wow!

    w/v: mudfunt- sounds like the name of an indie rock band, LOL!

  5. Ahhhh, books. I just organized by books, takes so long. But you gotta give love to the books :)
    Enjoy the rest of your day with Mr.

  6. Its to bad you didnt have a used book store where you can take them in and get a little money back or even swap them in for more. Ya ya, I know like you need more LOL. Be careful when you get up in the morning you maybe sore LOL..

  7. @Blodeuedd - If i could i would share them with y'all, really. It's just the shippingfee is humongous, 10 paperbacks are like 20 euro's to ship to EU countries and US :(

    @Sparklybearsy - Oh no, pet and roll with them all you want, they are ownership free now LOL

    @Life After Jane - Oh yes, I've got the pin of degree to flash if you want LOL

    @Patti - I even found Lord Of Scoundrels in the pile, Lynette mentioned it in her review of PATIENCE and now it is up the pile again, wondering if I would love it like so many others do :)

    @Amora - I love the organized look of my shelves now, no more books that clutters up the space. As much as i want all of the books to have the privilege to hang around, it isn't meant to :S

    @Laurie - That was my thoughts too this morning, we don't have bookstores who purchases used books and my unread, newly purchased books are, well, like new. Ones that I already bought used can have reading creases and the HC are 9/10 in pristine condition. That's why I want them all to find loving hands, a reader who can enjoy them again :)

  8. Good for you! It's hard to say goodbye to books, especially the ones you haven't read but your pretty sure you never will. Doesn't make sense that you feel that way but you do. ;)

    I did some organizing on my bookshelves this weekend, final logged all of my books in Goodreads. Well, about 90% of them anyways. So I feel I accomplished something.

    Hope the rest of your weekend was relaxing about the book workout!

  9. Girl! I kinda used you yesterday when I saw this post. I showed my husband the enlarged pic and said: "See honey! And you thought I was bad!" LOL! Girl, you gotta climb a ladder for your shelves??!!! I'm so freakin' jealous!! I'm also thinkin' that you have my dream library.

    Hugs, VFG

  10. Hey honey WOW you did have quite the workout girl! Good for you I so need to do this but haven't in a while I know the hubby wishes I would get rid of a bunch probably lol my problem is everytime I do I end up going and getting that many more to replace them ROFL. And yes I do have to say AWWWWWWWWWWWW at that picture of the kitty that is SOOOOOOOOOO adoreable!!! I love it!
    BIG HUGS my dear and here is hoping that you have a great week!!!

  11. I know the feeling of declogging the shelves my dear... Unfortunately we have to do it sometimes to make room for the newer and shinier toys...

    Do you have any Romance Suspense in that pile...

    Email me...


  12. @Donna - I shudder at the thought of entering all my books at Goodreads...it would take me forever *bbbrrr* When i just started to read in English I bought lots left and right and was carefully treding on PNR grounds, many of those lot books are now going away. I just need to space for my keepers :)

    @VFG - I don't mind being used as an example for: see honey, it can always be worse. I've got a few peeps I can refer to when hubby thinks all I do is click the buy button all day LOL

    @JennJ - I was determined NOT to let me be lured again with the thought: "But perhaps I will have a change of heart in the future." There are many books i read in that pile but many are unread too. I just hope I can find new peeps who will enjoy these books :)

    @EH - I'll e-mail you ASAP with a list of books :) and i lurve the look and feel of my shelves, all organized and plenty of room for new precious books :D


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