06 April 2010

Romance Spotlight: Lisa Valdez & giveaway

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I remember the roadtrip where Pearl and I discussed Lisa Valdez and her debut novel; PASSION. The impact this novel had with its emotional soaring romance, and of course the unleashing of all that passion through the pages struck me dead center in the heart. Historical Romance is the genre of my teen age years, it is a genre where fewer and fewer authors demand my full attention but I can tell you that Lisa Valdez is one of the authors that reignited a burning torch with me for this genre.

Today PATIENCE hits the shelves and I just had to invite Ms. Valdez to my Spring-Fling week to share her kind of romance. Graciously she accepted the invitation and she is here in my Realm today.

So without further ado, here's Ms. Valdez, grab something to drink, something to nibble on and snuggle in your favorite chair or couch...

What does romance mean to Lisa Valdez?
To me, romance is two people who are uniquely suited to one another. Romance is two people who risk being vulnerable because there is something in the other person they intuitively trust. Romance is those same two people learning that they are entirely safe with each other. Romance is also eroticism. For me, there’s no disconnect between romance and eroticism because, for me, eroticism doesn’t exist outside of a romantic framework. And that framework is two people who are destined to love one another forever. Their brains may not know it, but their bodies and hearts do—and this is demonstrated in the most moving, soul-wrenching sex they’ve ever had—it’s never, ever “just sex” in my books. If it’s happening, then it’s happening because that man can only be fulfilled by that woman. And that woman can only be fulfilled by that man. Their romance wouldn’t happen with any other person—the things they do together, they wouldn’t do with any other person—and the things they reveal to one another they wouldn’t reveal to any other person. Romance is also demonstrated in small, intimate ways. Mark tying Passion’s bonnet in the very way she likes it. Passion making Mark hot chocolate. Matthew bringing Patience her breakfast, and Patience making scones for Matthew because she knows he always wakes hungry. All these “small” things (and there are oh, so many) are actually demonstrations of love. And, finally, romance is two people who make each other better individuals—two people who would never be their best selves if not for the other person. …satisfied sigh… Yes, that’s what romance is to me.

What does romance mean to Matthew Morgan Hawkmore and Patience Emmalina Dare?
Well, for all my characters, romance is what I’ve already said. But specific to Matthew, romance is dominance and giving. If he can give Patience what she needs, if he can fulfill her and make her happy, then he will be fulfilled himself. He is constantly looking to her—constantly seeing to her—constantly gauging what she needs. This is the dichotomy of dominance. Many people think dominance is about control, and in many ways it is—but it is also about giving. As the one in the dominant position, Matthew is responsible for Patience’s pleasure. Everything he does is for her. Even when he denies her, it’s for her. He tells her there is no pleasure for her but through him—but the other half of that is that there is also no pleasure for him but through her. He is the giver; she is the receiver. And if he can prove himself worthy of her—then he will be a worthy man. The “small” things: Romance is Patience’s calm voice in the moonlight, reassuring him that everything will be all right. Romance is the way she defends him and stands by him—the way she always assumes the best of him. Romance is the way she trusts him with herself. And romance is sitting with her in a warm kitchen over tea and scones that she’s made for him.

For Patience, romance is trust and submission. She trusts Matthew and, through her submission, she begins to feel things that give her hope for the dreams she put away long ago. She is not weakened by her submission, she is strengthened by it. Indeed, she is saved by it. Her relationship with Matthew is a romantic partnership—a romantic partnership in which she has an equally important, but divergent, role. A role that is more than it seems. Everything is by Patience’s leave, so who, really, is the one in control? She is. And this is the dichotomy of submission—and the romantic beauty of it. So if Patience can truly and completely trust Matthew, and if he can prove himself worthy of that trust, then she can have a kind of happiness that she never even knew existed. The “small” things: Romance is dancing with Matthew. Romance is the safety of his arms. Romance is found in all the beautiful, reassuring things he says to her. Romance is the way he helps her to dress and the way he always rises to her challenges. Romance is in his dark eyes which seem to look inside her and see all her hidden need. Romance is Matthew himself for he awakens Patience from a dreamless and hopeless walking sleep.
A brief taste of PATIENCE:
Patience’s mouth curled back into a smile as he withdrew to finish his scone. It was such a sweet and endearing smile—one he hadn’t seen before. His heart beat a little faster. Ah, Patience, your walls are crumbling.

“If you keep smiling at me like that,” he said, “I will soon be robbed of all my wit, and you will have naught in me but a dumb and drooling mute who trails incessantly at your heels in hopes of the smallest favor.”

Patience laughed. “Somehow, I doubt that.” She leaned close and would have kissed his cheek, but he turned to catch it on his mouth instead. Her lips were soft and warm. She lingered a moment before withdrawing with a sigh and a smile. “In fact, if anyone is in danger of such a fate, it is I.”

“Are you?” Matthew swallowed the last of his tea. “Excellent.”

Patience laughed lightly. “Oh, you’d like me witless, would you?”

“No. Witless would be boring. But I wouldn’t discourage you from trailing incessantly at my heels. Of course”—he traced his finger along her collarbone—“you couldn’t do that from London, could you?”

Patience grinned and shook her head. “Were I constantly in your presence, you would become bored with me.”

Matthew felt a surge of hope. She hadn’t voiced a flat refusal. “Patience, I would happily spend my every waking moment with you.”

Her smile faded but her eyes were soft. “Never having spent your every waking moment with me, how can you know that?”

Because I love you. Because we are meant to be together—forever. “I just know. But why don’t we put it to the test?” Mat¬thew gently fingered the thick curl that had fallen forward from her upswept hair. “Agree to stay with me, and I’ll prove my point.”

Patience regarded him for a long, silent moment. Her beautiful gaze was tender.

Matthew’s heart quickened. Slowly, he closed the small gap between them. “Say yes, Patience,” he murmured against her lips.

Giveaway: Lisa Valdez was generous enough to offer a signed copy of PATIENCE to one lucky commenter, how awesome is that! :)  Winner will be anounced on April 12th 2010.

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  1. Don't enter me as my copy of PATIENCE is on its way to me but wanted to congratulate Lisa on the release of this highly anticipated book and thank both of you for this wonderful spotlight on romance! Loved the excerpt!


  2. Thank you Leontine and Lisa for the fantastic interview!!!

    I just read Passion this last weekend knowing that Patience would be out soon and love how you describe what "romance" and love means to these characters. It was one of the reasons why I fell in love with the book.

    I loved the moments in between, the sex scenes were good, but it was the moments like you said (she made him hot chocolate and many other moments) that demonstrated the love between the characters that I feel is so often missing in romance novels these days that I loved loved loved. One of my favs was right after Mark and Passion make love in his home and they are on the bed just talking to each other.

    I can't wait to read Matthew's and Patience's love story especially considering the d/s relationship. An interesting twist!



  3. Mmm.. this book sounds yummy! Please enter me, Patience sounds like a lovely and sizzling romance, just the way I love them! :-)

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail DOT com

  4. Don't enter me, I already have my copy and reading it right now! Loved Lisa's answers and I hope everyone enjoys this story, so far I love it just as much as Passion!

  5. Thanks for the interview and congrats on your new release! Sounds fantastic :)

  6. This excerpt had me holding my breath for her answer! Can't wait to read the rest of the book. The concept of D/s in an historical novel sounds interesting.

  7. Another new author for me.great excerpt,it sounds like a great book.

  8. What a lovely interview. I don't think I've ever heard descriptions of love and affection + eroticism expressed so articulately. Sweet!

    I read Passion and have been waiting for Patience for a long time. Thanks for the contest.


  9. Ohhhh thanks for making me want this book even more now Leontine!!!! Thank goodness it is on it's way to me as I type!!!!!!!
    You two did an awesome job with the interview and teasing us with enough information to make us crazy!!!
    Great job!!!!!

  10. I hate to admit it but I've never read any of Lisa's books. From the excerpt it sounds like I've been missing some very good books.


  11. Thanks for a great interview.
    I would love to read this book

  12. I read both Passion and Patience. I loved Passion so much I have both the book and the ebook on my phone. Patience was a little anti climaxitic for me. I liked it but I loved Passion more. Still I can't wait for the final Dare sister's story.

  13. I am a big fan of Lisa and her books. I LOVED Passion and I was thrilled when Patience got a release date. I was lucky enough to read an ARC, and it's another sizzling romance - well worth the wait. Loved it!

  14. Lisa I'm so glad Patience is finally out. I wrote to you about five years ago about how much I loved Passion. I even got my husband, who never reads, to read it. And he loved it, too! Through the years, I've read all your excerpts of Patience. I can't wait to see where you have taken this story of Matthew and Patience.

    You have many fans, so always keep writing!


  15. I blame you, Marissa, & Pearl for making me read my first Lisa Valdez book. Of course now I'm really thankful ;)

  16. Love, LOVE, love this post! I think Lisa is right too, love is in the little things. When my husband does something small for me, my heart always seems to flutter. ;)

    No need to enter me in the giveaway. I just received an email that my copy is making its way to me as I type. AH!! I can't wait!


  17. I read Passion, and now really want to read this one! ROFL!

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  20. I'm on my way to Borders iin about 30 minutes to pick up my copy! I can't wait.

  21. Thanks Lisa, for writing about and understanding the dynamics and the value of a dominant/submissive relationship! It's not all whips and chains as some people seem to think and I have a feeling when I read your book I'm going to fall in love with it!

    And Leontine! Your guest list rocks! LOL!

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  23. Hi Lisa :)
    thanks for the interview - I really enjoyed reading it!!
    I can't wait to read Patience!! for a while I thought we would never see it, but I'm so glad it got published :)
    wish you all the best,

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    I've been wanting to read this series since I've first seen it previewed!

    Thanks for a chance to win the latest!

  29. Happy release day!
    Patience sounds like a book I want to read!
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  31. Hi, Lisa!
    Wonderful interview! I love your take on romance and eroticism. One always enhances the other for me and I absolutely love that in a book...which is why I adored "Passion". I'm soooo glad "Patience" is out and I know it will be just as wonderful, erotic, romantic and successful as "Passion"!

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    And thank you for a great giveaway.

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    have a good one.

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  36. Congrats on the release and thanks for the great interview and excerpt! I loved Passion and have been waiting for this book!

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  37. I like Ms Valdez' view on romance. When she added: "Romance is those same two people learning that they are entirely safe with each other. Romance is also eroticism." I thought 'that's it!'
    Matthew and Patience seem an interesting and great couple. :)

  38. Thank you everybody for your fantastic comments! I really appreciate your enthusiasm and I hope PATIENCE (and PASSION) bring you great enjoyment! Leontine, thank you so much for having me. Your "realm" is delightful. All my thanks, Lisa Valdez

  39. I'm so excited about this book. Please enter me to win!

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  44. It's nice to learn about a series I have yet to know. Thanks for the info....Stacy


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